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Monday, August 20, 2018

Baul is already Archived BabuKishan.org


Baul is already archived! 
Babu Kishan archived Baul & has preserved his One and Only Lineage decades ago.

There is no reason to archive Baul, it has been archived for decades by Babu Kishan. He has spent his lifetime archiving his one and only Lineage of Baul.

He has already preserved Lineage Baul,
 long ago and the archive is safe and will not be easily given out because it seems Cultural Mis-Appropriation is alive and well even in India. 

Please do not make people stupid by saying you are archiving Baul. Baul is already preserved, Babu Kishan preserved it decades ago!!
This is a photo of an interview from the early 1980's in W Germany, Babu Kishan, Manju Dasi, Purna Das Baul are the only pioneers and lineage to bring Baul to the world. The work in the 1970 - to now, has been a life work and no one should ride on the coat tails of this lineage, lying, stealing their poetry and making up stories. Everybody follows this lineage but what is going on today is the worst of Baul, Baul is extinct.

Koln, Germany 🇩🇪 

BabuKishan was interviewed BBC/ DeutscheWelle and many more International #Radios Stations and News Media around the world from the 1970’s introductioning the 
 #AuthenticBauls on a world platform. He lectured as a paid Lecturer at Universities around the world as a qualified Lineage Baul and a qualified intellectual with a Masters Degree from Calcutta University.

They opened the door for 'new Baul singer' and Babu Kishan encouraged, recorded and brought many of the new Bauls outside of Bengal to travel with them. It was Babu Kishan who encouraged the 'new Bauls' to be singers. All will be revealed in his upcoming book on Baul History and Herstory. To say it is difficult today is ridiculous, back in the day when no one knew Baul and when the internet did not exist, and Manju Dasi was part of this team, she is the first and only Baul women to bring Baul to the world (full stop) this herstory was complete 20 years ago because Baul is extinct. To say you are introducing Baul to world today is a joke, it is a Cultural Appropriation and to make up lineages that never existed. Riding on the coat tails of others.
Babu Kishan will Qualify all soon, in his new Book on Baul History and Herstory.
   #BBC #CBCAmerica #TorontoATN 

Babu Kishan has archived the Bauls of Birbhum since the 1970, his archive was completed in the late 1990. He has not presented his archived material because there are way too many people who copy and paste and have ridden on his coat tails. 

Babu Kishan has already written 3 books on Baul the last one published in 1986 by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar now out of print. Babu Kishan and his family are the only pioneers who brought Baul out of the Village to India & the World. Baul was never a big lineage, those that came later made up stories watering down, reducing Baul from what it was meant to be. The way of singing has been changed, the way of storytelling has been changed, they try to follow but unless you have the 'Baul Essence' it is impossible to be a Baul, it is so much deeper than spinning and copying songs Nabani Das Baul wrote or songs Babu Kishan wrote.

There is no need to Archive Baul, it is already archived, all of the songs, manuscripts have all ready been documented. Anybody, fundraising to preserve Baul or create a Baul Archive is a cheater, please beware. The Bangladesh's have been the leaders of Appropriating Baul. There were no Bauls in Bangladesh in the 1970's. The stories of this will be in Babu Kishan's new book coming out soon. 

Baul has already been preserved and archived.
Baul History and Herstory was complete in 1969 and at least 20 years ago, today what is going on is not Baul, please do not be fooled into donating to anybody who says they are archiving Baul, they are not even from Baul. Baul has been culturally appropriated by the Bangladeshi and by other people who are making up stories. 

All of this will be proved, BabuKishan's new book coming soon! 
Historical Baul