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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Baul Mystic Drum, called Gubgubi or Khamak, was renamed (Ananda Lahari) only by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who added a 2nd string thus 2 strings now!

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das BAUL
2007 Fairfax California, using his own hand made Dafli..

Dafli the instrument Babu is playing, was made by Babu Kishan
He is the first Baul to play the Dafli 

Ananda Lahari named by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, who added a second string, it only had one string previously.
aka called the Kamak or Gubgubi.
The Mystic Drum.

These instruments are empowered, they are the Yantra's of Baul.

Ektara (Gopi Yantra) Baya side drum, and Nupoor (ankle bells) was only (Nabani Das Khyapa Baul) style. Only from this one and only Lineage. Nabani created this style just as his Grandson Babu Kishan created the patchwork Guduri dress that all Baul's used to copy.

All from this one and only Lineage.

We will be documenting all the songs by this lineage, Babu is the only one who knows because he is the only one who has preserved this lineage decades ago.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul's pictures are still used to today as a symbol of Baul, the picture Rabindranath Tagore took.


Sunday, April 17, 2022

Babu Kishan's Hanuman Chalisa recording, singing by Hari Om Sharam, is the first recorded and the most listened to Hanuman Chalisa and of any Devotional song in India and stories of a Baul in Bombay!

When I had a great Connection as friendship with (Bindumadhav) Binda Thackeray #BindaThackeray the Eldest Son of #Bombay's one & only #Supremo #BalasahebThackeray ( I invited Bal Thackeray to release my Music Albums from 1980’s).

Bal Thackeray - 

Binda Thackeray: 

I never said, anything about myself or my life in Bengal from where or who my family was. They knew me as the, honest 'Manager of A&R at CBS International' among other music companies, they knew me as the guy who knew Indian Music and  the Music & Entertainment industry.

I recorded Music and released a huge amount of  #MarathiMusic and Sponsored #Maharashtrian events, by instructions of Binda, he was always good to me, most others were scared of him but he was my good friend. We were friends, 1983 to 1996 when he passed away.

Binda Thackeray introduced me to his cousin Raj Thackeray, and even 1988 - I could tell back then, Raj was always interested in Politics.

Raj Thackeray is  Bal Thackeray's, brothers Srikant's Son . Bal is uncle to Raj Thackeray.

Bal Thackeray's other son's are Jaydev and Uddhav, all are very talented in their way.

But when I mets Raj’s 'father' Shrikant Thackeray i noted that he was a versatile personality, artistic, musical who had many creative endeavours. Shrikant Thackeray was the first to sent me a specific Music store. I was wandering around Bombay trying to buy a reasonable Harmonium and I bumped into Shrikant who directed me to a specific music store. I bought a great Harmonium along with some percussion instruments. Shrikant a popular journalist, cartoonist, film critic, music composer and singer.

I recored and released some of Shrikant's Marathi Music, unique musical works as I was working as Manager & Consultant for all the major record companies in Bombay. We became friends, he told a bit of his family history, how their father was a versatile personality and studied in Calcutta, from where I came from.

Shrikant Thackeray Brother of Bal Thackeray 

I supported and helped a lot during Binda’s qwn home production phase, we planed to start a Music/ Audio Company, the name of 'Bindatone', I was a consultant for Binda's project but I could not be linked there as I was working for CBS, I appointed Kulkarni to be in charge. I had to be a silent participant as I was already working for CBS International at Dalamal Tower, Nariman Point, so I was sleeping Consultant.

We used to meet at Drumbeats Restaurant at Tardeo or Palihil, Bandra. I knew Binda from 1983 to 1996.

At the same tine I realized that Raj had a  a fire in himj growing regarding politics. Back then I said, Raj is a shadow of BalaSaheb aka Bal Thackeray who was the leader of Shiv Sena who stood up for Hinduism,

 After Binda’s sudden death, the whole family was shocked so was I, all of our plans just disappeared. I used to meet his family sometimes,  but later I was so busy with my work for taking care of my career and family.

