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Monday, June 27, 2022

Baul - Writers creating False Narratives and False associations - A REVIEW!

 I had a huge book collection accumulated over 3 decades, as the years have gone by with Babu Kisha's help I have been trained to look at everything ever written about Baul and what is real and what is not?

Everyday someone comes out with a new narrative on Baul? 

Seriously they make it up as they go, mostly with visions of fundraising to scamming the public into joining their cause? They say there are 20,000 Bauls in Birbhum (that is a lie). Baul is satya, without the truth there is no Baul. The yogic Yama's (do's) and Niyamas (do nots) are the first tenant of Baul.

All sorts of tricks are used, come and join us they say. Bauls does not collect people, Baul does not convert people. Baul does not enter the villages and people touch their feet? Authentic Bauls do not copy others?

As I was going through my books before I donate them to Value Village, I scan through and see if there is anything about Baul or anything of value. 

Yesterday I pulled a huge book purchased decades ago from Banyen Books in Vancouver. The Book is 'AS IT IS' by M. Young, A year on the road with a Tantric Teacher 2000 

In the book I came across a story that Deben Bhattacharya had told M Young, at her visit in Paris and I was astonished, I told Babu, please bare with me while I give some background.

Deben Bhattacharya wrote a book of this lineages songs, translated by Deben Bhattacharya. In the book there is a few stories about his time with Nabani . The original book "Mirror of the Sky', the name Rabindranath Tagore gave to Nabani Das Khyapa Baul

To start with Deben, wrote Nabani passed away (samadhi) in 1962? This is not true, Nabani passed away in 1969 so he had that wrong from the start?

 Deben Bhattacharya was born in Benares India and passed away in (1921-2001). This book was a picture book of Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Bauls family, and of people from Nabani Das lineage? The book included a bunch of very short Baul songs (reduced songs), again mostly from this family lineage. 

Ananta Gosai was Nabani's father, but how would you know, you wouldn't know because the book is very basic. 

The Western Bauls bought the rights to this book and took Nabani Das's picture off the front of the book, but yet he is the, 'Mirror of the Sky'? 

Nabani is the only 'Mirror of the Sky'.it is the name RabindraNath Tagore gave to Nabani. Again how would you know, you don't know because Baul is not your ancestry or your lineage and if you google the term lineage you will see it always comes from ancestry. This lineage is the only Sampradaya of Baul too, you can not just make up a lineage or sampradaya? There is only one lineage and one Sampradya of Baul, these terms are not even understood and just thrown around?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_on_the_Rights_of_Indigenous_PeoplesOriginal book by Deben Bhattacharya above!

This book was bought by the people who call themselves 'Western Bauls' who now hold the rights to a picture book of Babu Kishan's lineage and family including very simple english translation of Baul songs, Baul songs are longer with long discourses. 

Kind of like monkeys in the zoo the book is full of this lineages pictures to prove that Western Bauls are authentic? I don't want to discourage anybody, however, this has been going on too long. Baul is indigenous and that means they own the rights to determine their own self-determination. Enough with all this watering down, dumbing down and reductionism.

Do the western or any of the Bauls in her book speak oral mystical Sanskrit, do they speak Birbhum vernacular Bengali (and would you actually know the difference between Birbhum Bengal and Bangladeshi Bengali? Have they read the manuscripts and do they know who the poets are?

 Do you understand Sandhya Bhasa  with all the allergory, metaphors, paradox and riddle, in the eclectic poetry of the Bauls? 

Do they even practice Baul sadhana other than what they think it is, neo tantric sex four moon pracice from Edward Dimocks book, do thay even know that is not Baul that is a Buddhist practice? NO, they do not because Babu Kishan has met them and they could not answer his questions? So not western poetry and rock and roll is Baul? Baul is an indigenous tradition, I think this is more like cultural appropriation?

Do they know the Sahaja Baul is not just a random thought, it is not Buddhist Sahaja? Probably not? Baul Sahaja is very specific and I am not going to teach you what it is. I have given hints throughout these posts. It is easy to change your book on line to coordinated what you read here but stop acting innocent and stop appropriating an indigenous tradition. 

Babu Kishan does not associate with the 'Western Bauls', because he feels they do not really know anything about Baul and were just trying to pick his brain? They had approached him decades ago. He has had no connection ever with them. You have to realize Babu is a Mystic and he can see your intentions right from the start.

The Western Bauls  late leader Lee (self-titled) himself with the name  'Khepa Baul' a name only reserved for true authentic adept Bauls such as 'Nabani Das Khepa Baul' aka Khyapa Baul, Nabani was kown and called Khyapa Baul (kepa) by the villagers of Birbhum. 

Seriously comparing your leader to Nabani, is quit a leap, especially because you have never met Nabani.

Bengali books on Baul, Nabani was always called Khepa Baul, the villagers who closed down Bengal in 1969 when Nabani passed away always called their him Khepa Baul. Nabani was the one who healed, fed, protected the villagers during period of starvation brought on by British policies.
Self titling yourself 'Khepa Baul' is cultural appropriation at it worst, do you not understand that indigenous people who knew Nabani and loved him and this family are not impressed. 

