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Friday, August 24, 2018

Who is Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das aka Baul Guru

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

KD Babu Kishan

Babu Kishan is the Creator of 'Baul Fusion' 
- from early 1970's over 2 decades before anybody else?
He is a prolific Music Composer since early 1970's. 

KD Babu Kishan Recorded, Produced, Composed Music for the 1st recorded 'Hanuman Chalisa' singing by Hari Om Sharan which is the most listened to Devotional Music in the History of India with over 3 Billion listens.

New Book to be released soon 2023 or early 2024, where Babu Kishan will tell all, speak about everything, open and honest.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul has already preserved and archived Baul, decades ago. 

The archiving and Preservation of this one and only Lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Bauls of Birbhum Bengal has been done, preserved since the 1960's by Babu Kishan and through the Sanskrit oral tradition for many generations going back a very long time. There are no Bauls that can speak oral Sanskrit today, either lack of interest or the Bauls today are not from Baul, most just copy all from this lineage, with lack of proper training, most just talk and learn from books, if that?

It is a lie to say Bauls do not care who the poets are? It is more appropriate to say, if you are calling yourself a Baul and you Guru as a Baul Guru, and going around saying Bauls do not care who wrote the poetry, you are the biggest Cultural Appropriator.  One who says that is ignorant and just using Baul, making it up and 'faking it tile they make it' an actor, tourist attraction or trying to be a Baba or Maa, collecting donations and using people? 

 What people write about Baul is wrong, they take a truth and twist it for their own agenda. 
The truth will be told. 

The inconstant speculations or name dropping will become evident eventually, the holes in your theft will become obvious?

This lineage is the only Lineage of Baul, Vaishnava Tantric Baul, the path of the Avadhut! 
The only lineage of Das and Dasi and Ektara, Baya and Nupoor, Nabani Das Khyapa Bauls created own style.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das

Multi-Talented - Award Winning - Lifetime Achievement Award in Bollywood 2007

Life Member of Indian Cine Music Directors Association  

Life Member of Indian Performing Rights Society

Curriculum Vita

Krishnendu Das - aka - K D Babu Kishan

BA Indian Music and Philosophy - Calcutta University
MA Indian Music - Calcutta University





Composed, Produced, Marketed Successfully 60 ALBUMS

200 or more of his poetry (lyrics) have produced super duper hit songs. 


Composed- Profile - Principle - Live Background Music

- for more than 10 Bengali & Hindi Drama & Theatre Productions. The most popular Sri Chaitanya MahaPrabhu, Aposh, Marg, Amla Madhu and In Hindi Koi Nahi, Atma and more.

 Produced many successful TV series, documentaries for Indian National and other TV Stations.

Senior Management in Indian Cinema, Music Consultant, Major Bollywood Event Film and Music Release Event Planner. Lifetime friends with Senior Journalist of all Major News Sources and Connected Politically from a young age.

 Cultural Representative of India for 45 years:
 -appointed by the Government of India, traveling through India and Worldwide for the Indian Governme nt as a representative of Indian Culture AND MUSIC  since 1970 through Sangeet Natak Akademi ​"Indian National Academy of Music Dance and Drama" & ICCR "Indian Council of Cultural Relations"

I should not give too much away, the next thing they will be running in the door, of ICCR and Sangeet Natak Academi  making video's and trying to prove they are legit to people who have no clue? This is what they "the fake Bauls do" they watch everything Babu Kishan does or writes and then try to replicate it, even his 40 years in Indian Cinema? 
Bauls never were hunters but this new bread of "fake it til you make it" are hunters.

Expert in the 'Folk Music of Bengal and India'.

Music consultant in the 1980's, 1990's to 2005 for CBS India and other Top Music Companies in Bombay, specifically hired to categorize all of India's Folk and Classical Music because of his expertise in the Music of India and the languages of India.

Master of Indian Folk & Indian Classical  
Music Composer, Master of Indian Music.

Career History – Senior Management – Music & Film Industry India

1978 – 1990  HMV- Composer, Writer of Music for famous India singers, Event Planner.