I never used my connections,  I never took any advantage of any of these people, I was more interested in creative work and inspirations. Allen Ginsberg told me, I am a shadow of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul my Grandfather Guru. There are not many who understand me but I know who I am and what I do.

 My character is  and always has been that of a true Baul, poet and music composer, supporter of others. Music is my soul, I have never been tricky or opportunistic. I have had connections at the highest level in Film, Music, Spirituality, Politics but have never used anyone or anything to my advantage. Could be a fault but I am born this way.

I still think Raj can be next Bala Saheb Thackeray, he has fire in every way, he totally fit for politics from a young age, a great speaker and can rule all of Maharashtra easily.

Raj Thackeray - He should come frontline.

Raj Thackeray: the man who is telling the Islamic mosques in Mumbai to turn off their loud speakers or else he is going to play the Hanuman Chalisa all over Mumbai May 5, 2022.

I hope he is going to play Babu Kishan's Hanuman Chalisa with the most listened and first recorded Hanuman Chalisa singing by Hari Om Sharam, produced recorded arranged by Babu Kishan with over 2 billion listens. Not only the most listened to Hanuman Chalisa but the most listened to of any Indian Devotional Music.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Allen Ginsberg was a many decade friend of Babu Kishan's, Ginsberg met Nabani Das Khyapa Baul

The evening concluded with a presentation of Baul songs by Babukishan Baul (the son of Purna Das Baul). Babukishan has a Master's degree in Indian Folk Music and comes from a traditional Baul folklore family. 


If anybody knows the Beats it in India, it would be  Babukishan, but all the Baul's claim your life stories by taking off your name and talking about Baul in a generic way. 

The actor Baul singers, both women and men will say, Baul did this, Baul did that, when in fact it was Babu Kishan? 

Babu Kishan is the only Baul who knew Allen Ginsberg and many other poets because he is a poet! Not a random copy and paste poet. Babu Kishan is an accomplished poet with thousand of his poetry turned into Indian Folk, Indian Cinema and Baul songs. No he does not have a poetry book, that will come after a lifetime.

Many of the Bauls today are actually singing Babu Kishan's own poetry, but how would you know? These Baul singers sing this whole lineages songs but cover it up by not knowing who the poets are or by not giving credit. 

Many of the travellers following on the foot steps on the path Babu Kishan created. 

You wouldn't know because there are Baul's who say, no one knows who wrote the poetry? 

Liars who are cheating and diluting and watering down Baul for their own benefit, when they are not even Baul. 

Making wild untruths? 

There is no such thing ever as a Baul Master?

How would you know? 

If it looks exotic it must be? 🙈🙉🙊 Lets just make everything Generic Baul, they we can claim it, when it has nothing to do with us. Name dropping is the worst, name dropping Bob Dylan as if you would know? Name dropping Nabani, name dropping RabindraNath Tagore, stealing my writings and Babu Kishan's path and stories?? 

Now you are a Film maker too? 

Babu Kishan  has performed internationally with musicians like Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Zakir Hussain, and Miles Davis. The Bauls are widely known as wandering minstrels and poets from rural Bengal, who travel from place to place rendering their mystic songs, dancing, accompanied by their one-stringed instrument called the ektara.


MUMBAI, August 2, 2008 – Deborah Baker’s A Blue Hand: The Beats in India follows Allen Ginsberg and his companions as they travel from the ashrams of the Himalayan foothills to Delhi opium dens and the burning pyres of Benares. In their restless, comic, and often tortured search for meaning, the Beats looked to India for answers while India looked to the West.  A Blue Hand is the story of their search for God, for love, and for peace in the shadow of the atomic bomb. It is also a story of India—its gods and its poets, its politics, and its place in the American imagination.

Deborah Baker is the author of a Pulitzer-finalist biography, In Extremis: The Life of Laura Riding. She moved to Calcutta in 1990 and studied Bengali to write A Blue Hand. Since then, her essays have appeared in a range of publications from the New York Times to The Statesman.

