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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Critique : GetBengal.com re: False narratives, Abuses from inside Purna Das Baul home, sad but true!




The first tenant of Baul is, Tell the Truth, be a Truth talker

Corruption of Baul lies not only outside of Baul, but directly in Purna Das Bauls family. This post is regarding: the lies Dibyendu Das Baul aka Bhagavan Das Baul aka Choton a known liar, thief. He has told journalists in a NDVT video that Bob Dylan attended his wedding, this is 10000000% false. Recently in the article in 'GetBegnal.com' link below he has incredibly given fake stories he is a liar. Bob Dylan has NO relationship with Dibyendu Das nor was he at his wedding, Bob Dylan did not even like Purna Das Baul, he liked his younger brother Laxshma Das Baul but in the article his picture is cut out of the picture, it is all an embarrassing lie?

 In the above article he has fed the journalist lies. As a journalist one should check and double their sources, It is really simple to check your sources? 

Always check with the neighbours first, they will tell you who Purna Das Bauls youngest son is, they will confirm who they really are? I have qualified below, character and lies that lie in this article with added criminal activity. What I have learned Indian culture is a culture of covering up because of family shame, Babu Kishan has been silent for way too long, they know he will be silent because of his embarrassment and his nature is to give blind love and respect. 

Times have changed and I think people understand that your family does not define you anymore, a corrupt member does not, should not, bring shame other members of the family unless they are criminal too. The Truth shall be told, no more silence.

This is but a drop, all will come later, all will be exposed, the truth is stronger than anything, even though we live in a, "post truth era of fake social media fame".



When Purna Das Baul was eating meat and drinking whisky under the influence of his younger brother Choton, Babu was in Mumbai, hearing this has broken Babu's heart. He found his family including his father to be liars, schemers and cheaters.

 The one thing they could not teach Babu to do was lie, he always told the truth and this made them angry.

It should be noted Babu Kishan composed, recorded, and marketed over 80% of Purna Das Bauls famous music. 

All paid for by Babu Kishan, he never took a rupee, he never took a rupee or anything from his family. As he says now, he was stupid only gave them everything. Babu is sahaja like his grandfather Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who Babu would say taught him all the Baul songs he knew, along with his grandmother Brajabala Dasi, he loves them both so much, they are the ones Krishnendu aka Babu Kishan bonded with because his father left him at birth because he was born with premature and crooked limbs. He did not come into Purna Das's family until he was 8 then Purna and Manju sent him to an orphanage. This is a long story.

When was older and had left the Ramakrishna Mission Babu had his own music room where he paid rent a few blocks away on the 3rd floor of the building. he slept on the floor so that he would not have to be in bad association of the fighting between his two brothers and the looting which Choton started to do since he was a kid.

This is a very long story, anybody who knew Babu back then as Krishnendu Das knows him as completely different from anybody in his Calcutta family. 

The lies his own father and his younger brother have been spreading behind his back is criminal, forging Krishnendu's signature, changing his name on properties is criminal. Forging Babu Kishan's (Krishnendu) name on a 'Power of Attorney' a legal document is a criminal giving them the power to sell properties, they may think Babu Kishan does not care, he does! You may say, this is a family affair, heads up, this will be all over the media sometime soon, your lies, criminal activity and cheating will be exposed.

No one would do that to their worst enemy, let alone a son or brother. 

What he accomplished he did on his own, it is no thanks to his father, who abandoned him at birth and left him for dead. Babu Kishan had a heart attack in 2012 they knew, and never called. There was suggestion: this was black magic, sent from Calcutta because without Babu Kishan around, Choton and his wife could just grab everything? 

Bapi the middle brother told Babu Kishan for years but Babu did not believe it or he blocked it because he had given them everything and done so much for his family, defended them and they were his financial and career drain. It was when Bapi gave all the papers which were all hidden from Babu, that he went through a process, they had lied not only to him, they did things his mind could not believe but slowly he has decided enough is enough.

