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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Copy Right 2010 - 2040 No poaching, stealing, hijacking - by taking names off and recreating fake stories or stealing anything from this blog.

This blog is called (Lineage Baul) it was created in 2009.

No Baul singers, Baul followers,  Drama Bauls, the fake it til you make it Bauls ever used Lineage. This is the one and only Lineage, since the internet Bauls have been making up all sorts of things and people believe anything?


Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul @ age 22


No other Bauls ever talked about Lineage? 

Why do people ie) Scholars, Writers, Journalists, Authors, Baul singers, people who are not from Baul incuding (Baul singers, performers) ues Baul and think Baul is just to be used for free, name dropping, changing narratives, reducing everything this lineage has done? Then making up new lineages, that is why we say Cultural Appropriation leads to a Cultural Genocide a slow poison until Baul is extinct. Then the same people want to preserve Baul collect donations, when Baul was preserved decades ago starting in the 1960's by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. They think no one will know, people especially outside of Bengal and in the west do not have a clue, they just look for what looks exotic?

Now we have people who have created 'fake lineages', fake narratives and teaching wrong teachings all to be famous and collect donations, all be told in the new Book which is taking way longer than suspected. We have documented all over the past 16 years. Before that Babu Kishan preserved Baul since the 1960's.


Copyright all rights reserved, always with no exception and that mean all stories regarding Bob Dylan (because they are Babu's stories his life and it has nothing to do with any other Baul's). No name dropping or randomizing Baul, ie) Baul received Padma Shree, that is Purna Das Baul and when you randomize you sneakily trying to include yourself. Deluding the unsuspecting that many it was you. IT WAS NOT YOU!

Purna Das Baul and the then President of India Pranab Mukerjee, receiving a PADMA SHREE Award! NOT RANDOM BAUL?

One of the most used is Baul is associated with Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, no you were not. Those specific Bauls have names?

Same with Nabani Das Khyapa Bauls,  Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul's, grandfather and the only father he knew til age 8 all his songs are stolen, random Bauls use the poetry Lyrics and tunes and then say Baul does not care who the poets are. This is intentional because they are fake Bauls and have nothing to show for their fake made up lineages, except all the poetry from this lineage, name dropping, dancing Nabani style Ektara, Baya Nupoor, and dressing as this lineage?

 Nabani is Babu Kishan's  Guru and lineage, follow but give credit. Bauls always knew who wrote the poetry, directly ask them, if they know who the poets are, if they don't they are fake, however, they have may just name any poet that nobody knows, because they are fakes, users, liars and cheats.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das has always talked about his 'Lineage of Baul', the Tantric Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum Bengal the only Lineage of Baul that ever existed. 

Babu introduced Baul to the world since the 1970's and his father before him since the 1950's and to America in 1967. As Purna Das Bauls manager from a young age he organized and traveled the world since the 1970's when no one used a computer. It should be noted back in the day before modern facebook Bauls and computers, he wrote letters and made contacts that others are using today, they are meeting his friends, going where he has been for decades. 

 Babu Kishan set up the template of modern Bauls who have traveled around the world today. This is a huge history others are appropriating.

Babu Kishan created the first web site in the history or herstory of Baul. He could see daily in the late 1990, through to 2006 copy and pasting from his web site, he would see his story in other blogs and books but with his name and the name of his one and only lineage taken off. 

And even funnier he would see other Bauls copy his exact words and use his story as if it was their story, it was comical back then but now that Baul has been used and abused by outsiders, it is time to set the record straight and plug the holes of what has become a 'cultural genocide'.

Everything Babu has done has been copied, new lineages that never existed before now created. There is no other lineage of Baul, those new Baul singers are just copying whatever this lineage is and making it up. There are only people who copy and paste from the writings of this lineage. 

All copied the colourful patchwork dress (Guduri) that Babu Kishan created for his Dad on his travels. All copied Nabani's style of Baul Ektara Dupki and Nupoor and Nabani's dance style. Explain that, yet they say they are a different lineage of Baul??


If you use Etara Dupki and Nupoor (Nabani's style of ankle bells) you are following this lineage, you are following Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, but yet telling people you have a lineage and a different lineage under a person who only followed Baul.

