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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

There is NO Such thing as a Baul Master or Baul Masters!

If a person keeps repeating something long enough, through repetition, I am this, I am that? Changing narratives another trick? and new narratives only become true through the internet! They think nobody will know, nobody will know?


Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

George Bernard Shaww

People who are judging who is real Baul or who is an unreal Baul are not even qualified to understand what Baul actually is, I bet most can not even tell what Baul actually means. 

Most people only understand Baul based on books and internet? 

Some who have viewed a performance have never seen or met a real Baul, they do not even know the questions that one should ask and what the answers are? Do the people understand Bengali, NO, do they know that Birbhum Bengali is different from the Bengali of other places? Do they have any experience judging what is real Baul and what is not, NO, they just listen to whoever tells them wahtever??

This is one of the oldest trick, 'fake it til you make it, at all costs', tell the people what works in your favour, say, "Baul's do not care who the poets are," because you personally do not know or are repeating whatever is said, on the internet or from a book or you just make it up? 

Baul's always came from a family, but fake Baul's will say, no Baul comes only through initiation?i Changing an ancient thousands or years old lineage to include yourself? Then  making up a fake lineage to show you are authentic, copy whatever this lineage has already completed and put your name on it as if your fake Guru created it all?

My dear, all Bauls followed us, we are the pioneers of introducing Baul to the world, without our many decades of taking Baul from the villages of Birbhum to Calcutta, to India and the world no one in this world would know about Baul?

 Thinking no one will know, people are basically ignorant and they love exotic, they will believe whatever I say?

 If you tell people long enough I have a great voice, they will believe it, even if they do not have any understanding of Indian music or the language, but you knew this. You can make people stupid in this day and age of fake Baul and internet!  

Kali Yuga - the time we live in, the time of opposite, backwards. All you need is a internet marketer, a promoter. What is fake will appear as real and what is real will appear as fake? The age of a 3 second attentions span, watering down and reductionism.

When anybody promotes they are a 'Baul Master', or uses the term 'Baul Masters'! Baul Masters is fake Bauls, a new made up random generic term to whitewash lack of authenticity. Stop using Baul, using this lineages songs, their dress and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style, Ekatara, Baya (drum at the waist) and Nupur (ankle bells) and saying you come from a different lineage that does not exist, stop saying Bauls do not care who the poets are. Baul care and they know who the poets are, only someone using Baul would not know?


Baul is from Birbhum only, Birbhum is the birth place and only place of Baul, not Bangladesh, Murshidabad, not Assam not that belt or Turkey, Persian, Uzbekistan? Baul is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words. Baul is oral Sanskrit, and yes they read Manuscripts. But you will read and hear Bauls are illiterate, perhaps when it comes to English perhaps. But as we have learned oral Sanskrit is way more literate than English will ever be and it gives a photographic memory, thus that is why a Vaishnava Baul hears and remembers.


The illiterate are people who come to Baul, not Baul. The people who follow Baul and the people who today use Baul. They never did in the past, they came to Baul because Baul accepts all and feeds all. A Baul never becomes others, and they never let people touch their feet, touch your own feet. People promoting Baul entering the village and having their feet touched are only trying to be a Baba or Maa, today a lucrative business a way of duping people?

Baul's were 'Guru's' of the most high, they, they were Gosai they never ever used or called themselves 'Baul Masters' this is generic term, new made up term. 


Baul is extinct, this is reason to stop watering down, dumbing down and making it up as you go? Stop making a mess of Baul, find your own families lineage and make a mess of that?

The problem is Baul is extinct. Going around making things up leads to a 'cultural genocide' of a marginalized small group of indigenous souls, that have been reduced to extinction. For many reasons one being the world has changed. 

The people who are singing Baul today are not from Baul nor was their Gurus including a Gosai. Most Gosai's are not Baul only this one small family is.

These so called Bauls followed this lineage and you may ask how? 

1) They dress as this lineage, I have images of many who have worn the patch work Guduri, designed by Babu Kishan? Including this Women's Bauls Guru, who also, followed them around. He danced Nabani Das Kypapa Baul style singing Nabani's songs? How can he be from another lineage, his Guru is listed and he is a poet, he is not a Baul. Listen Babu Kishan recorded his Guru's poetry, he used to stay at Babu's home in Calcutta and always asked Babu to put his poetry to music? He is a poet who loved this lineage and Babu Kishan?

2) They all used to hang around with this lineage, follow them around the world, making like it is a competition. Many stories will be told. No one is perfect but very few tell the truth.

3) 100% all Baul's sing this lineages songs, because they have been recorded previously? They sing all the recorded songs of this lineage, mostly all recorded by Babu Kishan.

There is a poets name from this lineage for each song, and if you do not know you are 100% not a Baul! If it is not a song from this lineage, it is a poet who followed this lineage.

Babu Kishan still knows who wrote the songs and the history of the song. Babu Kishan has preserved Baul since the 1960's, Baul has already been preserved decades ago? Baul does not need a saviour to collect funds to preserve Baul by people who are not Baul and when it already has been done? They have made enough mess of Baul using and teaching wrong teachings, reducing this lineage to dust.