In this lineage there is a direct ancestor with the name Khepa Chand.

 How can you be a Khepa Baul when your Guru is not a Baul, and your Guru's Guru is not a Baul, no linkage to Baul? 

Only a false narrative  of a Bangladeshi refugee who in fact is not from Baul, but copied Nabani songs, and style, who also copied Purna Das Baul, but was never initiated into Baul?.This can and will be qualified, along with stories of jealousy and the poisoning of Purna Das Baul by the so called Baul another book? You don't know, exactly but we know..

The Western Bauls are pushing this narrative that Yogi Ramsurat Kumar is a Baul? He is not a Baul and he is not even from Bengal. He never calls himself a Baul and has never been heard of by any Bauls in Babu Kishan's family or anybody in Bengal let alone Birbhum? 

Yogi Ramsurat and the fake Baul who says he is a Baul is not a Baul, seriously just because someone gave you a narrative does not mean it is true. Yogi is not not from Birbhum or Bengal the ground of Baul? 

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
George Bernard Shaw

LOL, they really do not know Babu Kishan or Purna Das Baul? Complete stupidity.
The above book is the same book as the first Mirror of the sky by Deben with the picture of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, however Nabani's picture has been deleted and a random Baul above?
 Nabani is the only Mirror of the Sky, without his picture on the front you are misleading people, and besides we do not want you to use anything about Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he has had nothing to do with any Western self-titled Bauls and would not want anything to do with your mish mash.

Nabani is the only "Mirror of the Sky"! 
Mirror of the Sky name was given by Rabindranath Tagore to Nabani Das Khyapa Baul!

On the Western Baul web site they have or had a page from Babu Kishan's book on Baul instruments including his descriptions. Hopefully they have taken it down because if Babu's brother gave it to them, he stole Babu Kishan's intellectual property.

However, no mention of Babu Kishan name or Krishnendu Das? 

The photo and talking about the instruments is in Babu Kishan's book from the 1980's with the below picture?

In M Young's book she explained an encounter with Deben 

The Mirror of the Sky book basically was a picture book and a bunch of very short Baul songs by this lineage with a picture on the cover of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. The pictures in the book are pictures of this lineage, this family, however, no names are titled under the photos?

Deben Bhattacharya was a ethnomusicologist, anthropologist, radio producer who was from Banares and later lived in Paris France. It seems that many Baul's attached themselves to him, because he wrote a book on Nabani? It seems you are cool, if you follow everything this lineage does and write about it later, it must make one legit? 

Mary Young, explained this encounter Deben Bhattacharya had in 1959  with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in her book:

Quote from M Young's book.

"He went on to talk about how he had done the original recordings of Nabanidas Baul, the father of Purna Das (probably the most famous Baul in the West who has be recorded extensively). You should know it was Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul who recorded, produced over 80% of his father Purna Das Bauls famous music, it was Babu who created the template and concrete platform of Baul travels around the world.

Deben was at a Baul festival in 1959 and asked the festival organizer if he could record the musicians.

 As he set up the equipment Nabanidas came foward out of curiosity about the equipment. Nabanidas had never seen such a thing before. 

He asked Deben, "What are you doing?" When Deben explained that he would record Nabanidas voice and music, Nabani did not believe it was possible. 

He had never seen any of this kind of technology, and shrugged Deben's explanation off with innocent laughter." Page 292

It goes on and explains who and what the Bauls are according to their narrative, not according to Babu Kishan.

I relayed the above quote from M Young's book above to Babu Kishan, he laughed and shook his head. Babu Kishan knew Deben Bhattacharya well most of his life, he had met him in India and Paris, not because he was searching him out, but Deben had wanted to talk to Babu Kishan and his family.

First of all Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was a dear friend of Rabindranath Tagore and had been recorded in the 1920's and 1930's. There are recordings of Nabani way before 1959 in collections and at the British Museum in London. He knew about recording and recording equipment, Rabindranath Tagore recorded him, All India Radio recorded Nabani and so did many others. 

Nabani was a the first and only Baul professor at Tagore's University in Shantiniketan, this narratives that he was illiterate must stop, it is wrong. When you can read, compose and speak Sanskrit you are not illiterate.

Nabani was not an illiterate he had already traveled all over India with Nehru opening all Nehru's speeches with his song and dance. When anybody came to Rabindranath Tagore, Nabani was the one who would sing for all who came, the list is long including Swami Vivekananda, I will add to this list., he sang and he spoke to many.

This making of Nabani as a uneducated person, an illiterate is just shocking, he has recorded previously going back to the 1920's many times? 

He was a Oral Sanskrit scholar with many Sanskrit manuscripts well known Tantric adept and he didn't suffer fools easily obviously. He was an adept at Ayurveda and worked very closely with Dr, Kali Goti, who helped save Babu Kishan's life as a baby through his Ayurvedic expertise.

