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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joydev Mela - the cradle of baul history and their biggest gathering - the wandering minstrels themselves seem outnumbered. "The mela has been taken over by kirtanias. Only three out of 10 singers today are bauls.


From the Joydev Mela to psychedelic pubs, strains of the dotaraand beats of the dubkiare creating a common refrain. Baulmusic, just like the bauls, is travelling - and how!
Khyapa ke jabi aye, Joydev-er melaye...It's six in the morning and Kenduli presents a template of schizophrenia. It's biting cold, but the holy dip in the Ajay river is in full swing. Thousands are milling about; local villagers rub shoulders with foreigners. And there's the music - maddening and raucous. The kirtanias are at it, drumming on their khols and chanting "Hare Krishna". Loudspeakers blare songs of the soul, promising divine bliss. But at Joydev Mela - the cradle of baul history and their biggest gathering - the wandering minstrels themselves seem outnumbered.

"The mela has been taken over by kirtanias. Only three out of 10 singers today are bauls. Everyone gathers here - devout crowds, drug peddlers, vagrants, pickpockets. It's impossible to sit at Tamaltala now. It's been taken over by outsiders," says Kartik Das Baul, who's travelled the world with baul music and has been coming to the mela for three decades.

We are sipping chai with the singer when talk turns to baul philosophy - their sadhana. Kartik, who calls himself a griha baul, says, "I have to think of my children's future. I can't give up on my family." The times are changing fast for the baul community. The philosopher-poet-singer - epitomized by someone like Nabani Khyapa, the father of the legendary Purna Das Baul - is giving way to the performer.

This has raised questions about the authenticity of many donning the saffron attire. So, who is a true baul, the mystic or the regular performer? And what about baul sadhana, which is based on dehatatva, or the community's secret sexual practises? "You can be an accountant and still be a baul," says sadhak Gourhari Das in his akhra. The idea is to remain focussed on sadhana, while music is "like formula to remember the maths". As he sits there to discuss dehatatva, all his disciples listen in rapt attention. "To unravel the mysteries of man and Nature, you need to devote four hours a day over 12 years. I have heard in the cities men are faced with sexual problems post-40 and thrive on tablets. It can be dealt with easily through sambhog sadhana."

His disciple, Subal Das, says, "I am coming to the mela for 31 years now. I have been singing mahajani pad from even before. But so far, I haven't come out with a single cassette." Subal and others like him spend the year singing songs of the soil. But isn't money a serious concern? "When I am singing, I am not worried about anything else. Yes, if someone likes the performance, he gives money." Subal has sung in Sonajhuri recently, and the show earned him a lot of praise. He is also aware that there's a good market for baul music in Kolkata. "I have my wife and daughter to look after. But even for them I could not cross over to the city." Marriage, did he say? "We do not believe in taking seven rounds of the sacred fire. For us mala-chandan is more than good. It is to make the woman feel that the man is yours."

For someone like Kartik, the Joydev Mela is walking down the memory lane. He recalls how in 1985 he was chosen to fly to the US with a group of artistes from this mela, a turning point in his career. "My throat was choked, but yet I managed to sing the lines, "Bhola monti amar, khyapa monti amar gurur choroney smaran jeno thake". Prabir Guha, whom I call kaku, would give me 5 after every show. But that day he called me aside to ask whether I would like to travel abroad. Before the show, I even performed for Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi."

Before his exposure abroad, Kartik used to sing in trains and buses to eke out a living. Born to a rickshaw puller in Guskara, he first came in close contact with Ananda Das Baul during the 1978 flood. A year later, he was featured in one of the first baul documentaries, "Le Chant des Fous", by Georges Luneau.

Listeners, Kartik says, have grown in numbers but there are more singers than listeners. "There are many who have come down to be part of the fair. But are they keen to get a flavour of baul music? While some have come here to take a bath, others feast their eyes on those taking a bath." But there's no denying that Kolkata has given bauls the muchrequired platform to showcase their talent. "However, I doubt how many good programmes are organized. Also, when a band is singing the same number, who is going to pay us 10,000? Even then, there's more money in the city. For the past three years, I have stopped performing in villages."

It's only after taking part in a channel's programme that has got him known as a performer in his own village. It's something that hasn't stopped paining Kartik. While the bauls he has worked with have often accused him of grabbing the lion's share of payments, outside his village he is often referred to as "baul-er dalal". "Bauls have more ego than other folk artistes across India," he asserts.

In this mad scramble for money, fame and recognition, life has come full circle for the legendary Gour Khyapa. He was once friends with Bob Marley and feted for his singing across the world, but Gour now lives in a small shack in a bamboo grove away from the hullabaloo at the mela. Sitting in his akhra, he asks, "Amader Duranta Express ke?" The answer comes next, "mon". Just singing songs doesn't make one a baul, he feels. "Anyone can buy a flute. But not all can be Hariprasad Chaurasia. Ajkal guru dhore keu sekhena, nijerai guru hoye gechhe." He goes on to sing, "O mono re" - playfully holding up a bottle of rum, something he has named "Rakkhushi".

Sadhan Das Baul, whose Moner Manush akhra is the talking point of the mela, concurs, "Baul gaan is reaching out to the masses, but what about the baul philosophy?"

While it's essential to get into the tatva, equally important is to make sure that baul songs which are passed down from guru to shishya through word of mouth, don't get diluted in the process. New-age baul Goutam Das, son of Sudhir khyapa, who has been to "India's Got Talent" and even performed for Dharmendra, apart from sharing the same stage with Bickram Ghosh, says, "Baul ta baul-er jaygatei rekhechhi. Gaan gai jate duto pet cholte paare..." He adds that there is no room for rearranging baul music or singing it on electronic instruments. "Ami keyboard bajiye baul gaan gaibona."

But does that stop baul music from being commercialized? Nityagopal Das, son of Biswanath Das Baul, who often comes to the city to perform, says, "It wouldn't be fair to just criticize people. After all, we are getting to eat a square meal because people are listening to baul music." Nityagopal, who came to the mela 30 years back for the first time, has seen a time when baul performers got 1 for their music. Now, apart from the money, city life has opened up new vistas for them. Does that mean he too would someday give up singing at rural fairs? "I can sing at Writers' Buildings and also under a tree. I am a baul," he stresses.