1986 -1993  Venus/Tips/Music India, Music Producer, and Composer, Event Planner.

1986-1993 CBS India -  Music Producer, Creative Director India, promoter, of artist such as Cindy Lauper, Micheal Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Pink Floyd, Gypsy Kings and others, Event Planner.

1991 -2004 Digital Music Studio – Owned, and Operated by Babukishan – Composer, Music Production for Film, Event Planner.

1994-1996 Time Audio Video – ABCL Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd
 - Quality Assurance Manager Film & Music Production/Marketing, and Event Management. Film, and Music Promotion, Event Planner.

1997-2004 Universal Music Label - Music Producer, Music Composer, Consultant, Event Planner.

1996-1999 PEN Audio Video Film - Music Producer, Promoter, Consultant, Event Planner.

1996-2001 T-series- Music Producer - Composer, Event Planner.

​Profitably successful marketed and sold 300 Films and 500 Albums. Composed, Produced, Sold and Marketed at least 60 of his own albums. He is an expert at Creating Film from the start to the selling it successfully. 

Artist & Repertoire (A&R Manager) 
_for film and music, a manager from concept to release.  Quality controller, talent search, contract, budgets, over seeing the whole film and music, from start to finish, including the release, event management, promotion and sales of the film and music. Babu Kishan is an expert Film project designer. Line producer, distribution, film, music, soap opera, TV Series, production marketing sales advertising promotion.  

Event Planning and Organizational Management 
for Indian Cinema (Bollywood) Film and Music release events.

In  Senior Management in Indian Cinema (Bollywood) he is the person who started to promote the Playback singers and release their music in a big way and promoting them on billboards, with posters. 
Babu Kishan is the creator and designer and organiser of huge Bollywood (event planner) before event planning was even a career in India. Babu Kishan organized all of the Bollywood Film and Music Release events for all the top Film and Music Companies.

Organized, Managed and helped Create ‘The Hope 86’ Conference in association with the West Bengal Government and Indian Cinema Star Mithun Chakraborty. In 1986  it was India’s largest ever event of its kind with 300 celebrities all Politicians, Film industry, Music industry and others from all over India. All the top from all over India came to Calcutta W Bengal India for ‘The Hope 86’ event of the decade. 

Created Organized Managed a huge Festival in Bengal called the Gopal Nagar Mela (Festival), arranging officials, stage management, securing land, budgets, food, security, performers, tens of thousands of people attended my festivals in the 1980.

Organizing and Event Management is in my blood from an early age as I was the Tour, Event and Manager of my father Purna Das Baul, who 
 is a Legendary Folk singer, the first highly awarded Indian Vocalist to come to America in 1967. 

In those day it was not easy to travel around the world and outside India, I organized all of his tours from the 1970’s for almost 2 decades.

Master Music Composer Producer from beginning to end sales and has been successful in the business of Film and Music for over 40 years.

Sold Film Rights More than 500 Super Hit Albums & Films in the

​1978 -  2008

His spiritual music is heard in all the temples of India,
 he is the first person to record the Hanuman Chalisa singing by Hari Om Sharan, this recording being the most listened to Devotional album in the history of India with over 2 billion listens. .
Recorded and composed music for many from start to finish: 

Each album has been a super duper successful music, he usually plays one of the 15  instrument that he has Mastered on each album. 

He started his life in Indian Cinema at a young age in Calcutta West Bengal India, as a Music Composer and poet, lyricist, song writer for Bengali film, TV Series, and Drama's beginning in the 1970’s to 1990's.

He started his career in Bombay as a Music Composer and as a music and Film Designer, Production Consultant working with India’s top Music Labels and for India’s top Film Companies for more than 35 years.

Film Promotion Designer, Production Designer, Music Designer, and Music Director​, Music Composer

As a Senior Management in Indian Cinema (Bollywood) he is the person who started to promote the Play back singer and he is the creator and designer of huge Bollywood (event planner) before event planning was a career of all Bollywood Film and Music Release parties for all the top Film and Music Companies.
Indian Cultural Ambassador of India

 Performed on the biggest stages of India - 100's of times for over 5 decades, as he and his family were the Cultural Representatives of the State of West Bengal India. 

