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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Roots of Baul come from India!! Not Persian, Not Uzebekistan????? Not Canada or the Usa??

Sri Nabani Das Khyappa Baul on the cover the first album made in the USA with Purna Das Baul and others in his group in the 1967's.

The Vaishnava Bauls of Bengal have been around for thousands of years since the start of their  story, Radha/Krishna Tantric Bhakti. This one and only lineage (based on ancestry) the only Sampradaya of Vaishnava Sahajiya Tantric Bauls from Birbhum Bengal India.

This lineage the only lineage of Vaishnava SahajiyaTantric Bauls are the oldest group of Vaishnava in Bengal. This is the lineage of Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum and thousands of years before.
The path of the Avadhut (Dattatreya) Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Shakti Sadhana. Baul is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words, Vayu and Tula, B is V in Bengal and Vikram is always Bikram, thus, Vayu is Bayu =Batula = Baula = Baul over time using the Rasa Tattva technique Vayu Tula (the Windcatechers) has been reduced to Baul.

Baul is only synergistic within Sanatana Dharma, they do not follow others, nor do they collect or convert anybody. Baul is not muslim, Sai, Dervish or Fakir. To attach Baul to Fakir is the biggest untruth, the tow are opposites, Baul is Hindu, Fakir is Muslim and if you know anything the 2 have different styles, dress, songs and a different way of life.

There is NO other lineage if you hear lineage it is false, making up stories to usurp Baul and this pioneering family who brought Baul from the village of Bengal to India and then to the world. Babu Kishan can qualify each and every Baul, he knew them all and he knows who was a Baul Guru or not, and he knows who copied Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and who copied Purna Das Baul.

That story is complete and was over a few decades ago when Babu Kishan already preserved this one and only lineage for the past 60 years, he is the eldest of his generation who has already preserved Baul. Fake Bauls now say, they are legendary, now calling themselves Baul Master when there is not such a thing as a Baul Master, there is only Baul Guru?? Babu Kishan knows the questions to ask because he is an expert in the Indian system of qualify Guru's and spent many years doing this with one of his mentors a Supreme Court Calcutta and Bombay judge who is in his late 90's and has lived through partition and the history of India.


Copying what this lineage has done, is trying to reinvent the wheel of Baul, it is a huge disrespect taking the names off and propping someone who is not, was not a Baul Guru as a Baul Guru?

Just because some random person followed this lineage but took all the names off the songs from this lineage, copied a song directly from Babu Kishan's youtube and then re-recorded it, is intellectul property theft, it is not kind, it is not honest or telling the truth. The truth will be told. Following  them around the world and dressed like Purna Das Baul wearing the dress Babu Kishan designed, does not mean that person is a Baul, they may follow Baul, but that does not make a Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, Purna Das Baul or Babu Kishan.

Babu Kishan worked in Indian Cinema and Bollywood for 40 years it has nothing to do with Baul, why are you trying to be in Indian Cinema creating listings on IBMD? Babu Kishan is the only Baul ever qualified to teach at Universities which is a history he started in the 1970's, now you will see pretendian Bauls advertising this is what they have done? What the hell, copying trying to be Babu Kishan. I am very protective of Babu and this is insidious, stop cultural appropriating, repeating what is on this blog, telling his stories on youtube, name dropping. First this one was a Buddhist now they are Radha with full Vaishnava markings? 

One writer actually wrote that Baul songs are Gazal and put a picture of Nabani beside his article on Academia.org. How is it possible that people write and speak with no knowledge spreading false narratives and nobody qualifies them?

Another wrote, Bauls are cross dressers? Bauls are illiterate, another scoured the whole internet bragging that Baul is degraded, degenerate. I mean they scoured the internet and presented a paper of all wrong degraded things ever said about Baul to prove this was Baul. I have to ask why they are not from Baul, and it just proves that no one outside of indigenous Baul's lineage should ever be writing about Baul, they should not be self-determining Who is Baul? The question must be asked, why? For fundraising, another jackpot to save these indigenous Baul, to collect funding?

It boggles the mind the entitlement that outsiders think they have about Baul; the creation of every ‘predendian’ Baul now has made up a fake lineage? Baul is not yours to do as you like, it is indigenous and only the indigenous Bauls have the rights to self-determination. Baul does not need a savior looking for a career, riding on the coattails of this lineage, but lying and spreading more false narratives.which is If you follow long enough, over a decade or two you will notice shifting narratives full of inconsistencies, shifting patterns of behaviors. When you see shifting stories over time, it is a red flag.

 In her report on indigenous identity fraud:

“Métis Indigenous Canadian lawyer Jean Teillet, said that for decades, non-Indigenous people have been falsely claiming Indigenous ancestry and using those claims to take the opportunities away from indigenous people.” 

Those opportunities include prestige, grants, funding, travel, donations, awards, the rights to claim their heritage, self-determination, cultural mis-appropriation of their intellectual property of songs, including representing their ancestral rights to the world and to India? 

The pretendian Bauls (performers, artists, actors, singers) and Academic Scholars who speculated creating many harmful narratives. The Islamic Bangladeshis  have found a way to fundraise by attaching Baul to their names such as Fakir. These people are taking and have taken the opportunity from indigenous Bauls, and a position in history of who Baul is by so many false narratives and fake stories?

If you're so called Guru is a Guru, he would have known how to speak oral Sanskrit? Did he speak oral Sanskrit? Just because someone is a Gosai does not mean they are a Baul either? 