Now, as of 2023 both older brothers have injunctions against all properties. The younger brother Choton is daily scheming trying to get the government to give land so they can build an ashram when in Fact: Purna Das Baul has been given so much land and it has been abused, he has sold land given and Choton lost the property with the small temple Babu Kishan had built on it because of his arrogance and misuse of the property, cutting down tree is illegal. Again talk to Babu Kishan he can tell you which lands and what has gone on. Choton is a liar and he is parading his father Purna Das Baul in front of the camera, not for his father but for himself. He will sell the land.

For the sake of journalism, check your sources and double check, the article in the link above is a lie, not only wrong many things in it are an outright lie. I understand Purna Das Baul has a new book on his life, I have no doubt that most of it is a lie, some truths mixed with pure fiction.

Check with the neighbours they will tell you who Choton Dibyendu is? Or better yet, call Babu Kishan he is on social media and easily to contact, check your sources, because you will be called out for printing lies.

Bob Dylan has no connection with Purna Das Baul

Bob Dylan was not a Dibyendu (Choton) Das aka Bhagavan Das Baul on fb, wedding that is the biggest lie he told NDTV a few years back. All facts have been checked and confirmed this is a lie.

Yes, Purna Das Baul and his younger brother the late Lakshman Das Baul are on the cover of 'Bob Dylan's album John Westley Harding from 1967' the late Sally Grossman arranged that, it is not because Bob Dylan liked Purna Das? Bob Dylan liked and was friendly with Lakshman Das Baul not Purna Das Baul.

  • It was only Purna's eldest son Babu Kishan who pointed the album out to Purna Das he didn't even know or care about Bob Dylan? 
  • After the 1967 cover of Dylan's album, it was Babu Kishan who had a relationship with Bob Dylan since the 1970's, it is a long story see the links (links are enclosed at the end of this blog post).
  • Bob Dylan did not even like Purna Das Baul. 
  • Bob Dylan aways asked, Babu Kishan how is Lakshman Das Baul? 

Dylan had a connection with Lakshman, because everybody loved Lakshman's easy going fun loving ways, he was mischievous and many loved him, he was closer to Vaishnava Baul but he lived in the village and was a poor farmer. 

This will all be proven and qualified. 

It will in the 4th book of Babu Kishan's.

Purna Das Baul = no relationship with Bob Dylan after 1967, other than a arranged meeting through Babu Kishan in New York. Still them Bob Dylan did not like or care about Purna Das Baul, he only associated with Babu Kishan as a musician and poet. Dylan never even asked not once about Purna Das Baul? When Babu Kishan would go to New York every year he would meet with Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and the Band as in Levon Helm and Garth, All Aronowitz, and other musicians Bob Dylan never not once asked about Purna Das Baul.

Even the 40 city tour of the USA which Babu Kishan arranged in 1985 with 'Bob Dylan and the Band' was arranged by Babu Kishan only. 

Babu Kishan a music composer, musician playing 18 instruments was the one who jammed with them and was on the stage in all of these concerts.and All the Universities were arranged through Babu who is the only who could speak English, thus he was the one who taught, he is University educated with a BA and MA he is the one who presented Baul, his father and mother did a singing demonstration of Baul along with Babu as he played the Sri Khol.

I would not want to be a journalist caught writing false fake news, it will ruin your credibility. This is only the beginning.

  • For the sake of Baul, and correct preservations do not print such lies given to you by a liar. 
  • Do your research, talk to the neighbors and find out who is speaking for Purna Das Baul.
  • Purna Das Baul is soon 90 he is known for an inconstant unstable memory, he is shaky and repeats himself. 
  • Purna Das does not translate or write poetry, he does not read or write English, even though I read he said he did in one Baul archive, it is a lie, someone was speaking or writing for him?

Makes no sense! A complete lie! 

