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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Critique: of the book Sri Aniravan, Letter from a Baul life within life.



Compiled by Lizelle Reymond

I have to wonder, did anybody ever read this book and do any sort of exegesis or purva paksha before accepting Sri Anirvan was a Baul? He was a great classically University trained English speaker.


Baul is not ever Marxist. Baul is very specific, a Baul is never self-titled.  Narendra Chandra Dhar is not a sur-name for a Baul. The Bengali surname Dhar probably has its origin from “Dhar,” a word which, in Bengali, means “credit.” People with the “Dhar” surname were mostly zamindars or landowners. Bauls were never landowners in this sense or zamindars. 

This is an absolute necessity as there are hundreds of self-titled Bauls today, there are hundreds of documentaries that are vague, hundreds of academic scholars all with a different opinion and many speculations, many many new books, papers, articles and PhDs none of them are accurate. They may have a seed of truth, but when you comb through they are so far off base with mere speculations. 

It is no wonder Baul is extinct, why have Bauls fallen into a cultural genocide and people still keep making it up daily. One day Baul is Buddhist, the next day Baul is Radha. 

The pretendian Bauls have not got a clue, they make it as they usually see what others are doing or writing, making random connections that are not accurate. This has left the door open to constant pretendian experts who are trying to attain fundraising jackpots to preserve Baul, when Baul has already been preserved over 6 decades period by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das. 

Baul does not collect people? Baul touched other peoples feet, it was a no no for Bauls men or women to enter the villages and have others touch their feet, that is not the Baul tradition and those that are displaying that merely are displaying their arrogance and acting all innocent, what they really want it to be a famous Maa or Baba and to fundraise? These people are using Baul.

There is no such thing as a Baul Master, this is a new construct to include some people who are not Baul, but are using Baul while making up fake lineages?


Copyright all rights reserved, do not copy, poach, or tell these stories on your youtube channel, by name dropping as if you are the expert. 

Stop the cultural theft of Baul songs and stop telling Babu Kishan's stories, they are not yours to tell. Stop lying saying there are 20,000 Baul in Bengal. Baul is extinct and no pretendian Baul can do anything other than copy and create their own personal fame, either trying to be Nabani Das Khyapa Baul stealing his style or trying to be Purna Das Baul (that was a one off) these 2 are history, Baul is complete. Copying Babu Kishan by triying to be a music composer, poet and scholar or trying to be in Indian Cinema?

Do not donate to anybody who is fundraising collecting donations in the name of Baul to preserve Baul. We have already documented other pretendian Bauls false teachings, intellectual property theft, theft of Baul songs from this one and only lineage.

Baul did not sing on stages until Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, as he did for Nehru during the quit Indian movement to draw people to come together to listen to Nehru give his speeches all over India, and this was continued by Purna Das Baul, his wife and eldest song Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul who is the first indigenous Baul to be trained in the indigenous way and the classical way of a University education, he knows the difference. Babu Kishan is the first Baul to preserve Baul for over 60 years in modern times.

It is important to know that no one had an interest or knew about Baul until this family pioneered Baul around India and then worldwide, they were the first and Purna Das Baul songs were all recorded, this is how Bauls have songs to copy, they copied them from the radio.

Lineage ( is always based on a long line of ancestors) google lineage, know your own lineage, your own family, do not go around speculating making up fake lineages based on someone else's lineage? 

Lineage is not one or two generations? It is something you make up based on people who are not from Baul? Regarding Sampradaya there is only one Baul sampradaya it is Gosia Chand Das Baul and Dasi of Ekachakra Birbhum.

Because of the intellectual property theft of dress-up pretendian Bauls and nobody ever speaks out, with made up Baul Guru's, there are absolute distinctions that must be made. First of all Baul is indigenous to Birbhum to the soul and soil of Birbhum. 

 Baul looks simple but it not, it is based on powerful ancestors, it is based on specific qualifying questions that must be answered, it is not a performance of actors and singers or people acting like a Baba or Ma singing the songs of this lineage, that were lifted either from Babu Kishan's youtube channel or from past recordings of Purna Das Baul of which Babu Kishan composed over 80% of his fathers most famed music, this can all be proven and will have to be answered for. 

There is no doubt Anirvan was an intellect, well educated at the best ashrams and Universities, at that time no Baul was educated at a University or even spoke English. The first sign he was not a Baul but perhaps appreciated Baul and added it to his name.

 Do people actually accept that Osho was a Baul, he was not a Baul, he was inspired by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and mistranslated what and who Baul is in his 3 books, Babu Kishan knew him and qualified, questioned, debated him. Osho told Babu Kishan that he would rewrite his books but he passed before he could, what he created had nothing to do with Baul. The only Bauls that ever knew Osho were Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who only met him and Babu Kishan composed an album and put his lectures on tap when he worked for CBS India, Osho was just another client of Babu Kishan's.

 There are too many acceptances of what and who is Baul, with no actual qualifications going on by anybody who actually knows and has preserved Baul over 60 years, speculation and false narratives by neophyte experts on Baul, it has become a joke, now everybody is getting in on this interview expert bandwagon acting as if they are experts and know who the Bauls are, using Babu Kishan's life stories?

 During the time that Anirvan lived he may have been inspired by Baul many people are but they do not self-title themselves as Baul. Of Course at the time Rabindranath Tagore was initiated into Baul by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Tagore added to the popularization of Baul because he was popular at the time.

Anirvan which is not a Baul name must of been inspired by Baul and self-titled himself a Baul showing no actual Baul Guru? 

Authentic Baul in the day never went on vacation, this is coming from a English speaker as I am assuming Arivan was because to go to University in those days, one had to learn English. No indigenous Bauls spoke English back in the day at this time.

Questions to ask: how did a English women speak to Anirvan? She would not know how to speak Birbhum Bengali or oral Sanskrit? Of course she communicated in English, thus, Anirvan spoke English. 

"Madam Lizelle Reymond (1899-1994), a renowned European philosopher, first came to India with her husband Jean Herbert in 1937 in order to deeply explore the Indian culture and heritage. After few years they returned to Europe and planned to translate all the collated materials on Indian Philosophy and religion.

Reymond again came to India in 1947 after Independence and had a lot of experiences (1947-1953), which she admirably described in her two books— ̳My Life with a Brahmin Family‘ (1958) and  ̳To Live Within‘ (1969).

After many years Reymond herself compiled the book  ̳Letters from a Baul‘ from the Part II of the book  ̳To Live Within‘—mostly based on the letters of Sri Anirvan, a poet, philosopher and yogi and the recorded conversations that took place during her staying in the  ̳Haimavati Ashram‘ of Sri Anirvan in Almora;

 also the meetings with Sri Anirvan held in Assam and Bengal. 