People may believe you but your consciousness is not very deep, you may feel like a 'saviour of Baul' and have traveled the world, faking it til you make it? However, you are really just a cultural appropriator?

When one makes it up as they go and teaches wrong false teachings this creates a 'cultural genocide', for instance, there are not 3 or 4 types of Baul, Baul is not from Turkey, Baul is not from outside of families. Baul is extinct, teaching wrong teachings at this point, 40 years after Baul has been preserved by Babu Kishan who has seen all the Bauls since the 1960's and knows who is who because he knew them all.

Question to ask? 
1) Are you indigenous to Birbhum Bengal?

2) are you an oral Sanskritist? 

3) do you speak Birbhum Bengali which is different from Assam? 
Bengali, Bangladeshi Bengali, or any South Indian language?

4) Do you know who the poets are, of each song? 
Instead of saying Bauls do not care, which is a lie?

5) Do you copy Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style, (Ektara, Baya hand drum, Nupoor (ankle bells) if you do, you can only come from this lineage?

Did your so called Guru or do you wear Babu Kishan's designed Patch work colourful dress, because if you do, you are following this lineage?

If in describing Baul, you describe Vayu Tula and Baul is a sanskrit word, you have just copied it from Babu Kishan.

 I ask,  why all the lying and telling fake stories.

The Vaishnava Tantric Bauls of Birbhum have been singing the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra for thousands of years before Sri Nityananda (Nitai) in the 1500's started the revival of Vaishnava along with his best friend Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabu. 

Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum was a 'Vaishnava Baul Avadhut' and his "oral" tradition of singing and dancing as 'spiritual messengers' Guru's from village to village were easily passed onto his best friend Sri Chaitanya. Nitai (Nityananda Prabhu was an ancestor of this lineage). 

No such thing as a Baul Master?

In my research I have read Bauls originate from Persia?? NO
I have heard they come from Turkey from a Baul Women singer? NO

The 2005 Unesco declaration as an Oral and intangible history, has a really dark side and the is, the petition for funding in preserving Baul came from a UN Bangladeshi official, who obtained the funding and ran away with all the funds. Almost sounds like a joke but it is not, he was instrumental in saying Baul is from Persia? NO

He used Baul and made up a story which is not in alignment with Baul. I have used this statement in the past and now as usual others have copied it, there is a shame that goes along with thus UNESCO Heritage declaration. How many people will keep making up stories and using Baul?? 

This is what Bauls do now, and others looking for funding, hey if this guy was successful, so will I perhaps I can become a rich Maa or Baba like the other fakes who accumulate large sums of money from the unsuspecting people who do not understand the language? One after the other, this is not new, it has been happening for decades.

A famed Baul Women singer, used to say Baul was from Turkey and yet she is collecting donations to preserve Baul, but teaches wrong teachings, ie) telling Berkeley there are 4 or 5 types of Baul, I could go on and on, I have documented it all?

 This is not true, perhaps something else originated from Persia (today called Iran) but not the Bauls. 

First of all #1 Baul is a sanskrit word and they originate from India.They are sanskrit scholars, poets, Indian philosophers, perhaps the new Baul singers are not but the Bauls were for thousands or years previous to this. I have heard they originate from Uzbekistan, from another follower on the coat tails of this lineage??

 I won't even comment on that one.. and I have heard Bauls are from Bangladesh, which also is wrong, why because Babukishan and family traveled to Bangladesh in the early 70's and there were no Bauls there, perhaps a few but all they were singing was Lalon Fakir songs. 

Babukishan's  mother Manju Dasi being from Bangladesh was the first person to start to preserve Lalon Fakir songs before this no one cared, today preserving Lalon Fakir songs has become multi-million dollar business of creating stories that Baul is from Bangldesh and is of sufi origins to collect money from UNESCO. ?? 

It is "Kali Yuga" what is real is seen as unreal and what is unreal is seen as real for the sake of money. Please do not destroy the history of the Vaishnava Bauls for the sake of fame or money, the Bauls are ancient and deserve to have their lineage preserved as acurately as possible.

It was Nabani Das Baul who had a long and lasting association with Rabindranath Tagore and Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was Allen Ginsberg's Guru, he may have written a song about Lalon Fakir but he never met Lalon Fakir or considered him a Baul, Lalon is poet, one must be more than just a poet to be a Baul. 

It was Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul who was associated with Allen Ginsberg, Rabindranath Tagore along with other poets, authors ect..

 It was Nabani Das Khyappa Baul who was Indira Gandhi's dance teacher at Vishwabharti University.

 It was Nabani Das Baul who taught at Vishva Bharti University in  Shantiniketan Birbhum... and it was Indira's father Nehru who asked Nabani Das Baul to sing at all the  inaugural  ceremonies of India, when India once again became a country.

Stop making up fake stories, taking the name of this one and only lineage off, and replacing them with your name. Stop creating lineages that are not in actual fact lineages, stop lying, stop using all the leg work Babu Kishan has done. He knows all the Baul Guru's for 60 years and your Guru is not a Baul Guru, he copied Ektara Baya and Nupoor (ankle bells) from Nabani Das Khyapa Bell.

Why constantly all these fake stories?

And most of all stop mentioning and name dropping Babu Kishan's stories, that are his to tell!!
Allen Ginsberg
Bob Dylan and the Band
Nabani was a professor at Shantinketan Birbhum Bengal

Stop using Baul to fundraise, making people stupid.

You want to be a Maa or maybe Ammachi perhaps start by telling the truth.