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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Babu Kishan in San Francisco / Lecture / Workshop

Babukishan das Baul Concert


The Mystic Bhakti of a Living Master

Join multi-instrumentalist, legendary Indian composer, energetic performer Babukishan das Baul for a night of unforgettable music and bhakti at the Yoga Farm.
Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

 Babu is Baul from Birbhum Bengal India. Babu's lineage is an Oral living lineage of Bhakti MysticYogi's and wandering minstrels. He is the first Baul to aquire a modern education with a  BA in Indian Philosophy, MA in Indian Music.

 He was a Vedic Monk for 12 years with the Ramakrishna Order. His father Purna Das Baul is Baul Samarat (king) of the Bauls and the first Baul and one of the first Indian Vocalist to travel outside of India. His grandfather Nabani Das Baul was Baul Guru and inspiration to Rabindranath Tagore, and American poet Allen Ginsberg.

Babu is a Vedic Sanskrit Baul Scholar, Poet, Philosopher and author of 3 books in Bengali. As an award winning music composer he has composed music for all of India's top singers and musicians. 

He has traveled world wide for 40 years performing, lecturing and preserving Baul. As a multi-instrumentalist, Master of Indian Classical, Folk, Baul and Bollywood music he has recorded more than 44 albums in different languages world-wide. He has performed and recorded with music greats such as Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, The Band, George Harrison, Miles Davis, and the Beach Boys.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lineage Original Baul .. Baul song written by Nabani Das Khappa Baul and sung by his son Laxshman Das Baul.

The Bauls who sang on this album never received any money for this album..
Babu-Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul used to buy as many copies as he could and hand it out to people as a way of inspiring people to listen to Baul music....He has been promoting, trying to preserve his lineage for 40 years.... There is so much misinformation regarding the Bauls of Bengal.. this site has been created as a way of educating the public on what Baul really is..... coming from a authentic oral living lineage Baul..


Friday, April 22, 2011

Babukishan music various songs, Baul, Bollywood fun music composed and some sung by Babu..

Master of Indian Classical, Folk, Baul and Bollywood Music

MA Indian Music Kolkata University
12 years as a monk in the Ramakrishna Mission

First Baul to receive a University education, and be trained in his oral Sanskrit lineage including manuscripts, vernacular Birbhum Bengali and the Baul secret yogic tantric language called Sandhy Bhasa. 

First Baul to compose Baul fusion music 2 decades before others are claiming, with many famous Western singers and many in Indian Cinema.

First Baul to live in North America, 
Babu now resides in Canada and India.

Babu has been traveling, and preserving his lineage for 40 years, he is from the only pioneering lineage and family to bring The Bauls of Bengal out of the village to the world.

Baul is complete, you can not rework the indigenous Bauls of Birbhum. Babukishan preserved Baul starting in the 1960's. Baul has been preserved and one should know the names of the poets, those saying Baul does not care who the poets are, are thieves, stealing the songs from this lineage. They are copying this lineages dress, where they go, and what they do, and some are even copying Nabani poetry taking his name off and acting, making Baul random and generic, creating false narratives.

BABU KISHAN aka Krishnendu Das Baul


Monday, April 18, 2011

Hauman Chalisa Music composed and Produced by Babukishan singing Hari Om Sharan

Stolen by a record Company and Producer, Music Composer, Singers name taken off?

Babu Kishan recorded thefirst Hanuman Chalisa ever recorded, he composed the music and arranged all, it was stolen from his studio and appropriated and used in the video lip synced by the owner of the music company?

'the most listened to Devotional Song ever in the history of India with 2 billion listeners on one site alone.

Another record company,  Babu Kishan's Hanuman Chalisa with 
15 million hits?
Another with 8 million.
We discover more all the time.

Babu Kishan's name is not there?
Singing by Hari Om Sharan

The late Hari Om Sharan name is not there either, instead they have listed the singer as HariHaram who is a completely different singer? This is the work of the late Gushan Kumar.

Gushan Kumar who is a NOT a singer, he is lip syncing, he is acting. 

When Gulshan Kumar was murdered, Babu Kishan was the one who went and identified his body because he worked with him. Gulshan Kumar also, stole one of Babu Kishan's famous fathers songs, a lineage Baul songs!

This is Babu Kishan's Music the most ever listened to in Indian History. People talk about corruption in Bollywood, if anybody knows Babu Kishan does, most of his music was stolen and many record companies and other thieves have made billions on his music. It is the same with Baul music it is being stolen and appropriated, names of poets and music composers taken off and random Bauls recording and taking credit for. This has to stop.

