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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nabani Das Baul 1954 Suri Birbhum W Bengal

Today many are calling themselves Baul Masters, give me a break, don't even go there. Even Westerners have called themselves Baul Masters when they have not even had a Baul Guru. What an insults to the only Lineage of Baul? Baul is an indigenous to Birbhum Guru shishya Parampara. 
It is thousands of years old and is being reduced, watered down, and stolen by outsiders who are taking who have taken Nabani Das Baul names off his poetry. Hijacking a tradition calling themselves legendary. Babu Kishan is coming back after all the decades of preserving his lineage of Baul? Baul is extinct, it has been preserved that is why you are singing the songs. Respect the ones that walked before. In this age of Internet anybody can be famous but can you be authentic and stop all this drama.

"Nabani Das Khyapa Paul, the last authentic Lineage of Born in 1890's in Ekkachakra Birbhum, passed in 1969"
(No one can pretend to be Nabani)

This photo is to all those who think Baul is simple and it is not about YOGA. 

Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was a Guru Master of Yoga & Tantra as he was an adept and Avadhuta @ Tarapith where he was blessed and initiated into Tarapith Sadhana by Bhama Khyepa. Today Tarapith is completely different.

This photo was taken by Richard Lannoy in 1954, in Suri Birbhum Bengal. 

Nabani Das was the Baul inspired and initiated Rabindranath Targore into this Baul lineage, Tagore Named Nabani Kheppa and "Mirror of the Sky". Nabani gave Tagore the name Ravi Paul. Nabani was the first and onlyBaul to teach at Tagore's University in Shantiniketan, his student was Indira Gandhi who remained loyal to this Lineage of Baul until her assassination.



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 Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul.. the Baul who was best friends and inspired Rabindranath Tagore to Baul.... Tagore gave Nabani the name Khyeppa & Mirror of the Sky... Nabani called Tagore Ravi Baul

Photo by British Photographer Richard Lannoy 1954 Suri Birbhum W Bengal