Our Calcutta  house was the Cultural Heritage and Political Hub of Calcutta, all top Indian musicians, singers, Indian Cinema Stars, Politicians, Poets, Writers, Spiritual leaders and intellectuals used to visit our house.

He brings with him the depth of India and Indian Cultural Heritage from the soul and soil of India. There is almost no one with his depth of knowledge of Indian Music and Indian Cinema from an educational and experiential level. He is the first Baul in history to live in Canada.  

Babu Kishan would be an asset for any ​Political Cultural Delegation that travels to India, on behalf of Canada because he knows better than anybody who is who in India, from politics, India Cinema, Indian Music and Culture he has over 45 years experience in the inner circles of India and with Indian’s around the World.

Award winning Indian Music Composer and Filmmaker for 50 years, starting at age ten!

Awarded "The youngest Music and Film Director in Bengal"​ in the 197o’s.

At age ten, Awarded the Best youngest Music Composer in Bengal​. Babukishan

He received many awards for his Music Compositions in Bengal under the name ‘Krishnendu Das’ even before he arrived in the Bombay Indian Cinema now known as Bollywood.

Awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award in
Mumbai’s ‘Bollywood’ Indian Cinema in 2007.

Senior Management in Indian Cinema, Music Consultant, Major Bollywood Event Film and Music Release Event Planner. Lifetime friends with Senior Journalist of all Major News Sources and Connected Politically from a young age.

Career History – Senior Management – Music & Film Industry India

Babu Kishan has profitably and successful marketed and sold  300  Films and  500  Albums. 

Composed, Produced, Sold and Marketed at least 60 of his own albums. 

He is an expert at Creating Film from the start to the selling it successfully at a profit.

He is a ‘ Master Music Composer Producer ’ from beginning to end sales and has been successful in the business of Film and Music for over 40 years.

Babu Kishan sold Film Rights More than  500  Super Hit Albums & Film s  from  1978 - 2008.

Selected Discography and Filmography:

●  Folk music by various singers (HMV, 1981)

●  Rokto Sapoth, Bengali (1979)

●  Folk songs (Gathani, 1982) Amardeep

●  Bengali, Bengali 1979 Arohan (HMV, 1983)

●  Maarg, Bengali 1980

●  Baul Music by Purna das Baul (HMV, 1983)

●  Arohan, Hindi, Dir: Shyam Benegal 1980

●  Folk Music from Bengal (Polygram Music India, 1984)

●  Sudhu Tomake, Bengali, 1980

●  Dr. Bhupen Hazarika (HMV, 1984)

●  Pyar Bhara khat, Hindi,1989

●  Spiritual songs of India (Chandra Dhara, Germany, 1984)

●  “30 days” Hindi Thriller Movie, 2000

●  Bauls of Bengal (New York Music, 1985)

●  Chote Nawab Bade Nawab, Hindi,1999

●  Soul of Bengal(Unique Records, USA, 1985)

●  Schoolgirl, Hindi, 2001

●  Baul Fusion by The Band / Babukishan (Symphony,1985)

●  Akhri pratigya, Hindi, Mithun Chakraborty directed by T.L.V Prasad, 1998

●   The Bengali Bauls (Maple Music, Canada), 1986

●  Guru ho ja shuru, Mithun Chakraborty,1995

●  Modern Songs by Various Singers (Venus, 1987)

●  Mrityu...The Truth, Hindi, T-series 2002

●  Bauls from Royal Albert Hall (Megaphone, 1987)

●  Gumnaam, Hindi Thriller Movie (2001)

●  Monalisa (CBS, 1988)

●  Aasakti, Hindi, Jackie Shroff 1998

●  O Go Priyotoma (Tips, 1988)

●  Adorini, Bengali 2003

●  Baul Songs of Bengal (Tips, 1988)

●  Thakur, Hindi, Dharmendra, 2002

●  Amardeep (Weston, 1989)