The program included a panel discussion moderated by Prabodh Parikh, a Gujarati poet, short fiction writer, and visual artist, with panelists Adil Jussawala, author of two volumes of poetry, Land’s End and Missing Person, and Jerry Pinto, a Mumbai-based poet and journalist whose published works include Surviving Women (2000) and a poetry collection, Asylum (2004).

The panel discussed literary style (in particular, various techniques Baker employed in her book) as well as Ginsberg's subsequent influence on Indian poets. Baker told the audience she had written A Blue Hand because she wanted to explore the role India plays in the American imagination.

The evening concluded with a presentation of Baul songs by Babukishan Baul (the son of Purna Das Baul). Babukishan has a Master's degree in Indian Folk Music and comes from a traditional Baul folklore family. 

He has performed internationally with musicians like Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Zakir Hussain, and Miles Davis. The Bauls are widely known as wandering minstrels and poets from rural Bengal, who travel from place to place rendering their mystic songs, dancing, accompanied by their one-stringed instrument called the ektara.

Reported by Angeline Thangaperakasam, Asia Society India Centre

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Happy Chaitra Navaratri - April 2022

 Happy Chaitra Nava Ratri - the nine night of the Goddess.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was a Tantric devotee of Ma Devi Goddess, Nava Ratri.

He was a 'Tantric Baul Guru Maha Siddha' extraordinaire and known for his Siddhi's in manifesting food during the Bengali Famine in the 1940's. 

There are many stories that will be told. 

No one ever told his stories and he certainly did not ever make any claims. It was secret and the Shakti he had was not regular. These people were simple, lived simply and did sadhana (practice). That practice was used to heal others and bless others, it was not used to say anything about one self or promote anything, if anything he chased people away. 

Baul is not supposed to be easy or regular. You can certainly be a Baul singer or tourist attraction but not the true authentic Baul, no one is today. 

Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was a devotee of Radha, a practioneer of the MahaVidya and specifically Kali and Tara Ma from Tarapith where he was initiated by Bhama Khepa and many others, he was beyond beyond and cherished by all. He was the only Baul to initiate Rabindra Nath Tagore into Baul.

Babu Kishan has written many Bhajan's and Kirtan to Ma!

 Sherawali Ma is a form of Durga in Hindu. 

Babu follows in his grandfather Guru Nabani's, footsteps as a devotee from Birth of Kali and Tara Maa! If it were not for Nabani and Tara Maa whom Nabani called to save Babu Kishan life after his debilitated birth. So Navaratri and any of Maa's Pujas are a big part of our life.

Almost 60 years!

Babu Kishan is a reluctant Baul Guru of all, as he has lived it, experienced it, born into it. He is an oral Sanskritist from birth and from 12 years at the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta, to the Masters level and beyond because of his association.

It is a living tradition is has to be lived. It is not learned from reading or writing books, it is learned through a real authentic Baul Guru, not a fake Guru made up! Many people hang out and around waiting to dupe unsuspecting fools. Many people are actors. Many fake Bauls now hang out at Tarapith, it is not what it used to be back in the 1960's. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Mirror of the Sky - Ananda Lahari - Kali Krishna (Tantric Vaishnava BAUL Akara 'Ashram)

 Mirror of the Sky - Ananda Lahari Akara 

​Kali Krishna Tantric Vaishnava Baul Akara 'Ashram'



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Ektara Foundation registered in 2007 in Mumbai India

Babu Kishan had a foundation going back to the 1980's where he did a lot of work preserving the only Lineage of Baul.

Ektara Foundation has not been active for a long time but he still has work to do to ensure the preservation is finished and presented correctly. Many fake and false teachings are coming out about Baul which waters down and reduces Baul.

Ektara Foundation 

Preservation of the Vaishnava Baul of Birbhum W Bengal

Books, Songs, Preservation, Babu Kishan preserved his lineage back in the 1970 and it was complete in the 2000, we now need help releasing it. Baul has already been preserved, however there is much work to do. 

Bengali Folk Music 

Baul Sadhana (practices) not from books, not from new Baul singers with fake Baul Masters? 
From inside the tradition in the Lineage of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

Bengali Culture

Indian Culture

Indian Music



A work in progress: for almost 60 years of Babu Kishan's work.

