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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Generic Bauls were never associated with Bob Dylan or 'Allen Ginsberg' as many sites report! Only Babu Kishan was for decades. Initially his Father & Uncle met Dylan in 1967 as can be seen on the cover of Bob Dylans Album 'John Westley Harding', it was Laxshman Das Baul that Dylan asked about every time Babu saw him, they had a instant connection. It was Babu Kishan who reunited his dad with Dylan after 18 years. It was only Babu Kishan that kept in touch and had music business association with Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan has never been to India, as embarrassing as this is, it was reported as FAKE news in India by Babu's youngest brother who has never, ever had any contact with Dylan? Bob Dylan was in Brazil at the time of his Younger brothers wedding (period).. check it out.

Bob Dylan being in India - 
is Fake News!

When Babu Kishan worked for CBS India 1986 - 1993 he released, marketed and promoted all Bob Dylan's Albums in India. Babu Kishan has personally known Bob Dylan and if it not for Babu Kishan who was a super fan and his encouraging RV PANDIT to release all Bob Dylan's albums in India, no one in India would have known who Bob Dylan is in India in the 1980 and 1990's. It was due to Babu Kishan that the people of India were able to know Bob Dylan.

Babu has been inspired by Dylan his whole life and gave him
the name 'Western Baul'.

Babu tried to bring Bob Dylan to India between 1986 to 1993 while he was the A/R Manager at CBS India, however, and unfortunately in those days very few people in India knew who Bob Dylan was. Unfortunately Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das could not get sponsorship for the concert, he tried over many years by promoting and marketing Bob Dylan to India.

It is a curious matter some in Bengal and even more curious that Bangladeshi Bauls claim to know Bob Dylan???  No no they do not! Now all claiming that all of the Bauls are associated with Bob Dylan, this is not true. Babu's father and uncle initially met Dylan at the BiG Pink in 1967 in Woodstock, no other Bauls in Bengal or Bangladesh ever had anything to do with Bob Dylan.

After 18 years Babu Kishan through his travels to America on his own met Al Aronowitz, George Harrison, Allen Ginsberg, The Band (Levon Helm) and others who associated with Bob Dylan, it was during this time period that he developed a relationship with Dylan. Babu Kishan became good friends with all because of his musical ability not because of being a Baul. Babu Kishan is a Master of India Classical, Folk, Baul and Bollywood (Indian Cinema) music. He has a Masters degree and has composed over 150 music scores, please see his resume. He is not just a regular Baul, he is a Master of Indian Music and he composed all of his father's music.

Babu is the only Baul that is associated with Dylan other than initially his father and uncle who met him Woodstock USA and they are on the cover of Bob Dylans album 'John Westley Harding'.

Bob Dylan never went to a wedding in Calcutta secretly or otherwise in 1990, he was on a 'Never Ending Tour' that took him to Brazil in 'January of 1990' when the wedding took place and as far away from India that one can get. In 1990 Bob Dylan he was in Brazil, Europe, Canada and then to the USA . Dylan did 93 concerts in 1990.
Dylan did not teleport to Calcutta for 2 hours and if you know India, just imagine flying to Delhi or Bombay in 1990 for your first trip to India. Then because Calcutta did not have an International Airport catching another airplane flying to Calcutta for a secret wedding of a person you did not know?

Babu Kishan has performed in at least 40 concerts with Bob Dylan and The Band jamming every night with the Band through the concert and had a relationship visiting America every year since the 1980's. He has Jammed with the Rolling Stones in America, London and India. He is not just a Baul he is a multi talented musician playing over 15 instruments and a India Cinema Composer, he has a Masters Degree in Indian Music.

Dylan would have done this without telling the person who managed his records in India, a person who had been trying to bring you to India and then secretly behind that persons back attending that person own brother's wedding who you didn't even know without ever saying a work?? There was one white guy wearing a Red Kurta from California but he was not Bob Dylan?? Babu's middle brother who married the younger brother and his wife was there 24/7 he says there is no way Bob Dylan was there. A fabricated story that has become fake news, reported over and over. Sorry folks.

The news of Dylan in India is fake news and it has been confirmed from many sources. Including Bob Dylan's own son Jacob Dylan whom Babu chatted with just this past August, he said there is no way my Dad has ever been to India, never ever.

The first person that would have known if Bob Dylan came to India would have been Babu Kishan because he was in close contact with him trying to bring him to India in 1990 unfortunatel
y, it did not happen, Bob Dylan has never been to India and certainly never to Calcutta? 

Babu Kishan was the only person in his family who had any private contact information for Bob Dylan and Babu Kishan kept that information with him in Bombay at his place of work CBS. Babu did not send a wedding invite to Bob Dylan to attend his brothers wedding and his brother and father in Calcutta had not contact with Bob Dylan.

 Babu's family in Calcutta did not even have any contact with Bob Dylan?

Dylan did not know who Babu's younger brother was and his father Purna Das Baul was never on Bob Dylans mind, as Dylan only asked Babu Kishan about Laxshman Das Baul. Bob Dylan never had any lasting relationship with Purna Das Baul since 1967 when the picture was taken on the cover of Bob Dylans album, Dylan was closer to Laxshman Das Baul.

Babu's younger brother is a liar, who is a negative influence of his elder father.
I have no idea why Journalists do not dig deeper, why they believe one or two sources who obviously have an agenda.

Why speak out, because it is a huge embarrassment when you know the truth and others (media) just copy and paste from one source without even investigating. Journalism used to be investigative, today it is just copy and paste. There is a simple remedy to this interview the people involved. 

Interview Bob Dylan first!

Interview Babu Kishan who you probably didn't know was the guy in charge of Dylan in India and that shows a lack of journalist skills, interview the middle brother who married the fools, and look at Bob Dylan's tour schedule?

Babu Kishan, 1986-1993 / CBS India
Music Producer, Creative Director India, promoter, of artist such as Cindy Lauper, Micheal Jackson, New Kids, Bob Dylan on the Block, Pink Floyd, Gypsy Kings and many others.


 Babu Kishan arranged with Bob Dylan to go on his Tour of America in the 1980's and Babu  brought along his Father and Mother along as the Bauls of Bengal. His mother and father only went on a couple of performances.

Everything Babu did was always with the thought of his 'Fathers career as he was his fathers manager and arranged all his tours and travels up until 1991, he worked for his father for over 20 years' and started traveling with his father in 1971. His thought was how can I help my father always on his mind, his own career took a back seat.

Anybody, who knew Babu knew how he sacrificed his own career for his parents.  They performed with Bob Dylan approximately ten times all over America in the mid 80's due to Babu Kishan arranging the tour, it was arranged through Babu's friendship with Bob Dylan.


Babu Kishan's link on Bob Dylan's - 

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