●  Reflection (Track music, 1990)

●  Pyar Bhara Khat (Oriental, 1992)

●  Qawwalies by Eminent Singers of India (Gramophone Record company,1993)

●  Mr. Panchanan (CBS, 1993)

●  Tribute to Hemant Kumar (CBS, 1993)

●  Festivals of India (1994)

●  O Hasina (Ultra Music 1996)

●  Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (Ultra, 1996)

●  Tales of River 'Ganga'/new age music (Prism Audio, 1996)

●  Kali Bhajans (Sangeet cassettes, 1997)

●  Tera Ghungta (Pen Audio, 1997)

●  Zara Hat Ke (Pen Audio, 1998)

●  Sharab Aur Shabab (Padmini Music, 1998)

●  Folk music of India by Sapna Awasthi (T-series, 1999)

●  Kesariyo Rang (Tarana, 1999)

●  School girl (Star Music, 2000)

●  Romantic Moods (Virgin Music)

●  Priyo Kolkata (Kathaindia, 2001)

●  Jap le sai naam (Universal Music India, 2001)

●  Paimaana (Star Music, 2001)

●  Soul Mate (Universal Music India, 2001)

●  Tumhare Liye (Star Music, 2002)

●  Mirror of the Sky (Star Music, 2002)

●  One & Only (Star Music, 2002)

●  Jai Santoshi Maa by various singers (Lucky Star Music, 2002)

●  Mrityu The Truth (T-series, 2002)

  Adorini (Saregama / HMV, 2002)Selected Promotion Designer & Music Promotions:

Babu Kishan was a​ Artist & Repertoire (A&R Manager​) film and music manager from concept to release, quality, controller, talent search, contract, over seeing the whole film and music, promotion and sales of film and music.- for Music, Video and Film.

Babu Kishan sold Film Rights More than 500 Super Hit Albums & Film​s in the 1980 - 2000's

●  Arohan - Om Puri, Amrish Puri, Pankaj Kapoor, Victor Banerjee

●  Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya - Anil Kapoor, Sharon Prabhakar

●  Salaam Bombay - Nana Patekar

●  Khuda Gawah - Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Danny

●  Andaz Apna Apna - Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon

●  Indrajit - Amitabh Bachchan, Neelam

●  Awaj De Kahan Hain - after long time gap Naushad Ali’s Composed Music

●  Patthar ke Phool - Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon

●  Khatarnak - Sanjay Dutt

●  Madam X- Rekha, Jaya Mathur, Shakti Kapoor, Mohsin Khan

●  Zahreelay- Sanjay Dutt

●  Jai Kali- Hema Malini

●  Tejaa - Sanjay Dutt

●  Geet- Divya Bharti, Kamal Sadanah Fateh - Sanjay Dutt

●  Balwaan- Sunil Shetty, Divya Bharti Benaam Badshah - Anil Kapoor

●  Aparadhi - Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla

●  Rangeela - It was Popular Music Director A.R.Rahman's First

●  Introductions in Bollywood Cinema, Casting-Amir Khan, Jackie Shroff, Urmila

●  Gambler - Govinda, Shilpa Shetty, Aditya Pancholi

●  100 days - Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, Raveena Tandon

●  Shreeman Aashiq - Rishi Kapoor, Urmila, Anupam Kher

●  Baaz - Govinda

●  Coolie#1 - Govinda, Karishma Kapoor

●  Hero#1 - Govinda

●  Sandwich - Govinda, sushmita Sen, Raveena Tandon

●  Gharwali Baharwali, Anil Kapoor

●  Elaan E Jung - Dharmendra

●  Awaargi- Anil Kapoor, Meenakshi Seshasdri

●  Hukumat - Dharmendra

●  Awaal Number- Amir Khan, Devanand

●  Sanam Bewafa - Salman Khan

●  Aatank Hi Aatank- Amir Khan

●  Raakh- Amir Khan

●  Tum Mere Ho- Tahir Hussain's Amir Khan, Juhi Chawla, Ajit Vachani

●  CID- Juhi Chawla

●  Saajan - Madhuri Dikshit, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt

