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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The only Lineage Baul, all Bauls follow Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, his style Ektara, Baya and Nupoor! This picture of Nabani, originally taken by Rabindranath Tagore has been used as the symbol of Baul since the 1920's.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul's style was the Ektara (Baya) Nupur (Nupoor), this style of dance and Baul instruments was created by Nabani only. 

Nabani is the only Baul ever to do Baul dance and songs with these instruments. Nabani had unique footwork too, now appropriated and copied by a person who has made up a fake lineage? 

Never giving credit for Nabani songs, his dance and his stories, using the style of this lineage, which you are not part of because you made up a fake lineage? Copying and using, even traveling to where Babu Kishan used to hang out, visiting everywhere he has been?

The Ektara is the one stringed instrument of peace and harmony, in this tradition, this one and only lineage of Baul the Ektara is called the Gopi Yantra.

The Baya is a drum from the tabla set, it is not called a Dupki that is a completely different drum. The drum you copied Nabani is called a Baya?

The Bell style you wear around your ankles is only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style, and Purna Das Baul style because he is the son of Nabani. 
Nupoor is their style of ankle bells from this lineage, which you are absolutely not a part of, but you copy everything, using this lineage random attaching yourself and giving no credit? 

Who does that, a fake Baul. In todays world it is a crime to steal from indigenous peoples of any sect.

 I have no idea how someone who claims to be a Baul is collecting donations to preserve Baul and does not know what the instruments are called. Collecting people which Baul does not do, Baul never collects people, come and they never say come and join us? Seriously?

Stealing everything Nabani songs and style making up fake lineages and watering down and reducing Baul, destroys the legacy that does not belong to you, however, you have created fake social media fame?

Stop Using Baul if you do not even know what the instruments are called, the Baya that you copied from Nabani is a Baya not a Dupki and a completely different drum. 

Again a theft that is reducing and watering down this lineages teachings? Then you tell people Baul does not care who the poets are, because you do not know, yet you steal this lineages poetry, never giving credit. 

 Intellectual property theft. 

Your guru is not a Baul Guru? Babu Kishna knew him, he knows who he is and he is not a Baul he is a mere follower of Baul. More to come.

Stop trying to make people stupid. 
Yes, you are cute and sweet talking but very aggressive, even pretending you teach at Universities, copying Babu Kishan, now your a film-maker, music composer too.?

Teaching that Baul, 'does not come from family's' a wrong teaching. You say Baul sahaja is from Buddhism, Baul sahaja comes from Krishna? Name dropping, peoples names you had nothing to do with or never met, names that certainly never had anything to do with you fake Baul Guru. 

Instead of saying that you actually had noting to do with Bob Dylan you swayed the conversation in your favour as if you did, you did not. You sing the songs from this lineage saying the Baul poets did not care because you do not know, you just heard it somewhere like Babu Kishan's youtube listened over and over then added someone elses name stealing Nabani's song and Babu kishan's toon?

 Then completely laughable when you sing your own song saying over and over that you composed it. Why even say that if Baul does not care who wrote the poetry?

What a hypocrite and if you actually did research, rather than having your boy do youtube video's mentioning and name dropping things like Nabani even taught a Vishva Bharati taken from this blog and acting like he knows the story of Bob Dylan, which is not his story to tell or your story tell, you show no integrity.

The Vaishnava Tantric Bauls are indigenous peoples from a long family lineage who cares about who wrote the poetry, they know who wrote the poetry and where the tunes came from. They have a long history and her-story before you were even born.

 So now you are a music composer too? You are a film-maker too? 
Are you just going to copy everything Babu Kishan does?

You are creating more damage than good.
Stop trying to intellectually liquidate this lineage another name for that is steal and theft, what does not belong to you!

Stop using Baul for your enjoyment trying to become another Amma, acting as a Baul, it is a game to you. Big karma's are involved in playing the game you are playing or maybe you are just deluded?

You are not educated properly as a Baul? You know that foreigners do not even understand the language, and you know that you can say whatever you want know one will ever know so who cares, well this lineage cares, this lineage knows who wrote the poetry, this lineage does not like its story, music, style being stolen by a fake.

 Commandeering, expropriation, seizure, takeover, usurpation, annexation,  attachment, confiscation, grab, reductionism, watering down, reducing, riding on the coat tails of the ones who created a road. The ones who did all the leg work, who wrote the books from inside the tradition, who promoted and introduced the world to Baul, then taking their names off and adding your own names as if you are the one, you have heard of Purna Das Baul and that means you have heard of his wife Manju Dasi, Brajabala Dasi, Radharani Dasi they are legendary, they are the real authentic Baul Women who opened the door of Baul Women to the world, you can not make claims because their history is done, it was completed decades before you. 

Singing their songs but saying they are your own, not properly educating what exactly Baul is.

Intellectual Property Theft (Songs from this Lineage, used without giving credit, songs cut down and the singing style changed. 
Singing and dancing Ektara, Baya, and Nupoor - Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style without any understanding that they are copying his style. 

Nabani created and danced a certain way, all Bauls follow Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and make like it has come from another made up lineage. 

This is hurtful and it is cultural appropriation. Baul is extinct and this has to stop, please be respectful. But we know you won't, you will keep on duping people. Before you do anything else, spent a few decades learning only the Vedas and Tantra's before you teach Baul.