She added here two new chapters— ̳Facing Reality‘ and  ̳Rambling Thoughts‘—two essays of Sri Anirvan. There are four more chapters in that book— ̳To Live Within‘, which were excluded by Reymond herself."

"His return to the Saraswat Sangha was a festive day for all the disciples. During each vacation that he spent at the Ashram, he had been for them all ―the beloved poet‖ illuminating the talks of the Guru, and making the work on themselves seen like labouring on the land to bring forth a garden of fruits and flowers."

In those days Baul had never been educated in University, he spoke English no Baul spoke English back them, as they were indigenous. He may have been inspired by Baul as Rabindranath Tagore was inspired by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. Baul is indigenous, they only served the villages of Bengal as Seva, they would not have been on a vacation, it is not even a word they knew.

This is not Baul, especially at the time Anirvan lived, Baul is based on ancestry and oral Sanskrit, which is indigenous to Birbhum Bengal. Bauls did not live in ashrams they lived in akhara's. Bauls did not have a University education, they were not classically trained .
As a Baul, he took the name of Anirvan. (one does not take a name), you are born with a Baul name, Baul is based on ancestry) and who was his Baul Guru, you have to have a Baul Guru, his learning was classical. Baul is outside of grammer a Baul learns Sahaja outside of grammer in an Akhara not an ashram.

"It is no doubt Nirvacanīya becoming, with an ―a‖ privative, a-nir-vac-anīya, which corresponds syllable by syllable to in-ex-plic-able in English, the root meaning being clear in the former and figurative in the latter. In general, people called him ―Mahārāj,‖ and those who knew him: ―servant of the Rishis.‖
Although he never spoke of his past, through his letters we learn of some striking incidents in his life. 
As a Baul he simply disappeared, becoming a traditional wanderer through the Himalayas. He lived for some years in a cave at the foot of the Kamakhya Hill in Assam.
Later he was discovered apparently as an anonymous ―man walking through the market place.‖ This was in Delhi where, while working as a tutor, he was translating the books of Rama Tirtha because he thought that the Bengali needed to listen to his voice. 
He was reputed to have become a consultant on many difficult philosophical problems posed by scriptures ranging from the Bhagavad Gita to the Gathas of old Iranian Prophets.
Still later, some people from Ranchi called on him for help. 
They wanted to have a few chapters of The Life Divine of Sri Aurobindo translated into Bengali. This huge work had been written originally in English. 
Fascinated as he was by the text, Sri Anirvan accepted on condition that their Guru, Sri Aurobindo, would agree. 
The result was that Sri Anirvan retired for four years to Almora in order to give his whole time to translating the entire work.
Against his will, many people, including refugees, knocked at his door. They harassed him so much that a very simple kind of life was organized around him to protect him; it was devoid of encouragements to stay!
When, in due course, Sri Anirvan came to translate the ―Third Mandala of the Vedas,‖ his work became even more intense. He needed more helpers as well as complete isolation. It was at this point that I, Lizelle Reymond, among a few others, came into his circle."

Although I must say that this book is a good book, and many of these writing letters are accurate without the nuances of the way a Baul would describe things, many things are on track and Anirvan was a great intellect trained classically. He was inspired by Baul and but not indigenous to Baul. One thing I can say is that he understood the intellect it take to be a Baul so sorely lost by the cultural genocide that academic scholars, writers, journalists have created by their speculations of calling Baul degraded, illiterate, and interviewing all the wrong people for their thesis? And by academic scholars perpetuating this false narrative of Muslim Baul and Fakir Baul. Bauls are based on the Vedas and Tantra.

"Shrimat Anirvan (8 July 1896—31 May 1978) had mastered the Astādhyayi of Pānini at a very early age. 

After completing his formal education he renounced the world and joined the Kapilamukh Ashram at Jorhat (in Assam) founded by his Guru Swami Nigamananda Paramahamsa where he was given Sannyasa and he became Nirvanananda Saraswati. But after a few years he dropped the ochre robes and changed his name to Anirvan by which he became known to the world at large. 

He spent a number of years in Lohaghat (Almora) where Madame Lizelle Reymond, a Swiss spiritual seeker, joined him and literally took him to the West through her books My Life with a Brahmin Family and To Live Within. He later shifted to Shillong in Assam and finally to Kolkata where he spent his last years. His first book was a Bengali translation of Sri Aurobindo‘s The Life Divine which was described as a ―living translation‖ by Sri Aurobindo himself and was published in two volumes between 1948 and 1951. 

Another sister- publication, Yoga-Samanvaya-Prasanga, based on Sri Aurobindo‘s The Synthesis of Yoga, was published in 1961. According to Ram Swarup: ―In translating Sri Aurobindo‘s works, he was paying his debt to an elder brother and old friend from another life, as Shri Anirvan once said.‖ 

But the centre of his studies was the Vedas on which he acquired a rare mastery over the years. 

His other published works include his magnum opus, Veda Mimāmsā, (published in three volumes), Upanisad-Prasanga (three volumes on Īsa, Aitareya and the Kena), Gitānuvacana (three volumes), Vedānta Jijñāsā and Pravacana (four volumes) to name a few."

Anirvan was a great classically trained scholar, but he was not a Baul, Baul is very specific with specific sadhana's originating in Birbhum Bengal.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

From Oral tradition to digital Archive: New Primary sources for the study of Baul traditions

From Oral Tradition to Digital Archive: New Primary Sources for the Study of Baul Traditions CE Lorea 

My Goodness this is a longer critique than I thought, it is long and not easy to read, but a very important one and there is way more to this than digitizing some notebooks by the British Library (the colonizers) who starved the Baul's during the famine. Babu Kishan has told stories of how this destroyed a big portion of the Bauls. A primary source of study for the Bauls of Bengal is only within the lineage of the Bauls, not by colonizers? 

The Bengal famine of 1943 was the only one in modern Indian history not to occur as a result of serious drought, according to a study that provides scientific backing for arguments that Churchill-era British policies were a significant factor contributing to the catastrophe. Partition was horrific, the war between Indian and East Pakistan now Pakistan was horrific, and decades of communist rule in Bengal was not great? Before that India was colonized by the British and before that colonization by Islamists? Do the Bauls need anymore colonization of their intellectual property?

Generalized opinions to give providing deeper thoughts.


There are serious issues in interpretation, and understanding, the ground that indigenous knowledge and wisdom stands on belongs only to the indigenous Baul, wrong interpretations, twisted, reductionism with a grave lack of understanding, the colonization continues. The twisting is unbelievable, it does not make any sense, I could qualify every single statement that scholars write about Baul? 

