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Saturday, October 13, 2018

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Babu Kishan and Bob Dylan the untold story! Babu Kishan released all of Bob Dylans albums in India and Promoted him through out Asia!

Babu Krishna 4th book will be a historical Baul, tell all.

The one thing they couldn't teach Babu Kishan was to lie and he is known for his impeccable honesty.

 An old picture of a young Babu Kishan at Bob Dylan's home in Woodstock, early 1980's.

Bob Dylan and India

When Babu Kishan worked for CBS India 1986 - 1993 he released, marketed and promoted all Bob Dylan's Albums in India and Asia. 
Babu Kishan has personally known Bob Dylan for decades. 
If it not for Babu Kishan a super fan of Bob Dylan's poetry no one in India would have had a chance to listen to Dylan back in the 1980's 90's onward. 
Babu Kishan convinced 'RV PANDIT' the Chairman of CBS India to release all Bob Dylan's albums in India and he said, yes Babu go ahead. It was due to Babu Kishan that the people of India and Asia were able to know Bob Dylan and his music.

Babu has been inspired by Dylan his whole life and gave him
the name 'Western Baul'.

Babu tried to bring Bob Dylan to India between '1986 to 1993' while he was the A/R Manager at CBS India, however, unfortunately few people or I should say the companies that sponsored concerts in India were not interested in sponsoring his concert in those days. 

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das could not get sponsorship for the concert, he tried over many years by promoting and marketing Bob Dylan to India and Asia but still was not able to get the right sponsorship.

It is a curious matter some in Bengal and even more curious that the new creation called 'Bangladeshi Bauls' or Muslim Bauls claim to know Bob Dylan? 
 No, no they do not! Now all are claiming that all of the Bauls are associated with Bob Dylan, this is not true. Babu's father and uncle Laxshman Das Baul initially met Dylan at the 'BiG Pink' a recording studio house owned by Bob Dylan and The Band in 1967 in Woodstock NY. They had gone to USA because of Allen Ginsberg and his association with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in Suri Birbhum. He wanted to bring Nabani but he did not, was not able to go, therefore he sent his 2 sons. Bob Dylan liked Laxshman Das Baul and always aske Babu Kishan, "how is Laxshman?". Sally Grossman had a lifelong deep friendship with Laxshman Das Baul.
No other 'Bauls in Bengal or Bangladesh' ever had anything to do with Bob Dylan except this initial, 1967 time and later through Babu Kishan's association on his own.

18 years after 1967 it was Babu Kishan through his travels and 'letter writing' to America on his own he met Al Aronowitz The God Father of Rock Journalism and became long time friends up until Al Aronowitz passing. It was only Babu Kishan who was associated with George Harrison, Allen Ginsberg, The Band (Levon Helm) Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson and others who associated with Bob Dylan. 

 It was during this time period that he developed a relationship with Dylan. Babu Kishan became good friends with all because of his 'musical ability' not because of being a Baul although when it comes to Babu Kishan the 2 are intertwined, most people can not handle this or Babu Kishan, they want to slot him in one slot but he is multi-talented, multi-instrumental and a musical genius, this is what others say including Allen Ginsberg, Al Aronowitz and Levon Helm to name a few. 
Levon Helm and Babu Kishan
Babu Kishan and Levon Helm 2002
Babu Kishan teaching Levon Helm Indian drum at Levon's house in Woodstock NY
Babu Kishan is a Master (Pandit) of India Classical, Folk, Baul and Bollywood (Indian Cinema) music, he has produced over 60 albums, 150 musical scores and released thousands of albums of Indian, Folk, Cinema and fusion music. He has a Masters degree in Indian Music, please see his resume. He is not just a regular Baul, he is a Master of Indian Music and he composed all of his father's music.
Babu is the only Baul that is associated with Dylan other than initially his father and uncle who met him Woodstock USA and they are on the cover of Bob Dylans album 'John Westley Harding'.

Bob Dylan (never) went to a wedding in Calcutta secretly or otherwise in 1990, he was on a 'Never Ending Tour' that took him South America in 'January of 1990' when the wedding took place BobDylan was in South America. As far away from India that one can get. In 1990 Bob Dylan toured Brazil South America, Europe, Canada and then to the USA doing 93 concerts. 

Dylan did NOT teleport to Calcutta for 2 hours. A complete lie constructed by Dibyendu Das (Choton) and he involved his father in that fake new on NDTV ? He has collaborated with other journalists recently all wrong, he is a liar and cheat. Nothing that he says is true. Bob Dylan was never friends with Bob Dylan and Dibyendu Das never even met Bob Dylan. What would possess such a liar?
If you know India, just imagine flying to Delhi or Bombay in 1990 for your first trip to India. Calcutta did not have an International Airport so Dylan would have had to catch another airplane or train to Calcutta for a secret wedding for a few hours, of a person he did not know, Dylan did not even have any connection to Purna Das Baul and Babu Kishan working in Bombay had all Dylan's contact for business purposes? 
Dylan never knew Babu Kishan's younger brother at all, he never met him and he really had no connection with Purna Das Baul he was more connected with Laxshman Das Baul. 