Zinia Sen & Deblina Chakravorty

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gosai Bauls of Birbhum Bengal - (Gosai) Das Baul and Dasi !

Gosai Chand Das Baul and Dasi from the soul and soil of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal India. They are the only indigenous Baul lineage and Sampradaya. This is the Vaishnava Sahajiya Tantric (Gosia Chand) Das Baul. All Bauls follow them, they do not follow others. 




Mirror of the Sky (Nabani Das Khyapa Baul Blog


Do not copy or poach, this is all copyrighted, all rights belong to Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. 

Do not copy for your own purposes and add it to new fake cults as random information presented on youtube as if you are the one who knows? There is too much stolen and appropriated already, names taken off and replaced by fake Bauls? 

Academic scholars who make Baul random, generic and use Baul by saying Baul is an umbrella name for other groups of wandering people, 100% BAUL is absolutely NOT. 

BAUL HAS BEEN USED BY Academic Scholars who have twisted, admitted they do not understand and have speculated about these indigenous people of Birbhum Bengal. They have written definitions of "Who Bauls are" without a Bauls consent and tried to self-determine who Bauls are. All are wrong.

 # 1. Bauls are not Muslim or Fakir. This is Hindu-phobic (misrepresentation of a Hindu 'Sanatan' tradition), to say Bauls is Fakir or Muslim is 100% misrepresentation. 

Baul is are NOT Muslim Fakir. 

# 2. Baul tradition and this one and only Vaishnava Tantric Sahaja Baul Lineage (Sampradaya) tradition and culture is misrepresented and misunderstood by media and academics, this is Hindu-phobic and using Baul for funding only because this family ancestry lineage made Baul famous. Using Baul, twisting Baul, watering down and reducing Baul for either a career or to obtain funding. This has been going on for decades.

Including Babu Kishan's 2 brothers who have a history of copying Babu Kishan's websites, taking his name off and saying they are Music Composers? They are not poets or music composers and not Baul, back in the day when Babu Kishan was absorbed in composing, recording, preserving Baul they were no where to be found except having a good time with their friends?

His Calcutta family who have deleted his name because the younger brother is acting like he did it all. Babu Kishan's youngest brother in Calcutta is one of the worst stealer of Babu Kishan's property, and intellectual property, he is an actor Baul called a Baul artist? He has sold his brothers life long collections and intellectual property and all of his life work and speaks ill of his elder brother, making up fake stories? The truth will be told.

If you want to talk about any writing on this blog or ask permission to (copy anything) even for the purposes of name dropping these stories on your youtube channels? Baul never says come and join us, Baul never collects people?

contact: Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das, but do not name drop as if you knew, because you did not, it was written here first.  

Cheap Tricks:

  • The fake Bauls on facebook are greedy facebook famed people who are not Baul, they have used Baul and made up fake Baul Guru's? This has already been documented and we have proof. 

  • The name dropping of stories that have ony been told by Babu Kishan without using his name or the names of people in this lineage must stop. Babu Kishan did not tell the stories of his lineage for you to read and take the names off and present as if you are the one who knew? Come on that is blatant cheating while faking it making up new lineages, yet using the stories of this lineage, their songs and following whatever, they have done around the world decades before you were born. 100% there is no other Baul lineage.

  • This is not your intellectual property to name drop Nabani, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg or associate yourself with any Padma Shri, stealing the titles of the chapters of Purna Das Bauls book which is Babu Kishan's intellectual property and then listing the chapters as to what you will teach in a workshop. You can not make this stuff up? One day Baul is from Buddhism the next day they wear fake Vaishnava tilak and play a Vaishnava? Next day they are a fake tantric at Tarapith, this is not your indigenous ancestry to use to travel the world and then copy Babu Kishan's style of teaching at Universities but documented you are teaching fake teachings, using Baul for your own life but not a Baul? This has watered down and destroyed Baul. 

  • Not your stories to steal, copy, twist and cherry pick, these story belongs to Babu Kishan they are his intellectual property, he is the one who has preserved Baul since the 1960's, he knew who was a Baul Guru and who copied Baul to survive. 

No one else on this planet knows about Baul as much as Babu Kishan does because he preserved Baul. He is a lineage Baul Lineage is based on a long line of ancestry, it is not a 3 generation based on a poet? 

Babu Kishan is from Baul, Baul is his lineage, his family ancestry, they are the ones who pioneered Baul worldwide while others copied. There is only one lineage of Baul, one Sampradaya, there is no other, they are faking it, lying and cheating. Baul is never fake it til you make it under no circumstance. 

Lineage by the way is only based on ancestry, google lineage, many people use it incorrectly. 

Lineage is Not by random poets or random Guru's, there must be a long line of ancestry to make up a lineage, same with Sampradaya there must be a long at least a few hundred years for there to be a Sampradaya, not a few generations based on a Bramanical Guru or someone who copied and followed this lineage. Baul is never from South India?

Yes, Baul is based on initiation, but only by a authentic Baul Guru within a long line of hundreds of years of ancestry (lineage), who preserved Baul through vernacular Birbhum Bengali dialect, Oral Sanskrit, and Sandhya Basa, one has to know the metaphors and allegory of Baul first, along with long discourse of the shastra, not just Bauls songs and Baul Kirtans. 

If the so called Guru is not an adept at Sanskrit there is no Baul or Baul Guru.

 Oral is implied not only through hearing and remembering recitation, but the ability to read Vaishnava and other agamic manuscripts and to know the codes and secrets behind them. 

Regular english scholarship can never understand, they can only guess and speculate based upon their English University template, and to be able to compose (write Sanskrit). Bauls are 10000% not illiterate.

Somehow, modern Vaishnava takes oral to mean stupid uneducated illiterate, it is the opposite, oral Sanskrit is deeper and mystical with a broad rage and depth of meaning and discourses, as in a living lineage, lived by the people of the lineage, not by outsiders looking in on any indigenous tradition. 

This lineage is indigenous and has a absolute right to their own self-determination and intellectual property as per the United Nations rights of indigenous peoples of planet earth.

This lineage (Chand Gosia Das Baul and Dasi) are the authority of their own self-determination, not scholars, journalist, not the orthodox Vaishnava, fake Bauls or book writers who are mere 'copy and paste' artists of the worst kind when it comes to Baul.