I suppose it is about the situation in Bengal and the need to create a tour or two, and make a living, no one is thinking 'lying' and using the songs of this lineage is ever going to harm it, but they are like modern yoga, watering down and reducing what is extinct, stealing the poetry of this lineage and saying the songs were never recorded? Saying Bauls do not care, that is a false narrative. Babu Kishan has already preserved this lineage decades ago, you are a tourist Baul.

 I also, saw a women Baul (names will only be mentioned in the book) on youtube with a million 'like's singing 'Nabani Das Bauls song' but putting another name on Nabani's poetry? She copied word for word the 'chapters titles' from Purna Das Bauls book as what she will teach in her workshops, I found this on the internet, another big joke. I have proof of this!

 This poetry of Nabani's had been recorded decades before by Hindustan Records. Then I had one western person who follows Baul say that someone else wrote a song of Nabani's, the guy didn't know that this song had also been recorded by Hindustan Records long before and the person that he said who wrote it could not read or write bengali or english? 

I mean it is a joke what people are doing.

I have seen books written by a western Baul with stories that specifically belong to Babu Kishan or his family. Their names are not mentioned completely taken off? Then write about Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, George Harrison and the Rolling Stones with a picture of a person who followed Baul beside where they write about Babu Kishan's story? 

No way random Baul,  is not associated at all with Babu Kishan's stories. Babu Kishan's stories are his stories, they do not belong to you. You are specifically misleading people (watering them down, no you are stealing them) to glorify your random Bauls who have hijacked Baul and copied all from this lineage?

These 'follower of Baul' have never met Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Rolling Stones or had relationships with these people. They may have tried and had tea with the one of the Rolling Stones, linkage that never existed, it was set up by Purna Das's brother Laxshman Baul and they happened to be there. As usual, they follow the associations that already exist through this family, this lineage but they never had any association. Where this lineage goes, they follow and follow then around going to where they go and meeting with their friends. They copy what they do, there are so many stories, do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with following, the problem lies in the lies and taking the names off the stories and only adding their names as if they are the ones. 

They use Babu Kishan's stories and taking his name off, they being the "followers of Baul, the new Baul singers, who make up lineages and stories and water down Baul because they do not even know what Baul is? It is the alluding part that is not right, never allude to anything unless you know the story and it is your story to tell, it is NOT your story to tell or allude to. When making up fake lineages, name who were the people your Guru studied with, who are his teachers and his lineage, if you have a lineage you have a long line. Lineage is not one or two generations it goes way back.

Recently I have seen name dropping of Bob Dylan's name on a youtube video "what is Baul" as if the guy actually knows anything about anybodies (Baul) relationship with Bob Dylan, it is conjecture to show he knows what he is talking about, he does NOT, then he name drops Naboni's name and being professor at Shantiniketan Vishva Bharti. 

Listen to me,  the only person who ever wrote about Nabani being a professor is Babu Kishan, because he has preserved this lineage and knows all the stories about his family, his ancestors and Nabani is his Grandfather and Guru. 

I have copy right all over my writings but still the cherry picking happens, this is the lineage of Nitai, Nityananada, yet he are claiming a lineage that does not, did not exist,  taking stories and names from this lineage an fundraising that you are going to preserve Baul, when it was preserved decades ago by Babu Kishan??

Baul sahaja is different from Buddhist Sahaja, yet this guy gives this huge narrative not based on fact but because he only knows what a book told him, based on what a scholar wrote, a scholar who actually was a close associate with Babu's Grandfather Josjesh Dash on his mothers side of the family, who was a Sanskrit professor at Dhaka University. You see this is the problem people speaking for Baul, cherry picking bits from here and there but not based on any insider wisdom of the tradition because the so 'called Guru' did not know, because he was not actually versed in Baul, more to come and deeper conversations to come in the future.

Many were seen for years wearing Babu Kishan designed patch work dress, dancing Nabani's style and singing the songs of this lineage. Yet these random Baul singers say they are from another lineage. Riding on the coat tails of someone else, copy paste, copy dress, copy style, copy songs and stealing stories. If you see any Baul including the older generation in Youtube video's wearing a patch work dress they are copying Babu Kishan's design? Many stories to come. Bauls never wore patchwork dress, more to come on this one too.

I understand that a group of people 'who follow Baul' and Babu Kishan's uncle Laxshman Das Baul who is a lineage Baul, met a Rolling Stone in the 90's in Europe after a concert, they only met them through "Laxshman Das Baul" who is Purna Das Bauls younger brother but make like they are the ones who knew The Rolling Stones. 

