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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Krishnendu Das aka Babu Kishan's family. Rare video of Grandmother Brajabala Dasi, Aunt Radharani Dasi. What authentic Baul Women look like.

 Babu Kishan says, Thank You and good job to Usha Harding of the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach, for putting this video of his family together. It is a delight for him to see his Grandmother Guru and his Aunt Radharani, they are very dear to him because he spent his first 8 years of life with them and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. Although Brajabal is his Grandmother (Guru) she was his first mother.

 In 1986 Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das invited and introduced Usha (Elizabeth Harding) to Bengal India. Journeys with her to the Joy Dev Mela in Kenduli Birbhum and the Paush Mela in Shantiniketan where was introduced to Babu Kishan's family.

Babu Kishan introduced Usha to the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta and took her inside through the back door of the Dakinishswar Temple. He was a monk in the Ramakrishna Mission for 12 years, so he had some sway and allowed Usha to take the picture of Kali Ma that is on the cover of her book Kali. I think she was the first Westerner to take a picture of Dakinishswar Kali Ma.

Babu Kishan was also instrumental in introducing her to Baul Culture and Kali ma and encouraged and supported her in creating the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach and her book.

This is some of the last video footage of the last rare authentic Baul Women and Men. Today they are all fake followers on the coat tail of this one and only lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Baul.

There is no other lineage, those who say there are are making it all up as they go, they teach wrong teachings.

Brajabala and Radharani look simple but make no mistake they were Oral Sanskrit Scholars and knew more Vaishnava Tantra that anybody could know.

Thanks again to all who produced this footage, it means a lot to Babu.

#vaishnavabaul #authenticBaul #BaulWomen #lineageBaul #theonlylineageBaul 

Thank You from Babu Kishan, he also, says he is so happy to see his young young photos of himself. 

Thank You Usha Joy Ma.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Osho and the connection with Babu Kishan! Updated Repost from April 2012

                                    Babukishan - Osho - & The Bauls of Bengal

Babu kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is a Vaishnava Baul from Birth born in the village of Suri Birbhum, W Bengal given at birth to his grandparents Nabani Das Kheppa Baul and Brajabala Dasi who named him Krishnendu now KD Babu kishan. Babu Kishan is his Bollywood name, there is a long story of how he became known as Babu Kishan one reason is he did not want to use his fame in Bengal and he did not want to use his Dad's Purna Das Bauls fame, he did everything on his own merit, that is why most people in Bengal do not even know Krishnendu Das is Babu Kishan.

Osho knew Babu kishan personally since the 1980's Babu had been composing music in Bombay. He worked for CBS in Bombay and Osho wanted all his talks recorded on to tape. 

Along came Babukishan the first Baul Osho had met other than Nabani Das Khyapa Baul many decades ago when he was a student traveling to Bengal. Osho never knew any other Bauls. Osho was deeply inspired by the Bauls of Bengal.

 Osho wrote 2 books on Bauls that are not completely accurate, but still in print today. In one of their many converstations Babu kishan had with Osho, he asked Osho to change the books to make them more accurate, Osho agreed and said he would but he passed away in 1990 at age of 58, before these books could be changed. Thus many things he wrote about the Baul's are inaccurate and were made to attract people.

Babukishan spent many, many hours with OSHO talking about the 'Bauls of Bengal' and of course his Grandfather Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and his lineage of Baul. Babu Kishan through CBS produced most of the music and tapes that are selling today.

The books on Baul that Osho wrote are way too simplistic with many assumptions made about who and what the Baul's of Birbhum Bengal are, please note: Osho is not a Baul he is not from Bengal as are all the scholars of yesterday and today, not from Bengal and making huge assumptions, cherry picking, copying and pasting, translating not being accurate on who wrote the songs.

They give a few rupee's to random or poor lineage Bauls from this family and take advantage in the name of preserving Baul rather than helping they are stealing information for their own benefit, and probably mistranslating making association with other poets who are not actual Baul in some ways creating a cultural genocide but thinking they are do gooders? That is why Babu Kishan gives very little information out, he has been used by so many over the decades. He has almost 60 years experience world wide with scholars of Baul, never trust the scholars as you are just a means to a career for them?

Osho said Bauls were not philosophers, WRONG; they are the biggest of philosophers of all Indian Philosophies, dual and non-dual.

Baul's are poets but not only poets, no Baul without the inner essence of Baul. The name of the Poets is a Must, there is no generic Baul, or saying Baul's do not care, no true Baul would ever say that, only someone stealing on the outside would? 

Only the fake Baul's do not care because they do not know and are fundraising to preserve Baul? This is really an crime against indigenous peoples and there is no integrity is saying, Baul's do not care or putting other generic poets names on this lineages songs.

Bauls are singing the poetry from this lineage the Lineage of Nabani Das Khyappa Baul and his lineage, you would not even know the name Baul if it were not for Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, Purna Das Baul or Babu Kishan? They are the ones who took Baul outside of Bengal to India and the World, others followed shamelessly not even mentioning where they got Baul from. I have many great stories of the others that followed, mostly refugee's to Calcutta from Bangladesh either partition or 1971 war time when all you could hear on India radio was Purna Das Baul. 

When Babu brought many to his home, where they either were servants or were his disciples, he taught many, but his name completely erased because it became survival of the fittest in the 'fake it til you make it' Baul. All sang and followed Purna Das Baul wanting to be a great singer, but not necessarily a Baul.