Babu Kishan is an expert and he has had many teachers of both oral and classical Sanskrit. He does not think this is necessary to qualify but I do think it is necessary because over the years I have debated this with many Vaishnava authentic and many new age. This needs to be qualified accurately.

Babu Kishan is the eldest grandchild and the only grandchild who was raised by Nabani. He is the eldest son of Purna Das Baul.

Copyright 2009 - 2040


The oral living lineage (Oral Sanskrit) of the (Vaishnava Tantric Bauls) aka Vaishnava Sahajiya are one and the same. This one and only Lineage of Vaishnava Baul is from Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal. Lineage is a long line, it is not a few generations and if you google lineage it is an ancestral line. 

This lineage and Sampradaya in Sanskrit goes back thousands of years as they are indigenous to Birbhum Bengal India. Nityananda (Gosia Chand Das is an ancestor of this lineage. Nityananda was the elder best friend of Sri Chaityana who started the Gaudiya tradition. Nityananda was the Baul Guru to Chaitanya who taught him the Vaishnava Baul way, of song and dance. 


The Vaishnava Tantric (Sahajiya) Bauls of Birbhum are an ocean established thousands of years ago. Oral Sanskrit, Vernacular Birbhum dialect of Bengali and Sandhya Bhasa, Bauls used a secret tantric yoga coded language. People do not understand, that is why there is so much speculation when it comes to Baul.

No one in this world would know anything about Baul without this pioneering lineage who brought Baul to the villages of Birbhum, to Calctutta, to all of India and then around the world. All new Baul singers follow this one and only lineage Baul. Bauls singers are not real Bauls, they are people who are singers who sing the songs of this lineage and then fake it til they make it, they are dramatic Baul actors. But how would you know, you do not speak the language?

Bauls are oral Sanskritist it does not mean they could not read Sanskrit as many of the new age Vaishnava will say, they will try to corner one on every point because they have an agenda. Nabani Das Khyapa Baul had many manuscripts, read and wrote in Sanskrit, this lineage was adept at Sanskrit in an indigenous way, not in a classical University trained way. 

What is the difference: they knew Sanskrit by hearing and remembering the sounds, they knew the power of each sounds, and the many stories behind the sounds. Oral Sanskrit is a mystical tantric Sanskrit, knowing the magical stories behind the stories.

This lineage composed in Sanskrit poetry and read Vaishnava Agamic manuscripts, Purnas, Upanishads and other Sanskrit texts. As soon as oral is mentioned people assume something else. University trained in Sanskrit is called Classically trained, the essence of Sanskrit is not alive in University Sanskrit. 

Oral Sanskrit is more of a one word in English for one word in Sanskrit, there is a huge difference in understanding the deeper meanings and the mystical experience in the energy of the words and the stories behind the stories. Not many University learning in Sanskrit is mystical, alive or full of energy, not many know the stories behind the stories and can transmit that directly teacher to student.

Babu Kishan learned both ways that is how I know there is a difference. One way is indigenous the other way is learning in the British educational way, which is what the regular school system is modelled after. There is a huge difference in emotions and when you add a secret coded yogic language Sandhya Bhasa it is almost impossible for any academic scholar to translate. 

This not making it easy for outsiders to understand is a Baul technique. If you made it this far in the history of Bengal and survived famines, Islamic invaders and the British the only way was through secrecy and hiding ability deep in the villages of Bengal. Baul is extinct today for many other reasons, one being they are indigenous and many people have used them and their way of life no longer can exist in the modern world.

Vaishnava Bauls are not illiterate, did not speak English, Urdu or Hindi and because they only spoke and wrote in  Vernacular Birbhum Bengali and oral Sanskrit does not mean you are illiterate. 

This signified the colonial mind, Bauls were not colonized like the regular Bengali's who became English schooled, meaning the people trying to analyze the Bauls like you are specimens in zoo do not have a clue what actual illiterate means. Oral Sanskrit and speaking 2 languages is not illiterate. The people who followed Baul may have been illiterate but a Baul was far advanced as their oral speaking gave them a photographic memory and yes they could write but not in English. Babu Kishan is the first Baul to be fluid in English. Thus, he is the first Baul to read and critique what scholars wrote. 

Scholars never thought a Baul would come to the west and read what they wrote. They proved to Babu Kishan that none of them knew what they were talking about and he tested and met them all in Sanskrit and their knowledge of Baul. To say the least he was not impressed and he stressed them out, because what they wrote was no correct?

This one and only lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Sahajiya Baul (Chand Gosia Das Baul) spoke vernacular Birbhum Bengali, Sanskrit and Sandhy Bhasa a language that you are not supposed to understand because it is secret. 

Bauls are not Fakir, Fakir is using Baul or I should say Bangladesh is using Baul for fundraising purposes, they have duped enough people through their using of Baul. There is no such thing as a Baul Fakir, Baul is Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) Fakir is Muslim. Never in the history of Islam have they accepted Hindism, Christianity, Buddhism or any religion or practice outside of their Islam. In Baul there is no exception, they have appropriated Baul and converted it into Muslim. Lalon Fakir never said he was a Baul, he is not a Baul and never did Baul sadhana, yet this narrative is used to brainwash and take Indian Baul away from India. 

Baul has become known and popular only through this lineage, and thus to fundraise they use Baul, if they fundraised just using Fakir they would not get funding, therefore, they add Baul to obtain funds for the poor Fakirs who are traumatized by nothing other than fundamental Islam. Baul has nothing to do with Islam other than Bauls saved some Sufi's way back from being tortured by radical Islam. Baul does not follow anybody, others follow them, however, this gives no one the right to use Baul for fundraising.

If you have an ear for languages you would know there are different dialects in Bengal and you could understand that Bangladeshi Bengali is different and was only brought into Birbhum by the refugees from Bangladesh in the 1970's. At this time many refugees embraced Baul as a way to survive, Purna Das Baul music was played constantly on all Indian Radio and other radio stations broadcast across Calcutta. A certain amount of refugee's attached themselves to Baul not for practice (sadhana) but singing and copying everything Purna Das Baul sang. This is one of the places where Baul became the the sect to use. Perhaps out of necessity for survival as a way to beg to survive. These people followed Baul, many wandering people did, however, they are not Bauls. 