Babu has never seen his dad speak or write English and who would know better, the younger brother will say anything, he copies everything Babu does including his resume and web site, all of Babu Kishan's research has been stolen by Dibyendu and they created a book of their own, it is all messed up and twisted, repeating over and over, they used Selina, she apologized long ago ? 

  • The article has intentional false narrative, created as free publicity to promote a connection between Purna Das Baul and Bob Dylan. Perhaps Dibyendu thinks he will be famous creating lies and people will believe him because he knows no one does research. All it take is a little bit of research to know this is a lie.
  • The parts about Bob Dylan in the article are not true.
  • George Harrison is not true, he was only Babu Kishan's friend, he helped Babu publish he last book in 1986. George Harrison had zero connection to Purna Das Baul or Choton. 
  • Micheal Jackson is not true. Babu knew Micheal Jackson through his work with CBS India, and through his good friend Al Aronowitz in New York. Purna Das Baul never met Michael Jackson?
  • Those are both Babu Kishan's friends especially George Harrison who loved Babu,
  • Babu as a long time friend of George Harrisons composed music with him in LA, George Harrison helped Babu publish is 3rd book and gave a book release party for him in LA which Tom Petty attended.

(The article begins with 'Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan' wrongly stating that Purna Das Baul translated the song into Bengal in 2013, (that is a complete lie). Krishnendu Das aka Babu Kishan (Purna Das Bauls) eldest son Krishnendu translated this for Purna Das in the 1980's? )


  • Bob Dylan's Tambourine Man had already been translated by Babu Kishan and recorded in the 1980's by Babu Kishan? 
  • Choton (Dibyendu Das) already knows this?
  • He is a liar and has dumbed down, reduced his father to a side show for his few notes Bangjo playing, a supreme cheater and liar, how dare he even call himself a music composer, he is 100% not. What a joke.

  • Purna Das does not read or write in English? As a Journalist did you even verify this, or did you just believe Choton?

  • Purna Das Baul was a really great as Babu Kishan would say one of the best classic Baul singers ever. 

  • Babu Kishan his eldest song has composed over 80% of his music for him and provided the lyrics for the recording, many of the lyrics are Babu Kishan's. 

  • Babu has never collected a rupee of royalties for any of the music he has composed, promoted and released for his father, yet the youngest brother has been eating all the royalties?

- This article https://www.getbengal.com/details/bob-dylan-and-purna-das-baul-an-immortal-friendship 

  • came from Choton, Dibyendu Das, Bhagavan Das Baul is NOT a Baul he is as far from a Baul as one can get criminals are NOT Bauls, Liars are NOT Bauls, scammers are not Bauls, talent alludes him, he is disrespectful of his elder brother and has spread lies about elder brother.
  • Choton never had any interest in music or he is not a poet or music composer, he never wanted to help in the preservation of Baul, he never had any interest and never helped anybody but himself
  • Now he acts like he did everything, he did NOT, he copies his eldest brother, right down to saying he is a Music Composer, that is a lie, he is NOT. 
  • He used his eldest brother, he used his Mother and now using his Father, liquidating everything for his own benefit and greed, claiming all properties and even properties that do not belong to him are his.
  • Note: this is important and rather ugly to say, but if you interview Choton aka Dibyendu Das the youngest son of Purna Das Baul, talk to the neighbors first. Do your research.The neighbours will tell you who he is!
  • Regarding Bob Dylan: Choton is a manipulator and liar, he has never met Bob Dylan and orchestrated a huge lie by saying Bob Dylan came to his wedding. 

  • Bob Dylan has never been to India, he has never met Bob Dylan but used all of Babu's contacts. It is a bold faced lie an the Journalist on NDTV fell for it. It is NOT true and can be easily verified.

Dibyendu aka Choton orchestrated a huge lie on NDTV when he told the press 'Bob Dylan came to his wedding,' he lied right on TV pulling his father Purna Das Baul into the lie? Why? 