Babu Kishan laughed, Nabani was a deep mystic it is more like he could see how attached Deben was to his equipment, by this statement in M Young's book is that Nabani was playing with Deben Bhattacharya or Deben could not remember very well? 

Nabani was not simple, he was a lazer mystic to the highest degree Maha Siddha adept and Baul Saint, he was a Khyapa (Khepa) Baul and the only Khepa Baul a title only reserved for the a Baul Avadhut.

It is not a title for randoms nor is for any Western person who was not initiated into Baul by an authentic Baul Guru.

Nabani was not a regular Baul and he certainly did not play into anybodies hands. This was 1959 although I speculate it may have been much earlier. Nabani used to sing on all the big stages all over India and at all temples. He sang for Nehru before he gave his speeches.

After reading this in the big fat book "As it is" I decided to do more research and I found her book, 'The Baul Tradition' which I give 10 thumbs down.

In M Youngs book, "The Baul tradition" she generalizes and alludes to lineage and Sampradaya but the problem is, if you are going to talk roots, you can not cut out the roots and replace the roots with Baul followers who have NO ROOTS?.

Why is  the 'Baul follower' (Sanatan Das Baul) picture posted in her book on a page beside where she writes;

 Bauls are associated with Dylan and Ginsberg and The Rolling Stones? What a generalization random generic thing to say, those stories pertain only to Babu Kishan? Baul all have name, stop appropriating Babu Kishan's personal life stories, no other Baul ever associated with Bob Dylan and Ginsberg it was only Babu Kishan who had a many decades friendship with both but a working relationship with Bob Dylan as Babu Kishan is the only one who released his music in India and Asia? Sanatan Das Baul had no association (period)?

 Sanatan Das Baul is a person who followed both Nabani and Purna Das Baul and he tried to poison Purna Das Baul due to jealousy! He copied everything from this lineage including this lineages songs, the name Das Baul, which only comes from this lineage. He copied Nabani Das Baul style Ektara (Gopi Yantra), Baya (duggi) the drum attached to the waist and Nupoor Nabani only style ankle bells and Purna Das Baul? He evee copied Babu Kishan's patchwork dress that he designed personally for his father? 

Come on, this has gone on for too long, the truth has to be told.

He copiesd everything from this lineage, Sanatan never said he was from a lineage however, his studen made up a lineage and Sri Sri added to his name Baul never uses Sri Sri and she another fake lineage has been made up based on a one generation poet, Monohar Kepa who stayed regularly at the Purna Das Baul home in Calcutta and was very dear to Purna Das Baul. 

Babu Kishan composed lots of Music for his poetry and used to make a special room for him downstairs because he had trouble climbing the stairs? 

Sanatan Das Baul copied Nabani dance and his styles, sing our songs? Nabani never liked him and he was not a disciple of Nabani. You can fool some of the people some of the time but eventually the truth wins.

Ananda Lahari is the name Nabani only gave the Khamak the Mystic Drum and only belongs to this lineage, I have no idea why you would feel so entitled to use that name randomly? If you are using from this lineage and writing about Baul know the background, don't just use as if it is your birth right, it is not, these are indigenous people?

Sanatan Das Baul followed Nabani style, Ektara Baya Nupoor, Babu Kishan patch work quilt style and followed all Purna Das Baul songs?

Babu said, he invited Sanatan on a oversee's on tour once then he felt entiltled to be a Baul? I see online on your Baul Sahaja book made up associations by posting Baul met Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, no random Baul did not. Only Babu Kishan has association over decades with Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg? Why lead people on as if you know?? Sanatan Das Baul was not a Baul, he was a follower of Baul and a copier of Baul, Babu Kishan knew him well, he tried to help him many times as he did with all people.

The Mystic Drum called Ananda Lahari is mentioned, Nabani named the Khamak the Ananda Lahari, there is not other lineage of Baul? 

You mention it as if you knew, it was Nabani who named it?

This lineage is Das Baul and Dasi, there is not another? 

How, can you make up a lineage that never existed, when everything is  copied from this lineage, where is the common sense, there is no sense and there is no essence?

I digress here because more things are coming to my mind that should be mentioned because Parvathy Baul is featured in the book of M Young and she has presented many wrong things there too, trying to create an ashram and donations from westerns or even Indian people who do not have a clue about Baul? She is not a Baul, she is not from Baul she is appropriating Baul from this lineage seriously and it can be proven.

Monhar Khepa who she states, is her Guru, Guru is NOT a Baul Guru he was a poet and perhaps a Guru in his own way but not a Baul Guru. He was respected and followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. Monhar Khepa followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul? Yet, she made up a fake lineage?

Monohar Khepa was a poet who Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das (Nabani Das Khyapa Baul's eldest grandson) composed much music for his lyrics poetry, he is a Guru too many, but he is Not a Baul Guru. 

