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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Baul and Baul Lineage BabuKishan.org

Baul is Extinct


Others follow this ONE and ONLY Lineage, 
however, this lineage does not follow others!

'History' and 'Herstory' was complete 20 years ago, the new Baul singers who are claiming 'Lineage' 'do NOT belong to this lineage and this lineage is the only Lineage of Baul, others follow this lineage they sing their songs and dress as this lineage.' There is no other lineage of Baul, the ones stating that there is are making a mess of Baul and distorting, watering down, deconstructing and reducing who and what the 'Vaishnava Tantric Mystical Bauls of Birbhum Bengal India' are. 

It appears harmless enough until you understand the implications of 'faking it til you make it' Bauls. It may even appear as cool or exotic the result however, end up being very harmful to the indigenous people who have preserved and held this tradition for thousands of years. When an outsider does not even know where Baul is from and they say, they may be from Turkey, Bangladesh, Persia or Uzbekistan?

 This is very destructive because and it is messing with a extinct tradition, culturally mis-appropriation subtle but very destructive.

No one ever used 'lineage' or 'Sampradaya' until Babu Kishan did on the first ever 'Baul Archive' in the late 1980's which was the only voice of Baul that all copied and pasted from at that the time. Babu Kishan started this blog called Lineage Baul in 2010 that is when new lineages started to appear, if this was a joke it would be hilarious. Copy and Paste but the new thing is to take the names of this lineage out of history and herstory and replace the names with the new Bauls names?

Copy their songs?
Copy their dress?
Copy their way?
Copy where they go?
Copy what they do?


It is good to copy but not so good when you make up stories and add other peoples names to the stories. Follow this lineage and follow Babu Kishan but stop the copy and paste and making up stories.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul - Photo by Rabindranath Tagore,
Nabani is the only Baul who initiated Tagore into Baul giving him the name Ravi (Robi) Baul and Tagor gave Nabani 2 names "The mirror of the Sky" and Khyepa Baul.

New Baul singers who are now claiming I am the first women Baul or man to do this or that are in fact making up stories. Actually those claiming anything about Baul are fake (nakal) Bauls. Baul is more than singing and acting, fake tears rolling down a face. The Essence of Baul is gone.

Please use your discernment, all we can do now is preserve the original authentic Vaishnava Baul from where Baul originates "Ekachakra Birbhum W Bengal"and that should be by someone who knows the 'essence of Baul', someone who has is from or born into the lineage and at least knows Sanskrit because Baul is an oral Sanskrit tradition, they sang in Bengali to the villagers, similar to how Tulsi Das was a Sanskritist but he composed the Hanuman Chalisa in the language the villagers would understand. 

Most of the fake Bauls writing about Baul do not even know what Baul means,  how they describe Baul, is just copied and pasted from the definition of a Western Scholars like Sri John Woodrooffe aka Arthur Avalon and Edward Dimock??? Baul does not mean afflicted by the wind or mad? I will write about as per Babu Kishan in his upcoming book on the history of Baul.

Those who are singing Baul today are 'riding on the coat tails' (an old Calcutta term) of the ones who have walked before them, of the ones who have spent decades of bringing Baul to the world aka Babu Kishan. 

There is no new 'Baul History', what has been done has been done decades ago, the Story of Bauls travelling outside of India happened long ago. Back in the day before the internet, back in the day when it was even difficult to telephone another country, this is when Babu Kishan did all the leg work, he created a platform for others to stand on, others who are now making claims and making up stories. This was back in the day when Indian's outside of India was very rare. Babu Kishan spent decades teaching and traveling the globe creating this platform, letter writing and making contact around the world. Others followed Babu Kishan and his family, there was no need for people to call themselves Baul and sing the songs of this family. They came because they made up stories and said they were this lineage of Baul.

The audacity of a new (Nakal) Fake Baul singer to call themselves (Legendary) and the worlds most renowned female progenitor of India's Mystical Baul tradition and the most famous Baul women? (Stop it please) it is degrading to all the Baul Women who have walked the earth for thousands of years preserving this Vaishnava Baul Sampradaya. This is a complete Cultural Mis-Appropriation and degrading the memory of Manju Das who brought Baul to the world and outside of India back in the 1960's for over 50 years, she did all the leg work and created a platform as did Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, Purna Das Baul and Babu Kishan. This is degrading to Brajabala Das a great Sadhika and Sanskrit-ist beyond.