No other Baul ever was associated with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Babu Kishan who was the only long time, many decade friend with Allen Ginsberg. This is the only Baul poetry Allen Ginsberg wrote for Babu Kishan in honour of Babu's Grandfather Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who Ginsberg met in 1962 on his first trip to India.

Yet, other Bauls generalize Baul met Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan ect.... when in actual fact not one other Baul outside this family ever met them, but yet, people write in this generic mode, to attach themselves to this lineage by taking their names off.

It is wrong to take other peoples stories, take their names off and allude to a lie that you or any Baul had anything to do with this lineage or their stories.. 

This is called Identity theft, Intellectual property THEFT and cultural appropriation? It is not OK!!

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Re Post from 2011 - The one and only pioneering lineage of Baul, there is only one lineage and all Bauls follow this lineage!

Thank Goddess I didn't publish Babu Kishan's 4th book on Baul  back in 2007, because there has been so much for me to learn and understand, as others write and promote themselves as Bauls?! 

I only write what I learn from Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. Even after 16 years I am not sure I completely understand, however, I have listened and learned a lot and read just about everything ever written about Baul. 

The new Book Historical Baul will be published this year 2022. I started to write it in 2007 this year is the year, I am very close. I realize this historical book on Baul will have to be more than one book. It will have to be many books, songs, history, Baul sadhana, techniques.

All Bauls have followed this lineage, they copy and make up new lineages, they make up Baul Guru's and lineages. But they still follow and copy everything this lineage, what they sings, what they wear, and they even travel around the world meeting with this lineages friends! They follows on the coat tails of this lineage (the fake it til you make it) take the names of this lineages names off, and add the new Bauls names making up stories, this is nothing new, it is a fact. 

I can tell people til I am blue in the face, good marketing technique, in the age of internet, has created a store house of false teachings?

The main thing about Bauls is truth talking, but in this world, at this no one tells the truth it is more about using and creating a new narrative, if I follow what Purna Das Baul did and if I follow Babu Kishan and his template, I too will obtain awards and money and I too shall be a famed Baul singer? Seriously? 

Fake lineage = fake Bauls but how would you know? If you do not understand Birbhum Bengali how would you know, if you do not understand Sanskrit, how would you know, just because someone marketing I am this, I am that? No you would not know? Fake singer = good singer if you say it long enough.

New Book, the Story of Babukishan's life in the, "Oldest Living Lineage and Pioneering" family of Baul who opened the door for all Bauls to travel the world." Before him no Bauls traveled the world, Babu has always preserved his lineage and educated about what is Baul and what is not, correcting many of the famed scholars who wrote books about Baul. In the meantime a new bread of 'fake til you make it' has been born and it is downright shocking how far they will go?

"The roots of Baul, this Legendary Lineage of Baul is the oldest "Baul Living Lineage of Jai Nitai (Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum) thousands of years before" on earth. This is the "Nabani Das Baul and Brajabala Dasi" Lineage. It is thousands of years old. This lineage brought Baul to the world in the 1950's otherwise who would know anything about Baul. They opened the door for future Bauls. 

It was this lineage that did all the leg work back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's traveling to every corner of the world, teaching, lecturing at universities, demonstrating their Baul lineage, performing from Carnegie Hall to the Royal Albert Hall to all the biggest stadiums in India and around the world in front of millions of people. 

Including the Nitaji Indoor staduim, and Salt Lake staduim in Kolkata and the Bombay Stadium in Mumbai, Mahajadisadna and Rabindra Sadan, Tata Auditorium, Nehru Auditorium, Sri Ram Auditorium, Teenmurti Auditorium in from of the Indian President, Prime Minister and all cabinet ministers, in the Knitting Factory in New York, Studio 54 New York Babu was the guest artist.. ...the list is endless. This is history coming from the one and only lineage. Babu always helped others try to sing Baul and encouraged them to travel the world and talk about Baul, but what has transpired is actual an identity theft, making up of fake lineages and stories, teaching fake teaching and watering down on who and what Baul is.