Purna Das Baul recorded with Mick Jagger in 1971 at his home in France after the the fundraiser concert in London for Bangladesh. The album was called Jai Bangla. Babu Kishan was friends with the Rolling Stones he met them when he was 9 for the first time.

This family and lineage including Babu Kishan did about 3 more of those concerts in the 1970's in London for the fundraiser for Bangladesh.

Years later Purna Das Baul blessed Keith Richards son after he was born.

However, it was only Babu Kishan who had a many decade friendship with the Rolling Stones because Babu is a musician and well known Composer. When the Rolling Stones came to Mumbai in 2004 it is Babu Kishan who they contacted, he picked them up at the airport and jammed with them. They called him because they knew him. The other Baul singers always follow this lineage Baul. 

This one and only lineage, they follow what they wear, where they go, they contact their friends and use their story.  I have even heard stories where lineage Baul has been invited and a Baul singer will go for free or under cut this lineage by contacting their friends. 

They observe and copy and follow. It should be noted; there is a big difference between Baul and Baul singers. Baul singers are followers of Baul and most can not actually teach Baul sadhana or know the deeper meaning of Baul, but float around waiting to poach what ever they can, they are tourist Bauls. They dress the part, act the part but in fact are not the part, they are tourist Bauls.

Babu Kishan played with Bob Dylan and The Band in at least 40 concerts in the USA in the 1980' and jammed every night, how do random Bauls make stories and associations when there is none?

 How do they write books and say, Bauls did this or that and is associated with, when it is Babu Kishan and his story, his life. 

Why would any random Baul have anything to do with Bob Dylan or even mention him in their book and post a picture of a person who was a refugee from Bangladesh and not any relation to Baul except he followed this lineage, but yet you can find Western Bauls write books and do exactly that??

It was only Babu Kishan who had a long time friendship with George Harrison and the Rolling Stones because he jammed with them, was friends with them, because he is a educated Master of Indian Music. It was Babu who only had a many decade friendship with Allen Ginsberg and Al Aronowitz. 

Do not take his story and make like you are the one, or make loose associations, Baul associated with, when it was not you! Westerners do not have a clue, because they do not even understand the language and in this case trying to create a story to increase their profile is really a crime against and indigenous Indian tradition, shame on you!

Babu Kishan's own youngest brother made up stories that Bob Dylan was in India at his wedding, which is a complete lie. He brought his own father on NDTV and lied, so he is not much better and a disgrace.  His Dad's luck was to appear on Bob Dylan's album in 1967 but it was Lakshman Das Baul who Dylan liked and it was only Babu who had association with Dylan. Babu reconnected any association with Purna Das Baul decades after through his own association with Dylan and all. Long story, all be revealed when ever we can get the book out, I thought last year but it will take a bit more time. 

Bob Dylan absolutely did NOT come to Babu's younger brothers wedding in Calcutta India as was reported by NDTV.

At the time of his younger brothers wedding Dylan was in South America. Sorry to say it is a lie, and many other lies to be exposed. 

NDTV has just learned that it was all a lie , the youngest brother Dibyendu lied, his wife Adittee lied and the 2 grown sons along with Purna Das Baul sat there while the lie continued, they sat there and told a journalist lies. What an embarrassment and shame to Babu Kishan his lineage and legacy he has provided. More to come... because this is not over and there will be more exposed. Enough is enough and all will be accounted for.  

It is all fake news, the truth shall be told, the journalist apologized to Babu Kishan for a very long time and said he is going to tell the truth, with more to come, this is just the first of the apology. The journalist did not know that Purna Das Baul had 2 other son's, he said Adittee kept it all concealed?


Babu Kishan released Bob Dylan's albums in India and Asia, that is the only way anybody in India knew about Bob Dylan. Yet, others will say Dylan was associated with Baul. No only Babu Kishan was, do not take his story and put your name on it or make fake and false associations, it is not your story to tell.

It was only 'Nabani Das Khyapa Baul' who had a relationship with Rabindranath Tagore, yet you will see others who created Lineages use Nabani's stories as if they knew Tagore? 

Saying Bauls (generic) so it includes them is false and using Babu's stories. 

It does not include you, saying Bauls do not care about their songs or that there are 4 types of Baul is wrong and doing more damage, if you do not know, do not say anything, just go on your cheating acting ways and leave Baul alone. 