Think about it Dylan talked to Babu all the time in Bombay, Babu had Dylan's contact information in Bombay and it was work related because he released his music for CBS in India. Why would Dylan go to Babu's brothers wedding in India without talking to Babu? It is laughable, insulting and disrespectful to Babu Kishan and his 86 year old father for the youngest brother to have concocted such a story, let alone bring NDTV you can still view this on a NDTV clip?

There was one white guy wearing a Red Kurta from California at the wedding but he was not Bob Dylan he was one of Babu Kishan's old friends Pats husband 'Thomas' from Laguna Beach, California and another women Debra, also from Laguna Beach.
 When they heard the Bob Dylan was there, they all laughed? Babu's middle brother Bapi was at the marriage a big part of the marriage of the younger brother and his wife was there 24/7, he says there is no way Bob Dylan was there. 
A fabricated story fake news, reported over and over. Sorry folks and it is really sad the younger brother is doing harm to his father's name?
Even to this day Conton fabricates stories and forges Babu Kishan signature?

The news of Dylan in India is fake news and it has been confirmed from many sources. Including Bob Dylan's own son Jacob Dylan whom Babu chatted with just this past August, he said there is no way my Dad has ever been to India, never ever.

Babu Kishan was the only person who had any private contact information for Bob Dylan's and he did not send an wedding invite to him for his brothers wedding. 

I have no idea why Journalists do not dig deeper, why they believe one or one source who obviously have an agenda and then for that source to drag in his father an 86 year Purna Das Baul? And there was one Professor from Calcutta University who posted this too, shame on him too, I am sure his post has long disappeared but I remember because I had a friend in Calcutta who basically hounded me relentlessly because her son had written an article on the subject and now was the expert on Baul and she did not want to ruin his name?

Why speak out, because it is a huge embarrassment when you know the truth and others (media) just copy and paste from one source without even investigating. Journalism used to be investigative today it is just copy and paste and they will believe any lie, in this case it was NDTV and outward from there, reported on other news sources. There is a simple remedy to this, interview the people involved. 

Interview Bob Dylan first!
Does anybody have the guts?


 Babu Kishan arranged with Bob Dylan to go on his Tour of America in the 1985's and Babu  brought his Father and Mother along as the Bauls of Bengal, they only did part of the tour. It has been 18 years since 1967 when Purna Das Baul and Laxshman Das Baul brothers first met Bob Dylan. Babu Kishan worked with a dogged determination to reconnect with Dylan and in the process connected with Al Aronowitz and Allen Ginsberg whom Babu remained great close friends until they passed away.

Krishnedu Das aka Babu Kishan in Berlin representing CBS Indian for the release party of this Dylan Album 1985.

The first reconnection happened in the early 1980's there was a album and Birthday party concert for Bob Dylan at Madison Square Gardens. Babu Kishan was already close to Al Aronowitz and Allen Ginsberg they gave Babu there passes so he could go and meet Bob Dylan introduce his father to Bob Dylan again. Babu brought his parents along meeting Dylan after 18 years. It was Garth Hudson of The Band who put them on the special guest list.

Others who attended were Bruce Springsteen whom Babu had met previously through Al Aronowitz the God Father of Rock Jounalism. Madonna, Peter Paul and Mary, Mike Butterfield. Babu took a clip of his dad with Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan only asked, How is Laxshman because it was Laxshman Das Baul who he really related to? Babu dropped his Mom and Dad at Badal Roy's house as they were not interested in going to the concert and then Babu headed back to Madison Square Gardens and hocked up with Al Aronowitz and Allen Ginsberg who had arrived. 

Everything Babu did was always with the thought of his Fathers career as he was his father's manager and arranged all his tours and travels up until 1991, he worked for his father full time for over 20 years and those were Purna Das Bauls most successful years of  life. Babu Kishan started traveling with his father in 1971 to attend the first Rock and Roll fundraiser for the Bangladeshi's in London organized by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. 

Mick Jagger recorded Purna Das Baul at his home recording studio in Nice France, it was called Jai Bangla, that is another whole story and chapter. Babu Kishan has jammed with the Rolling Stones years later in London, USA and Mumbai. Babu is the only one who maintained a relationship with all including Keith Richards and Charlie Watts.

Photo by famous Bollywood Photographer Viral Bhayani

2004 in Mumbai story will be included in the Book.


Anybody, who knew Babu knew how he sacrificed his own career for his parents, even when he went to work in Bombay he sent all his money back to Mommy & Daddy and his mother was his bank account to say the least it was all spent, a bank that spends your money! Do not believe any of them when or if they said, Babu left us, he never ever left them, they left Babu at birth and again when they got him when he was 8 after Nabani died. They left him, he never ever left them.

Babu performed with The Band & Bob Dylan approximately 40 times all over America in the mid 80's due to Babu Kishan arranging the tour, it was arranged through Babu's friendship with Al Aronowitz, Allen Ginsberg, The Band and Bob Dylan.


Babu Kishan's link on Bob Dylan's - Who is Who?


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