Babu Kishan is the last of any that has been educated in oral Sanskrit and the first to receive a classical Sanskrit through 12 years as a Ramakrishna Monk and with a Masters Degree in Indian Philosophy and Indian Music. He pioneered Baul traveling around the world, no Bauls ever traveled outside of Bengal before this. Many are going around saying they are legendary and bragging about how Baul travels the world, no Bauls traveled worldwide until this lineage, no Bauls traveled India before this lineage? 

How would you know when others are telling you they are the ones, those people are using Baul, they are not Baul but since nobody knows what is Baul, this use of indigenous Baul songs of the lineage will continue.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das is the first Baul to learn English, thus he could read and speak to all scholars from the 1960's to today. He has qualified many of them which really upset many of them, how dare this young guy question us on what we wrote about his tradition?

 Can you imagine that you have a lineage for thousands of years, it is your indigenous ancestry and scholars lord over you as the authority of your tradition? 

An academic scholar works for themselves for their career, they try to lord over indigenous peoples as the knowers of truth on ancient indigenous Baul practices. The authority of any lineage lies within the lineage, not within academia, not within the orthodox who have for a very long time used a speakers who hate indigenous Sahajiya Tantric Bauls calling them names such as degraded, low caste, no caste, degenerates? 

This is a huge disrespect to the authority of indigenous wisdom? The authority lies within the lineage, scholars should not take authority out of the hands of any indigenous people. They should perhaps exit the translating business unless they actual are within the lineage first, not self-titled or self-appointed as authorities who change narratives and make up stories for their own personal careers, they should study their own family lines?

There are thousands of wrong things written about Baul, it is endless and all if not most are confused and wrong, this is one of the things that has lead to a cultural genocide of the Vaishnava Sahajiya Bauls.

 This world would not know about Baul if not for this lineage, because starting with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul know one in this world would even know about Baul. 

Then Purna Das Baul and his eldest son Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das. Babu Kishan has preserved this lineage since the 1960's, he designed and set the platform for all future Bauls to travel. Others copied them, sing their songs, dance their specific style and where ever they have traveled even seeking out and meeting with their friends?

The fake Bauls have deleted the names of this lineage, and have added there own names a Legendary, using and following everything this lineage has done. This has led to a major watering down and reductionism for Baul. 

Because of the fake tourist Bauls and their fake narratives which are disturbing because they use everything from this lineage acting as if they are Baul. Collecting donations for their own personal interest and life without any idea that their fake narratives have led to much chaos and confusion and cultural appropriation. 

People have no clue between what the orthodox spew, what scholars write and to top it off fake dressed up exotic posers and none of them with any connection to the real authentic indigenous ancestral lineage of Baul. They can not even describe what Baul means. Only a lineage Baul and there is only one lineage of Baul, there is not another, should have self-determination as to who Baul is.

All Bauls followed only this lineage, they sing there songs never giving credit and construct associations as they are some how connected to this lineage by saying Baul now has a Padma Shri, Purna Das Baul has a Padma Shri not you by association, or they make loose association to Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg when there was no association, those are only Babu Kishan's stories to tell because he is the only one to have had a many decades friendship and association. 

Stop reading what we write and following everything we do, but you take the names off and add your own fake names.

Now new Baul singers (fake Bauls) are making up fake lineages it is endless and shameless. They look all sweet and innocent by are cheaters and liars, faking it til they make it, the next big Maa or Baba?

They take the names of this lineage and create new narratives, however, they copy everything from this lineage, their songs, dress, and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style of Ektara, Baya (waist drum) and Nupoor (his style of ankle bells) which are metal bells enclosed? 

And by the way the drum around the waist is not a Dupki drum it is a Baya, I can't believe you don't know that and are advertising yourself as Legendary, riding on the coat-tails of this lineage? 

It is a huge insult and disrespect to take Nabani songs, to take his style and then lie (outright lie) to copy and use what does not belong to you, that your fake Guru copied in the first place, when in actual fact is not a Baul Guru?

 Everything was copied including this lineages dress, their songs even following  this lineage around the world, teaching false narratives. 

It is your responsibility to know what is real and what is not real, however, instead you have made up and said, Bauls do not care who the poets are, yes they do care and a Baul knows who the poets are? No, you say this because you are using Baul and have appropriated Nabani poetry putting another poets name on?

 You know people don't know and think what does it matter, no one will know? Well someone does know and it does matter.

The first tenant of Baul is: Tell the truth, be a truth talker, stop water down, reducing, muddying the waters of Baul, Baul is extinct, go and trace your own families path rather than making a career out of Baul.

These fake Bauls will say, Baul is from Turkey, Persian, Uzbekistan or even Bangladesh? 

Fake Bauls will say, Baul Sahaja is from Buddhism? This has been well documented what has been said, and what continually is copied and pasted. 

Baul Sahaja is not from Buddhism it is from Krishna and Dattatreya, it has nothing to do with Buddhism. (told first by Babu Kishan) so if you see this copied and told, his intellectual property has been stolen again.

Baul Sahaja is Krishna, now watch all the fake Bauls change their stories. It has become a joke, seriously how can they live with themselves, no consciousness, when the first tenant of Baul is, TELL THE TRUTH!

Baul Sahaja is Vaishnava, the internet 'fake famed social media' Bauls do not know anything, because they have not learned from a Baul Guru. They make up stories thinking nobody cares, everybody else is doing it, and no one ever says a word? 

They have made up fake Guru's who were not Baul, however these fake made up Baul Guru's are known as copiers of this lineage, right down to songs, dress, and Nabani only dance style? This must all come out and names will be mentioned because it is not dharmic to steal what does not belong to you.

 Grow up and Wake up, even if you are posing as a do gooder Baul, there is a karma involved in stealing intellectual property of another or changing the unchangeable when it does not belong to you. There is karma, study this before you teach Baul.

These fake Bauls and their Gurus are not even from Birbhum they were refugee's from East Pakistan during partition or from Bangladesh and the lies continue on and on, each day a new story, a new lie, a new angle, come and join us? Bauls do not collect people?

They say or one fake Baul in particular, "Bauls do not care who the poets are' while using Nabani's poetry, teaching wrong teachings, taking credit for what they are not even initiated into because their Baul Guru is a fake Baul Guru, who someone told me, someone who is not to be trusted told me this fake Guru even told the person to go and get a real Guru? I have my sources, even though I should not be waste a minute on any of this, but I want the truth, that has been my problem and Babu Kishan's problem all our lives, we only want the truth.