This has been proven to be a lie, but he still continues to lie and make up stories with no shame. 

Bob Dylan did not come to his wedding, he was in Argentina at the time. 

It only takes a little bit of research. 

People who were at Choton's wedding can verify this. 

There is a Calcutta Professor from Calcutta University who initially went along with this lie, until the second brother contacted him and explained it was not Bob Dylan but another guy from California.

Now, proven it was not Bob Dylan, he even called Bob Dylan's, Jacob Dylan who Babu knows he confirmed, "NO my Dad has never been to India and that he was in Argentina at the time of Choton's wedding? 

You can check this out all of Bob Dylan's travels have been recorded. 

No India, Babu tried to bring him to India when he worked for CBC in Mumbai but no one was interesting, there was no sponsorship. 

Babu Kishan had released all of Bob Dylans music in India and Asia, no one else had contact with Dylan or his phone # other than Babu Kishan and he had the contacts in Bombay. Purna Das had no contact with Dylan, no friendship either?

Choton has a life long history of lying, cheating, theft and hurting others, he is not a Baul or a good person. A Baul never lies, a real authentic Baul tells the truth, he is not a Baul. 

  • Babu Kishan has NO association with Choton for a very long time, people had told him who his brother is, however Babu defended his brother because he didn't believe others, he no longer can defend him, and in no way wants to be associated. 
  • Please do not associate Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das with Choton aka Dibyendu Das, Bhagavan Das Baul? 

We can not choose our family. Babu Kishan was raised by his Grandparents Nabani Das Baul / Brajabala Dasi and when he came to Calcutta to be with this family, they sent him to live at the Ramakrishna Mission. This is a huge story and will come out fully in his next book, to be released this year 2023 finally.

Over the years his younger brother has talked garbage saying nasty things about Babu Kishan behind his back, but Babu has just taken it or ignored and made excuses for him? 

Babu Kishan used to introduce him to his Bollywood, Indian Cinema friends and he would talk nasty about Babu right behind his back and they all would tell Babu. 

They would tell him exactly what his brother had said, and say your brother is not a good person. It was heartbreaking for Babu to to hear all this? 

  • Babu Kishan buried all, rather than fighting with them, this is what happens when a child is abandoned and his father abandoned him when he was born and again at age 8 when he went to live with him in Calcutta only to be put in a orphanage.

  • While the other 2 sons lived at home. 

  • They thus emotionally blackmailed Babu for love, all Babu did for them both financially and artistically. In return, all Babu wanted was to be included. Babu turned a blind eye and buried it all deep inside. Choton has stollen from Babu Kishan's.
  • He forged Babu Kishan's signature and within Choton wife was an accomplice as were others, this will come out in court. They forged Babu's signature and sold Babu own Bombay apartment in Juhu. Secretly stealing the keys and sold it out from under him while they were visiting his home in Bombay, who does this, not a family member let alone your worst enemy.
  • Whoever, was involved is complicit and will be included in court.
  • Choton has stolen and sold Babu's stamp collection, his coin collection and claims he owns all the instruments Babu collected. 
  • You name it, he has forged Babu's 'power of attorney' and sold everything using this fake power of attorney, he is still using it today, to take a property that Babu owned in Shantineketan Birbhum waving papers saying they have let me take control of it, No the other 2 brothers did not, you are lying and cheating trying to scam more property, claiming it is for a Baul Ashram and Purna Das Baul never gets land, that is a lie and the courts will hear about hat too. He has slandered Babu, including intellectual property theft
  • The pandemic has delayed all this but very soon. Showing up in court with a document saying Purna Das Baul signed everything over to, he could not in 2019 there were injunctions on all properties.
  • Choton has stolen properties in Bengali and forged Babu's signature many times, including going so far to create a 'fake power of attorney for Babu' and forged Babu's name Krishnendu Das? You know Babu didn't even know about all this, it was Bapi who finally opened up?

Choten has a criminal mind. Long story and many pending court cases against him including a criminal court case.

