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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Babu Kishan is the only Baul who had a long lasting many decades friendship with Allen Ginsberg, he is the only Baul that Ginsberg wrote Baul poetry for. Nabani Das Khyepa Baul was Ginsbergs Baul Guru, Nabani was Babu's Grandfather who raised him from birth and game him the name Krishnendu, Nabani is still to this day his Guru!

The American Poet Allen Ginsberg & Babu Kishan The Indian Poet

Babu Kishan is in the process of writing his personal story of  his long friend and friendship with Allen Ginsberg. He is the only Baul who developed a long friendship with Allen Ginsberg.

​Of course this friendship has it roots in Babu Kishan's Grandfather 'Nabani Das Khyepa Baul'who was an Avadhuta that Ginsberg met on his trip to India in '1962' and whom he kept a personal and private connection all his life. You can see Babu Kishan's link on Allen Ginsbergs Page under links, miscellany. Babu and Allen are both poets and they were mystical friends.

"We also are indebted to the influence of Allen Ginsberg, who met Nabani Das in the early 1960s and wrote “Indian Journals” and never wavered from his spiritual path; to Albert B. Grossman who brought Nabani’s sons Purna and Luxman Das Baul with their group to the US in 1967 to record for Elektra Records and tour; " 

Albert was the Music Producer of Bob Dylan. It was 'Allen Ginsberg' who contacted them to bring Nabani Das Khyapa Baul to America:

Albert Bernard Grossman (May 21, 1926 – January 25, 1986) was an American entrepreneur and manager in the American folk music scene and rock and roll. He was famous as the manager of many of the most popular and successful performers of folk and folk-rock music, including Bob DylanJanis JoplinPeter, Paul and Marythe BandOdettaGordon Lightfoot and Ian & Sylvia."

It should be noted that it was Allen Ginsberg who wanted to bring Nabani Das Khyepa Baul to America but he refused, thus he sent his two son's, Laxshman Das Baul and Purna Das Baul and their band.
Albert B Grossman with his wife and Babu Kishan 1983
Dylan and Grossman
Poetry written by Allen Ginsberg for Babu Kishan

This is the only Baul Poetry Allen Ginsberg wrote.

Baul of Bengal, I sing for all,  Blue Danube is my Jamuna,  Hudson my Vrindavan,  see me in Calcutta, Toronto and London,  Hear my call Baul of Bengal,  Same man many names,  same player,  many games,  Love is magic to win at life,  Hear my call O Baul of Bengal.

Written by Allen Ginsberg in 1983
as a gift to Babu Kishan ' 

Babukishan composed the music for the original in collaboration with Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, (of The Band) Bob Dylan's Band in 1985 for the tour.  

This is the one and only piece of Baul poetry Ginsberg wrote.  Babu Kishan sang this on 40 city American tour with Bob Dylan and the Band.

Babu became great friends with The Band and jammed with them all the time.

Deborah Baker the author of "A Blue Hand" a book about Allen Ginsberg. Babu Kishan was a chief Guest at the Mumbai Book Launch 2008.


Long time friend of Babu Kishan's,  Author Amitav Ghosh who is Deborah Bakers husband andPrabodh Parik  a famed Gujurati Poet & Babu Kishan 2008 Mumbai @ the launch of  "The Blue Hand." a book about Allen Ginsberg.

Who is Babu Kishan?
Multi-Talented  Award Winning
Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das

Renowned Legendary 

​Indian Cultural Ambassador for 45 years 

Music Composer/Producer, Film-Maker 

Life Member of Indian Cine Music Directors Association  
Life Member of Indian Performing Rights Society

Composed, Produced, Marketed Successfully 60 ALBUMS
200 or more of his poetry (lyrics) have produced super duper hit songs. 

Senior Management in Indian Cinema, Music Consultant, Major Bollywood Event Film and Music Release Event Planner. Lifetime friends with Senior Journalist of all Major News Sources and Connected Politically from a young age.

​Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das has been a Cultural Representative of India for 45 years appointed by the Government of India (not self appointed), traveling through India and Worldwide for the Indian Government as a representative of Indian Culture since 1970 with ​Sangeet Natak Akademi ​"Indian National Academy of Music Dance and Drama" & ICCR "Indian Council of Cultural Relations"

Career History – Senior Management – Music & Film Industry India
1978 – 1990  HMV -  Composer, Writer of Music for famous India singers.
1986 -1993  Venus/Tips/Music India  -  Music Producer, and Composer
1986-1993  CBS  -  Music Producer, Creative Director India, promoter, of artist such as Cindy Lauper, Micheal Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Pink Floyd, Gypsy Kings, released all Bob Dylans Albums in India and Asia, including many many others.
1991 -2004  Digital Music Studio –  Owned & Operated Babukishan – Composer, Music Production for Film.
1994-1996  Time Audio Video – ABCL Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd - Quality Assurance Manager Film & Music Production/Marketing, and Event Management. Film, and Music Promotion.
1997-2004 Universal Music Label -  Music Producer, Music Composer, Consultant
1996-1999 PEN Audio Video Film -  Music Producer, Promoter, Consultant
1996-2001 T-series -  Music Producer - Composer

Babu Kishan was a Artist & Repertoire (A&R Manager) for film and music, a  manager from concept to release, quality controller, talent search, contract, over seeing the whole film and music, promotion and sales of film and music. He has profitably successful marketed and sold 300 Films and 500 Albums Indian Cinema all top labels. Composed, Produced, Sold and Marketed at least 60 of his own albums. He is an expert at Creating Film from the start to the selling it successfully at the end. He is a Master Music Composer Producer from beginning to end sales and has been successful in the business of Film and Music for over 40 years.

Babu Kishan Produced and sold Film Rights for Super Hit Albums & Films.
​1978 -  2008