And these people are not innocent, it is about fundraising to collect funds to preserve Baul?

 * * Baul has already been preserved by Babu Kishan decades ago, since the 1960's. Do not fall for this trick, at least ask Babu Kishan if this person is a real Baul or not, he will tell you, we are not collecting people and all the preservation of Baul has been done, we are only looking for translators to help in accurate translations including the discourse to be preserved.

In the case of the Bangladeshi UN official who cheated making up a story Baul is from Persian and Baul is Muslim. 

Baul is not Muslim or Islamic and never has been, they accepted all rejected people they did not become them. There is a big difference, Baul accepts all people they do not become them, they give shelter to all persecuted people, they feed people, care for people because Bauls are humanists, they love humanity.

 100% Baul is not and never was Muslim or aul, sai, dervish, shah or fakir. These are the people looking for funding as Bangladeshi's are Masters of saying oh poor us, we need funds.

This lineage made Baul popular and all sorts of people came out fo the woodwork and distorted, who the Baul are? 

Bauls are not an umbrella name for a group of wandering people, poor people who have no designation? 

All of these false narratives and speculations have created a cultural genocide, but what do you care, you have a career, you can only fool people for so long with social media fake fame.




This is the (Das Baul and Dasi Lineage) there is only ONE any of the Bauls in past or today who use (Das Baul and Dasi) follow this lineage and you can tell by the songs they sing and the real shame is new Baul drama performers who have made up fake lineages, can be known by any so called use of Das Baul and Dasi. 

Especially Das Baul but yet they never thought to change their Guru's name. Das Baul only comes from this lineage. No one ever used lineage in relation to Baul except this lineage and more specifically Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul.

 Just because someone says, their Guru is Gosai, does not mean they are Baul and because they say they are from a lineage does not mean they are. People make up all sorts of narratives to become famous? 

Yes, I repeat over and over, because it is beyond my imagination how scholars write what they write, and continue to water down and reduce Baul. It is beyond my imagination that people actually believe the liars and fakes? Do you understand the language, if you do not how can you possibly know?

Baul is extinct, and it was already preserved decades ago by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. Yet, fundraising is going on to preserve Baul? The Baul songs they are singing are not even Baul?

Only this small lineage is Gosai (Chandra Das Baul) they are from Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal India, a very small pioneering family, all new Baul performers  (singers) follow them. 

It has become vogue (in style) to make up lineages, change narratives make stories reducing and watering down this incredible lineage, copying with no inner Baul essence? 

The Mirror of the sky, reflects the soul.
O Baul of the Road, OBaul of the heart,
What Keeps you tied to the corner of the room.?

Previously recorded on record by this lineage! 

Mirror of the Sky is the name Rabindranath Tagore gave Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. This is history and it is significant. If you are a historian and writing on something why not give credit, if you don't know don't use it, do some research and find out!

Deben Battacharya in Mirror of the Sky, a book he wrote about Nabani using songs of this lineage, yet he wrote anonymous, he wrote Nabani's death date wrong too. Deben should have known better, he is not any authority on Baul he was a friend of Nabanis but was inaccurate in many stories on Nabani and Baul.

The poem and name, "Mirror of the Sky" belong to Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, and is reprinted in: William Dalrymple's "Nine Lives as anonymous as he writes about fake Bauls, the fake it til you make it Bauls in his chapter on Baul. Babu Kishan knows who they all are and is astonished that he the writer actually calls himself a historian?

Chapter 9 Page 236, The songs of the Blind Minstrel,  who is facebook famed for singing a song written by Babu Kishan and music and tune composed by Babu Kishan that was recorded by his parents as a gift. No mention of the poet, the composer or who were the original singers? Ok he is blind how would he know, but he states he has a Guru and that Guru is not a Baul Guru, no credit to Nabani for using these lyrics, seriously as a historian he should have researched this? But on Youtube this song is famously sung by this blind minstrel with no credit given.

Historian and Author, maybe author, but in the case of The Baul's not a very good historian?

Nabani's Das Khyapa Baul's name is not there, with no credit given?

 This happens over and over with Nabani and this lineages lyrics (poetry).

Using Nabani poetry or any poetry of this lineage and then another  saying, "Baul does not care who wrote the poetry? Baul cares

If you quote Ramakrishna, Rabindranath Tagore, Jaydeva, or any other poet why do add their name to the end? Bauls or a few fake Bauls who appropriate think this is Ok, this is not being truthful, and if one is a cheat and liar they are so far from Baul, they are mere cheaters. Baul songs have a poet behind each Baul song, if they do not, they are not Baul songs, Bauls know who the poets are and the people who are now writing Baul poetry it is not Baul, do not call it that. Baul poetry history is complete. It is such a joke, if you can not remember or do not know the names of the poetry you are using, do not ever put your name and any poetry and call it Baul poetry saying I composed this, garbage, stop cheating and using the Baul poetry of this lineage for your own game.

It is respectful to not give credit and necessary to give credit for preservation of Baul. If you do not know, do not use the poetry, Bauls always knew who wrote the poetry.

This is a huge problem, as writers of Baul, use Baul to write books, listening to stories of Baul and using the poetry of this lineage and Nabani Das Kyepa (Khyapa) Baul poetry, never giving credit but making like they are the ones?

New Baul singers sing other people poetry and claim they are Baul songs, they are not. Babu Kishan is a Music Composer and composed 80 % of his dad's famous music. He is one of the first to compose music to Lalon Fakir poetry, then Purna Das Baul sang it, it does not mean Lalon Fakir was a Baul, same with many other poets including Baba Pagla he is a poet that Babu composed music for, and same with the poet Monahar Kepa he was a poet who stayed at their home in Calcutta Babu Kishan composed music for his poetry, they are poets not Bauls great poets, great sadhaka's who followed and loved Baul and this family, that does not make them Bauls. 

So many assumptions! Now today Bauls and non Bauls sing this lineages songs, they also, sing folk songs and Bollywood songs, that does not make one a Baul.?? But young people do not have a clue, they are trying to fit Baul in a square box?

 This lineage knows who wrote the poetry, but outsiders who just write books as saviours of Baul, not ever talking to the right people a real Baul say, Bauls do not care who wrote the poetry, when you are appropriating a lineage, taking their names off the poetry, yes one would say Bauls do not care, you would also, say Baul comes from Turkey and copy all out of books that are wrong. This is not a joke, it is not a game and it is not your lineage to reduce, or it is not yours to steal from this lineage, no matter how subtle.