"Authenticity can be lost in translation and western ethnocentric perspectives.The terrible irony is this. Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was part of the Freedom movement in Bharat who nevertheless breathed and believed in Unity in Diversity whereas the British ruled by creating division. What to say of their interpretations or this sacred oral tradition?" Sareen Lal Sharma

Seriously, they made it up because they thought no one will know, these people did not speak English. Babu Kishan is the first English speaker and he was the one who first read what academic scholars wrote and he protested to them personally, they ignored him as they are doing today? They place themselves as the authority on Baul, they are misguided in so many ways.

India and other countries are working towards reparations of their indigenous knowledge, the colonists still think they know what is best and there are so many misunderstandings in this paper? 

Thinking you know what are the facts and knowing the actual facts are 2 different things? It is insulting on many fronts. It is one thing to take these notebooks and digitize them, it is another to interpret and put your own personal opinions in those interpretations, I can see the wrong narratives and mixing, speculations, and suggestions that Bhava Pagla was a Baul when he was not. This is a personal opinion. This should not be allowed when dealing with indigenous traditions or people? 

"Nevertheless, as we wait for platforms and technologies that might be closer to the sensory epistemologies of the communities we work with, ‘Songs of the Old Madman’, like any archive, hopes to create a longevity of memory for the future days."

The use of the English word Mad or Madmen has no place in association with Baul. Baul is composed of 2 Sanskrit words, it has nothing to do with mad or afflicted by the wind, but at least in the latter Edward Dimock mentions the wind. Baul = Baula = Batula in the older books that were not even mentioned in this intellectual property theft, while acting as a 'do gooder to indigenous people' saviors. I won't even explain the 2 Sanskrit words here because Babu Kishan has explained this for decades.


Let us understand this academic (scientific) colonial word from an indigenous point of view, not a colonial point of view.

What does Indigenous epistemology say about truth?

"Indigenous Elders will tell you what they know from lived experience and from the knowledge conferred on them by their Ancestors. Much of the knowledge that is carried forward is accepted as truth because it has always been known to be true."

What is Indigenous epistemology and Indigenous standpoint theory?

"The Indigenous epistemological approach in an Indigenous standpoint enables knowledge to be recorded for the community, not the Academy. The participants are the owners of the knowledge, not the researcher. Wherever possible the traditional language should be the first form of recording."

Non-Western Approaches to Knowing

"When discussing epistemological approaches to the construction of knowledge, we need to broaden the framework we use from something other than the Eurocentric perspective.Western tradition has various ways in which it defines and defends ways of knowing, often with a focus on empirical practices. While the Western view of knowledge adheres to several traditional methods of inquiry, knowledge in other cultures may be, for example, spiritual or revealed knowledge that is learned through meditation or introspection. Worse, some Western schools of thought romanticize traditional knowledge, which actually de-validates it because it fails to acknowledge that in its process of becoming knowledge, it too had to adhere to. "

To control a people you must first control what they think about

themselves and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and no chains to hold you. ~ John Henrik Clarke

What is Decolonization?

"Decolonization is traditionally defined as the act of getting rid of colonization, or freeing a country from being dependent on another country. But there is more to it than that. 

Decolonization is now recognized as a long-term process involving the bureaucratic, cultural, linguistic, and psychological divesting of colonial power. Moreover, it is also a process of decolonizing the minds of the people; it involves shifting the way colonized peoples view themselves, their culture, and worldview from a Western perspective."

Baul is extinct and has many problems, a colonizer coming in does not help. It has been proven over and over that they can not understand, they do not have the mental template to take an indigenous tradition and understand it, by mental template, it is meant they do not have the resources, they run here and there, talk to this person and that person who are not Baul in the first place, all of the names mentioned in this paper are not practicing Bauls and Babu Kishan knows personally do not know anything Even his own father is lacking and his brother is certainly not someone who knows anything about Baul, he never wanted to know, while Babu Kishan was busy preserving Baul he was nowhere to be found. If you want to know who he is, read the blog post on him.



Baul has been extinct for decades, field trips in Birbhum in 2011 even for a decade does not mean anything today, Baul has been extinct for decades, insinuating Bauls are crossdressers shows you do not understand Baul? 

No academic scholar has a right to change what Baul means or give it a new name based on their speculations by a Baul no one has heard of and only a few generations into Baul from the first name? Academic colonial British scholars do not have a right to self-determine who is Baul or who Baul is? 


It is not easy going through these constant false narratives regarding Baul. We are not collecting people or money, this is Babu Kishan's lineage and he is qualified to comment, Nabani is his Guru yes he was initiated. Babu Kishan is not looking for fame he is commenting on behalf of his indigenous lineage and as the person who has preserved, pioneered Baul Cultural programs around the world since the 1960's. 

He already has preserved all of these songs and way more, he is a Baul. You glorify scholars such as Carol Solomon, but you don't know the whole story. She was Babu Kishan's friend in India and America since she started. We will tell that story.

I thought this would be a good idea, I am not so sure after reading this paper, and realizing how easy is it for an unqualified academic scholar who is not a musicologist, not an ethnologist, and doesn't have a clue on what is a folk song and what is a Baul and that Bhaba Pagla no matter how great of poet he was, was not a Baul as he specifically told Babu Kishan who composed a lot of music for him in the 1970's until Bhaba passed away in 1984. 

Just because Bauls sing songs or collect songs that are not Baul songs such as Lalon Fakir who never said he was a Baul, does not mean they are Baul songs?

"For example, descendants of Bhaba Pagla were planning to sell the notebooks in exchange for an unspecified ‘large sum of money’ to one of the libraries in India or in Bangladesh, and feared that if the material were to be already avail- able online this business opportunity would have faded. 

“The family of Debdas Baul instead was worried that new generations of young, aspiring singers could just pick any song out of the online archive and use it on stage, while it took years of sevā and disciplined practice under a teacher for Debdas to accumulate this repertoire of knowledge." this is a real concern.

During the course of the two webinars that we attended with the Endangered Archives Programme team of the British Library, it clearly emerged that among the aims of the EAP scheme, making the digitized material available for local communities is not included. They stated that the expenses of a website were not eligible costs. Only monetary tokens of thankfulness were made available for the people who own and use this knowledge. They reiterated that the EAP scheme is designed as a contribution to the global community of scholars. "

(The global community of scholars regarding Baul have made an utter mess of Baul, speculations, they should not be able to study or have access to Baul anymore). 