A cultural genocide, Baul is NOT from Assam and that belt, Baul is only from Birbhum.

 You have wiped out the truth, they have wiped out the stories of history of the last Baul that walked on earth and replaced it with, a Baul who only followed and copied everything from this lineage. 

Babu always wanted to help other Bauls inviting them to travel with his family, this is how they got the chance to travel outside of India. It was Babu who brought the new Baul singers along when they traveled out of India. Long stories that are included in the book. It always amazes me how they go where Babu goes.

Babu Kishan was the only Baul to do paid Master classes and to teach at Universities around the world he has a huge history from the 1970's onward, he created the road, he introduced Baul to the world and Manju Das is the first and only Baul women to travel the world, not telling her story is 'cancel culture' in the extreme. 

Babu taught at universities only because he is qualified and was educated as a Baul from Birth as an oral Sanskritist and classical Sanskritist he studied and learned the esoteric teaching of Sanskrit, the stories behind each word. Anybody can teach for free or donation, donation does not make you a saint, this donation technique is used by some of the richest Baba's and Ma's of India. If anything Babu tried to elevate everything for the Bauls of Birbhum so that they could survive in this new world, but instead of supporting Baul most worked against the work he has done.

No problem if you tell the truth but most do not.

Babu was taught English during his school years at the Ramakrishna Mission and through Calcutta University. He represented Calcutta University all over India teaching Indian Philosophy. He is the only Lineage Baul to do what he has done in Bollywood as he is a trained Music Composer with a Masters degree in Indian Music. Yet on and on all copy him and follow him, finding his friends all over the world, where he goes so do others. 

Because he could understand English the scholars who wrote about Baul were shocked when he told them what they wrote in their Books was wrong, they never thought as they say these uneducated illiterate Bauls would come to the west. Today anybody with half a brain understands that oral Sanskritist are way above any English template or translation because they learned through hearing and remembering and most have photographic memories from learning through the sacred sounds of Sanskrit.

Yet, you will see in a video a women Baul say Baul never comes from family, are you kidding me, what a cheat, sweet smile all the way, with a gimmick of dread locks and westerners do not have a clue, it is so easy to dupe them.

Brajabala Dasi and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul are the last of the original Bauls, Baul are extinct now, today what you see are tourist Bauls singers. The other Bauls of the 1970's onward are not from a lineage, they followed this lineage.

Babu was taught English which is not his first language, Bengali and Sanskrit are he learned English during his school years at the Ramakrishna Mission and through Calcutta University. He is the only Lineage Baul to do what he has done in Bollywood as he is a trained Music Composer with a Masters degree in Indian Music. Yet on and on all copy him and follow him trying to enter Bollywood. They search and find his friends all over the world, where he goes, what he does they all copy. 

This in itself is not a problem, the problem comes when fake and new Baul singers copy everything and take the names off and water down the only lineage of Baul that is now extinct and was preserved decades ago by Babu Kishan. 

The riders on the coat tails of this lineage are not properly educated in Baul but collecting donations based upon the foundation that Babu Kishan created in 1990's and later registered in Mumbai in 2007. Saying they are going to preserve this families lineage when it was preserved decades ago by Babu Kishan.

Stop your poaching and out right theft of what does not belong to you.

Follow Baul but do not copy and paste, do not spread wrong teachings, if you do not know, do not make it up, . 

To Scholars - think before you write and speculate, can you imagine if someone wrote about your family and made a career about your family but took your name off because it is too difficult to get it from the souce? Can you imagine if someone put you under a microscope and dissected your family? Took information from the wrong people and told you who you are.  Can you imagine if everybody copied and pasted your family history and repeated it over and over. 

Think very carefully because there is a karma with what you are doing? 

Watering down and reducing someones story and family?

 This is a living lineage for thousands of years passed down only through a family lineage, it is a absolute lie to say anything else. Oh right nobody will know, cheater.


Copyright2010 - 2040 - 

Means DO NOT copy, no name dropping or reposting taking the names off, creating false narratives and false associations by saying, Baul was associated with, these Baul's, this lineage has names and it is their story to tell. They say Baul received a Padma Shri, no you did not Purna Das Baul did, stop making false associations. NO Poaching!

 All rights reserved by Babu Kishan