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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Old Nandala Bose painting of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Sculpture by Ram Kinkar Baij in Shantiniketan Vishva Bharati University!

approx - 1920 -1930

This is a really old painting by the famous Bengali artist 'Nadalal Bose' of Babu Kishan's Grandfather GURU - as you can see Nabani's style was 'Ektara Baya and Nupoor'! All who follow this style have followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul because he is the creator of this style.  

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 


 The statue below was commissioned by Rabindranath Tagore for "Ram Kinkar Baij' another famous Bengali Artist to create this stature of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

approx - 1920 -1930

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was a great friend with both artists and with Rabindranath Tagore.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul

This lineage of Baul is a living tradition but is now extinct because it is only performance level, drama, song and dance. The essence of Baul is the living part and it does not change. Living tradition does not mean the tradition changes and it is what anybody wants it to be depending on copy and paste and following another, "fake it til you make it'. 

In Baul when they talk about Baul being a Living Tradition they are talking about the 'Essence of Baul' which is the Rasa of Baul without which it is not living anymore, it is talking about the Shakti of Baul.

Baul is very simple, Love Humanity Unity! However, because it is extinct, it must be qualified correctly,  Baul is used by many watered down and twisted that is why Baul needs to be clarified for the History of Humanity. 
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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Baul Tantra: Philosophy

Baul Tantra & Baul Philosophy: 

Tantra Mantra Gopi Yantra 

In very Simple terms: 

"Be aware of false Knowledge; 
it is more dangerous than ignorance".
George Bernard Shaw

We keep it simple because it will be copied and reprinted as another's lineage or used in Documentary Films by those who have no connection to Baul? Watering Baul down and reducing Baul to a drop of what it was, changing narratives to false narratives so they too can be included? Trying to get funding to preserve Baul when it has already been preserved by Babu Kishan decades ago.

Everything is a "Mirror of the Sky" the name Rabindranath Tagore gave Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

The path of Bhakti Love (prema), 
The path of the Avadhut, very rare no modern day Baul's are anywhere close to this state or have learned the techniques Nabani had attained.
The path of the RASA Leela Mystics 

The path of RASA Tattva 

The path of Shakit and the path of Radha. Now a person who said Baul is of 4 types at Berkley University, thos 4 types being Muslim Aul Sai Dervish Fakir teaching false narratives, telling people Baul is from Turkey and the Baul is Buddhist because that is what people wrote, yet appropriating Nabani's Vaishnava poetry directly from Babu Kishans youtube channels is now Radha, trying to collect donations to preserve Baul when Baul has already been preserved. You can not make this up? Baul has been used long enough by fake Bauls who have made up fake Baul Guru's riding on the coattails of this one and only lineage to travel the world making up stories?

Again, no new Bauls know anything about this technique! 
Baul has been extinct since 1969? 
You use Baul, you are not Baul.

Tantric Bhakti Yoga !

Everything is filtered through 3 (tri) 3 Gunas, 3 Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati,  because Bauls always worship Radha first, they worship the Feminine Divine, Shakti first, Radha/Kali

Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma 

Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnu.
Guru Devo Mahesh Varaha
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

Bauls are not illiterate,  the people who follow Baul today are, not Bauls or they are middle class Bengalis using Baul as a way to travel or for their singing career. Baul does not collect people.

They are simple and like to keep it simple, they are Oral Sanskritists from birth within families and verse in all aspects of the Vedas', it is the path of the Avadhut and not a beginners path.

Shakti Sadhna - Radha is worshiped before Krishna and Kali is worshiped before Shiva, but all are worshiped.

Everything, all Yogic teachings that a Baul filters through a technique called Rasa Tattva

All refined into a beautiful Rasa  

Bhakti Yoga 

Dual (form) in the world
 and non-dual (no form) out of the world
Dvaita and Advaita

 In the World and yet not of the World.

Raga Bhava Rasa, 

Baul's practice (energy work) like Qi Gong (mystical) first before performance one must master this. Bauls do not teach or perform, unless they are with their Guru, today there are none if very few. 
It is complicated, a few years back no one could even explain what is Baul, today they can only copy from this lineage and they do or they re-work it and water it down, just as they do with songs from this lineage?
Indian Music/Baul songs with long discourses.
Baul Kirtan absolutely only this lineage, now saying Baul Kirtan when they never did before, again the ongoing of taking and using, the ongoing changing of narratives to include their fake lineages..