Those families should sell their 'notebooks' to the highest bidder to a library in India, because you should be able to benefit from your ancestral property and have the copyrighted because otherwise they will be used for free by people who are pretendian and usually their intentions are to make money, collect donations and create wealth for themselves. Do not let them go to an outside country because they will be gone forever and misinterpreted. 

Do not let the British or American Libraries or Universities collect your notebooks. They belong in India.


  Ethnography means, (the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures) it is ridiculous to use Baul and put it under a microscope by an outsider who does not even know Baul, and yet wants to use Baul as an umbrella term and I know exactly where you copied and pasted that one from, no one until the recent past used ever said Baul was an umbrella name?

Baul does not need to be compared to Fakir or have Fakir attached to the name Baul. If Fakir copies Baul it has nothing to do with Baul. They are separate subjects, they dress differently, they have different customs, one is based on Islam the other is based on Sanatan Dharma. If you truly have studied customs of individual people and cultures, would you not be creating a new social engineering project, or some new speculations or repeating already wrong descriptions copied from previous books written by scholars, journalists and Bangladeshis that are already wrong?

This indigenous lineage can only be qualified through Indian Philosophical systems such as Purva Paksha and within by someone who actually is trained and knows. Indigenous Baul is not compatible with colonial systems of exegesis. If you can not do that, do not go further, there has been enough damage to the Vaishnava Sahajiya Tantric Bauls of Birbhum.

Bauls are not your marketing group for pretendian Bauls to collect people, Bauls do not collect people, they do not preach, they teach and the teaching Babu Kishan has seen is not the truth, it is constructed to attract people, Bauls never ever collected people? 

The key word is not Ashram it is Akhara and the Baul Akhara's were secret, only for the initiated not for outsiders.

They are not things to be studied or collected data from. Ethnography is a new way to study indigenous groups, another buzz word to categorize what can not even be understood.

Only a indigenous expert trained in Purva Paksha and Mimamsa Philosophy regarding Baul, is qualified to make distinctions regarding Baul, because of the marginalization of indigenous many are unfortunately unqualified today. 

Many have been pushed out of Baul because of all the fake Bauls who usurp Baul as their acting singing careers, traveling around the world saying they are Baul making people stupid, however, they have thousands of likes and people think that makes a person authentic? Using an indigenous tradition does have a karma, just as with academics who are sourcing funding for their own career, name and fame. Think again.

Babu Kishan has given over 60 years of his life to preserving Baul. If there is someone else who is an oral and classical Sanskritist and knows their music and if they are indigenous to Baul that certainly would help and make this task easier for Babu Kishan, please come forward. 

Babu Kishan is a music composer, a musicologist he has categorized all the folk music of India for the big record companies, he is not looking for fame or money, he has preserved this one and only lineage of Baul for over 6 decades he is a Baul initiated by his Grandfather Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who is his Guru. He has composed Baul music for 80% of his famous father's music and is a qualified music composer in Indian Cinema. He was born as a Baul and has practiced Baul for over 6 decades and is the only expert in music and languages of the Bauls.

So much has been written in this paper is innuendo and speculation or just plain wrong, this will be in our book under Academic Scholars. This needs to be watched carefully and qualified by someone outside of academia, qualified in the Mimansa Philosophical way of Purva Paksha. Academia has done so much damage in the past and they continue to make it up, speculate and twist what they can never understand.

"Other names proposed by scholars of these traditions include bartamān panthī (Openshaw 2004) and bas- tubādī (Jha 1999)." 

No, you have no rights to propose a different name for the Bauls?

Seriously, you can not just make it up, propose, blatant self-determination. Baul is not either of those, do you see and understand how wrong this is, making it up. Baul is none of the above. Things like this have led to a cultural genocide of the Bauls, everyday, a random, redefines Baul. Can you imagine if someone tells you who you are? Academic Scholars should not propose anything about anybody especially an indigenous group?

I have had to rethink after pulling apart the above academic paper by CE Lorea. I will tell you why, and it is necessary to understand, this is the kind of speculative writing that leads to Cultural Genocide of the Vaishanva Sahajiya Bauls of Birbhum. 

“In this article, I share some provisional findings based on a digitisation project that my team has completed in April 2021.7 The digital archive, titled Songs of the Old Madmen was funded by the Endangered Archives Programme, British Library (October 2019–April 2021)."

Note: You can not self-determine who the Bauls are. You are not an insider or a Baul, the academic scholars trying to self-determine Baul are not 

 Master of Indian Music and the Folk music of India or of Baul music.

This is a colonized self-determination of who the Baul are by someone who is paid to do a job, a funded project by an academic scholar. 

Did you know that Purna Das Baul, Manju Das and Babu Kishan did a cultural program at the British Library in the early part of the 1980’s? They are the first.

‘Some believe he was the composer of the well-known song Hṛd Mājhāre Rākhibo Cheṛe Debo Nā, and of Kichu din mane mane, later popularised by the stunning performances of Paban Das Baul and Parvathy Das Baul.’ (he being Nabani).

This is a fact (not a belief), it is a fact that Nabani Das Khyapa Baul wrote; Hrd Majhare Rakhibo Chere Debo and Kichu din mone mone. Both were recorded by Hindustan Records in the 1950’s originally. Hrd Mjahre Rakibo was supposed to be sung by Radharani Dasi. It was Nabani's friends Pankaj Maklik RC Boral both admirers of Nabani, they heard Nabani sing in Shantiniketan and it was decided they would record Radharani Dasi. 

Unfortunately, Radharani fell ill or perhaps became too shy to record the song and instead they recorded Purna Das Baul, her younger brother, Radharani Dasi is the eldest of Nabani and Brajabala's children. There was an older daughter named Annapurna Dasi who passed away young.

Mrd Majhare Rakibo was the first Baul song ever recorded by Hindustan Records and it was a hit, where do you think other Bauls got the song from, all the songs recorded with Purna Das Baul, Nabani Das Baul singing were appropriated and sung by pretendian Bauls are still are today. The ones mentioned above appropriated lots from this lineage, but I think Paban at least has association and didn't make up a fake lineage.

  You should know all songs that Purna Das Baul sang were copied by pretendian Bauls as Paban Das Baul narrates in his book, ‘the fake it til you make it,’ Bauls. 

It should be known that the refugees from Bangladesh and others who were in poverty copied these songs off of the radio and started to act like Bauls and busk for donation because of poverty, they were not Bauls but pretendian Baul (people) who needed to survive.