Many hung out at his place and most of those were refugee's from Bangladesh, random wandering souls, some were Vaishnava but not Baul, all copied Nabani Das Baul, style, Ektara, Baya, Nupoor and sang this lineages songs.

Monohar Khepa was a great friend of Babu Kishan's father, followed Nabani and loved him he would stay at their house all the time. 

Babu describes a special room downstairs that he set up just for Monahar Khepa so he would not have to walk up the stairs and they sat for hours working on music for his 'lyrics poetry' and Babu Kishan recorded the music for him

From a young age Babu Kishan, would compose music for him. Babu also, had a great relationship with Monhar Khepa and has told Babu many times he is Not a Baul Guru but loved Nabani Das Baul.

Yet, a new lineage that does not exist is created so that Parvathy Baul can be legitimate, meanwhile appropriating as much as she can, including Nabani's style Ekata Baya and Nupoor, and his songs, making up stories, reductionism and watering down Baul? Do you thing, but stop making up stories.

There is a story from decades ago, Purna Das Baul was a super famous attraction at Joy Dev Mela so much so that he always needed police protection. He stayed at Monahar Khepas ashram in Kenduli. Many of the "fake it til you make it "Bauls hung out there. This time the jealousy over took some and they poisoned Purna Das Baul almost killing him.,

Parvathy's Guru is the main suspect, these people were not Bauls let alone Baul Guru's, they tried, they followed everything from this lineage. I can add more and I will in the book. What a crazy world.

Purna Das Baul almost died from the poisoning he was really sick, the police were involved and nobody ever was charged, the suspects were other people who follow Baul and the biggest suspect was the so called Baul presented in this book. 

The true story will come out in Babu's 4th book. 

It should be noted, all the people who posed as Tantric Bauls at Tarapith only followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul (khepa for male, Khepi Ma for female). 

The worst part of the Book and a real lack of respect to Nabani is a Deben Battacharya said, Nabani 'over dose on hemp' and his singing was not very good, something to the effect that Baul singing does not matter, the villagers loved him anyhow? Do they even know who Nabani Das Khyapa Baul is?? So now you have made Nabani out to be a loser twice in your book?

Then to a huge disrespect to put a quote from Parvathy Baul (fake Baul) right under this tale about Nabani, how can you even try to associate or make murky comparisons, as if she is even close to anything Nabani was? She is fake everything she says is either copy and paste spreading false narratives about Baul. 

 Do not talk about Nabani, Purna Das Baul or this lineage period, they have nothing to do with you. If there is any association it is through Dibyendu Das  Purna's youngest crooked lying son.

Nabani was a God intoxicated, wild, esctatoc Sahajiya Tantric avadhut Baul, yes he smoked ganja but never was overdosed on hemp, you are making up stories and not putting anything in the right context? Nabani was an tantric alchemist who tried and used all sorts of substances he was an expert herbologist who worked directly with the well respected Dr. Kali Goti and Dr. Ramnath Aghori.

How disrespectful and what a lack of understanding, comparing a Baul Saint, and posting a 'fake Baul singer' in the quote next to anything about Nabani? Nabani was one of the rare people initiated by Bhama Kehpa of Tarapith he did the ultimate sadhana he was an adept Baul Saint. He was the last authentic Baul to live on earth and he was Rabindranath Tagores Baul Guru!

After all this person has copied Nabani Style of Dances 'Ektara, Baya Nupoor,' and made a fake Baul Guru?? And his song posting another poets name or even nicname to mislead,she copied a song directly from Babu Kishan youtube listening many many time then recording it posting the wrong poets name it was Nabani's song, that is the worst offence a Baul can do? All will be revealed this has gone on for far too long.

Study and write about your own family and leave this family alone.

Do not write about Nabani or anybody from this lineage, do not steal the songs of this lineage and make up fake names. 

This lineage has nothing to do with any of these fakes. 

Stop poaching and copying, name dropping!


It is spelled both ways (Khepa and Khyapa) same word, I prefer to spell it differently because today every Nakal fake Baul calls themselves Khepa Baba or khepa Baul? 

The true story will come out in Babu's 4th book. 

Mixing it all up, writing bits and pieces and of course including generic Baul in the story? 

Here is another example from M Young's book on Baul.

"In the late sixties Albert and Sally Grossman introduced Purna Das Baul to West, where he met Bob Dylan and appeared on the cover of John Westley Harding. The turning point marked the beginning of numerous for Baul performing before audiences in America and Europe. Purna Das Baul (the son of Naboni Das, are renown Baul Yogi of the last century) and madcap Gour Khepa were sought out by rock and roll luminaries like Dylan and Mick Jagger and Allen Ginsberg." M Young

Wrong wrong what a pile of horse dung, not even close, never ever did Gour Khepa meet with Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger or Allen Ginsberg. Never did any of them seek out random Bauls including  Gour khepa who used slangs and was implicated in the rape of a western women?

These people did not seek out randoms and Gour Khepa had nothing to do with any of them? Talk about name dropping, lying and misleading? How can you possibly know the story of Mick Jagger and Babu Kishan, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan? You don't so don't name drop?

