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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The ONE & ONLY "Legendary Baul Women" - Manju Dasi

Manju Dasi Baul, was Babukishan's mother and the very first Baul women to travel outside of India, she traveled outside and inside of India for over 50 years starting in the 1960's. 

Manju Dasi preformed on all the most (prestigious) stages, concert halls and stadiums around the world. She sang in front of at least 4 Presidents of India, top Stars of India and the West, top Musicians, many Ministers in India and hundreds of respected Guru's and Spiritual giants in India and around the world. 

Manju Dasi was not a regular Baul, she was a Baul in the days when people knew who and what was a Baul and she was paid for her work.

 She was a top rated vocalist and musician she taught Baul music to the top. She performed in front of millions of people in India and outside of India. 

In India and around the world you can sing for free, anybody can, even I can go anywhere to sing at different place and dress up as a Baul and today people would believe me because no one has a clue what is real and what is not. I have learned a few songs and can sing and lecture for free, but I will never be a Baul even after 12 years 24/7, it is just impossible even though I am a women, I am not from Baul, I can learn it all but I can never be Manju Dasi or Brajabala Dasi or Radharani Dasi? 

In today's world you must know your worth. Manju and Purna Das Baul were # One, India Vocalists the first to travel oversea's and yes they were Lineage Baul. They knew how to sing Baul songs, they knew who wrote the poetry and they knew that Baul originates in Sanatan Dharma not in Buddhism or Islam. 

Just as Babu Kishan is an accomplished Composer, a creative genius and a Baul Guru, he should not be expected to sing for free because fake Bauls new Baul singers are singing for free, with so much drama and most people do not even know, it is not Baul at all. They say Baul and Baul Master but they are not Baul. They have made up their Lineage, there is not other Baul Lineage except this lineage of Baul. 

There are other Lineages for other groups but not for Baul. The only Lineage of Baul comes from Ekkachakra Birbhum Bengal. They are descendant of Sri Nityananda who was a Avadhuta Baul. 

Not all Bauls in this lineage are Avadhuta's however, Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was, he followed the path of Baul Tantric Avadhuta. This is well known and well recorded. Remember this lineage of Baul and their songs have all been recorded and preserved decades ago. 

Remember what the new Baul singers are singing are songs from this lineage, such as Hridmajahare Rakhbo poetry of 
Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, and Kichhu Din Mone Mone which were already recorded in the 1960's by Hindustan Records singing by Purna Das Baul. A women new Baul singer making up a poets name on Kichhu Din Mone Mone. How can you call yourself a Baul Master? When you don't even know the name or say you are from a lineage but sing the songs of this lineage posting another name to Nabani Das Baul's song?

You get what you invest in. If you want to know real Baul, there is a fee or donation. This family of Baul has fundraised for hundreds of temples, organizations and groups for decades. They have fundraised for others.

Manju should be remembered she was a Baul, the wife of Purna Das Baul. She is the one and only Legendary (Lineage) Baul who took Baul to the world. Her story must be told, a few are tying to copy her and the other Legends of this (one and only Lineage). Authentic Baul singing comes from the soul, it is not drama, tears rolling down you eyes. It takes a lifetime to master Baul, women or not. 

Manju Dasi is legendary, her story is legendary, she is the first and only authentic Women Baul to travel worldwide for more than 50 years she was side by side with her husband the Legendary "Purna Das Baul' along with Babu Kishan. 


Manju Dasi beside Purna Das Paul on one side, The (now) President of India on the other side (Pranab Mukerjee).

Manju Das Baul was the first person to record Lalon Fakir songs, she was always interested in preserving Lalon Fakir songs as she was from Bangladesh when it was part of India. 

A LINEAGE Baul Is be brilliant energetic, genius  as they are from the Oral Sanskrit tradition of Vaishnavism in Bengal.
Manju Dasi is from the one and only Lineage of Baul, the roots of Baul, she was best friends with Indira Gandhi and traveled all of India playing on the (most prestigious, biggest stadiums and stages in India in front of millions of people). 

Manji Dasi was a Classically trained Indian singer. If not for her no one would know what Baul is in this world. She started traveling back in the 1960's. 

1970's in Australia

Manju Dasi is the first women Baul to travel outside of India. She is from a Lineage of Women Bauls who were Guru's to other women. Brajabal Dasi, Radharani Dasi, and many others who were Legends in Birbhum Bengal. Manju Dasi has music recorded on the biggest Music Labels in India.

Manju Dasi and Indira Gandhi, they traveled all of India many times and Manju Dasi sang in front of Millions of people for Indira Gandhi, Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi along with Purna Das Baul and Babu Kishan.. This is history, this is a Legendary Baul Women, her story will be told along with other Legendary Baul Women. They must not be forgotten and replaced with made up stories. This is the only Lineage of Bauls of Bengal. (period) full and final.
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