Nabani had recorded Hrd Majare Rakibo (his lyrics and tune) in the 1930's, his songs were all appropriated and nobody ever gave credit for his songs, they just take and use, trying to be famous, this too, has led to a cultural genocide, riding on the coattails of this one and only lineage, that can be proved, but no one else can prove anything that Babu Kishan can not qualify. Hrd Mahare Rakibo was recorded for the first time by a British Journalist who had come in the 1930’s. I will write the name later. He recorded Nabani singing his song, his lyrics and his tune. 

If Padan Das Baul sang it he copied it from this lineage. Many others sang this song too? 

Purna Das Baul made this song a super duper hit, I can't even believe you are writing about Baul, but do not know Baul history. Stop, you are not qualified, the Bauls have been extinct in Birbhum well before 2011.

Kichu din mone mone, sung by Parvathy Baul was copied (appropriation of the intellectual property of this lineage)directly from Babu Kishan’s youtube channel, she listened to it over and over, about 9 years ago, we have the analytics, she recorded it shortly after appropriating this song, to a Kabir site and either gave the wrong poet name intentionally to mislead people and how would you know, this is why they do it and nobody says anything because of all the chaos and confusion, that academics, journalist and people who do not have a clue have made. She gave the nickname of Rasaraj Gosia that nobody would even know (Roshik) of course Babu Kishan is the only one who knows, he knows because he preserved it, studied it, composed music for it and recorded his father. I can go on one after the other but this is already way too long, sorry.

Babu Kishan categorized all of the Folk Music of India for the big record companies in India. He knows his Baul songs that is why he is an expert on the Music of India and he is not your regular Baul, he preserved Baul songs and Baul for over 60 years. He has a Master in Indian Music and Philosophy from Calcutta University. He is not a random, what your academics and the people you association in Birbhum tell you is wrong, you are being led down the wrong path, they are not experts but pretending they are experts?

This is not hearsay, when it comes to anything about Baul it is speculative and Lorea goes on giving accolades to scholars who Babu Kishan knew personally for decades and has always told them what they wrote is wrong, yet it is copied and pasted by academics and they do not even know the stories of the songs and attribute the songs to the wrong people who basically stole the song? Nobody has ever said a thing, it is time this needs to be addressed. There are so many fake Baul and the ancestral (lineage) Bauls are so marginalized they are dead.

 These songs were only popularized by Purna Das Baul and copied by pretendian Baul. 

After reading this paper with a thousand holes in it full of speculations I realize it is going to be more difficult to get the truth out? Nothing changes regarding Baul too many people are speaking without any authority regarding Baul.

What really caught my eyes was; 

“According to widespread rumors, when Indira Gandhi visited Shantiniketan she went to meet Nabani Khyapa Baul.”

Indira Gandhi was a student of Nabani’s at Vishva Bharati, how do we know, this family knew Nehru as Nabani was a state singer for Nehru during the Quit India Movement. 

Then Purna Das Baul, Manju Dasi and Babu Kishan did the same with Indira Gandhi, then Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, they knew them, Manju was a close friend of Indira Gandhis and Babu Kishan had many conversation with Indira Gandhi in her home and with Rajiv Gandhi. They knew them, worked for Indira Gandhi as the opening for her speeches, just as Nabani did for Nehru, as these Bauls could only attract millions of people, as the pied pipers of Baul. 

Babu Kishan had long discussions with Indira Gandhi, one I thought interesting was he asked why she kept a Bhagavad Gita beside her bed? So many people insinuated she was Muslim but her choice of reading was the Bhagavad Gita, and she loved Anandamayi Ma. 

Lorea uses widespread rumors, innuendos, hearsay, and speculations without using names, this leading scholar, that leading scholar, oh my goodness, they are only leading to you? Bauls are indigenous people and Nabani was not illiterate as per your utterly wrong speculation. Mahadev who is Babu Kishan's cousin does not know, and did not know his grandfather Nabani, he was not born for a long time after Nabani died, it was not 3 years.

Mahdev stated; “He has never given (initiatory) mantra to anybody. He has never made anybody his disciple.” 

Sorry to say, Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul was given not only an initiatory mantra by his Grandfather, he was and is his disciple to this day and when Nabani passed in 1969 Babu Kishan was the only person with him and he grabbed Babu aka Krishnendu’s hand and transferred all of his shakti to him, he didn’t go mad, he went into a deep samadhi for 8 days and was with Nabani on a higher plane.

I have written about Nabani’s association as the eldest grandchild and first Grandchild of Nabani’s, no one knows more than Babu Kishan. Nabani had many disciples, they just did not go around writing about it, they took diksha and did sadhana, back then they didn’t have social media where the pretendian Baul constantly made up false narratives.

“He asked Braja Bala – his wife – to never interrupt him while he is meditating. It was the only thing he was adamant about. Whatever happens, do not call me. 

Then, one day I think a zamindār or someone important, a baṛalok, came to visit the ashram, while he was meditating in sāmādhi. His wife Braja Bala then suddenly called him. 

He woke up from the meditation all of a sudden, and from then onward, he spent the rest of his life paralyzed. His nerves did not work anymore. That was three years before he died. “

Yes, Nabani's wife (not partner) her name is Brajabala Dasi, they married young and Nabani disappeared until Brajabala was old enough, these were his wandering Tantric Avadhut days. No woke garbage please. Brajabala was Nabani's wife and she was not from Tarapith. Brajabala was from Tarapith? 

Some of Lorea’s suggestions are leading towards a tiny bit of accuracy in one way, and  completely wrong speculations in other ways. 

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul  had a brain stroke in1962 before Allen Ginsberg came to meet with Nabani. When Ginsberg came Babu Kishan was a baby on Nabani’s lap, this was relayed to Babu Kishan by Allen Ginsberg who was a many decades friend and by his grandmother Brajabala Dasi. This is Babu Kishan's life. He knows his story, he lived it, he preserved it.

Nabani did not die 3 years later, he passed away in 1969, 8 years later and he did recover from that stroke, not fully but he did recover. 

Babu Kishan knows he was there, Mahadev was not even born for a long time after 1962 and at that time Lakshman Das Baul around, he was in another village and not around all. 

It was only after Nabani passed in 1969 that Lakshman started to come around. Mahadev is way younger than Babu Kishan's youngest brother who can not be any less that 3 years or closer to 4 years younger than Babu Kishan. 

The insinuation, innuendos, by academic scholars who speculate, by way of rumors, or what it might be (guesswork) with no proof, Babu Kishan was there, he lived it. 

This has nothing to do with increasing the fame of the Bauls, it has nothing to do with money, the preservation that Babu Kishan has done over 60 years is a labor of love for his Guru's Nabani and Brajabala. Babu Kishan was given mantra and Diksha by Nabani; he is here and lucid and not insane. He has absorbed the full force of Nabani's shakti. Nabani did have some disciples, but they didn't go on youtube, there was no TV even back then, the practices are secret, Baul is never about collecting people, Nabani is the first person to sing on a stage, performance, stages is new?