Oh and you put Sanatan Das Baul picture on the opposite page as if he had association? I have to say it again, what are you suggesting are you trying to include him in Babu Kishan's life stories? Why, you have never met him and do not know anything about his life.

He did not, this is where this generic white wash taking credit by making false association comes in, reducing and water down Baul stories?

These are Babu Kishan's and his fathers stories, they are appropriated and used over and over people making false association in regards to Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Allen Ginsberg, they met Purna Das Baul it is a long story not your story to use or make false associations with. 

It is Babu Kishan's life stories, he is the only one who jammed, performed and personal relationships with Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and all the Rolling Stones, a many decades friendship with Allen Ginsberg.

There is a Women fundraising in Bengal to make a documentary about Gour Khepa and his association with Bob Dylan a lie, this is complete lie and wrong. Gour Khepa never met Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg or The Rolling Stones and had no association. I heard there was a group of Bauls who met Ronnie Woods and had tea with him, lol they only connected for a few minutes by using Purna Das Bauls association.

 He is one of the Baul follower a "fake it til you make it" who tried to be Purna Das Baul to take advantage? Don't you people realize the damage you are doing to a small indigenous family? How would you feel if someone wrote about you family, took your stories, your names with no shame?

 So many fake people, so many users, it is very difficult for me as a westerner to understand the fakery.

There is NO ASSOCIATION with Parvathy Baul or her Guru?
 NONE so do not name drop! In Mary Young's book she puts a full page picture of Sanatan Das Baul "NOTE the 'DAS BAUL and Dasi" only belongs to this lineage. 

Mary Young puts a full picture beside the name dropping quoted above, Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg and the Rolling Stones, no you and the made up lineage is NOT.

And why not mention of 'Laxshman Das Baul' Bob Dylan actually loved him and every time Babu met with him with Allen Ginsberg and Al Aranowitz he asked about Laxshma DAS BAUL.

Lashman Das Baul (Babu's dear Uncle) was a fun loving trickster who was at home hanging out with hippies and associated with the "fake it til you make it" Bauls because he lived in the ancestral home in Birbhum not Calcutta.

On one of Babu Kishan's phone calls from Canada to Laxshman, he said to Babu, you know who these people are, they are not part of the lineage, they do not know anything, you know that? Jai Nitai Jai Nitai

When Babu would call Laxshman would cry, he loved his nephew so much and Babu was like a little brother to Laxshman as he helped take care of Babu when he was left in Birbhum from birth. Babu was also, like a brother to Laxshman's eldest daughter. They have all left this earthly planet now except a few of Laxshman Das Bauls younger children.

Babu Kishan's father the eldest of them all is almost 90 years old, after that they are all gone.

Laxshman is the one who taught the "fake it til you make it Bauls' bits and pieces, he is the one who as the story goes met Ronnie Woods of the Rolling Stone for a few seconds for tea with some of the Bauls who hung around him. Laxshman's contact comes only through his older brother Purna Das Baul.

I usually repeat several times to get my point across, so you will see many repeats here, this is serious and Cultural appropriation, Baul is nearing a genocide level.

Babu Kishan jammed with the whole of the Rolling Stones in London and USA, he was the one who picked them up from the airport on their 2004 concert in Mumbai and took care of them the whole time. Keith Richards had Babu's person phone, there is a story posted in Blog on his web site.

Do some research through BabuKishan's blog https://bhavaproject.weebly.com/news-blog

 The late Laxshman Das Baul was on the cover of Bob Dylan's, John Westley Harding too and his association with Sally Grossman lasted a lifetime as did Babu Kishan's. 

Sally Grossman used to say to Babu I get all these random Bauls wanting to be my friends but you are the only one who continually deletes me from facebook. Sally knew Babu more than anyone in his family except Laxshman Das Baul, he was fun loving, my father was not.

Babu Kishan is a Mystic and generally keeps to himself and keeps far away from fake and hanky panky. If he senses something is not right, he will disappear of delete you. 

He does not like to do what other people do, he will go the opposite direction, instead of his fb contact with Sally Grossman, he had telephone conversation with her and other, he is very private unless he feels Ok with you. He has a facebook but he pushes people away, and could care less about if you like him, he deletes people all the time.

Yet, all randoms befriending are Sally Grossman were opportunists, RIP Sally Grossman, who talked often with Babu on the telephone? 

Same with Deben Bhattacharya, all randoms trying to know Baul from a guy who could not even get the date of Nabani's death correct 1962?? I guess to be cool and hip you had to contact all the friends of this lineage?

How is it possible when Babu his first Grandson of Nabani and born shishya of Nabani's was with his Boro Baba in 1969 when he passed away or what some would call had samadhi and yet Deben Bhattacharya says he passed in 1962? Yet, people believe everything in book, well do not believe anything in M Young's book on Baul?