Changing narratives leads to a watering down a reductionism and talking about this lineage without mentioning names is wrong. Do not name drop Nitai, do not name drop Bob Dylan or Nabani to prop up your fake lineage? It happens all the time?

Babukishan also is the first Baul who spread Baul through fusion world music, he has a love of making instruments and playing instruments, and weaving Baul through world music and of course his natural talent as a music composer of Indian classical, folk, Baul and Bollywood music.

This lineage, this family has performed at festivals in India and around the world hundreds of times over and over for more than 60 years. Babukishan has performed at more festivals than perhaps almost anybody on this planet, this he started with his grandfather, then his father and mother in the 70's, 80's, 90's. ..the list is endless and he performed with all top Indian musicians and western musicians in every corner of this planet.

They have been recorded by the biggest music companies, on television in documentaries, and in movies including the movie made in 1986 called Tagori about Babukishan's, Aunt Radharani Dasi. 

They are legendary, this is legendary and historical. 

They have written books, been interviewed by all the top scholars and associated with the top in every field of society. 

It truly is an amazing story of struggle in the days before we had the internet, today it is easy to say anything, or even do anything, think how difficult it was for this pioneering family to introduce Baul to the world. They did this when hand written letters were the only way to make contact, even telephone was too expensive to call oversea's, Babu Kishan did all of this back in the late 60's 70's and 80's and did you know Babu was also, instrumental in helping Usha Harding create the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach? Yet, all Bauls go there to take pictures of themselves as if they are the first.. 

Seriously Bauls follow Babu Kishan around the world, oh he did this so I will do that, he traveled so I will brag I am the only Women, when this history has already been completed a decade ago by Babu's Mother who is the last Baul Women to travel outside India, actually the first and the last. 

Baul is extinct and now bragging about something that has is already done, is fake and not only fake teaching wrong and fake teachings is despicable? Yes, westerner and Indian's not trained as to what Baul is will believe this, however, there is a karma for each lie for name and fame, a cultural genocide just gets worse, watering down and reducing a small lineage? 

Language was also a problem, these were sanskrit speaking, Birbhum Bengali speaking people, Babu Kishan learned english to communicate with the world and did all the letter writing. 

This is the Lineage of Sri Nityananda of Ekchakka, Birbhum West Bengal India. "Baul is the poetry of the the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is." based on Indian Philosophy, Indian shastra, Yoga, Shakti-sadhana, the science of light and the science of life, flavoured with the juice (Rasa) of Buddhism and Sufi. 

Bauls accept all, love all, serve all. Other people talk about themselves, Bauls sing about everybody, and include all, in all religions, they talk about all religions, they are not fundamentalist or othodox saying this is the way. They say all ways are paths to God/dess, all people are great, and the Baul path is the a path based on the ancient sadhana's of India, flavoured with he best honey of all. However, Bauls are the Wind Catchers, yes honey Catchers but Baul is a Sanskrit Word meaning Vayu Tula, to control the vital airs, Babu Kishan is the first to talk about this, and those who use what he talks about, thank you, but give credit where credit is due, stop making like you knew this or your fake Guru told you. This has been going on for decades, I have no idea why Babu has never said anything.

 I suppose he was just happy that there was an interest in the work he had done for decades. But somehow, his work has been used and abused, so many cheaters out there today just using as if they even knew??

This is the Baul lineage who introduced Baul to the world, this is the lineage who did all the leg work, so that today anybody can be a Baul. They already spent many decades traveling, lecturing at Universities, and singing since the 1950's, many eminent people around the world would visit Nabani Das Baul in Shantiniketan West Bengal.

          "Baul Guru, Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul"

Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul, Lineage Baul from a many thousand year old oral living lineage. Nabani Das is Babukishan grandfather, and his initiating Baul Guru, he spent the first 8 years of his life learning and being initiated into Baul.  Nabani kept Babu when he was born, massaging his crocked limbs and carrying him as his baby Krishna all over India. Through his grace Babu had darshan with all the great Saints of the 60's. Babu was at his side when he left his earthly body and he had a very profound initiation at that time and vividly recalls everything Nabani said to him.

