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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vaishnava Baul's are thousands of years before any of the modern Vaishnava groups coming out of Bengal India.

Vaishnava Baul's are thousands of years before any of the modern Vaishnava groups coming out of Bengal India.


Vaishnava Baul lineage, Baul song written by Sri Nabani Gosai Das Baul (KD Babukishan's grandfather) Nabani Das Baul is the Baul who inspired Rabindranath Tagore.

In Bengal Vaishnava Baul's have been around for thousands of years before any of the modern book traditions or Vaishnava reform groups, they are one of the oral traditions of Vaishnava from Bengal India. Vaishnava Bauls are the original Hare Krishna singers and dancers from Bengal India.

Bauls are Mysitical wandering spiritual Bards or Minstrels. They are storytellers, poets, philosophers, musicians, dancers, singers. Baul is based on Indian Philosophy. Baul is so simple but so complex and almost impossible to understand. Baul has to be experienced to get a glimpse. They are almost extinct as all indigenous cultures of this world the roots are being broken. Baul is always about Sadhana without sadhana there is no Baul, some are more Bhakti poetic and some are Avadhuta meditation Mantra yantra tantra Yogi's. It is complicated but they always carry Radha and Krishna in their hearts and because they are polytheistic they also carry Shiva and Kali. All devata are worshiped and the feminine divine hold the upper most importance whether it is Radha or Kali. In the village would be a Ratha Yatra Cart sitting beside a Kali Temple. Bauls never talked badly about anybody. The picture below is an Avadhuta Baul, Sri Nabani Das Goswami Baul was a well known wild sadhak he is the Baul who inspired Rabindranath Tagore. There were two parts to him he was a Kali Devotee at Tara Pith and he was also a Vaishnava Baul, he deleted the Goswami name off of his name because he didn't want anybody to touch his feet, he always said worship yourself touch your own feet. He helped thousands of people through his lifetime and was legendary in those days he passed away in late 1969. He was KD Babukishan's beloved Guru and Grandfather.

Simple spiritual devotion of the purest kind. They spoke sanskrit from birth and sang songs or their poetry in Bengali to the villagers. Their poetry consisted of songs of Radha and Krishna, Radha is of supreme importance as is Maa.

What is to be understood about the Vaishnava Bauls they do not reject others, they adopt those rejected by other groups, they are peace makers and they do not just talk about themselves they talk about paths as being a way to god. They are not pedantic or fundamentalist, their duty or dharma was to give blessings they are what today could be called sound healers they are called mad but mad for God/dess.

Vaishnava Baul is very similar to a hummingbird small and delicate souls that accept all, Love all, they sing joyfully twirling and whirling in ecstatic movement humming with a heart full of love. They fly about from place to place n a trance like state of great rapture or delight. Their body is their temple, they bring the essence of the divine inside drinking like a Hummingbird drinks the nectar from a flower. Baul pulls the nectar inside and distills the essence of the divine into a beautiful honey or Rasa Juice, they play with this divine essence in their bodies and grind the essence into honey of songs for humanity to create love, unity and peace among all of humanity. Humble, Mercy, kindness, devotee of humanity and Vishnu, these are the biggest qualities of Vaishnava Baul. 

Bauls are Pure Bhakti Yogi's now almost extinct like most indigenous people who lived off the land and nature, they are the soul and soil of Bengal, they are not temple builders or book pedalers. Sri Nityananda of Ekkchakra was clearly a Baul as told in the oral tradition. He was also an ancestor of Babukishan's families lineage, Babu was born there he should know not some foreigner. The stories have been totally told wrong by new age groups who came after. God/dess is watching just remember they see's everything. You can not own what does not belong to you.. You may enjoy for a while but the truth eventually comes out. This is Kali Yuga the age of backwards..

Baul Temple in Kenduli where the Bauls worship Joydev the sanskrit author of the Gita Govinda on January 14th....Photo by KD Babukishan in the 1980's

Then came Gaudiya Vaishnavism and later the Gaudiya Math with all their British educated Vaishnava reformers were book people not oral tradition people but sometimes a little closer to the truth than the modern version, whom I call new age Vaishnavism a "born again group" whose guru rejected Gaudiya Math instructing his devotee's to stay away from Gaudiya Math that his God brothers were jealous of him?? His God brothers who passed on all their Vaishnava knowledge to him?? How would this Guru know anything if it were not for Gaudiya Math.  Oh by the way he also knew all about this Baul lineage of Vaishnavism and he knew both of Babukishan's grandfathers, there are many stories to tell.

Joydev Mela Kenduli Birbhum Bengal India 1980's http://lineagebaul.blogspot.com/

Out of the Gaudiya Math came the new age group yes they are called IskCon and they completely made a mess of what Vaishnavism in Bengal is and destroyed many peoples lives. Vaishavavism was never meant to be something you hit people over the head with, it was never meant to be about hurting women and children and it most certainly was never meant to be monasitic for the general public.

I will write more on this later, it is just very sad that they became bullies on the block cyber bulling anybody that tells the truth. They have probably pulled off one of the biggest ID theft in the history of Bengal, Das and Dasi were always Baul names, yes others had this name but not everybody and especially hardly anybody from Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

To the Vaishnava Bauls the ektara (a one stringed instrument signifying LOVE, unity and peace of all humankind) is called the Gopi Chand or Gopi Yantra. The Bauls are the great spiritual messengers of Bengal going back thousands of years. These Gopi Yantra's were had made by KD Babukishan .. Bauls sing for love, the true Baul loves, Bhakti Yoga of Bengal, Baul of Bengal go hand on hand... Love Rules... Sri Nityananda of Ekkchakra was a Baul and is the ancestor of KD Babukishan.

Can you imagine how it would feel if everybody took your last name and then did not respect that name. Many have given respect but many have committed horrible crimes against women and children while carrying that name Das or Dasi, I have no idea why the Guru of the new age Vaishnavism gave everybody the Baul names he did not live in a bubble he knew both of Babu's grandfathers and we have many stories to tell of his life before he ever came to the west.

 Babu's aunt Radharani Dasi and her husband Gopal Das Baul, Gopal Das Baul was the first Baul of Bengal to play the dotara he was the son of the head Pujari at the Nityananda Temple in Ekkchakra Bengal India. Babu loved Gopal Das Baul he was the best sweet maker and disciple of KD Babu's legendary Grandfather Sri Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul.The lineage Bauls are direct descendant of Sri Nityananda from Ekkchakra Bengal, there is a lineage map showing the direct lineage. They are the original Das and Dasi Gosai of Bengal India...all will be revealed in our books..

Everybody has a right to Vaishnavism and a true Vaishnava never hurts or destroys anybodies faith. To be Vaishnava is to have mercy never pedantic. A Vaishnava disturbes no one is as in Gaudiya Math's words is humbler than a blade of grass??

Lineage Bauls spoke sanskrit in the oral tradition of storytelling they have been around for thousands of years. Poets, storytellers, Mystics, Vaishnava Baul originating in Bengal... Their ancestor was Sri Nityananda from Ekkchakra Bengal India he was a Baul. Sri Nabani Das Baul and his son Purna Das Baul, Nabani Das Bauls father was Akur Gosai Das. Nabani Das Baul took the Gosai part of their name off because he didn't think people should touch his feet, he always said touch your own feet honor yourself. Bauls do not build temples, or sell books they sing in ecstatic devotion to the divine, they are almost extinct.

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