The west had already been introduced to Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, through Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg is the one who urged Albert and Sally Grossman the bring Nabani Das Baul USA he refused and sent his 2 sons. Allen Ginsberg already met Nabani Das Baul in 1962 and had in his mind take Nabani as his Guru, but not in Nabani's mind who actually did not like Allen Ginsberg. 

Ginsberg found Nabani again in Babu Kishan they are both poets and have Nabani in common thus the many decade connection and thus Babu's connection with Al Aronowitz and Bob Dylan and the Band and the list is long.

Through the hippy generation many already knew about Nabani in the USA and around the world going way back to the 1960's?

 Babu Kishan was a many decade close friend of Allen Ginsberg no other Baul had any association, his dad met him but had no association. Babu Kishan is the only Baul on both Allen Ginsberg's who is who web site and Bob Dylan's web site, he still talks to Bob Dylans eldest son Jakob Dylan and had a long time musical association with Bob Dylan. Babu Kishan introduced and released all of Bob Dylan's music in India when he worked for CBS India? 

Yet you want to tell the story and make fake false associations?

The only Baul poetry Allen Ginsberg ever wrote was given to Babu and it is about Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, no other Baul. Ginsberg always told Babu Nabani is the only Baul Guru and he was his Baul Guru. So why make false associations.

Allen Ginsberg first met Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in 1962 when Babu Kishan was a baby sitting on his lap. The story will be in Babu's 4th book on Baul. Ginsberg loved Babu and they would meet every year in New York from 1980 til Ginsberg's death April 1997 and Babu is the only Baul to be on Ginsberg's web site who is who?

Babu Kishan performed some 40 shows with Bob Dylan singing Allens Ginsberg's poetry in 1985, what Babu called East West tour, he jammed with, The Band every night and hung out with Ginsberg and Dylan. 


Other Bauls did follow this lineage, this lineage brought some along on their travels, they followed this lineage where ever they went, there are many stories and all will be revealed. They followed where this lineage went, they contacted this lineages friends, you have no idea? New fashion is to make up lineages??

Yes, true Purna Das Baul and Laxshman Das Baul were on the cover of Bob Dylan's John Westley Harding album in 1967 but the story is far from complete and you are making assumptions beyond any truth of the story, just name dropping is all I can see. 

It was only Babu Kishan who had a long time relationship with 'The Band Garth Hudson and Levon Helm" and Bob Dylan even still talking to Garth Hudson to this day. 

Trying to attach yourself to a story you know nothing about, if you never mentioned Babu Kishan then you know nothing and if you never mentioned his Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Baul you know even less, you do not have to be a scholar ? 

Babu Kishan helped all Bauls he had a many decades relationship with all the Bauls and he knew Gour Khepa he may be madcap, and followed Baul, but he was not a Baul, any white female would come he would be after them, the rest I will tell in Babu Kishan's book, 

Today anybody can say or attach themselves with anything with the internet, who will know, nobody will know? 

 Gour Khepa was a refugee from Bangladesh he did not speak Birbhum Bengali he spoke Bangladesh dialect, he is part of the fake it til you make it crowd, who latched onto Baul, listening to Purna Das Baul music on the radio at the time. Purna Das Baul music was playing 24/7 on the radio.

They hung around this family until they didn't, then they met Laxshman Das Baul in Birbhum and he was the fun loving one who welcomed everyone, thus we have the, "fake it til you make gone viral". Baul now was on the road to a definite extinction and became popular in the hippy generation with all the foreigners and the cool Indian class wanting to learn about Tantric Sex which became the only focus of Baul. Many selling sex? The end.

If Gour Khepa and that whole group and there was a group names will be mentioned in the book, can be famous they had nothing to lose,  they would copy all and use what attracted foreigners. Sing this lineage songs (all recorded) long before and poets are known always!

Can you imagine saying, the Baul poets do not care? Baul poets are of a different class, they are way beyond wanting fame. Their poetry needs protection not looting? They are indigenous to Baul, not new comers from Assam, Bangladesh/ East Pakistan or before partition, South India, Persian, Turkey and don't say you didn't say it ?

 Baul the place of Baul is only Birbhum.


When someone says they do not know the name of the poet or Baul do not care, that is a lie. Stealing this lineage songs and reducing them to dust, the liquidation of this lineages intellectual property is rampant, it must stop.

Blatant stealing 'intellectual property' theft of an ancient lineage, that does not belong to you, making up new lineages that never existed? Stealing lyrics and music by putting other poets names on, is appropriation. No excuses, qualifying this by saying, Baul does not care is a lie. 
Taking other peoples life stories and taking their 'name off' is appropriation and cheating.
Commandeering, expropriation, seizure, takeover, usurpation, annexation,  attachment, confiscation, grab, reductionism, watering down, reducing, riding on the coat tails of the ones who created a road, who did all the leg work, who wrote the books from inside the tradition, who promoted and introduced the world to Baul, then taking their names off and adding their own names. Singing their songs but saying they are your own, not properly educating what exactly Baul is. 