Baul singers are not Bauls, they are only singing Baul songs, they are using Baul as a way to be a famous singer or the next Baba or Maa, maybe they can hit the lottery of being another Ammachi or another Sadguru or even showing up in Indian Cinema? It boggles the mind, but there is karma, someone outside the human realm is watching, you can fake it til you make it, but you can not water down and reduce Baul, you can never be Nabani Das Khyapa Baul by stealing his dance and songs, you can never be Purna Das Baul trying to usurp his talent and awards and you can never be Babu Kishan who has preserved this lineage and who produced, recorded over 80% of Purna Das Baul famous music which all copy and take the names off as if it was theirs in the first place. Any where in the world there would be huge lawsuits for intellectual property theft and the rights of the poets and music when stolen and names take off, no credit given?


 Many follows this lineage, then take the names off and makes up lineages and stories, mixing and reducing what in fact Baul is or just plain old copying and replacing the tradition with their names?

When preserving a lineage, an extinct lineage, the story must be straight, like a line, a lineage is a long line, it is a must that the poets names are recored correctly and the songs are not watered down and reworked unless it is done by a lineage Baul within a family. 

At least check to see what has previously been recorded by record companies because those are the songs the Blind Minstrel and others are singing, they are not singing anything that has not been recorded mostly by Babu Kishan. 

Yet, all is copied from this lineage and story after story twisted to fit outsider narratives, to fit fake made up lineages. 

Why, because they use all this lineages poetry, their style of dress, even Babu Kishan's aka Krishnendu Das Baul's designed dress, they follow everything they do, Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style of dance and Ektara Baya Nupoor?. 

There are no other Bauls that were 'Gosai', and it takes a lifetime to be a Baul, at least 12 years training in a akhara, being with Guru constantly, a real Baul Guru, not someone who just follows Ektara Baya Nupoor, which is Nabani's style of dance and song. 

Only someone trying to make money off Baul by donation would say it take 3 years and tell people there are about 20,000 Bauls, which is a lie. Collecting people, Baul does not collect people?

Baul was extinct decades ago, Nabani Khyapa Das Baul left the planet in 1969, Brajabala Dasi in late 1990's? All Bauls followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

Babu Kishan preserved Baul decades ago, starting in the 1960's?

Nabani Das (Gosai) Khyapa Baul was a major reformer and poet. All Bauls sing his songs but never mention who the poet is, they sing Babu Kishan's Lyrics and pretend they wrote the song, this is a huge problem and why it is important to know who wrote the poetry!

Patch Work Dress (Guduri) was designed by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. Notice all Baul wear this, have worn this, they follow everything this lineage of Baul does, but keep them under the knee, never mentioning and appropriating all.

This appropriation includes this Lineages songs, their poetry, never mentioning who the poets are because they intentional appropriate, then even worse going around spreading lies, saying Baul does not care who wrote the poetry.

 But then they quote, Kabir, Tagore, Ramakrishna saying who the poets are? 

Baul cares, Baul knows who wrote the poetry, they are taught this. 

Do you understand the depth of the intellectual property theft by fake (nakal) Bauls and how they justify their ignorance, by making it up as they go to cover their lies and making Baul generic, by creating false narratives, watering down and reducing Baul until it is not Baul anymore?

They have followed this lineage, where they go, and who they associate with? Giving one liners and creating Baul as an umbrella name for all wandering people. Baul is not an Umbrella name.

They duplicate and act out Nabani Das Khepa Baul style, (Ektara, Baya (drum on the side of the body), and Nupur (ankle bells), and they never mention where they got this style from? 

They make up lineages by coping all from this lineage? 

Same with the Mystic Drum called the Khamak, which Nabani named Ananda Lahari and added a string, yet they have no clue? 

The Dotara in Baul also, came from this lineage as Gopal Das Baul the son of the Pujari at the Ekachakra Vaishnava temple was married to Radharani Dasi (Nabani's) eldest child. Gopal Das Baul was the first Baul to use the Dotara in the 1940's.

Many writers, scholars, journalists, will say Baul is illiterate, they are low caste, the lowest most uneducated peoples but that is a false narrative, Bauls were oral sanskritists they could read Sanskrit manuscripts, yet this umbrella designation has included all wandering poor people in Baul as a umbrella. 

There is a huge misunderstanding and wrong writings because no one understands, these new Bauls just do not know, they just say sos and so is my Guru when that Guru is not even a Baul Guru. Your Guru must be a Baul Guru because Baul is a who different ball game with really unique techniques, you can copy Chapter after Chapter titles of Purna Das Bauls book as titles of what you are teaching, it is hilarious over the years watching the stupidity? Thinking no one will know, too late I have copied everything from 2006 what has been going on. I started to copy out of curiosity and filed everything away. If only people knew what actually has gone on and is going on? It is beyond belief, maybe they forgot, I didn't.
Radharani Dasi and Gopal Das Baul who introduced the Dotara to Baul in the 1940's.

Those that say, Bauls do not care who wrote the poetry, are using Baul, they do not know who the poets are so they dupe people into thinking they are the all knowing tricking people making Baul random. 

Using everything from this lineage and making up fake lineages. They can not even properly describe what a Baul is, they do not even describe Sahaja the way a Baul would, they use some random description?

This is intellectual property theft. 

When any other poet writes a song they say who it is from Kabir, Tagore but somehow it is common practice to use this lineage. It must stop. 

When one is learning or singing a Baul it was an important part of the Guru relationship that one was taught who wrote the poetry, where did it come from, everything comes from somewhere?? 

You can tell 100% who is fake by the 'generic terms' the randomization used such as 'Baul Masters?' There is no such thing as Baul Masters in regards to Baul, it is Baul Guru, this is a Guru shisya Parmapara.

 Using generic terms or using Babu Kishan's life stories alluding to Baul associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, or Sri Nitai, Rabindranath Tagore when only this lineage (this family) more specifically Babu Kishan, question to ask, why is Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das's name never mentioned, when it is his life his story? Why, are you name dropping, they are not your stories to tell and they are not random, you had nothing to do nor was Guru associated with so why are using this lineages stories?

They do not know the stories, they are using these names and stories to build themselves up, when it has nothing to do with them at all.