When Babu Kishan would help others, or produce music for others, when he would dare to think about himself ‘the Calcutta family’ would be jealous turning their back on him, when he produced an album they would throw it in a corner and never listen to it? When Babu Kishan had a album release event for himself or for someone else because he is a prolific Indian Cinema Composer, the Calcutta would show up taking over his press conferences to talk about themselves, meanwhile talking to others at Babu's press conference (his work) telling others behind his back how much they dislike Babu, they all told Babu in shock, wondering why he would even allow his Calcutta family to attend?


Baul and Babu Kishan have been intellectually liquidated for decades. 80% of the Baul music Babu Kishan has produced with his own funds, distributed and marketed has not produced any royalties for him, the royalties were eaten up by his Calcutta family. 
Not only that, others in Bengal (actor fake Baul singers) are now singing his songs, his Grandfathers songs and his lineages songs, without giving credit for Lyrics, copying the tune and music exactly not even knowing Babu Kishan was the Music Composer? 
This is why a (Baul singers today) would say, 'Bauls do not care who the poets are', of course they don't care who wrote the poetry, of course you would use that narrative when you are a thief and a liar, acting all innocent?

#1 they are NOT Baul 

#2 this is an intellectual property theft,
and if you can get popular off another music, then say Baul does not care,
you are a thief and a liar.

All of Babu Kishan's research for decades has been twisted, distorted, abused, used, outright lies, wrong teaching, cheating, creating false narrative, by many including right in Babu Kishan's own family? 

Baul is extinct, seriously extinct, the essence has flown the coop.



  • This above line to the article in question from GETBENGAL.com is inaccurate right from the title? Warning Choton lies, check your sources before you write what he says. It could ruin your journalistic career, printing slanderous false narratives. Check your sources.
  • In the article it says Nabani died in 1964, he absolutely did not, Nabani Das Khyapa Baul passed away in 1969. Deben Battacharya says he passed away in 1962, which has been proved wrong in another blog post. Never before has Choton or Purna Das ever talked about Nabani, because Babu Kishan has talked about Nabani as his Diksha Guru they all are talking about him all of sudden? The more Babu talks about Nabani the more they talk about Nabani because they might have something else of Babu's to attach onto? There is a huge 20 page story about this too.
  • Bob Dylan was not or never was friendly with Purna Das Baul. I have explained this in an earlier post.
  • This article June of 2022 is an embellishment, In the photo the picture of Purna Das Baul and Bob Dylan in 1967 where is Laxshman Das Baul Purna Das's younger brother he is not in the picture. Laxshman now is deceased and has been cut off from the picture?
  •  It was Laxshman Das Baul who Bob Dylan liked, Babu Kishan knew Bob Dylan way more than the initial 1967 encounter his father had. 
  • Babu Kishan has a long connection with Bob Dylan the Band through his long time friendship with Allen Ginsberg and Al Aronowitz for decades of traveling back and forth every year for visits form the 1980's. Where was Purna Das Baul, he was not there.
  • The association of Babu Kishan and Bob Dylan & The Band was long as Babu did some concerts as a guest on stage with Dylan in 1985 singing the only Baul poetry ever written by Allen Ginsberg in honor of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.
  • There is no relationship between Bob Dylan and Purna Das Baul except for that first meeting in 1967 in Albert Grossman's backyard, due to Laxshman who was brought there specifically for Bob Dylan to meet Laxshman because of Sally Grossman who from 1967 onward Sally was one of Laxshman's closest friends until she passed away always had a great relationship with.
  • Allen Ginsberg and Albert B Grossman (they used the wrong name in the article, were not interested in Purna Das Baul in 1967, they wanted to bring Nabani Das Baul to India he could not go, Nabani said you can take my 2 son's Purna Das Baul and Lakshman Das Baul, both went to USA .

Bob Dylan never asked Babu Kishan once how is Purna Das Baul, how is your Dad, he always asked, how is Laxshman!