 There are many stories about this whole group who used Baul to dupe foreigners and foreign women at that, I am a tantric look at me, come with me Baby and I will show what Tantric sex is, I will teach you? This is not Baul and it certainly is not Tantra?

You are writing books on Baul and then you present Yogi Ramsuratkumar as a Baul and a Swami Ramdas they not a Baul? They are not even close to Baul.

When I google Yogi Ramsuratkumar and his Guru Swami Ramdas there is never any mention of them being a Bauls? They never had Baul Guru's and did not practice Baul Practices or sing their songs? 

Sri Aurobindo and Ramana Maharishi were not Bauls? 

Sahaja as described in this book by Parvathy is completely different from Baul Sahaja? Parvathy, calls Yogi Ramsuratkumar a Baul too, she is not a Baul, and that is another story and person who is using Baul making up stories, she looks good, with those long dread locks very photogenic but the problem is she has spread many false teachings and is watering down and reducing Baul with each false teaching and she has created a fake lineage using everything from this lineage as her Guru did? Babu knew her Guru before she was born, as a human Babu Kishan tried to help him lots. 

No disrespect to Yogi RamsuratKumar of Swami Ramdas or any of their Guru's they met but they never met a authentic Baul Guru or Baul Mystic. Although they were Mystics and amazing beings, they have no connection to Baul except in the book and through the narratives of this western group and 2 Baul followers, not lineage Bauls?

Bauls do not chant only Ram Ram they chant Hare Krishna! Jai Nitai, Jai Guru and their own mantra's, they have their own sadhana, not the sadhana of Aurobindo or Ramana Maharishi? Not even close!



A quote from the above web site!

"An incident led him to seek the cause for life and death. Kapadia Baba directed him to South India to get answers. In 1947 and 1948 he travelled to Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry, Ramana Ashram, Tiruvannamalai and Papa Ramdas's Ananda Ashram, Kanhangad."

"Criticism on Lee Lozowick"

"Trying to understand Lee - points out things are not as they seem!

 According to these pages, Lee Lozowick presents himself as the main Western devotee of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. 

Refrence is made to lies and misinterpretation, and hostility and jealousy towards other Western devotees of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, especially Krishna Carcelle, the author of some of these pages, who writes with humility, although also some emotional hurt at such betrayal.

 See this page for claims of further lies and misinterpretations by Lozowick"


This group of so called Western Baul are only Associated with Parvathy Baul and her fake lineage, her picture and her comments are all over this book???  

Makes one really question what she knows about Baul because she calls Yogi Ramsuratkumar a Baul in M Young's Book, and her explanation of Sahaja is not Baul Sahaja? 


Bauls are from Birbhum? The Vaishnava Tantric Bauls have nothing to do with any of these people. 

Although they try to use this lineage through false associations so that this will make them legit? Parvathy Baul is hugely influenced by this group of Western Bauls, obviously not caring about truth! Playing innocent changing her narrative as to her benefit? 

Stop watering down, reducing a small indigenous lineage, with a specific history and very specific practices, this lineage is on the verge of extinction or shall we say it is extinct.

Then you say, Lee is a Khepa Baul the name only reserved for Nabani Das Khyapa Baul (yes, I spell it differently), I spell it differently as to not associated with all the people self titling themselves as Khepa a name Bhama Khepa of Tarapith on of Nabani's Guru's long ago, Khepa is not a name for anybody, it is a name for someone of the soil and soul of India an Indian adept not for a westerner? It is the name that Rabindranath Tagore gave Nabani Das Khepa Baul, although Nabani was given that name by the whole of Birbhum Khepa Baba, widely known and written about in famous books but if you didn't know this, you would assume it is a random name for any Baba who self titles himself.

Nabani was known in the villages of Bengal for feeding people and magically healing people, as an adept or Baul Avadhut he had invisible helpers and during the famines in Bengal including the 1943 famine where millions died, he protected the village people in his area, there are many stories but these are not public and certainly not known by any of the new Baul circus singers, who only name drop to draw donations to them, or try desperately to create ashrams? 

The people of the villages still ask where is Khepa Baul or Khepa Baba? Seriously you can not even compare, really how could you?

 When Nabani passed in 1969 the whole of Birbhum shut down to honour him.

Could Lee sing all the Bauls songs, did he know oral Sanskrit was he a master at Tantric alchemy and Indigenous Ayurveda? 

Then it is said, Lee was the most recognized Western Baul, that is not true Purna Das Baul gave Bob Dylan that title in 1967? I am shaking my head at the stupidity and the using of Lineage Baul?

There were many western people who had met Nabani Das Khyapa Baul long before Lee ever went to India including Allen Ginsberg who met Nabani in 1962 and he stayed true to Nabani as his Baul Guru til his death in 1997.

 I see you also, make association with Ginsberg and Bob Dylan when there is absolutely none, and tried to tell that story too as if you even know, you do not even know Babu Kishan, never met him and those are his personal life stories?

