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Sunday, January 2, 2011

GaurChand Hospital!!

Bengali Kalighat school style of Painting.

Gaur Chand Hospital 
(Baul song by Nabani's Das Khyapa Baul's Grandfather , 
Grandfather, Ananta Gosia Das Baul this Lineage Baul!
"Brother, why should we endure any more pain?
We have suffered enough.
Come, all of you who will, visit the hospital of Gaur chand in the Hospital in Nadia.
Never have we seen such relief from sufferings
exploring the city's clinics day after day.
Come, all of you who wish to visit the hospital of Gaurchand in the city of Nadia.

God is the absolute compounder, chief of the hospital.
Nityanand and Shribas are there too,
with Haridas, the compounder, mixing the medicine.
They have painted a sign three stories high
and have in store what you cannot find today.
 The patients are rolling in with one leading the other.

Nityananda has a great reputation
having patients such as Jagai and Madhai, notorious
bandits of time - who were cured in no time.
Come to, come all of you who wish to visit the hospital of Gaurchand.
God has created the medicinal plants
but the medicine is made from a formula with care and the diet
is prescribed by the physician.
Finally, they all dissolve in the devotion to God.
Gosain, the wise one, suggests in his turn,
you will get cured, O senseless one, and conquer your illness.
Come, all of you who wish to visit the hospital of my Gaurchand."


Gaurchand is referring to Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu..
 as he was a fair skinned man.

Nityananda was a Baul of this lineage, he is the main associate of
Sri Chaitanya and the one who
gave him the Hare Krishna maha mantra.

 Nityananada's lineage had been singing the
Hare Krishna Maha Mantra for thousands of years.

New age Vaishnava reformers have changed the story, ignoring that
Nityananda was a Vaishnava Baul Avadhut.

Baul is an ancient oral Sanskrit tradition of storytelling the ancient shastra, 

preserved in Sanskrit... sung in vernacular Birbhum Bengali for the common folk.

This one and only Lineage is NOTorthodox and believe in spontaneous devotion, natural devotion, Sahaja, Krishna Sahaja.

Bauls were the original Kirtanya's in Bengal. 

Sri Chaitanya was a scholar he learned the
Hare Krishna singing and dancing from Nityananda who is an ancestor of this lineage.

Sri Chaitanya learned the power of chanting and dancing, Bauls are the pied pipers of Love, thus Sri Chaitanya starting his revolution of Chanting and dancing that the Bauls had been doing for thousands of years already. 
Not much is known about this as Bauls do not care, 
they do not have temples to build and books to sell, they have their own practices , however, they do care about who wrote the poetry and always name the poet. In todays world new Bauls do not they just use and never say. Babu Kishan has preserved this lineage since the 1960's that is why New Bauls "the fake it til you make it" Baul followers say Bauls do not care who the poets are? Which is wrong a cultural appropriation.  
No body in this world would know who Bauls are without this family, this lineage. All others follow, there is no other lineage of Baul..