Not a joke, when it is your lives work.

The really stupid thing here is that T-Series lists HariHaran as the singer, his NOT. 

This is 100% Hari Om Sharan??


Yes, true the 2 Billion but this is Babu Kishan music, he composed and recorded this not GuSHAN Kumar?? 

2 Billion times, and 15 million sold to another company. 

Babu Kishan produced this very popular version of the Hanuman Chalisa in the the late 80's, it was later stolen by his assistant at his studio in Mumbai who sold it to Tseries without Babu's knowledge ... Tseries made millions of rupees without even giving Babu credit as Music Producer and Music Composer. 

This music was created and paid for by Babukishan. His assistant sold it to T-series, and they refused to give Babu credit or acknowledge where the music came from.














































































Saturday, April 16, 2011

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul (11th Generation) Baul Guru

No poaching, all copyrighted

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das spiritual lineage, his tradition, his ancestry is Vaishnava Tantric Baul from Ekchakra Birbhum Bengal. However, side by side he is an accomplished Award Winning Indian Cinema Music Producer, Music Composer, and Filmmaker. 
He has 60 years experience with his lineage and has archived his lineage starting in the 1960's raised by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Brajabala Das the last authentic Bauls on this earth.
Baul has been archived by Babu Kishan since the 1960's, it has already been preserved, so if you anybody is fundraising to archive Baul it has been done, they are using Baul as many have done for decades.
No one in this world would even know about Baul, this is the pioneering lineage that brought Baul to India and the world.

Many say they are Baul, they are Not, just like all the fake Yogi's who are faking it, it is the same with Baul, Baul is not from Turkey as a women Baul has said, Baul is not from Bangladesh or as they say from Persia, Baul is not Muslim?? They accepted Muslims that were rejected for being Sufi Fakir but they did not become them. Baul is not Muslim. Muslims are Fakir Sai Dervish, Shah?

Lalon Fakir is a poet, he never did Baul Vaishnava Sadhana, never.
A Baul is more than a poet, or a singer or even one who shows they can do Yogic Sadhana, they are more than.

They are NOT low caste, no caste, stupid people, writers write and repeat, copy and paste, the waters are so reduced, pure reductionism. Ramakrishna knew who the Bauls were but it seems most people are ignorant and most just repeat ignorance over and over?
There is a huge karma mucking up what does not belong to you.
Work on your own families ancestry, do not use what does not belong to you.

Next you will be running to a 90 year old Purna Das Baul (Babu Kishan's father) to make yourself legit. He can do nothing for you, leave him alone. Babu Kishan is his eldest son, he will return to Calcutta and Birbhum this year.

This lineage goes way back before their ancestor Nityananda of Ekchakra Bengal
They are Gosai (Gosain aka Goswami)
Direct ancestry.
11th generation to Nityananda (Chandra Das) Baul.

They are the only Lineage of Vaishnava Baul aka Sahajaya Vaishnava

Chandra Das Baul and Dasi.
Jai Nitai

Many modern scholars, modern Vaishnava reformers have taken Nityananda who was an Avadhut Tantric and distorted, writing wrong things to fit their narrative.

Nitai was a Vaishnava Baul, his ancestors were, his father was,!
The difference is Baul is Tantric, orthodox Vaishnava is NOT!
Many Vaishnava reformers were not even born Vaishnava, were not oral Sanskrit, they were British Christian educated speakers first.

Modern reformers of Vaishnava of Bengal and in the west, said many wrong negative things about Baul not even knowing who they are. They just used Baul and silenced them, they used indigenous people without any though or digging deeper, many never met a Baul or thought a Baul would actually become educated  and learn to speak English? Their indigenous language was Sanskrit and vernacular BIRBHUM Bengal only.

Bauls are NOT from South India, or anywhere other than Birbhum, they are know who the poets are. They are from a family lineage. So many wrong teachings and lies are spread by people who are not Baul but faking it til they become a famous Baba or Maa.

Baul is indigenous Tantric Vaishnava, the path of the Avadhut.

They have been degraded and are said to be low caste, no caste, they accepted all, feed all, they did not become all.

More to come in Babu Kishan's 4th book to be released in 2023.
No poaching, copying, riding on the coat tails of this lineage,  Baul is extinct. Stop using this lineage and their stories, they are Not yours to tell. Stop taking their names off and name dropping.