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Friday, April 22, 2011

Babukishan music various songs, Baul, Bollywood fun music composed and some sung by Babu..

Master of Indian Classical, Folk, Baul and Bollywood Music

MA Indian Music Kolkata University
12 years as a monk in the Ramakrishna Mission

First Baul to receive a University education, and be trained in his oral Sanskrit lineage including manuscripts, vernacular Birbhum Bengali and the Baul secret yogic tantric language called Sandhy Bhasa. 

First Baul to compose Baul fusion music 2 decades before others are claiming, with many famous Western singers and many in Indian Cinema.

First Baul to live in North America, 
Babu now resides in Canada and India.

Babu has been traveling, and preserving his lineage for 40 years, he is from the only pioneering lineage and family to bring The Bauls of Bengal out of the village to the world.

Baul is complete, you can not rework the indigenous Bauls of Birbhum. Babukishan preserved Baul starting in the 1960's. Baul has been preserved and one should know the names of the poets, those saying Baul does not care who the poets are, are thieves, stealing the songs from this lineage. They are copying this lineages dress, where they go, and what they do, and some are even copying Nabani poetry taking his name off and acting, making Baul random and generic, creating false narratives.

BABU KISHAN aka Krishnendu Das Baul