Manju Das is Baul Herstory as is Triguna Dasi, Brajabala Dasi and Radharani Dasi.... the list is endless from thousands of years of Tantric Vaishnava Baul. How can you even compare yourself, no one today can ever compare themselves to the legacy of these Legendary Baul Women, Her story is complete?? Comparing yourself to these women is like saying you are Ramakrishna! There is only one Ramakrishna he is gone we can follow his greatness but to make claims your are Ramakrishna is absurd. 

Manju traveled and exposed Baul to the world the real authentic Baul women were not like what we see today, today it is just a performance a drama, singing like a Baul it is not authentic Baul and that is great but stop with all the made up stories and copying from this lineage. She did all the leg work decades before the new generation of Baul singers were alive, she never ever made claims of Legendary and the thing was this women could sing.

I found this little bit on Cultural Appropriation, loosely quoted from a recording by Satish K Sharma on Cultural (Mis -Appropriation). 

"These are connections that are being made with 'words of a culture' and they are a web to understand history, these histories have been 'preserved for millennium under great personal costs'! 

Yes the freedom to explore, enjoy to traipse around in the intellectual, emotional, cultural mind webs of 'other traditions' is a freedom which is often very very harmful." 

To even be part of any lineage including Baul you need an authentic 'Baul Guru' or 'Vaishnava Baul' and not all 'Vaishnava' are Baul, this lineage is the one and only 'Vaishnava Baul Lineage'. 

This is called narcacism, 'spiritual narcacism' over stepping your bounds and over stating your importance. If you are not from 'Birbhum' there is no way you can be from a lineage unless you were aligned with Nabani or someone of his lineage, he nor anyone from this lineage is mentioned in these new made up lineages. 

Laugh all you want but think about this, you and your ancestors have been practicing and preserving a lineage for thousands of years and along comes a "newbie" and because we now have internet, they think ahaa this is my way, I will use everything I learn and now tell the world I am the one who discovered it, I will make a web site and say this Baul follower is my Guru (hey anybody can be anybodies Guru) but then I see 'lineagebaul', well then I need to make myself legitimate and I will say this is my Sampradaya, this is my lineage and I will tell the world I am the one who brought Baul to the world and I am Legendary and the first?? 

Some Westerners do not understand, they may laugh and say, so what? One of Babu's so called friends did not seem to understand, well lets just say Babu took your Jewish tradition and he said he was the one and all your friends followed? He said, your songs are his songs, and the poetry you wrote he said was his? You don't matter because someone else is telling your story?

If your Guru wears a patchwork dress or called himself 'Das Baul' he only does because he has copied this lineage and he only follows this lineage (period), there is no other lineage and if there is it is not called Baul.

This is like saying you are 'Indira Gandhi' and you own her legacy, you have taken your name and replaced it for her name and her story, you are telling the story Indira Gandhi the late Prime Minister of India, claiming her legacy and saying you are the first Women Prime Minister of India and that the Nehru family is your family? The only thing you have done is you have deleted her name and the names of others are changed and now the story is your story,  You are now the one who is going to preserve their family history, who is going to make an archive of all her family and her families history?? 

Making People Stupid!
This is called Kali Yuga, the real becomes fake
and the Fake becomes real.
Sad but True.

Please think again before you claim someone else life and their legacy, trying to change Baul History and Her-story?? 

Purna Das Baul - Indira Gandhi - Manju Das (Historical Baulini)
Babu Kishan will speak on this in a big way in the future. There has been no new Baul history for at least 20 years the history has been done, it is complete.  Stop watering down, reduction and deconstruction this one and only lineage of Baul. Baul history and history is complete, it has already been preserved. For instance Baul is not from Turkey??? When you see this you know of the damage people from outside of Baul are making and have made because they just do not know. (period) they fake it and make up stories.

There is a reason why Baul should only be preserved by an authentic Baul not by an outsider a do gooder. The first Baul Archive was created by Babu Kishan he has preserved more of Baul than anyone. Baul was archived decades ago. It is disrespectful to come from another part of India or the world and say you are the one creating a Baul archive. Baul is from a certain people, they have been colonized and it is hurtful for a "Nakal Baul" to tell the Baul story when it is so incomplete. 