I thought they needed accurate proof without a shadow of doubt. 

The proof scholars use is other books which other academics have already speculated, with wrong words or hearsay? You mention a few Baul names but those people are not Bauls, they are pretendian Bauls. They followed Baul and copied everything from this lineage, first of all (Das Baul and Dasi) only come from this ancestral lineage and the patchwork dress was designed by Babu Kishan.

There are way too many assumptions, speculations; by the way Babu Kishan has copies of everyone of those songs and did you know that he has composed music to many of them already? 

Did you know that just because Bauls (this ancestral lineage) has Bhaba Pagla, Lalon Fakir and Sufi songs or sang sufi songs does not mean those songs are Baul songs? These are the kind of assumptions that are shoving untruths, speculations and personal biases by the academic scholar down the throats of the public. 

No of course not, how could you know, you have not spent 60 years preserving this Baul ancestry, based on ancestry, lineage is always based on ancestry according to many dictionary definitions?

“Nobody except scholars would want to sit down and read such notebooks as literary objects, muted from their soundful life and sensuous dimensions.” 

This is not true, Babu Kishan has preserved Baul, he has all those songs and has composed music (tunes) for them, Nabani did this for others too, he did it for Rabindranath Tagore, it does not mean they are Baul songs, perhaps Babu Kishan inherited Nabani’s music composing skills, this is not your family it is Babu Kishan’s family, his father is Nabani Das Baul's oldest son, Nabani was Babu Kishan’s father Guru (Boro Baba) grandfather for 8 years, he is Nabani’s disciple shishya, what he say has more weight than you innuendo’s. You don’t know Babu Kishan and neither does your Guru. 

There are a couple of things of grave concern in your writing, and very misleading.

“The main collections of notebooks belong to the families of two influential figures of the Baul tradition, namely Bhaba Pagla (1902–1984) and Nabani Das Khyepa Baul (1892–1964).’

Nabani passed away in 1969, Mahadev is telling you Nabani passed away 3 years after he was born. This is inaccurate, because Babu Kishan played with Laxshman’s first daughter who was Babu Kishan’s age, born in 1963, then Sukhdeva was born, then Mahadev after that. He is confused and he has details all mixed up. 

If Babu Kishan was born in September 1962 his next brother Bapi is born at least 9 months later and his youngest brother born at least a year later. Babu’s youngest brother was at least 2 years old before he came and met Nabani? That goes well past 1964. 

Details are important and there is no room for speculations or innuendo. You must know if your source is reliable, I sure hope you paid them well for those notebooks, you should not financially benefit from these songs. 

How on earth did Babu Kishan’s younger brothers visit a dead Nabani in 1962 or 1964? He was alive until 1969. 

I wrote about this in the section regarding Babu Kishan birth? 

Deben Battacharya wrote, Nabani passed in 1962, how did Allen Ginsberg meet Nabani? That is incorrect too.

Babu Kishan knew Bhaba Pagla he was not a Baul, he was a poet, Babu Kishan composed a lot of music for him. He used to visit their home in Calcutta all the time, he even told Babu Kishan he was not a Baul but loved Nabani and Purna Das Baul. Babu Kishan has some of his songs and many songs that are not from his tradition in their archives. 

Just because they have other songs does not mean they are Baul songs. 

Bhaba Pagla was a poet and sadhaka he never called himself a Baul, it is misleading to say he was a Baul because his songs played on the radio and Bauls sang his songs. The only reason they played on the radio is Babu Kishan recorded and produced them and they became popular. Bhaba Pagla has his own people, his own ashrams, his own style, he never said he was a Baul and told Babu Kishan he was not.

Next of great concern is the dismissal of what you have most certainly read and made judgment about off of Babu Kishan’s blog lineagebaul.blogspot.com hundred of thousands of people have read it and I am assuming your judgements are from the blog, perhaps not?

You do not understand the information you have obtained and you are self-promoting Bhaba Pagla as a Baul saint, when Nabani was the last Baul saint. Either someone is feeding you rhetoric and thinks they know what they are talking about or you are sorely misled in your assumptions, speculations. You can not self-determine who is Baul, that is not your job.

“The digitised material comprises sacred songs of enlightened composers (mahā- jan padakartā) from the late eighteenth century onward, including Haure Gosain, Jadubindu, Kubir Gosain, Din Sharat, Lalon Fakir, Nabani Khyepa, and hundreds of songs written by the famous saint-composer Bhaba Pagla.”’

Nabani is the only famous saint-composer regarding Baul. As I said, this family knew Bhaba Pagla intimately; he stayed at their home in Calcutta all the time. Purna Das Baul is Lakshman Das Bauls older brother. Whether you Diksha Guru likes him or not is a mute point. It should be stated that your Guru does not know Babu Kishan. 

Haure Gosain is an ancestor of this lineage, Jabubindu was a great friend of Nabani's and a writer, Kubir Gosain is an ancestor of this lineage they are Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum and from this lineage and Jabubindu followed Nabani and was a disciple of his, Nabani had many disciples. 

Lalon (Fakir) Shaw, Dr Sharat and Bhaba Pagla are poets, they are not Bauls they never said they were Baul. 

Just because Baul has written down other poets' poems in there notebooks does not mean they are Baul? Nabani was a poet who liked all sorts of other poets, nobody else in that family including Lakshman Das Baul or Purna Das Baul were poets, the only successful poet was Babu Kishan and many Bauls are singing his songs, but how would you know, he has over 200 poems in Indian Cinema produced as successful songs. This is crazy, how can you make these assumptions, Mahadev does not know anything, his late older brother knew a bit.

Poets like other poets, thus that is why Babu Kishan loved poets such as Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan ect... If you took his notebooks and decided every poem in his notebooks was Baul, you would be so confused. He is a poet and many Bauls are singing his poetry that was recorded with Purna Das Baul singing?

“Second, the breadth of the attribute ‘madmen’ (which loosely translates the terms khyāpā, pāgal/ pāg’lā, and bāul) allowed us to fit songs and items of various practitioners, not only those who unequivocally defined themselves as Baul.” 


Khyapa or sometimes spelled Khepa or kepa (Kheppi Ma for women) has an inner meaning ‘sat (eternal) chit (intelligent awake consciousness) ananda (pure bliss), highly mystical, fully awake, aware, divine ecstatic love, wild, free bird, blissful, divine consciousness, magical, mysterious. 

