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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jai Nitai... Respect and Love for a Living Lineage.

The Roots the Seeds of Vaishnava Baul in Bengal go back thousands of years they were preserved by the Vaishnava Bauls so that all can know about Bhakti Yoga from Bengal India and Kirtan in the west brought forward by Modern Vaishnava reformers.. Thank God/dess... 
Don't analyze it just appreciate the roots and sing sweet songs of Love of Bhakti from your own heart.. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.. 
The Vaishnava Bauls do not build temples, distribute books or collect devotee's they were known to adopt and help people from all religions giving them all a place, they accepted all rejected people and allowed them to be who they are. 
Bauls peacemakers unity makers the ektara or Gopi Yantra has been a symbol of this unity for thousands of years.. Sweet Love of all no caste, no creed Radha and Krishna / Kali and Shiva live in the hearts of all, one who has taken Krishna in a monothestic sense may ask, why Kali and Shiva?  The answer is simple, Bauls are beyond the British orthodox fundamental concepts of God just being One way. All worship is divine not just my school, or my God, Bauls talk about everybody, every Deva and Devata. They are beyond fundamentalists who put down others to build themselves up as superior. Baul say Love everybody, God is in everybody and everything see God in the hearts of all !!  Forgive all, bless all, they are the true meaning of what Vaishnava is in every sense and that includes a polytheistic sense.
Calling the Vaishnava Bauls or Bauls degraded or any name is the sign of a fake Vaishnava because this has never been a part of Vaishnavism, this is the role of fundamentalists and new Age Vaishnava who are British Colonized Bengali's and it should be denounced by any true Vaishanava who should be humbler than a blade of grass.. and I want to say the term Demi-Gods has no place in Vedic, Purnanic, or Sanatan Dharma the correct term is Devi and Devata and all are respected and worshiped. True Vaishnava is about respect and Love not about making others wrong or distorting history for fame, money, for collecting devotee's, converting people, conversion is the role of fundamentalist it is never done in the name of Krishna.

Vaishnava Bauls are the original lineage of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga from Birbhum Bengal India they are the original Hare Krishna singers and dancer, the original Das and Dasi of Sri Nityananda of Ekkchakra Birbhum India and from thousands of years before Sri Nitai. Nitai is the Exhalted Avadhuta (Baul) from this oral living lineage who introduced Sri Chaitanya to the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. These roots have been cut out of the modern day Vaishnava reformers and when the roots are cut the feminine is also cut out. British Colonalized Vaishnavism in favor of building temples and fame and gain. Nitanyanada of Ekkchakra (1500AD) is an ancestor of this lineage the stories all untold are held within the songs of this lineage. We have no purpose to bring these stories forth other than to preserve this lineage. Om Shanti... The Bauls never needed to express these things and they were very closely guarded secrets because they knew that if they gave out information in Kali Yuga it would be used.

Nabani das Khyapa Baul

Celebrated baul singer, sadhak, philosopher, composer and great Vaishnava Baul poet of Bengal. Son of Okkur Gosain, he was the first Baul to spread Baul songs and philosophy throughout the country with his unique singing style. 

He gained many great friends during his time, like Nobal prize winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore, poet Kazi Nazrul, Tara Shankar, Banaful, Kshiti Mohan sec Shastri, Dr. Bidhan, Chandra Roy and many more... 

He worked for and was very committed to supporting the Indian revolution against the British during their occupation. He dedicated many songs to this effort which helped to give his people strength and hope throughout these difficult times. Joyfull, even in the face of adversity, as true Baul's are, his songs were carefully crafted with beautiful and meaningful lyrics. 

Many of the writers that focused on Baul culture of the time, wrote books based on the life and teachings of Guru Nabani das. Publications can be found in both Bengali and English that sport his name and teachings. He acquired and taught a great many disciples including American poet Allen Ginsberg. 

After the noterity that poet Rabindranath Tagore assisted him in obtaining, Allen Ginsberg furthered the voice of Baul culture by introducing baul philosophy, music and energies to the western world. As a result, many films about the life and beliefs of Guru Nabani das Baul were made and distributed worldwide.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preserving this lineage.. Please if you call yourself a Baul and are singing Baul songs written by Nabani Das or anybody from this lineage have respect and love for the author, do not claim at your own.

Vaishnava Baul is most importantly about Love and Respect... preserving an ancient oral living lineage.


Baul is a Guru tradition a sanskrit tradition. 

The songs were later sung in Bengali to keep it simple for the people who did not know Sanskrit (ie) similar to Tulsi Das who composed in a common language so that villagers who did not speak Sanskrit could understand what he was composing)..

Nabani Das (Gosai) Khyappa Baul was a major reformer a oral lineage of Sanskrit-ists he was a poet as were most in this lineage of Vaishnava Baul, Poets and Philosophers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra and Sufi.

When one is learning or singing a Baul it is important part of the Guru relationship that one learns who wrote the poetry, where did the poetry come from, everything comes from somewhere. A authentic Baul will know all the details.

Did Lalon Fakir write the poem or did Nabani Das Khyappa Baul who was a prolific poet and most Bauls are singing his songs and his tunes without even mentioning it or perhaps they do not know. Or most Bauls are singing Lalon Fakir songs with tunes that have been composed by Babukishan, also many Baul tunes from this lineage have been composed by Babukishan and were recorded many decades ago through this lineage by Babukishan.

Some are even written by Babukishan because he is a prolific poet in Bengal from age 9, the only reason I bring this up is because we are trying to preserve the Baul songs and it does not help when other new Baul singers, sing the songs making up lineages but the songs they are singing are from this lineage.

A real Baul Guru should educate the disciple in who wrote the songs or poems and the disciple should state this when posting on the internet... Guru disciple relationship is very important Baul and so is respect.

Baul songs are not folk songs they are spiritual sadhana songs, and all Bauls should know who wrote them and give credit and respect to the poets because the world has changed and survival of everything is that much more important, Bauls are almost extinct. You can tell who is a real Baul and who is just a new Baul singer by the respect and knowledge they have about who wrote the Baul songs.

Correct that Bauls do not like rules and regulations, however there are certain tenants that go without question and that is "Love and RESPECT""..... that includes respect for the ones that walked before..

One may ask why would I be going on about this??

1) we are preserving this lineage which is not an easy thing to do, we do not want to have to copyright this lineages "Poetry" songs they are for all to sing. However, the songs will be copyrighted, because more and more modern Baul singers are calling these songs and tunes their own repertoire when in fact they are from this lineage, there is no respect in that. It is important that one does not distort or water down or create more reductionism it destroys this beautiful ancient lineage.

2) people are making up lineages but singing only songs from this lineage songs written by Nabani Das Baul and other ancestors of this lineage ... so if one is singing songs from this lineage songs written by Nabani Das Baul then it only makes sense that they come out of this lineage not a made up lineage, again RESPECT and if you do not know where the song originates please do not claim it as your own... and make up lineages ....

Baul is about sadhana, it is about RESPECT and LOVE... Jai GURU JAI NITAI