The only Lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Bauls and Das Baul / Dasi

Bauls learn all of Indian Philosophy which is put through a technique called Rasa Tattva, then it become Baul philosophy.
Vaishnava Tantra inclusive of all Devata
Techniques that have never been taught to new Bauls

Krishna / Kali Kirtan only this lineage

Baul songs are simple songs in Vernacular Birbhum Bengali

Oral Sanskrit Lineage from birth within families, always, Baul adopted some, but still very difficult to be a Baul, Baul is extinct, Babu Kishan preserved and recorded Baul decades ago, starting in the 1960's. Today many use Baul watering down, reducing Baul teaching wrong teachings, much has been copied and twisted from the work Babu Kishan has done over the years.
Songs from this lineage used with out credit to the poets. A Baul always credits the poets and put the correct name on. Some put other poets names on which is blatant cultural appropriation.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul styles of Ektara, Baya (waist drum) and Nupoor his style of ankle bells appropriated and used by actor Bauls who are blatantly appropriating this lineage with the gaul to make up new lineages and new fake narratives. It is sad but true.
Yet the poem about used in William Dalrymple's book page236 Chapter nine of Nine lives, with no credit given and a 2 paragraph that does not belong to this poem used. Rabindranath Tagore gave Nabani the name Mirror of the Sky, everybody knows this, yet Dalrymple is supposed to be a Historian?

Why is this ok? Baul is extinct, this is history and yet everybody is making a mess of Baul and they do it openly, purposely for what they can use?

You can see Nabani (0nly) style of ankle bells called Nupoor they are bells enclosed in metal circle attached the feet in the picture where he is sitting padma-asana yogi style, the bells are lying on the ground.
In the picture beside he has his Ektara the one stringed instrument and Baya at his waist. That is only Nabani style from this one and only lineage. Others copied him and then faked new lineages that did not exist? When something such as Baul is extinct or an endangered lineage, it is unconscionable to do this?

Act, look, speak, as innocent as you like, it has been a very strategic marketing game. A cultural mis-appropriation of an indigenous peoples, what actually has been going on regarding Baul.

Truth will be told.
Baul is not a free for all, it is NOT an umbrella name for different groups of wandering peoples.

No one would even know about Baul, if not for this family of Bauls but Baul became popular through the work of this family, Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, Purna Das Baul and Krishnendu Das Baul who many do not know because he always kept hiimself behind the scenes and he is the one who took the picture, was not in the pictures. 

There are many others in this family including all the Baul women, Brajabala Dasi, Radharani Dasi, Manju Dasi and many other Baul Men including Laxshman Das Baul, any Das Baul or Dasi are only from this lineage, there is not another lineage of Das Baul or Dasi, that is a lie in Books now and from Marketing Masters who follow everything, use Babu Kishan's template and then create NEW FAKE LINEAGES that do not exist. 

Their so called Guru sang the songs of this lineage, dressed like this lineage, used Nabani style ektara baya and Nupoor and followed them around the world, copied everything but now making up new lineages without their students even having a clue just using.

This lineage are the pioneers, all other followed them, during age of internet and becoming internet famous, next stop Indian Cinema which has nothing to do with Baul but was Babu Kishan's career. 
It is a serious joke.

A Baul knows who the Baul poets are, to say otherwise is cheating again watering down and reducing Baul

Baul Philosophy is both Dual (dvaita) and (Advaita) Non-dual.

Baul's follow the 36 Tattva but they also, break it down to 108 Tattva refining the process to a further degree

Babu Kishan has archived and preserved his one and only lineage of Baul decades ago, it is now extinct. 

Baul is mere performance now, acting and showman and women ship. Some are trying to remake the wheel but are teaching wrong teachings, they are fundraising to preserve Baul when it has already been preserved. 

Now trying to be famous Baba and Maa? 

There is no such thing as Baul Masters, this term was never used in regards to Baul, there is only Baul Guru and that mastery is to the highest level, not a fake it til you make it, or learning as you go spreading wrong teachings.

Baul Sahaja is not from Buddhism, it is not just mantra, there is a whole Vaishnava philosophy that goes along with Baul Sahaja, Baul Sahaja has nothing to do with South Indian or Aurobindo's writings or Ramaa Maharishi, Baul Sahaja, is Baul Sahaja and is only from Birbhum Bengal through this lineage and is Vaishnava.

Sahaja is not just Mantra, it is about Krishna, no Baul has ever explained or said this before, most say it comes from Buddhism especially new Baul singers, I have documented who is teaching and saying what, to prove the inconstant teachings, false narratives that are watering down and reducing Baul for the sake of preservation of this lineage.

