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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amar Moner Manush.. new format for Lineage Baul

We are keeping this site active but have also created another Amar Moner Manush as it is an easier format. Please check back often as new information will be added regularly and we will keep you updated as to upcoming books and news regarding the Ektara Foundation and the creation of BHAVA.. The Baul Historical Ashram and Vedic Academy of Performing Arts for the preservation of the The Bauls of Bengal... along with assistance programs for the poor Bauls in the village. We are working on this and sometime in 2012 we should be moving ahead with our projects..
Nabani Das Khyappa Baul, Baul Saint, Baul Poet, Legendary and famous Baul amongst poets, scholars, artist, politicians, he was well known for his sharp intellect, miraculous healing powers, and mystical ways.. he was a sahaka you can not compare Nabani Das Baul today with what one would call Baul. He was exceptional.