My Goodness I am sorry but this is completely wrong, a swami is never a Baul and if they were from Baul they would be Das Baul or Dasi?

There is so much more I could say, but I do not know what trip you guys were on? All I know is that, it is not a Baul trip or lineage.

Jai Uttal was also, name a Western Baul in the early 1970's, I think he is pretty well known so is Bob Dylan. What a trip? Babu has known Jai Uttal since the 1980's and Mark Gerhart in India in the early 1970's Purna Das Baul also, named them Western Bauls. 

They both are good friends of Babu Kishan's though these days he see's very little of them. 

Yet, where ever you guys go, there you are with all of Babu Kishan's associates and friends?

More to come, with added information!

I many false associations and watering down of Baul? This blog is already too long for anybody to read these days.

This lineage is the lineage of Das Baul and Dasi, there is no other Das Baul lineage, when you see someone with Das Baul they only follow this lineage, there is not  another?


The associations with this lineage (only) include:
Others follow this lineage, if they were initiated into this lineage they would say so, they are not, they take and use that is all and provide a big long story?

Nothing wrong with following but there is with using and duping, watering down and reducing and using generic terms and teaching wrong teaching. Making false associations and is cultural appropriation that has led to an indigenous cultural genocide of a small group of Bauls from Birbhum. 

Sri Nityananda - Vaishnava Baul Avadhut 1500, ancestor  lineage coming out of his family of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal, this is this lineages association only, in regards to Baul. Ekchakra where Nabani and Purna Das Baul were born. Thus 
Jai Nitai! 

This lineage was always held high by Gaudiya Math and were regular fundraiser because they knew that this lineage are direct ancestors of Sri Nitai, Nityanada from Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal! Nitai was a Baul Avadhut!

Rabindranath Tagore -
Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was the only Baul who initiated Tagore into Baul and had a many decade relationship with Tagore

Ektara Baya Nupoor, style of dance and song was created
by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul only, thus only comes from this lineage but used by others who make up lineages and teach wrong teachings watering down, reducing Baul and is an intellectual property theft. 

The patch work Guduri (dress) designed by Babu Kishan - copied and worn by all Baul, it is almost a comedy, a picture is worth a thousand words and you can not make this stuff up.

Das Baul and Dasi this lineage only!

Baul Kirtan - this lineage

​Baul Guru - this lineage

Bob Dylan - this family and mostly Babu Kishan. It is a lie that Bob Dylan attended Babu's youngest brother wedding as the duped NDTV, true story on Babu Kishan's web site in his blog.

The Band - only Babu Kishan, long story he was invited to meet Garth Hudson, tickets were taken by Purna Das Baul and his youngest son, Babu didn't go because he worked, his brother posting pictures all over the internet as if he is associated with Garth Hudson he is NOT.

Allen Ginsberg - Nabani Das Kyapa Baul and Babu Kishan

The Rolling Stones - this family, mostly Babu Kishan

George Harrison - only Babu Kishan

Osho and Baul associated with Babu Kishan and Nabani Das Kyapa Baul only!

Baul Avadhut, this lineage only!

Pous Mela - created in honour of Nabani Das Baul by Rabindranath Tagore !

Joy Dev Mela - only this lineage, of course others eventually came, now Baul is extinct and other kirtanist come.

Vaishnava Baul - this lineage

Vaishnava Tantric Baul - this lineage and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul 

Windcatchers - Vayu Tula Sanskrit name for Baul, only explained fully by Babu Kishan a born oral Sanskritist as was Nabani and Brajabala.

Rasa Lila Mystics - only Babu Kishan

Baul explanation: Vayu Dharma, Vayu Tula

Ananda Lahari - Name of Mystic Drum given by Nabani only.

Oral Tradition, Oral Sanskrit, Manuscripts, vernacular  Birbhum dialect - only this family and lineage

Ektara/ Gopi Yantra/ Gopi Chand this lineage only!

Tarapith Tara Ma, Baul association was Nabani Das Khyapa Baul others followed, Nabani was initiated by Bhama Khepa since Babu talked about this, now others are making like they are the ones who went there, they are not?

Poetry of this Lineage archived by Babu Kishan, this list will grow, including many songs appropriated by made up fake lineages?

Now acting like they too, but never mentioned before, until it was written on Babukishan.com in the 1990's and his 3 books and pretending they learned it someone else?

1970 to today Babu Kishan has given 100's of lectures all around the world.

Baul Akhara, not used by others until recently, hmmm, read my writings and cherry picking?

There are NOT 20 thousand Bauls in Birbhum as recently is said on a youtube video? 

Bauls never look for devotee's. 

Baul does not say, come and join us and does not look for devotee's? 

Baul does not have people touch their feet, touch your own feet?

If anything Baul avoids and makes the path crooked and not easily accessible. 

We are here to educate and tell the truth of who and what is Baul that is it, we are not looking to be Baba and Maa and collect people, we are not looking to be famous, only set the record straight and that is a monumental task in the world of fake and internet?

Trishula Das