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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raikamal film clip with a Baul kirtan from this lineage.. along with actor being Nabani Das Baul

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This is a film about Nabani Das Bauls life the writer of this film is 'Tara Shankar' who spent years with Nabani Das ... The song this actor is singing is written by Nabani Das Baul. The actor was Nabani Das's friend Nitish Muke...rjee who played the part, he spent month learning from Nabani to play this part.. Nabani never like acting ect.. 
This movie is from an novel Bok Babaji about Nabani Das Baul in Bengali it was never translated into english.

The cult of kirtan maybe was popularized by Sri Chaitanya but he got the cult of kritan from Sri Nityananda as Nitai was a Baul and they had been singing kirtan and Baul songs for thousands of years. 

Chaitanya was a scholar and best friend of the elder Nitai A Vaishnava Baul Avadhut, the original Hare Krishna Mahamantra singers and dancers lineage of Vaishnava Baul Kirtan, naturally flowed to his best friend Chaitanya .

This has been written out of history by Vaishnava orthodox reformers.  

This needs to be told, it is from the oral Sanskrit tradition and Vaishnava agamic tradition, not orthodox re-translated by those who had a agenda of world domination, a book publishing tradition of personal opinions based on gathering devotee's and selling books. 

This lineage the Vaishnava Tantric Bauls of Birbhum were different, natural and spontaneous, yes they had Sanskrit manuscrips, they were Krishna Sahaja. This does not exist today. So many have dirtied the name of Baul, they have speculated and lumped Baul together with random groups. This Baul lineage is Gosai or spelled Gosain, they have been around a very long time way before Nitai or his younger friend Sri Chaitanya.

 Jai Nitai.