These stories of Babu Kishan's early life, living with his grandfather and grandmother, Nabani Das Baul are stories legends are made of. Babu was taken to Kolkata where he lived as a monk at the Ramakrishna mission for 12 years. 

His life living with Purna Das Baul and being reaquaited with his famous birth family in Kolkata, and recieving the gift of Purna Das Bauls Baul teachings. This is the a rare story of a kid who learned sanskrit orally from birth and developed a photographic memory, enough so to remember everything about his lineage, and who is who in Bengali history. This is a story of traveling, lecturing at universities, performing with the best of the west including Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and George Harrison of the Beattles the list is endless. 

This is a Legendary true story of lineage, early fame, of disappearing to Bombay and recreating himself under the name Babu Kishan in Bombay because he was known as Krishnendu Das in Bengal. Stories of his beloved Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and the rare deep loving connection beyond this world, sacrifice, seva, struggle and sadhana of an oral tradition with over 10,000 songs and then recording and preserving his lineage over 60 years. 

This is a legendary story that will take one into the inner circles of Indian spiritual life and cultural life, from the top to the bottom, in India during the 60's, 70's, 80's, it is the story of all famous Indian musicians, guru's, and initiations. 

It is the legendary story of a kid who never fit into to regular life no matter how he tried. It is the story of Babu kishan's struggle to preserve his lineage and create, preserve his guru, his grandfather Nabani Das Baul's legacy over a 60 a year period. To be published soon. It is the story of the first Baul to ever recieve a modern education, of a Baul who is successful as a Indian Cinema composer, of betrayal and ultimately of the first and only Baul to ever immigrate to Canada or live in North America.

This Legendary Baul family is the Oldest Baul living lineage on earth and it is the  Nabani Das Baul Lineage ancestors of Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal (Jai Nitia) and before that thousands of years, they are the ones who brought Baul to the world and opened the door for future Bauls now everybody can be a Baul...Baul is for the world and its time is now, they ebrace all, accept all. 

Everybody does sadhana, Baul is type of sadhana that needs to be preserved for future generations. Babu Kishan has already preserved it, however we need help, I can not translate Bengali into English? Books from within the lineage must be written.

Scholarly books are wrong and books written by others never tell the truth. Mostly they write about his lineage and take the names off, writing about Baul as a generic to include their narrative and who they are promoting because that promotes them? They use Baul to create ashrams, collect money from Governments and for their own way of collecting money for survival. Many want to be a Baba or Maa as it is very lucrative today, most have seen the rise of Ammachi ect... and they want to be.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy Holi, Nabani Das Khyapa Baul song, BAUL KIRTAN singing by Babu Kishan

Internet has created so many fakes Baul especially a Women Baul who claims a fake Baul lineage, they just use for own fame and game. There is nothing wrong with any Baul performing but overstating your authority on Baul is another thing?

When ever you see anybody with Ektara (Gopi Yantra) Baya (drum) and Nupoor (ankle Bells), they have copied Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style, yet making like they have a lineage when they don't, teaching wrong teachings out of books! Babu Kishan knows who you call a Guru and he 100% says no way! But yet you dupe people all over the world?

Without giving credit and making up a lineage? You have to question the audacity of not telling the truth and fakery.

This song was recorded decades ago as most of the Baul songs and all can be shown that anybody claiming a lineage, yet singing these songs has been cheating for a very long time. Copying style, copying dress, copying this lineage songs and yet claiming another lineage??

The last Baul Women to walk on earth was Brajabala Dasi and she does not look like what you would see today posing as a Baul Women. Baul Women never left India nor did they travel much outside of Birbhum. Brajabala traveled to Varanasi with a picture of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul around her neck a pilgrimage for his samadhi. These women were simple and sincere. They told the truth and never made up stories or over stated who they were.

Manju Das her daughter in law is the only Baul Women to travel the world and after she passed in 2010 the story of Baul Women has ended, Baul is extinct the true authentic Baul men and women are gone. All we can do is have respect and follow their example as truth seekers, making up stories is to destroy their huge cultural memory.