The below 'letter' was sent to Babu Kishan, explaining how this person was treated by Choton "Dibyendu Das" :

The person is an American who was a very serious student of Baul and of Purna Das Baul's, he came all the way from the USA to live in their house in Calcutta to study Baul. When Babu Kishan read this letter, he was in shock, it made him sick. 

Babu Kishan was not there, he was working in Mumbai always sending money back to Calcutta, he worked for his family in Calcutta giving all his money to his mother as if she was a Bank.

 This created problems for Babu as he married and had children but still gave his money all to Calcutta, it mad it hard for him to take care of his family, he would sell his car ect as Calcutta pleaded they needed money, only to buy the best of cars?

  • Choton knew how to play the emotional blackmail card, he knew Babu would do and give anything to them. Why did Choton not work? He used to call Babu and emotional fool and he used his good nature to destroy him, with emotional blackmail and embezzlement of all his Babu Kishan's hard work.

If you heard this story you would be shocked too. All the decades of work Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das in Calcutta has done bringing Baul to the world to read this letter? 

The writers of the letter will remain Anonymous out of consideration for the writer.  At a later date I will see if he will speak about it all. 



The letter: (You can not even make this up?)

"When I first arrived Purna Das’s youngest son Choton/ Dibyendu Das told me that I would be his younger brother, he also implied that Purna Das Baul had spiritual powers from sadhana, which was never found though.

I knew of Naboni Das from reading everything I could find on the Bauls before I went there. Whenever his name comes up--eve during my last trip I heard this--people speak of him with reverence. Purna Das is commonly spoken of as someone who used to be a Baul, but then became a rich man.

I got some bad vibes from Purna Das and Manju, but relatively little, just shadiness regarding money. It was my first trip to India and meant everything to me. When I heard the album Spirituals of Purna Das Baul, I fell in love with the music, he has a good voice that I don't know as a person.

So I was extremely vulnerable, but I am also very clever and not a fool. As months went by and I made friends in the neighborhood it became apparent that I was paying a very large sum. That hurt, but I didn't mind so much if I was to learn from the great Purna Das.

After 3 months I was able to sing Ami Hrid Majhare Rakhbo Chere Debo Na with a harmonium. I was filmed during Purna Das' birthday... in 2003. My life has been very hard and I felt spiritually guided to this house. For the first time I felt a sense of pride and hope. Choton ruined that.

Many nights I cried by myself because of how I was treated. When I asked Purna Das and Manju about the money they refused to talk about it and said Choton manages that.

He really took advantage of me. He would make me buy booze and waste my money. Having a drink is good fun, but he was well off and didn't need to do such things on top of charging me a hefty sum for rent and lessons.

Sadly the lessons quickly degenerated into Purna Das sitting with me for 5 minutes, having me record something, then tell me to practice. Gradually it became apparent I was being cheated out of money, quality of life, and everything I came to do. Not to mention I was isolated and locked inside by 9 pm every night. I wanted to see India and the 6 months was like jail.

I felt a connection with the children and they adored me. Everyone did because of my innocence and enthusiasm. Even Purna Das and moreso Manju often displayed genuine affection toward me, inside something else. There was a catch, Purna Das was showing me off every chance he got as his American son. He would announce me at concerts and it felt good at first, but I realized it was for their own propaganda.

Choton's wife Aditi was very kind at first and it saddened me greatly to hear her cry after Choton snapped at her which was all the time. As a Ma bhakta, I was overjoyed when I heard he wanted to take me to Tarapith. This was a dream come true! Calling me his younger brother, plans were made and we got in the car and the driver stopped at a woman's house who I know Choton cheated on his wife with. 

He made me wait in the living room of her home for hours alone with no tv or anything while they had sex. 