Watch this: 


Preserve your own families legacy not someone else's legacy, making up stories and taking the names of this lineage off, replacing the names with your Guru's who Babu Kishan happens to know very well and they are not Baul, they may be form something and tried to Baul but they are not, they do not have the 'Essence of Baul'? Stop making up stories. 

Brajabala Dasi - Nabani Das Khyapa Bauls wife ! She is Baul History! Baul already is preserved it has already been archived, it is not open to you because of a history of theft by outsiders, it is just timing and the time will come very soon, then you will know.

Today it is super duper easy to travel, everybody is traveling it is not a big deal at all, even if your from a village it is easy to travel anywhere and around the world. Some of the new Bauls are aggressive and make up stories, it is simple because we live in a world of fake news and actors, anybody can say anything on the internet. Seriously people Baul is extinct in its true form.

Today all are actors in a drama.

Even in Babu Kishan's family his 2 brothers are not Baul, I mean how can they be they grew up in a modern Calcutta lifestyle, they never even took an interest in who their eldest brother was or what he was doing, as long as the money flowed they could care less, sorry that is the truth and they did everything they could to work against Babu who tried to please them relentlessly? Where is the temple? 

 None of the refugee's that came from Bangladesh in the early 1970's are Baul they even called themselves "the fake it til you make it Bauls' and have made a huge mess of Baul turning it into a sex racket, duping foreigners and people who came from all over India, for the sake of sexual freedom, again bastardizing Baul.
You can Never fake being a Baul. They all call themselves 'Das Baul' that only comes from this lineage, they all dress in the patchwork dress that Babu Kishan designed????? 

Trying to follow Nabani but not having a clue of real sadhana, posing as Sadhaka's making up stories of association with Bob Dylan and never having any. Again, using the stories of this lineage and family but taking their names off, following where they go and contacting their friends and associates, trying to do what has already been done. As I said, there is no new Baul history it is complete and goes back thousands of years. Full stop here and now.

Radharani Dasi one of the last authentic Baul Women alive on Earth. Born in Ekachra Birbhum W Bengal India

 All new Bauls singers copy everything they have done including and many have laughed at this, the the dress Babu created in the story about his Aunt Radharani, Tagori (1985) Bengali, he created the dress for the movie and now notices this is copied too. 

The men and now some women in sari form of the 'patch work dress' all copy and wear the dress that Babu Kishan created (the patchwork dress called a Guduri). Babu Kishan designed the Guduri patchwork dress for his father, it did not exist before Babu designed it. Babu Kishan also, designed the dress in the film Tagori. 

Today and yesterday all followed this lineage from Ekkachakra Bengal India. Jai Nitai, Baul did not follow Sri Chaitanya, Baul existed thousands of years before and Sri Chaitanya followed Vaishnava Baul at that time he followed, Sri Nitayanada the Vaishnava Tantric Avadhuta Baul from 'Ekachakra Birbhum' where all the ancestors of this lineage were born... he is the ancestor of this one and only Lineage of Baul, Nitai was a Vaishnava Baul.

Our books is coming out this year, it will talk about the roots of Baul and this pioneering Lineage.

The new Book will discuss Baul Tantra and teaching around Baul Tantra.

In today's modern world Baul and indigenous peoples from Ekachakra Birbhum are extinct. Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was the last real authentic Baul he was a Tantric Avadhuta Baul. Nabani left the planet in 1969. He is Babu Kishan's Grandfather who is also, his Guru from his first breath in 1962, Babu bonded and was raised with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Brajabala Dasi, they are the parents and Grandparents who have protected him all his life, his Gurus.

The only Baul women to ever travel the world was 'Manju Dasi' and she was Baul by marriage to the great Baul singer Purna Das Baul. That is the end of herstory. She started to travel the world in the late 1960's and passed away in 2010. 

Babu is annoyed with all the stories he is seeing regarding Baul and making false claims and he will qualify all in his book for the world to see. He will speak out in a big way because he is seeing the way that these Nakal Bauls are distorting, watering down, reducing and culturally appropriating the history of Baul which ended at least 20 years ago?

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