Out of body (mystical) connected to the divine at a very high level as a ‘Mirror of the Sky’ the name Rabindranath Tagore gave to Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and he gave him the name Khyapa also, Tagore knew who Nabani was and wanted him around all the time. 

Nabani was the only Baul Saint, Babu Kishan has been saying this for decades.

Khyapa is not something that can be faked, the name Khyapa is not the name for regular people. Khyapa is the name in the Bauls sense to be used by someone who has not done Baul sadhana. 

Khyapa is not the name to be used for your singing career or new age cult? It is not a name for everybody, it was a name designated for Baul Avadhut or a Siddhanata that  Nabani was as an (accomplished adept).

Khyapa it is not a name you randomly call yourself, as in now I am a Baul singer, I will call myself Khyapa that should attract some attention, then I can travel to Europe and festivals?


Means madman, wild, mentally ill, lunatic, crazy. The 2 words have very different meanings and are different titles. I strongly reject this term. Figure it out use another word?

Mad or madmen should never be used in relation to Baul as it created stereotypes, Khyapa is a completely different word from pagla? Social engineering guess work, you have embarked on a project of your own social engineering fitting Baul songs somewhere. 

Women were Baul Guru's too, Brajabala Dasi was the last authentic Baul Guru.

Did you ever think to consult an actual Baul who knows music, who has preserved all those songs already? You first have to know the music of India, are you not even qualified as a musician or music composer or in categorizing any music of India? Do you speak and understand the 3 modes of communication by the Bauls and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul?

“The family of Debdas Baul instead was worried that new generations of young, aspiring singers could just pick any song out of the online archive and use it on stage, while it took years of sevā and disciplined practice under a teacher for Debdas to accumulate this repertoire of knowledge.”

Debdas Baul aka Dev Das Baul is not from Baul, he made up a fake lineage as many years ago, he follows Baul there is a big difference, he is first generation and his family would be 2nd if indeed they are practicing. Many of the younger aspiring Bauls (singers, artists and famed youtubers have done the same) Deb Das Baul he was a servant in Purna Das Baul's home, this is where he learned Baul singing only and then this family brought him along on a few trips overseas.

This is when he started his life as a Baul with no initiation or lineage. Babu Kishan’s brother ran into him at an airport, and started to laugh and say haha now you have a Lineage joking with him, his response was laughter back and I have to feed my family too? 

However, yes he is correct, many pretendian Bauls as I call them, copy and use everything that Babu Kishan has ever recorded or written. It didn’t take years, it took lifetimes of seva and sadhana, all copied, speculated by outsiders, pretendian Baul and academic scholars who merely mish mash and give accolades to their academic buddies who they never met, copy and paste from one book to another?

All of these notebooks should be in the hands of only Indian scholars you make think you are doing a great job, however, it is another colonization of indigenous knowledge. Unless you know the languages of the Baul, unless you can speak them fluently, and are an expert on Indian music and can compose Indian music yourself and can classify all the folk music of India, you are not an expert and this should be a job for experts. You have to know what has been recorded earlier on Hindustan Records ect… and what is copied by outsiders, there is no other lineage of Baul.

  Babu Kishan is not using Baul to be known, he could care less, he can’t even care about his fame as a legitimate qualified Music Composer with a huge body of work over 6 decades. Those that actually know him will testify to all the above. Those who don’t know him and say they do, he does not know you and these are blind speculations on his character as to who he is.

“My śikṣā guru (whose ashram is in Birbhum district, not more than 40 km from Nabani Khyepa’s sāmādhi) refers to Nabani Das Khyepa as an avadhūta who was accomplished in śmaśān sādhanā (cremation ground practices) and accu- mulated tantric siddhis.” 

I have already told this story a long time back and Babu Kishan has told this story since the 1970’s, how is this your story to tell? I have already written about this on Babu Kishan’s blog lineagebaul.blogspot.com , it is common knowledge, Babu Kishan lived it, there is another blog I have told this too, it is called MirroroftheSky.blogspot.com these blogs have been active since 2009. Babu Kishan told me all about his GURU back in 2005? Who is your Guru and what makes his voice more authentic than Babu Kishans?

Babu Kishan is the only alive disciple of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he was born into his lap abandoned at birth left by his father the great Purna Das Baul and Manju Das and did not meet his birth parents until he youngest brother was 2 years old when they came from Calcutta to visit their eldest brother who they did not know. This is Babu Kishan's story to tell just as is the above? 

Babu Kishan has always talked about his Grandfather Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he is the only one who has preserved his name, he has help memorial Baul Melas for decades in honor of his Guru, his Grandfather, who would know better, Nabani was his father when his father left him for dead?

Of great concern and and it should be, everything regarding Baul or other poets or Baul followers belongs to them, it is their right as indigenous people to make their own self-determinations. 

Academic Scholars do not matter, they have made a huge mess of Baul, they have speculated and they should be anonymous. Why do scholars need their name to be recognized at all? I remember a conversation at a University in Virginia that Babu Kishan was teaching at, he had said something about another professor and the professor said, oh my goodness, you can't be critical about that professor who wrote about Baul, his authority trumped indigenous Baul? It was as if that professor knew more than Babu Kishan, he was the authority and this is really wrong. 

No academic scholar is the authority of anything, they do field trips and research and are not fluent in the nuances and are often misled by the wrong people, they may know some classical Sanskrit but there is a difference between Classical Sanskrit and the mystical oral Sanskrit with manuscripts.

  Seriously, something has to change, these traditions need exegesis that is indigenous in the India system of Indian Philosophy as in Mimansas Philosophy as in Purva Paksha? Again, just to qualify this, Babu Kishan has taught Indian Philosophy, Indian Music and Baul at Universities all over India and the world. He has tested and qualified many guru’s on their wisdom as he traveled around India with his mentor Chitosh Mukerjee a secret Jyotishi and known Supreme Court Judge of Calcutta and Bomby who he met when he was 8 years old upon his arrival in Calcutta. They used the Indian system of exegesis called Purva Paksha, he has extensive experience qualifying people as to their knowledge and wisdom. Good luck with that if you ever meet him. 

Here are a few of the concerns that the academic scholar Lorea, wrote about; a very real concern:

"For example, descendants of Bhaba Pagla were planning to sell the notebooks in exchange for an unspecified ‘large sum of money’ to one of the libraries in India or in Bangladesh, and feared that if the material were to be already avail- able online this business opportunity would have faded.” Advice: sell the notebooks to the Indian library, do not allow them to go outside of India, Bhaba Pagla was a great poet and his poetry should be preserved under his name Bhaba Pagla he was unique in his own right and deserves respect for his name, not a just another Baul.