Why, does Babu Kishan know all the poets, yet this so called self title 'Baul Master' has not got a clue? Why, has she taken 'Nabani Das Khyapa Baul' style of Ektara, Baya (drum around the waist) and Nupoor ankle bells? 

Tricky Baul, Circus Baul, Drama Baul, Nakal Bauls aka Fake Bauls?

A true Baul Guru would have taught the song they recorded ' Kichhu Di Mone Mone' is a very famous previously recorded song of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in the 1960's by Hindustan Records, yet this song has another poets name on the song on a Kabir page?

OH no not a Baul Master? If you were a Baul Master you would know who the poets are and paid respect to the Baul you took the song from, there is way too much of this, all singing this lineages songs, even Babu Kishan's own poetry and acting like they all came from somewhere else, when the song was previously recorded, we know you do not, that is why this using is so insidious in the face of extinction, it is not helpful, it creates a cultural genocide and extinction, in the west it would be called intellectual property theft.

Kichhu Din Mone Mone

Taking his song and putting other poets names on the songs? 

The Bauls she call Baul Masters are on youtube singing Babu Kishan's own poetry, his tune and his lineages songs.

But how would know, first of all you have to know Bengal, Birbhum Bengali, in todays world social media and the master minds behind marketing online are no match for a small lineage of people? This is Kali Yuga the age of backwards, the age of fake.

Using the term 'Baul Master' reduces Baul, saying Baul does not care who the poets are is creating a cultural Genocide. Teaching the wrong teachings all out of book, this is on you this is your karma.

Babu Kishan knows who all the poets are and they are singing the songs from this lineage. 

Baul never said, they do not care who the poets are, and lumps all Baul's saying Baul Masters. 

Teaching @ Berkley University that there are 3 or 4 types of Baul Aul, Sai, Dervish, Fakir and shah is teaching wrong teachings, ruining Baul and originally comes from an orthox Vaishnava who hated Bauls.

Once I saw an advertisement going back years now, where this Baul Women was saying she was teaching a class on Baul, and she listed all the chapter of Babu's fathers book as the Curriculum for the workshop? Seriously??

Reducing, Watering down, for the sake of using Baul, collecting donations to preserve Baul, when it is already preserved by Babu Kishan decades ago?

Cheaters leading to a Cultural Genocide of a tradition that does not even belong to this Baul Women, who lives in South India being promoted by her South Indian friends?

The most traveled Baul women, another lie. 

First you have to be a Baul Women, and know that story was over decades ago. Manju Das, (Purna Das Baul's) wife is the first, only and last Baul Women to travel the world. The only Legendary Baul Women were gone decades ago, they are extinct, Brojabala Dasi, Radharani Dasi?.

Manju Das was the first and only Baul Women to travel the world hundreds of times but that was back in the 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, up to her death in 2010 and she was a real singer? 

Manju gave a astronomical contribution along with her son Babu Kishan, they provided a platform for any Baul to travel around the world, before this no Baul traveled around the world or outside of India, Babu started this. 

New Baul's are bragging they are the first and only?

Paid teachings at Universities came from Babu Kishan because he is qualified and has taught a Universities around the world since the 1960's. At all Universities all around India. BA MA in Indian Music and Philosophy Calcutta University, 12 years at the Rama Krishna Mission in Calcutta. 

Oh excuse me you are not getting paid, it is free, donation only? Donation for wrong teachings, donations to create a Baul archive, when Baul has already been archived decades ago?

Babu Kishan taught Baul not from the internet, not from books, but from his lineage. He is a born oral Sanskritist, Sanskrit at the Ramakrishna Mission, Sanskrit all through University to Masters Level. He has lectured all over India about Baul and all of Indian Philosophy. Trained in the oral and classical traditions of Sanskrit.

Do we want to be wasting our time, continually trying to educate people no, but when it is your lineage for thousands of years and someone is using, watering down, reducing teachings and making up lineages, teaching wrong teachings, yes the truth must be told.

Only a few Universities around the world.

Many he taught more than once.

Chicago University
Boston University
Pennsylvania Music College
Baltimore Music College,
Philadelphia Arts and Music College
Kansas University Music
St Louis University
Washington and Lee
University of Washington
University of Toronto
​University of British Columbia
SFU (Simon Fraser University)
Mumbai University
Whistling Woods Film Institute in Mumbai
San Francisco College of Arts
Berkeley University Music School
Red Wood University
San Diego University
University of Victoria
Cambridge and Oxford in UK
Berlin Music College
Stuttgart University
Bremen University Germany
Hamburg University
Cologne University
University Germany  
Zurich University
Geneva University
Brussels University
Rome University of Fine Arts
University of Honk Kong
University of Bangkok
University of Singapore
Delhi University
University of Mauritius
University of Johannesburg South Africa
Calcutta University
Vishva Bharati in Shantiniketan Birbhum

Seriously this is messed up, do Baul performances but stop all the bragging and making up of stories!