 Sahaja in Baul does not come from South Indian teachers, it does not come from Buddhism. Babu is waiting to teach this after he see's all the fools who are writing other things and as I have repeated many times we have documented the stupidly for decades. The copy and paste and all the explanation are wrong in books, youtube and documentary..

This is the way with all indigenous peoples, they are being deleted along with their authentic practices, due to fake and down right fraud, intellectual property theft and speculations.

Somehow, the old ways do not work and this has led to poverty, alcoholism, drugs and much suffering for the original Bauls who are indigenous peoples from Birbhum not refugees from Bangladesh, or from other parts of India or God forbid from Persia, Turkey Uzbekistan, you name it we have heard it all and documented it all, who said and when? ðŸ˜¥

Babu Kishan is a Vaishnava Tantric Baul, however he spent 12 years as a Monk in the Ramakrishna Mission, this is a long story, he was born in the lap of his Guru and Grandfather Nabani Das Khyapa Baul the last living authentic Baul who all Baul's follow, yet now Baul singers are posting Ramakrishna and Indian Cinema, actively trying to associate compete and try to be Babu Kishan, they copy what and where this lineage goes, Indian Cinema really??. 

Ramakrishna said, he wanted to be born a Baul in his next life, he spoke about Baul many times and said,, they are the highest, Babu knew the Ramakrishna Monks at the Ramakrishna Mission personally and many of them still were close disciple of Ramakrishna he has many inside stories and many deep relationships with many swami's over decades. Those days are gone, time has changed, now you want to eat that part of Babu Kishan's life too?

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is the first of the Modern Bauls who was educated in the village with his Guru Grandfather Nabani as the eldest of his generation and have lived a life outside of the village. 
Now 60 years of age, he has lived many lives in one life. His own father and his brother never said, Nabani was their Guru, of course he was but it is only Babu Kishan who had an unbroken time with Nabani because Nabani quit his sadhu wandering ways after Babu aka Krishnendu was born. It is only Babu who has kept Nabani's name alive not his father, not his uncles. 

You have to understand Nabani was as a Grandfather was the only father Babu knew from birth to age 8, Nabani and Brajabala were the only father and mother he knew until he went to live with Purna Das Baul and Manju his birth parents in Calcutta, it was the hardest part of Babu's life as they put him in an Ramakrishna orphanage while the other 2 son's went to regular school and lived at home, again a very long story.

'Masters Level' Indian Music and Indian Philosophy Calcutta University
Babu Kishan is an Indian Music Composer, not a self named Indian Music Composer he was educated and had to write exams and produce a huge body of work before he was even accepted into the Music Composers association in those days and have well known accomplished Indian Music Composers sign for you to even be included in the Indian Music Composers Association. 

Sanskritist Oral and Classical, has traveled the world since the early 1970's, he is a pioneer in taking Baul around India and created the template for modern Baul followers, although many Baul travellers have become liars and copy cats making up lineages and stories?. 

He has created the path of the modern Baul of traveling around the world. You can tell how authentic any of the new Bauls are if they mention his name, the ones that have created fake lineages do not, they are teaching all wrong teaching too, yet singing his grandfathers songs and Babu Kishan's own lyrics without even mentioning them? 

They and their fake Guru's have worn the costumes Babu has created yet pretend they are original. They dance and sing Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style, Ektara, Baya and Nupoor (ankle bells) and make up stories acting all innocent? That is the truth!

Sri Nityananda and the lineage coming out of his family of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal, this is this lineages association only, in regards to Baul.

Jai Nitai

Rabindranath Tagore -
Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was the only Baul who initiated Tagore into Baul

Ektara Baya Nupoor, style of dance and song was created
by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

The patch work Guduri (dress) designed by Babu Kishan

Das Baul and Dasi this lineage only!

Baul Kirtan

​Baul Guru 

Bob Dylan

Allen Ginsberg - Babu Kishan is the only Baul who had a many decades friendship with Allen Ginsberg. The first Baul and whom he considered his Baul Guru was Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in 1962 while Baby Babu Kishan was sitting on Nabani's lap.

The Rolling Stones - Purna Das Baul recorded an album called Jai Bangla in 1971 at his place in Nice France, after that Babu Kishan became friends with the Rolling Stones, jamming with them in London and USA. Babu is the only one who had a continued friendship with The Rolling Stones. He picked Mick Jagger up from the airport for the 2004 concert in Mumbai as a friend.

George Harrison - personal friend of George Harrison for years, talk to George on his death bed and had recorded music with him in LA. George Harrison and Ravi Shankar helped release and produce Babu Kishan's 3rd book on Baul in 1986 in LA California

Osho and Baul associated with Babu Kishan and Nabani Das Kyapa Baul only!