We got in the car and spent a night in Shantiniketan. The next day we visited Tarapith and he talked to the Brahmins who had us enter the rear entrance and I was in awe of Ma. Coming from so far and having heard of this place, it was a huge deal. This feeling of joy only lasted a moment because Choton wanted to rush. I never saw the temple complex. 

We walked through the cremation ground quickly and he talked shit about all the Tantriks there and wouldn't allow me to talk to anyone. We quickly gathered our things and left for Shantiniketan. This was one of the few times I got to travel outside of the one block radius of the house and he gave me no time to experience Tarapith.

 Instead we went to the Shantiniketan home where he spent a great deal of time having sex with this woman. He then made me spend my money on booze and we drank so much I felt ill. The worst part was, he made me pay for this entire trip. So I was manipulated and led to believe he was doing me a wonderful favor and instead was robbed more while he used me as an excuse to cheat on his wife. On the way home, he told me not to mention the woman to Aditi. At this point I was so crushed, I knew I had to get out of there.

Aditi did ask me about this woman once and I lied... it made me feel horrible, but I was in a helpless position and at the mercy of Choton. I had so much expectation and hope and here I was being abused.

Same thing with the Baul Mela. I wasn't allowed to interact with any Bauls or even see them perform. Here I was in India for the first time and not allowed to see it! This was after saving money for 2 years just to do it.

There were servant girls Oshima and Deepali both abused by Choton too.

 I have fond memories of them because we were in a similar age range and Oshima obviously had a crush on me. It was cute and innocent and these girls had absolutely nothing, so there was no harm. Anyway, it seemed strange to me how they were basically treated like slaves and were only in their late teens, but India is very different.

Anyway, one day when I was heading to my room at night I saw Choton wearing just a lungi making Oshima rub him down. She looked out the door to me with such a look of agony on her face that I went into my room, cried, and asked Kali why she was making me suffer so when I came there out of love. 

It was obvious that he took sexual advantage of the girls when he felt like it. It would be impossible for them to say anything.

So I fled. Purna Das and Choton had a performance in the USA and I packed my belongings and took off. I told Manju and Aditi( She sometimes makes the situation fishy) that it was for my visa renewal. The boys loved me and I loved them too. I hugged them both good bye and assured them I would be back.

 Chinku was old enough to feel sad and cried when I left. They adored me and I always played with them and made them laugh. During the party I mentioned, there was a large crowd and people had video cameras. Choton asked Chinku to sing and he was feeling shy. 

Instead of coaxing him nicely, Choton snapped at him yelling in front of everyone. There were many times I saw Chinku cry because of how Choton yelled at him and what he said.

It is a tragedy that the youngest grandson of Naboni Das would end up such a spoiled, evil person, already ruined Purna Das’s name through his behavior and Baba almost brainwashed by Choton and Aditi. 

He has truly wicked qualities and if I experienced all of that in such a short time, I cannot imagine what he has done in his life. 

Once when a friend of his visited and we were drinking they were going to take me--whether I wanted to or not--to the infamous Sonagachi red light district. I am so glad they were too drunk for that to happen.

 Choton kept saying he was going to take me there, but I cut out before that happened. Not that I would have done anything with a prostitute (they are basically sex slaves), but I just didn't want to be a part of anything like that. I have said a lot and will end it here. 

This isn't everything that happened, but you can imagine how all this hurt me. My first trip to India was ruined because of Choton. 


 In six months I saw nothing of India, hardly went outside, and was ruthlessly abused and taken advantage of.

 Luckily people liked me a lot and I took off to stay with Purna Das' tabla player. Unfortunately he hooked me up with a living situation that got bad and I ended up moving two more times before returning home. For lasting a full year, I can pat myself on the back. I learned everything the hardest way possible. 

Now I can play ektara and duggi while keeping rhythm with ankle bells if I want. I can play some khamak and know the words to some songs I love.BUT the people who were supposed to teach me these things didn't. 

I repeatedly listened to my recordings and struggled through imitation to learn everything I did.Not being a singer, I was very proud to learn some songs and actually was gradually improving with something I never intended to do. 