No amount of acting can ever reach these people, acting and lying is the opposite of what Baul is, unfortunately this has become the norm, trying to be famous like Purna Das Baul and copying the template Babu Kishan set forth.

Baul has been archived it was done decades ago by Babu Kishan, no one had to tell him what to do, he is a born Baul raised by Nabani and Brajabala Dasi.

Statue of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul at Rabindranath Tagores Vishva Bharti University in Shantiniketan Birbhum Bengal India

Brajabala Das 1986 standing next to her husband.

Photo by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

There is NO Such thing as a Baul Master or Baul Masters!

If a person keeps repeating something long enough, through repetition, I am this, I am that? Changing narratives another trick? and new narratives only become true through the internet! They think nobody will know, nobody will know?

People who are judging who is real Baul or who is an unreal Baul are not even qualified to understand what Baul actually is, I bet most can not even tell what Baul actually means. 

Most people only understand Baul based on books and internet? Some who have viewed a performance have never seen or met a real Baul, they do not even know the questions that one should ask and what the answers are? Do the people understand Bengali, NO, do they know that Birbhum Bengali is different from the Bengali of other places? Do they have any experience judging what is real Baul and what is not, NO, they just listen to whoever tells them wahtever??

This is one of the oldest trick, fake it til you make it, at all costs, tell the people what works in your favour, say, Baul's do not care who the poets are because you personally do not know either, and repeating whatever is said on the internet. Baul's always came from a family, but fake Baul's will say, no it doesn't and change a thousand of year old lineage, making up a fake new lineage to show you are authentic. Thinking no one will know, people are basically ignorant and they love exotic?

 If you tell people long enough I have a great voice, they will believe it, even if they do not have any understanding of Indian music or the language, but you knew this. You can make people stupid in this day and age!  

Kali Yuga - the time we live in, the time of opposite, backwards. All you need is a internet marketer, a promoter.

What is real is seen as unreal and what is unreal is seen as real.

When anybody promotes they are a 'Baul Master', or uses the term 'Baul Masters'! Baul Masters is fake, a new made up generic term to whitewash lack of authenticity. 

Baul is from Birbhum only, Birbhum is the birth place and only place of Baul, not Bangladesh, not Murshidabad, not Assam not that belt?

Baul's were 'Guru's' they never ever used or called themselves 'Baul Masters' this is generic term, new made up term. 

The problem is Baul is extinct. Going around making things up leads to a 'cultural genocide' of a marginalized small group of indigenous souls, that have been reduced to extinction. For many reasons one being the world has changed. 

The people who are singing Baul today are not from Baul nor was their Gurus including a Gosai. Most Gosai's are not Baul only this one small family is.

These so called Bauls followed this lineage and you may ask how? 

1) They dress as this lineage, I have images of many who have worn the patch work Guduri, designed by Babu Kishan? Including this Women's Bauls Guru, who also, followed them around. He danced Nabani Das Kypapa Baul style singing Nabani's songs? How can he be from another lineage, his Guru is listed and he is a poet, he is not a Baul. Listen Babu Kishan recorded his Guru's poetry, he used to stay at Babu's home in Calcutta and always asked Babu to put his poetry to music? He is a poet who loved this lineage and Babu Kishan?

2) They all used to hang around with this lineage, follow them around the world, making like it is a competition. Many stories will be told. No one is perfect but very few tell the truth.

3) 100% all Baul's sing this lineages songs, because they have been recorded previously? They sing all the recorded songs of this lineage, mostly all recorded by Babu Kishan.

There is a poets name from this lineage for each song, and if you do not know you are 100% not a Baul! If it is not a song from this lineage, it is a poet who followed this lineage.

Babu Kishan still knows who wrote the songs and the history of the song. 

Why, does Babu Kishan know all the poets, yet this so called self title 'Baul Master' has not got a clue? Why, has she taken 'Nabani Das Khyapa Baul' style of Ektara, Baya and Nupoor? Yet, never mentions this, her Guru is not a Baul Guru otherwise he would have taught her this and taught her there are not 4 or 5 types of Baul. 