Baul Avadhut, this lineage only, Nabani was the last Baul Avadhut, don't even go there, if you hear others saying they are Baul Avadhut's ,please laugh!

Pous Mela - was created by Rabindra Nath Tagore in honour of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. We have many stories about how the others Baul's were not allowed to do performances because Shanti Dev Ghosh new they were fakes. It was only Babu Kishan who stood up for them, he probably should not have because after the real authentic Bauls were gone they got an in and now their students making up huge stories.

Joy Dev Mela - for hundreds of years only this lineage attending this Mela because they follow the poetry in many songs they created about Joy Dev.. today it really has no authentic Bauls there. Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was the biggest attract then Purna Das Baul who needed police protection because of popularity and because the 'fake it til you make' Baul were jealous and poisoned Purna Das Baul at the Monohar Ashram. The culprits were never charged by were known. Tell all in the new Book.

Vaishnava Baul

Vaishnava Tantric Baul

Windcatchers - Baul = Vayu Tula, V is B in Bengali, thus Batula = Baula = Baul, Baul refines everything to simple terms. Note; Baul is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words, not a Urdu name? There is not such thing as Muslim Baul, and Baul is not Aul, Sai, Dervish, Fakir, Shah which are Sufi, Sufi are NOT Baul.

Rasa Lila Mystics - a term Babu Kishan coined based on the Rasa Tattva techniques he learned from Nabani Das Baul.

Baul explanation: Vayu Dharma, Vayu Tula

Ananda Lahari - Nabani named the Khamak the Ananda Lahari, so if you are saying you are from another lineage and use this term, you are using Nabani and this lineage?

Oral Tradition, Oral Sanskrit, Manuscripts, vernacular  Birbhum dialect

Ektara/ Gopi Yantra/ Gopi Chand this lineage only!

Tarapith Tara Ma, Baul association was Nabani Das Khyapa Baul others followed?

Poetry of this Lineage archived by Babu Kishan, this list is long and it will grow, we are just watching all the users make up stories, while using the lyrics poetry and tunes of this lineage. Documenting all.

Now acting like they too, but never mentioned before, until it was written on Babukishan.com in the 1990's and his 3 books and pretending they learned it someone else? Babu also, had the first web site on Baul created by Mary Johnson.

 Mary could see who copied and pasted what, it is amazing over a million people visited his web site, then went on to write about Baul and use without any credit?

Including Babu's 2 younger brothers, who Babu helped and still helping the middle brother all the time but yet, he still does not give credit?

 A comedy! BabuKishan.com the web site was taken down by Mary Johnson before she passed away in 2006, she had the password and died RIP Mary.

 Babu was not able to recover the web site because by this time the web company wanted to buy it from him for thousands of dollars, they wanted him to buy his own name, we let it go. Someone is still trying to sell BabuKishan.com we are not going to pay for it. If not for copy and paste and this 1990's web site no one would know anything about Baul except what scholars wrote or the out of print 3 books Babu Kishan wrote and gave to his parents that is why they are out of print, they didn't care but took his writings and gave them to the women who wrote about Purna Das Baul but from her a western Vaishnava point of view.

1970 to today Babu Kishan has given 100's of lectures all around the world at Universities he was paid for his lectures as an educated Masters Level lecturer. His lectures were not by donation, he is qualified with experience and a Masters level from Calcutta University where they sent him all over India to lecture on Indian Philosophy? 

Why, try to copy him, he is not your Guru, he does not want people to follow him, he does not want to collect followers, all he wants, all he has ever wanted is to preserve his lineage which he has done decades ago, one by one will be released, now that we have documented all the false narratives and using of Baul? Why, Copy his Indian Cinema and Ramakrishna, it is so obvious, even creating a new lineage but Babu Kishan does not buy bots.

Baul Akhara, not used by others til recently?

There are NOT 20 thousand Baul's in Birbhum and we are not looking for devotee's, Baul does not want devotee's ever, if anything a Baul discourages followers and makes the road so difficult you would run in the other direction? They sing and teach but do not attach, they are Guru's but not the kind of modern Guru who goes around collecting devotee's to become billionaires. 

Babu has seen it all for decades this Baba and Ma business and as he say's it has very little to do with just surviving because he believes Baul's should be compensated well in this world at this time but playing a game is wrong, duping people and lying is wrong, including in his own family, he will not lie that is why he never fit in.

If anything Baul avoids and makes the path crooked and not easily accessible.

We are not saying come join us? 

We are here to educate and tell the truth of who and what is Baul.

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