“The family of Debdas Baul instead was worried that new generations of young, aspiring singers could just pick any song out of the online archive and use it on stage, while it took years of sevā and disciplined practice under a teacher for Debdas to accumulate this repertoire of knowledge. “ Exactly, I don’t know what Dev Das Baul has but I sure hope it is not songs from this lineage? Nabani’s songs and lineage have been so appropriated by fake pretendian Bauls, one day we will get the rights back of their poetry which has been appropriated.

“During the course of the two webinars that we attended with the Endangered Archives Programme team of the British Library, it clearly emerged that among the aims of the EAP scheme, making the digitised material available for local communities is not included. They stated that the expenses of a website were not eligible costs. Only monetary tokens of thankfulness were made available for the people who own and use this knowledge. They reiterated that the EAP scheme is designed as a contribution to the global community of scholars. "

Indigenous people should only benefit from their indigenous knowledge and wisdom, a scholar should be 0 just as I was taught a Jyotishi should be a Zero it is not about you. If a indigenous person wants to sell their notes, they should only be sold to Indian libraries for large sums of money. If Mahadev Das Baul (Babu Kishan younger cousin) only took a few rupees for these notebooks, then you took advantage and it is a crime against humanity! They should be able to sell and copyright all their intellectual knowledge aka Note BOOKS. They should benefit, you should not and you should be a zero in this in your scholarly work, too many scholars have done wrong and continue to destroy indigenous wisdom. 

The indigenous people should sell their books, they should be well paid and it is better they are kept within India rather than go back to their colonizers? 

Where is the common sense? No more cultural appropriation and colonization.

"Like other Baul families, he maintains that his family lineage can be traced back to the late fifteenth-century Vaishnava saint Nityananda Mahaprabhu’s son, Birbhadra." 

Like other Baul families who have appropriated this lineages stories, (again she is misleading I wrote a whole chapter in Babu Kishan's book to be released in 2024, I was going to write it here actually I think I have but on another page in this blog, but as you know for sure someone will steal it, appropriate or poach whatever, Babu Kishan, Purna Das Baul or Nabani Das Baul does, they twist, use and try to collect people?"

First of all only this lineage, not like others because there is no other, this is a bold faced lie and I want proof of what she is saying, insinuating, speculating about, prove it show details and then have someone qualify it. This is the biggest thing wrong with colonial academics; they have no proof, just generalizations and more speculations.

What I found interesting was your innuendo’s, on behalf of Babu Kishan who has told me to not waste my time on this but I think it is necessary, everybody thinks anything goes, he will come out again as advocate for his one and only (do not make up fake lineages). Nobody even used lineage in regards to Baul until Babu Kishan did starting in the 1980's.

  He knows his Baul poetry, Indian music in every way as an accomplished Indian Music Composer with a Masters Degree in Indian Folk music, who has categorized all the folk music of India. He has already preserved these songs and Lalon and other Sufi songs over a 60 year period. He will be watching to see what you do, what you write using his Grandfather Guru's songs, he will watch how you mix and match? Then he will loudly qualify what you have done, hopefully this can be done within the Indian system of qualifying, not the colonial system. I think Baul has had enough.

This recent paper of Lorea must be pulled apart and laid bare, it should be done in the Indian system of Mimamsa Philosophy namely Purve Paksha. 

These songs are kept in his family's Uncle Lakshman Das Baul home in Suri Birbhum W Bengal. 

There is no need to be suggestive or derogatory (showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.) 

You may wonder how this is, these are living lineages, they live and work in one place together. About how these note books are kept even if they have food on them and are deteriorated, Babu Kishan has preserved these books, you guy think this one and only lineage is stupid, Babu Kishan strongly disagrees with your interference in his lineage as the eldest of his lineage and the person who has preserved this one and only lineage based on ancestry for over 60 years. 

And do not make assumptions that these notebooks are all Baul poetry, they are not all Baul. Bauls always looked at other poets, appreciated other poets. Lalon Fakir and Bhaba Pagla are not Bauls, they are poets. Bhaba Pagla never said he was a Baul, nor did Lalon Fakir. Babu Kishan is the first to compose music for Lalon Fakir songs back in the 1970's sung by his father Purna Das Baul, thus they became popular, Purna Das Baul sang other poets songs that were not Baul. Same with Bhaba Pagla, he used to come to their house and ask Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu then to compose music to his poetry?


Bhaba Pagla told Babu he is not a Baul, he appreciates Baul, he has his own people, and his own ashrams. Bauls have akhara's? Distinctions are important. Another Guru from another tradition does not know who is a Baul and who is not.

These are indigenous people who have had their way of life appropriated and destroyed by Globalism and colonization first by the Islamists then by the BRITISH, now the British Library is trying to save them, I don't think so, scholars have done a huge damage to the Baul, through their speculations, calling Baul an umbrella, they are liars and cheaters and damage indigenous wisdom.

Academic scholarship is a job, a career that you get paid for, the indigenous people do not get paid for what they do, I sure hope you gave a huge portion of your funding to these people who you basically stole the songs from for maybe a few rupees? 

Stop using Baul, and stop making suggestions of who Babu Kishan is without using his name? Just because you never found any books on Nabani does not mean there are none? I certainly am not going to tell you, stop writing papers of patch work copy and paste trying to draw attention to yourself by making sensationalized headings. Baul is extinct and has been for the past at least 40 years. 

It needs to be handled by indigenous experts. Academia has made such a mess.

The home that Babu Kishan grew up in is the home he was born in, you took books that are from his lineage this originally  was Nabani Das Baul and Brajabala Dasi home, as young child it was Radharani Dasi’s home and when she married Gopal Das Baul (from the Ekachakra Nityananda Temple) and Chakradhar’s home. 

Most of these songs have been already preserved by Babu Kishan, and it was Babu Kishan who made sure they kept this home as far as he could see Lakshman needed the home even though Purna Das Baul tried to take it over. 

What CE Lorea does not know or Mahadev does not know because he never met Nabani there is that there is a huge backstory. Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu already preserved Nabani’s manuscripts. 

Babu Kishan had already preserved all these notebooks, including all the manuscripts of this lineage which will never be shared with you, he has preserved the manuscripts that were Nabani’s and of this lineage.

Since CE Lorea has written this paper in November of 2003:



Conclusion: of the above paper. The paper is full of vague generalizations of copy and paste from other scholars that are completely wrong about Baul. All will be revealed in our book to be released in 2024. The book is way longer and has taken longer because of these kinds of false narratives, all has to be qualified. Everyday a new false narrative of speculation comes out about Baul, by pretendian Bauls and Academic Scholars.