●  I Love You - Karishma Kapoor

●  Ek Ladka Ek Ladki - Salman Khan, Neelam

●  Dil Tera Ashiq - Salman Khan

●  Isi Ka Naam Zindgi, Amir Khan, Pran

●  Karan Arjun - Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amrish Puri, Jack Gaud, Rakhi Gulzar, Mamta Kulkai, Kajal

●  Deewana - Shahrukh Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Divya Bharti

●  Jallad - Mithun Chakraborty

●  Khabhi ha Khabhi na - Sharukh Khan, Ashutosh Gawrikar

●  Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak- Amir Khan, Juhi Chawla

●  Panah - Shidarth, Pallavi

●  Lahu Luhan- Kimi Katkar

●  Jhooth Bole Kawa Kate - Anil Kapoor

●  Junoon- Popular TV Series Music

●  Auzaar - Salman Khan

●  Gunah ka Devta - Paap Ki Kamaee - Mithun Chakraborty

●  VijayPath- Tabu, Ajay Davgan, Gulshan Grover, Reema Lagoo, Danny Saugandh - Akshay Kumar,

●  Yaalgar- Sanjay Dutt, Manisha, Nagma

●  Aatish- Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon

●  Gumrah- Sanjay Dutt, Sridevi

●  Phool aur Kaante- Ajay Devgan, Madhu, Amrish Pur ●

●  Indian's First time Fitness audio/video project with Actress Rekha on CBS

●  First Time 'Srimad Bhagva Gita' through AudioVisual

●  Promoted & Marketed Indian Classical Music through CBS Music Label, from Ravi Shankar to Zakir Hussain

●  And many more...

Selected Films Produced - Project Designer - Music Composer - Music Director:

●  Jaagoron/ Prayer by Lata Mangeshkar

●  Introduced OSHO's Music to the World

●  Now & Then by Hari Prasad Chaurasia

●  Nursery Rhymes & Kiddyland by Top singers from Various like Alisha Chinoy, Sharon

Prabhakar, Remo

●  Shakti by Shankar, Zakir Hussain

●  School Girl - Shakti Kapoor, Laxmikant Berde

●  Andheri Raaton Mein - Moon Moon Sen

●  Akhri Pratigya, Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Suni Shetty, Hemant Birje, Rambha

●  30 Days - Milind Gunaji, Aloknath, Sweta Menon

●  Chhote Nawab Bade Nawab - Shakti Kapoor, Shiva, Mohan Joshi

●  TV Series 'Aurat' Tale of Indian Women, Story by Suraj Sanim

●  TV Series for Children 'Five Stars' Story Suraj Sanim

●  TV Series 'Time Machine' Thriller,Story by Suraj Sanim

●  Miya Anari Biwi Khilari - Yunus Parvez, Chhotu, Birbal, Yogini

●  Mrityu The Truth- Mustaq Khan, Hemant Pandey, Aroon Bakshi, Liliput

●  Adorini - Prasenjit, Biswajit

●  Canadian Dream - Documentary on New Immigrants life in Canada

●  Monalisa by Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Vijay Benedict

●  Toom Toom Tara Rara " Life is Cool" by K D Babukishan

●  (Canada's first Mega Mystical Multicultural Musical TV Series)

Babu Kishan's spiritual music is heard in all the temples of India he is the first person to record the Hanuman Chalisa singing by Hari Om Sharan , he has recorded and composed music for many from start to finish: Each album has been a super duper successful music, he usually plays one of the 15 instrument that he has Mastered on each album.

●  Anuradha Paudwal

●  Anup Jalota

●  Hari Om Sharan

●  Suresh Wadkar

●  Mahendra Kapoor

●  Sadhana Sargam

●  Ravindra Jain

●  Ravi Shankar

●  Ali Akbar Khan

●  Kavita Krishnamurti

●  Jai Mataji Temple

●  Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

●  Sita Ram Das Omkarnath

●  Balak Brahmachari

●  Anandamayi Ma

●  Osho

●  Swami Narayan,

●  Lata Mangeshkar

●  Asha Bhosle

●  Nitin Mukesh

●   Purna Das Baul

●  Some are listed on the list below because some recorded Bollywood Indian Cinema's albums with Babu Kishan too. The list above is just some of the one he recorded in spiritual music.