Again though, this got my hopes up. I knew if I kept it up daily I would get better. So I poured all of my energy into practicing, maybe up to 10 hours a day. 

Then when I fled I was left with nothing... no one to help me learn anything.I have two incredible ektaras and 3 khamaks. What I did was mimic Purna Das' khamak. I figured out it was a hollowed out tabla and learned the vocab with a tutor to have my own custom built. The ektaras I got are custom made in North Kolkata. 

Choton and Baba did not help with this. When I stayed with them, I had the equivalent of toy instruments that I paid five times the cost for. That year was one of the hardest I have ever faced. 

I was alone and beaten up. But I struggled through it out of a pure love for Bengali culture. I came out with conversational Bengali and the ability to survive on my own. I later re-visited Tarapith and stayed for 10 days and spent a lot of time in meditation cleansing myself of the horrors I faced. It was mostly painful, but I am proud to have endured it.

I know Purna Das and Manju have some shady qualities--that was apparent especially with money. They have used a lot of people. Purna Das is extraordinarily gifted and transmitted some great spirit despite his character flaws and I can appreciate that at least. 

Choton though... one of the worst human beings I have ever met in my life.Yeah Choton hurt me pretty bad while lying directly to my face and calling me his younger brother. 

Not to get into it, but my family life was kinda rough and broken up to begin with, so I took his words to heart and he intentionally screwed with my mind.When I began reading about the Bauls and listening to Bengali songs I immediately fell in love and felt that this music connected me with the divine. A calling if you will.

So I was already set up to be a fairly easy target, but when I think about it I am completely shocked at how far Choton went in abusing my trust. Only a sick, predatory person could do something like that.

It's really amazing, Ami Hridh Majhare Rakhbo Chere Debo Na was the first Baul song I learned and when I was practicing regularly I got good enough where I would be requested to sing it all the time.

 I am not a natural singer, but I think a lot of people appreciated hearing the tune sung properly by a western person.That song has become very spiritually significant for me. Some of my most important experiences in India have been marked by that song and I honestly feel like it is one of the many beautiful ways the divine plays hide and seek with me.

Would you believe Choton actually told me that he wrote this song?

 He told me that the tune and lyrics were his, when he doesn’t know anything about Music field or any knowledge. 

Neighbors don’t like him for his rough behavior, abusive, manipulated, Cheating Character even some said he is completely Iiar. Since I couldn't leave the house, I actually believed it at first until I heard other people doing such an amazing job when singing it compared to the supposed composer! 

When I was hanging out with Purna Das' band after a show I brought this up and it caused a lot of laughter among the musicians who informed me that Choton was a paglachoda. But even that small detail just goes to show how thoroughly manipulative a mind like Choton's is. 

Without any reason he would regularly lie to me while acting like my best friend--just to be predatory for its own sake. I feel sad that Babu had to hear this but it is all true. The last thing I want to do is cause anybody harm or strife. 

I hope Babu recovers soon because he is obviously a great person and the world needs more people like him. 

As I found Purna Das’s eldest son Babu is the only multi talented in family and kind hearted supportive personality, who composed so many famous songs in his own credit. It's so cool that he was RD Burman's assistant--he's my favorite film composer, hands down!

Despite all the suffering I dealt with while living there my love for Bengali culture and music only increased. It really is where my heart is. Hopefully I will never have to suffer like that again just to pursue what I love and can stick to enjoying it.

Again I am saddened that you now know about such bad things, but hopefully some good comes from sharing the truth. I wish you both the best of all and everything good life has to offer. Enjoy your night and I am sure we'll communicate more in the near future and about better things--like art, music, and Hindu deities!"

This is what experienced from a famous Baul family 

Bhalo Theko")

Sad and we are in contact with the person who wrote this!







The first tenant of Baul is, Tell the Truth, be a Truth talker.

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