He would have taught her that the song she recorded ' Kichhu Di Mone Mone' is a very famous previously recorded song of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in the 1960's by Hindustan Records, yet this song has another poets name on the song on a Kabir page?? 

OH no not a Baul Master? If you were a Baul Master you would know who the poets are, that is blatant cheating!!

Kichhu Din Mone Mone

Taking his song and putting other poets names on the songs? 

The Bauls she call Baul Masters are on youtube singing Babu Kishan's own poetry, his tune and his lineages songs.

But how would know, first of all you have to know Bengal, Birbhum Bengali, in todays world social media and the master minds behind marketing online are no match for a small lineage of people? This is Kali Yuga the age of backwards, the age of fake.

Using the term 'Baul Master' reduces Baul, saying Baul does not care who the poets are is creating a cultural Genocide. Teaching the wrong teachings all out of book, this is on you this is your karma.

Babu Kishan knows who all the poets are and they are singing the songs from this lineage. 

Baul never said, they do not care who the poets are, and lumps all Baul's saying Baul Masters. 

Teaching @ Berkley University that there are 3 or 4 types of Baul is teaching wrong teachings. 

Once a saw an advertisement going back years now, where this Baul Women was saying she was teaching a class on Baul, and she listed all the chapter of Babu's fathers book as to her ciriculum? Seriously??

Reducing, Watering down, for the sake of using Baul, collecting donations to preserve Baul, when it is already preserved by Babu Kishan decades ago?

Cheaters leading to a Cultural Genocide of a tradition that does not even belong to this Baul Women, who lives in South India being promoted by her South Indian friends?

The most traveled Baul women, another lie. 

First you have to be a Baul Women, and know that story was over decades ago. Manju Das, (Purna Das Baul's) wife is the first, only and last Baul Women to travel the world.

Manju Das was the first and only Baul Women to travel the world hundreds of times but that was back in the 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, up to her death in 2010 and she was a real singer? 

Manju gave a astronomical contribution along with her son Babu Kishan, they provided a platform for any Baul to travel around the world, before this no Baul traveled around the world or outside of India, Babu started this. 

New Baul's are bragging they are the first and only?

Paid teachings at Universities came from Babu Kishan because he is qualified and has taught a Universities around the world since the 1960's. At all Universities all around India. BA MA in Indian Music and Philosophy Calcutta University, 12 years at the Rama Krishna Mission in Calcutta. 

Oh excuse me you are not getting paid, it is free, donation only? Donation for wrong teachings, donations to create a Baul archive, when Baul has already been archived decades ago?

Babu Kishan taught Baul not from the internet, not from books, but from his lineage. He is a born oral Sanskritist, Sanskrit at the Ramakrishna Mission, Sanskrit all through University to Masters Level. He has lectured all over India about Baul and all of Indian Philosophy. Trained in the oral and classical traditions of Sanskrit.

Do we want to be wasting our time, continually trying to educate people no, but when it is your lineage for thousands of years and someone is using, watering down, reducing teachings and making up lineages, teaching wrong teachings, yes the truth must be told.

Only a few Universities around the world.

Many he taught more than once.

Chicago University
Boston University
Pennsylvania Music College
Baltimore Music College,
Philadelphia Arts and Music College
Kansas University Music
St Louis University
Washington and Lee
University of Washington
University of Toronto
​University of British Columbia
SFU (Simon Fraser University)
Mumbai University
Whistling Woods Film Institute in Mumbai
San Francisco College of Arts
Berkeley University Music School
Red Wood University
San Diego University
University of Victoria
Cambridge and Oxford in UK
Berlin Music College
Stuttgart University
Bremen University Germany
Hamburg University
Cologne University
University Germany  
Zurich University
Geneva University
Brussels University
Rome University of Fine Arts
University of Honk Kong
University of Bangkok
University of Singapore
Delhi University
University of Mauritius
University of Johannesburg South Africa
Calcutta University
Vishva Bharati in Shantiniketan Birbhum

Seriously this is messed up, do Baul performances but stop all the bragging and making up of stories!


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