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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sahajaya, it is beyond Orthodox, Fun-da-mentalism or fake devotion, and it certainly does not mean sex. It is not the Sahaja of the Buddhists.

Photo taken by Rabindranath Tagore, of his friend and Baul inspiration Nabani Das Khappa Baul

Update, Jan 2021

"Baul is Sahaja, Vaishnava Sahaja, there are many who are now just new Vaishnava who are orthodox who hate and slander Sahaja in Bengal and I have seen many in Vrindavan. 

“The person who has conquered the baser self and has reached to the level of self mastery: he is at peace, whether it be in cold or hot, pleasure or pain, honoured or dishonoured" 

– Bhagavad Gita.

'Baul SAHJA is not the same as Buddhist', it is much much older in fact 3000 years older, Baul Sahaja is from the greatest Sahaja of all time Krishna. Baul Sahaja is the 'Sahaja of Krishna' who lived during the time of the Mahabharat War which was over 5,000 years ago. 

(C) copyright by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul aka Baul Guru

With all the recent 'outsiders' who are preaching that Baul is from Buddhism The Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum are under going a cultural genocide because they are preaching wrong teaching because their Guru is NOT a Baul Guru and never was, he followed this lineage but was very jealous. Baul Sahaja does NOT come from Buddhist sahaja, this is completely wrong and this is how you can tell who is a real Baul and who is fake.

 If they change their NOW narrative, they are copying it from here as is usual, using Babu Kishan's and his lineage teachings of what they can get anyways. This if a further reason to question who and what they fake Bauls are preaching??

(New Bauls just copy and paste or repeat what they have been told by people who are not even Baul) and repeat, repeat, repeat, there are many many examples.

(Now if you hear now Baul Sahaja it comes from Krishna you can know it was copied from Babu Kishan) and only told by Babu Kishan the eldest Grandchild of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and eldest son of Purna Das Baul. Babu's main Sat Guru is Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he is the only one out of all of Nabani's sons who say that Nabani is his Guru not even his father or uncles have said that. Nabani being Babu's Guru is a rare thing and that is another story.

 Know that new Baul singers, actors and drama only repeats Baul sahaja comes from Buddhism because that is all they have read in a book by some scholar who never met a Baul or spoke Bengali good enough. 

Copyright, no poaching from this blog. 

True Baul is non-stealing. I do not like to keep repeating it over and over but what is going on is wrong and has been for a very long time, people speaking about who the Bauls are with wrong information that has led to a Cultural Genocide of a whole sect from people who are not even from Birbhum.

Keep your self created narrative, the truth will be revealed. I have been reading and view on video's wrong teachings about the Sahaja of the Bauls being Buddhist yet these people are fundraising to preserve Baul? 

Please think again before you donate to anybody who is fundraising to preserve Baul?  Baul has already has been preserved decades ago?

New groups even scholars landing our ancestral home in Birbhum, probably only giving my cousins a few repuees to take advantage and be the saviours of saving our Baul lineage?? Baba Pagla everywhere, he was not a Baul, he had his own following, he was a poet who followed Baul and had me many times compose music for his poetry. We knew him well, we did not follow him, he stayed at our house and followed my dad??

Babu Kishan

Baul is and always has been Sahajaya for thousands of years.

 The term Sahajaya has been totally misused by modern day orthodox Vaishnava reformers from Bengal and fake Bauls.

"Sahaja simply means natural. It not only implies natural on physical and spiritual levels, but on the mystic level of the miraculous. Sahaja is the look of wonder in a babies eyes.

It means that easy or natural state of living without planning, design, contriving, seeking, wanting, striving or intention. It is that nature which, when once established, brings the state of absolute freedom and peace. 

Sahaja is a natural state which balances reality between the pairs of opposites and maintains harmony of the Cosmos. 

Thus ‘sahaja’ expresses one who has reverted to his natural state, free from conditioning. 

It typifies the outlook which belongs to the natural, spontaneous and uninhibited man, free from innate or inherited defects. As such even nakedness of the sadhus is considered to be ‘sahaja’. 

By his own demeanor Datta shows man’s instinct for naturalness and primordial perfection not only of the physical and spiritual level but at the mystical level. 

A parallel is made to plants and trees which do not grow according ‘svadharma’ or rules and obligations incurred at birth. Nature only has ‘svabhava’ meaning its own inborn self or essence as its guidance. In other words ‘what is to come must come of itself’ to manifest in a state of absolute freedom. 

Taoism speaks of ‘sahaja’ as a highest virtue – the loss of the peculiar naturalness or unselfconsciousness. One finds this state in an innocent child which is always in its ‘sahaja’ state unless interfered to by society. 

In his semi-naked state Datta was just as unconscious of others nakedness as he was of his own. 

“The person who has conquered the baser self and has reached to the level of self mastery: he is at peace, whether it be in cold or hot, pleasure or pain, honoured or dishonoured" – Bhagavad Gita.

It is said that one would only comprehend the Avadhuta Gita after understanding the word ‘samsara’. It is also found in the Upanishads and Tantra scriptures where the sages used the word to mean ‘higher truths’. 

What is ‘higher truth?’ It means the essential unity of all things -- of all existence, the equipoise of equanimity, the supreme bliss of harmony, that which is aesthetically balanced, undifferentiated unity, absolute assimilation, the most perfect unification and the highest consummation of Oneness. "

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