Babu Kishan has fundraised for many people including the   'Tagore Societies' Worldwide - fundraising for them,'Ramakrishna Vedanta Societies' Worldwide,  40 years of Fundraising for many Communities, Temples and Societies, Seniors, Children and for the Bangladesh Floods, Hurricane Katrina and more.


Babu Kishan has performed at 100's of International Folk Festivals since the 1970's including
Festivals in Hyde Park with the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan.
Babu Kishan has Performed around the world, on the biggest stages of India 100's of times for over 4 decades.

●  The Royal Albert Hall, London
●  Hyde Park London
●  Royal London Museum
●  Carnegie Hall New York

● Netaji Indoor Stadium Kolkata

In the 1980's he represented Calcutta University around India, regarding Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit and Baul an ancient Indian Philosophy and Yogic tradition.

Babu Kishan performed 20 Concerts with Bob Dylan and the Band who were all great friends.

East West Tour as a Musician and singing one song of poetry by Allen Ginsberg the famed American Beat poet. He did these tours around the USA with Bob Dylan and The Band 1985. He has composed and jammed with George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and The Band, Tom Petty and many others.

Some Awards:

Awarded the ‘Youngest Indian Composer in 1971’ at the tender age of ten by the Bengal Government. He went on to receive some of India’s highest awards for his music.

2007 - Lifetime achievement Award for dedication to Indian Cinema, Bollywood Buddy, Mumbai

●  1988 - Adaptation of Award winning novelist Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s ‘Charitroheen’

●  Best Soap Opera, Best Music Composer, awarded to Babukishan Glaxo Award, Mumbai

●  Bengali 1979 Arohan (HMV, 1983) Best Film Music in India

●  1981 - Most promising Music Composer and Movie Design of the Year, Calcutta Entertainment Industry, Bombay Entertainment Industry.

●  1980 - Best Music Composer, Indian Cinema, Bombay

Personal friends, composed music for, traveling with all the Legends of Indian Music and Indian Cinema, the Legends since the early 1970’s including:

  Pandit Ravi Shankar, 

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan,

 Zakir Hussain,

 V G Jog

Sultan Khan

Pandit Mahapurush Mishra

HariPrasad Chaurasia, 

Nikhil Banerjee, 

Ravindra Jain,

 Naushad Ali,

 SD Burman,

 RD Burman, 

and many more.

Lectures on Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy and Indian Music, Folk, Classical, Baul and Indian Cinema.

Babu Kishan has lectured at Universities around the world.  Babu Kishan has been International 'Paid' Guest Lecturer at Universities lecturing on Indian Music, Folk Music, Indian Philosophy and Authentic Living Lineage Baul a historical lineage within Bengal and India.

Babu Kishan is the first authentic Baul to lecture and teach authentic Baul tradition he has been traveling and teaching since 1971 around the world.

Some of the Universities he has lectured in around the world as a paid lecturer.

●   UCLA,

●  Columbia,

●  Chicago University

●  Boston University

●  Pennsylvania Music College

●  Baltimore Music College,

●  Philadelphia Arts and Music College

●  Kansas University Music

●  St. Louis University

●  Washington and Lee

●  University of Washington

●  University of Toronto

●   University of British Columbia

●  SFU (Simon Fraser University)

●  Harvard

●  Mumbai University

●  Whistling Woods Film Institute in Mumbai

●  San Francisco College of Arts

●  Berkeley University Music School

●  Red Wood University

●  San Diego University

●  University of Victoria

●  Cambridge and Oxford in UK

●  Berlin Music College

●  Stuttgart University

●  Bremen University Germany

●  Hamburg University

●  Cologne University

●  University Germany

●  Zurich University

●  Geneva University

●  Brussels University

●  Rome University of Fine Arts

●  University of Hong Kong

●  University of Bangkok

●  University of Singapore

●  Delhi University

●  University of Mauritius

●  University of Johannesburg South Africa

●  Calcutta University

●  Vishva Bharati in Shantiniketan Birbhum

Produced over 150 scores for Indian Cinema and Bollywood film.