Why, even mention these names? It has nothing to do with you or random self-titled Bauls, or your random self titled Baul Masters? 

Another thing, Babu Kishan is the first and only Baul to teach at Universities, because he has a Masters degree and is a paid lecturer at Universities, why copy him? Babu Kishan is the first and only Baul to ever teach at Universities around the world starting in the 1970's, he knew all the Baul scholars? He has a lot to say about all this, but it would take a book, no books. 

Why, try to copy his film and music career 40 years in Indian Cinema, it has very little to do with Baul? Makes no sense? 

Just intellectual theft, Babu is also the first to create a foundation, why copy that? 

Why copy, every chapter of Purna Das Bauls book and say this is what you are teaching, the name of each chapter? 

Copy does not make a Baul, neither does making it up as you go, copying from books as most books on Baul are wrong, Acting and drama does not make a Baul.

Saying sahaja in terms of Baul comes from Buddhism is wrong another false narrative. Some practices have their origins in Buddhism but sahaja does not. If you are a Baul the first thing you should know, especially if you have a real Baul Guru, would explain to you this is a Vaishnava Lineage and who Krishna and Radha are, is what the Sahaja in Baul means.

Those that repeat at Universities in America that their are 4 or 5 types of Baul are wrong, there are not 4 or 5 types of Baul and never have been? This is even funnier and will be in the book as a lesson on copy and paste and then teaching what was a planted statement to see if anybody would repeat it. 

Babu Kishan has watched this over 60 years and he is a bit of a comedian and has planted some things to see if people will repeat it? Even his research and writings left in the Calcutta home were used without his permission written by a foreigner for his father in about 2002 some things were wrong, just copied right in and repeated by a women Baul that is all she could teach at a University. I mean you can not make this stuff up?

 Baul is inclusive, yes indeed, but teaching wrong teaching when Baul is on the verge of extinction is a crime and you will be tested. LOL

Stop using Baul, you have never met Babu Kishan but you have met all of his friends? 

This one and only lineage is Gosai which is spelt many ways today, (Goswami, Gosain). 

Nabani took the Gosai off and kept Chandra Das Baul and Dasi as he did not feel you should touch anybody’s feet except your own, bow to the soul (atma) within yourself. 

Candra Das Baul and Dasi in Bengal comes from this lineage of Nityananda of Ekchakra who was a Baul Avadhut. There is more to it but it will be copied and names taken off.

Baul existed long before Nitai, but who would know, because everything written about Baul by scholars is wrong, mere speculations.

Purna Das Baul - Padma Shri, this lineage always fundraising for decades for Gaudiya Math in Bengal. They knew who they were, and always held them the most high?

The new rivers flow into the ocean, but the ocean does not flow into the river. The ocean can not become smaller. Every day the ocean becomes more vast, fed by the river which cannot but seek unity. 

A seed will grow roots then grow into a beautiful tree full of lush leaves, flowers and fruit. The fruit of this tree is called Baul who are ‘Wind Catchers” who practice (Vayu Dharma) through Tantric Yogic practices. Copyright

This fruit can only grow through Sadhana (practice). The juice or Rasa Lila of Baul is alive because this lineage has kept the light burning for thousands of years of pure devotion. 

In my observations, the new Bauls are trying to change the unchangeable ocean of the Bauls of Bengal, severing the roots. Without the roots the tree will not grow for future generations.

Changing the narrative into something that will not grow, it may fulfill the present need of a career, and some kind of trumped up fame for a few years, but the indigenous river is running dry due to fake and fake narratives, reductionism, copy and paste, fb fame, wrong teachings so that they can be a moment in time tourist drama career. 

Preserve your own family lineage, follow Baul but do not make people stupid, go to your own family roots and work with that? Stop creating false narratives!

Baul is a mystical tradition of yogic sadhana, a Guru Disciple Parampara  Sampradaya, an oral Sanskrit living lineage like all indigenous traditions are dying a slow death to the modern world. 

The difference between Vaishnava Sahajiya Tantric Baul is that they are Tantric, the orthodox do not like this, they have been calling them denigraded since Nityananda came on the scene back in the 1500's most complaining to Chaitanya after he went to Puri that Nityanada was doing wrong. Telling tales even back then. Nitai was a Vaishnava Baul Tantric Avadhut, he was not the same as Chaitanya but a great friend. 

Too many reformers, too many other branches of Gaudiya Vaishnavism?


These writings are drafts of larger topics for Babu Kishan's 4th book, they change all the time as the refining process continues.

 I see people all over the world reading the blog, thank you for taking the time. Ultimately I feel people only read so they can understand the people who are following Baul but presenting as Baul. I can't say it enough, Baul is not a random umbrella for singers or dramatic actors, it is not an easy subject to weed through and my writings are copied all time? Please; just observe and be aware, Baul actually is extinct.

Mirror of the Sky - Ananda Lahari

​Kali Krishna Tantric Vaishnava Baul Akhara 'Ashram'
the difference between this Baul lineage is that they are Tantric, orthodox Vaishnava are not, there has been many branches and reformers.

Copy Right 2010 - 2040

Do not copy

Stop the Intellectual Liquidation of this one and only lineage!

There is no other Baul lineage, there never has been another lineage!

Many will say, Baul is associated with, making Babu Kishan's real life stories generic, and others in this lineage stories generic. When you hear any person use generic terms regarding Baul, such as making associations that never existed they are appropriating Baul. 

Any generalizations or random association in statements about Baul are false  associations! Statements such as Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, George Harrison, Bollywood, Rabindranath Tagore ect or Baul has a Padma Shree that is a random statement example by people who use the stories of this lineage but do not mention the names, the name is Purna Das Baul he is Babu Kishan's father the dramatic Baul follower appropriator does this all the time, she has appropriated Nabani styles and his song giving another poets name, I need not say her name here.

It is a random waste land out there, in one book they posted a picture of a random Baul on the next page they said, Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg. That random Baul follower never ever met them, this is intellectual property theft and cultural appropriation. Random self professed Bauls were not associated with, it was (Babu Kishan) who was associated with them" no you were NOT. 

To make up random associations is making false narratives, it is using somebodies life stories without their permission. Same with name dropping, stop name dropping, trying to collect devotee's telling people come and join us? Making up there are 20,000 or 30,000 Bauls? It is not a game, Baul is extinct.