He has composed, produced and promoted over 60 albums

for Bollywood’s top singers

such as:

●  Kumar Sanu,

●  Sunidhi,

●  Shaan,

●  Sadhna Sargam,

●  Kavita Krishnamurthy,

●  Poornima,

●  Abhijit,

●  Udit Narayan,

●  Sudesh Bhosle,

●  Mohd.Aziz,

●  Vijay Benedict,

●  Asha Bhosle,

●  Anup Jalota,

●  Suresh Wadkar,

●  Usha Mangeshkar,

●  Ravindra Jain,

●  Nitin Mukesh,

●  Alka Yagnik,

●  Vinod Rathod,

●  Ghulam Ali,

●  Mehdi Hassan,

●  Pankaj Udhas,

●  Anwar,

●  Anuradha Paudwal,

●   Amit Kumar

●  and many others.

Music ComposerBabu Kishan is still #77 out of 80 Music Composers in India in the 1980's.

His two brothers are now only learning who Babu Kishan is, they had no idea the body of work that Babu produced and they never cared as long as he kept sending money.

 Forging his signature, selling his property behind his back, talking nasty behind his back, as an outsider to this family, I am shocked at what has gone on. 

Babu has heard it all others have told him, he heard what you said, to everybody, every person that he brought to the Calcutta house after leaving that house they  would say to  Babu, your family talks behind your back and they do not have anything good to say, please do not bring me there again?

 It should be known Babu brought many of his Bollywood friends to meet his Calcutta family and upon leaving the house many would say, 'your family does not talk kindly of you.' To me this is toxic, I suppose there was a time when they loved him, perhaps that time was when he was stupid enough to give and do everything for them without expecting anything, except a little love.

Krishnendu at that time used to ignore what people said, blocking it out and usually getting angry at the person who would say anything against his family.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das started his life in Indian Cinema at a very young age in West Bengal India. 

He changed his name to Babu Kishan so that he did not 'ride on the coat tails' of his famous fathers name.  

There were also 2 directors named Suraj Sanima and Mahesh Bhatt who had a difficult time pronouncing his name Krishnendu so they called him Babu Kishan all the time and it became his brand name in the entertainment market.

In 2007 he was awarded the Lifetime of Achievement Award in Indian Cinema (Bollywood) for his dedication to Indian Music and Film. Bollywood Buddy, Mumbai

1. #Ravindra Jain 
Babu Kishan is the only person Ravindra Jain allowed to compose music for him personally. Ravindra Jain was a Gem of Indian Cinema, a Sanskrit Pandit, he was the Ramayana TV series Music Director. All the top Loved him.
2. #Sonik Omi 
Babu Kishan was referred by: 
1. #RD Burman 
Babu Kishan was RD Burman's Assistant & Friend for 13 years in Bombay, and many years before in Calcutta. SD Burman his  RC Burman's father was a huge fan of Babu's Grandfather Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.
2. #Bappi Lahiri 
3. #Laxmikant Pyrelal
  4. #Naushad Ali ! 
A Classic and Classical ​Indian Cinema/Bollywood Music Composer (Pandit)

Babu is an author of 3 books in Bengali and English, the last book was supported by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar. 

He is a prolific poet and has been traveling worldwide for 40 years as a cultural ambassador for Bengali and India. He has performed at all top festivals worldwide and has lectured at Universities world-wide. He has performed at Carnagie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall in London and many other large venues around the world.


1981 - Bachelor of Arts, Major Indian Philosophy, Kolkata University, India

1984 - Master of Arts, Indian Music, Kolkata University, India

Fluent in Sanskrit oral and classical, Bengali, Hindi, English and many other Indian Languages which he has written in and composed music for.