Using Baul through false association.

They take the names off and take credit for stories that belong to this lineage.

Making new lineages up.

These stories and name dropping from Babu Kishan's life stories do not belong to you?

They are not your stories, they are the life and intellectual property of Babu Kishan.

Yes, repeat, repeat, repeat, and one day soon in the media too.

Enjoy Baul !!

​That was Babu Kishan's intent, to help others become Baul, he created the template and encouraged many Bauls to travel around the world, he even brought them along with his family.

Baul is extinct and Babu Kishan has preserved it back in the 1960's.

His Grandfather Guru (Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Grandmother Guru (Brajabala Dasi) are his Guru's!

Born in Birbhum almost 60 years ago and has seen all and was raised by the last of the only lineage Bauls of Bengal.

Babu Kishan is the eldest grandchild and the only one who took them both as Guru's from Birth because his birth father Purna Das Baul and birth mother Manju Dasi, left him as a baby to die in Birbhum and went back to Calcutta without looking back, they had 2 other son's and forgot about their eldest in Birbhum?

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul gave all to Babu Kishan he even named him Krishnendu and kept him with him 24/7 having him blessed by all the Saints, Yogi's, Tantric's, Naths, Guru's of the early 1960's in Birbhum. Nabani brought Babu Kishan as a baby to Tarapith and the burning grounds and prayed to Tara Ma to heal him, she did and thus Tara Maa a Mahavidya and Kali have always been with Babu Kishan.

At roughly 8 years of age in 1969, Nabani passed into samadhi and initiated Babu Kishan into a deep 9 day samadhi, that is why you can not see him at the picture of Nabani's samadhi he was gone for 9 days could not move or talk. Nabani passed all of his energy to Babu like a big electrical shock.

Mirror of the Sky - is the name Rabindranath Tagore gave Nabani Das Khyapa Baul

We know what we have written and all who write or have said in youtube  talks about Baul are documented daily for fake teachings.

Name dropping Nabani, Bob Dylan, Rabindranath Tagore, no shame?

Baul has become watered down and reduced to a point, where nothing any outsider says is true anymore.

It seems people just make it up, now asking for donations, to preserve Baul when it has been preserved decades ago. Babu Kishan preserved Baul decades ago, the people today are singing this lineages songs, in desperation to be a Maa or Baba or saviour of Baul, some have taken the names off and added new names. 

Literally Babu Kishan is embarrassed by what these women and men have done with Baul, so much so that he really wants nothing to do with Baul anymore, because he is embarrassed at the copy and paste.

All Purna Das Baul's famous music, was produced, recorded and Music was composed by his eldest Son Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das. Many of the Lyrics are also, by Babu Kishan which many all Bauls are singing on recorded youtube clips , with no credit given.

Lyrics and who wrote the poetry is part of Lineage Baul it has been for generations, it is important and if a Baul does not mention who wrote the poetry, it is because they do not know or are just using this lineage and perhaps even intentionally taking the name off. This is wrong and is mis-appropriation of Baul at a time when Baul is extinct or near extinction?

Lyrics matter, the poet matters especially when you are using what does not belong to you, intentionally trying to appropriate and liquidate this lineage, creating false narratives and trying to collect people for your fake lineage?

Making documentaries when you know not a drop about Baul, it is just about trying to get money from the United Nations, creating false narratives with fake Bauls, people who are not even Baul showing them all smoking ganja in a group?

Babu Kishan has seen this over 60 years people trying to use Baul in one way or another, writing books (academic speculations), creating documentaries (with people posing as Baul), using Baul music and creating and teaching false narrative.

This using always comes back to donations, money money money to use Baul creating fake lineages, making wrong associations about who is a Baul Guru, there is no such thing as Baul Masters?

Saying there are roughly 20,000 Baul in Birbhum when that is a complete lie?

Making Baul Muslim to collect funds, saying Baul is from Persia, Turkey or even saying you do not know, why are you fundraising collecting donations trying to be a Maa or Baba when you do not even know and using Nabani style Ektara, Baya and Nupoor (ankle bells) and Nabani's songs putting other poets name on the song? Telling people there are 4 or 5 types of Baul Sai, Dervish, Aul, fakir obvious you do not know anything about Baul but parading around the world?

Baul is not Muslim either.

Using Baul for Tantric Sex, the list goes on and one?


Random association, using this lineages stories but making Baul generic.
Baul according to this lineage and Babu Kishan's friendships and his families association. 

The associations with this lineage (only) include:
this list will grow daily. Others follow this lineage!

Nothing wrong with following but there is with using and duping, watering down and reducing and using generic terms and teaching wrong teachings and making false associations.

Sri Nityananda and the lineage coming out of his family of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal, this is this lineages association only, in regards to Baul.
Jai Nitai

Rabindranath Tagore -
Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was the only Baul who initiated Tagore into Baul

Ektara Baya Nupoor, style of dance and song was created
by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

The patch work Guduri (dress) designed by Babu Kishan

Das Baul and Dasi this lineage only!

Baul Kirtan

​Baul Guru 

Bob Dylan

Allen Ginsberg

The Rolling Stones

George Harrison

Osho and Baul associated with Babu Kishan and Nabani Das Kyapa Baul only!

Baul Avadhut, this lineage only!

Pous Mela

Joy Dev Mela

Vaishnava Baul

Vaishnava Tantric Baul


Rasa Lila Mystics

Baul explanation: Vayu Dharma, Vayu Tula

Ananda Lahari

Oral Tradition, Oral Sanskrit, Manuscripts, vernacular  Birbhum dialect

Ektara/ Gopi Yantra/ Gopi Chand this lineage only!

Tarapith Tara Ma, Baul association was Nabani Das Khyapa Baul others followed?

Poetry of this Lineage archived by Babu Kishan, this list will grow

Now acting like they too, but never mentioned before, until it was written on Babukishan.com in the 1990's and his 3 books and pretending they learned it someone else?

1970 to today Babu Kishan has given 100's of lectures all around the world.

Baul Akhara, not used by others until recently, hmmm?

There are not 20 thousand Bauls in Birbhum and we are not looking for devotee's, Baul does not want devotee's?

If anything Baul avoids and makes the path crooked and not easily accessible.

We are not saying come join us? 

We are here to educate and tell the truth of who and what is Baul.