Lalon Fakir's poetry which nobody knew until this family went back to Bangladesh in the 1970's and recorded it thus Baul became associated with Lalon Fakir. Babu Kishan is the first to bring Bangladeshi singers to Calcutta, he composed music to Lalon Songs back in the 1970's, before that Lalon poetry did not have music to the songs. Lalon Fakir or Shah is not a Baul but he is a poet, he never practiced Baul sadhana?

Manju Das, (Babu's birth mother) was from Bangladesh, her fatherJogesh Das was a Sanskrit Professor (With 3 Masters Degree's) at Dhakha University, in 1952 they had to flee for their lives because Jogesh Das spoke Bengali and Sanskrit and at the time Bangladesh was being Islamised by the Pakistani's and if you didn't speak Urdu you were either dead or you had to flee for your life. 

There were no Bauls in Bangladesh in those day or very few, there however, Dervish, Fakir, Sai and Shah which somehow got lumped in as Baul, but they are not Baul, dervish fakir sai shah are all Muslim Sufi. 

Baul for thousand of years has been based on Indian Philosophy Vaishnava which is Hindu, they accepted all people who rejected by other groups including Sufi and Buddhist of that particular time. This lineage even accepted Bangladeshi (East Pakistani refugee's) encouraging and helping but that does make a person a Baul. Babu Kishan helped many of them.

However, in these modern times with the demise of the 'Lineage Baul' many of the Bangaldeshi refugee's had to survive and when one needs to survive they will do whatever is necessary to survive including making up stories and cutting the name of the lineage Bauls off, many were jealous and started to become jealous of Purna Das Bauls success. Even poisoning him and trying to kill him at the Joy Dev Mela. This story will come out and so will names.

The new Bangladeshi refugees, through no fault of their own, thought it was a good way to make money and survive and thus the demise of the Baul's watering down, reductionism. 

As Sufi flowed into Bengal, Islamists who rejected any Sufi came to the Bauls, the Bauls learned the juice of Sufi but that does not mean they became Sufi.

Buddhist's as they flowed into Bengal, were only given shelter because Brahmins rejected these Buddhists, the Bauls accepted them but they did not become Buddhist.

All rejected people were accepted by the Baul's including refugee's from the 1971 East Pakistan and Indian war, now Bangladesh. This is where most of the problems began, they tried to follow and become Purna Das Baul singing his songs, following his success but then realizing they could be the ones, they started using this lineage following whatever they did. Nabani passed away in 1969 and none of the new Baul followers even met him, not many of the Lineage Baul cousins met him but sweet sweet Brajabala was there until the late 1990's, but she was busy with family. 

Babu considers her his mother as he did not know his mother was his mother until the early 70's after Nabani whom he only knew as his father until 1969 when he found out Purna Das Baul actually was his father..

This is a huge story never told and only Babu Kishan knows all the players because he encourage all of them, he brought many along on their journeys around the world. 

Not realizing the fate of the "riding on the coat tail, new Baul who have created fake lineages and fake Baul Guru's.

Bauls are based on the ancient Sanatan Dhrama of India, Baul is a Dharma not a religion nor a cult. They are only one Sampradaya, now extinct, there are only a few who know the real story and the inside information. Do not use the Baul's.

Bauls are Tantric Bhakti Yogi's and this lineage is based on Vaishnava. 

A Vaishnava based on pure love and respect not the kind that has incarnated to the West of abuse and name calling as the new Vaishnava of the West has done.

Vaishnava Bauls are sweet and humbler that an blade of grass, they have survived the British, the Muslim invaders, disease, famine and now in '2012' are almost extinct because of modern society. I wrote this in 2012 it is now 2021 and things have only gotten worse.

Bauls talk and accept all religions and people, they visit temples, mosques, churches this is but only one thing that  what makes them different. 

You will not find that with Sufi or other groups, they only talk about themselves or talk about Allah or their own God. This may be one of the reason most people consider Lalon Fakir a Baul because his poetry talked about all but without Baul sadhana and the inner secrets of Baul, poetry does not make one a Baul, there is so much more.

 The Bauls always accepted all, they are the original Peacemakers of the planet and have something to teach the world at this time. In 2005 UNESCO said, The Bauls are an Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible History of Humanity, unfortunately this is a farce because the Bangladeshi official who did this received millions of dollars and went into hiding, he used the Bauls with false teachings making them muslim and the money to preserve Baul songs of Bangladesh which do not exist, he said Baul is from Persia? Just one of many who use Baul for their own cause.

Baul is simple if you grew up with the Guru and spoke sanskrit, learning all the philosophy from birth it is really easy if you are from the lineage. It is a Guru parampara tradition, too many people write inaccuracies about he Bauls because Bauls do not give out information easily. 

Babu Kishan personally knew all of the scholars who have written books about the Baul's including all the American scholars, he has argued their writings are inaccurate since the late 1970's meeting all of them, and lecturing at their Universities around the world because he was qualified both academically and from inside the tradition. 

Scholars pay anybody a few rupee's to any poor person, they then claim and make up stories for books and a career as an academic with no repercussions as to another humans family lineage. It is just a game for name and fame, using the poor for their own interest and career.

Babu Kishan has written 3 books about the Bauls back in the 1980's, the real Bauls are basically extinct they need accurate preservation not speculation and a rewriting of what is already inaccurately written.

This below statement made by Osho is accurate is some ways and in some ways if you take this literally it is totally inaccurate and over simplified. 

What Osho said regarding the Bauls of Bengal is just fluff he never knew any Bauls other than Babukishan and he met his Grandfather Nabani Das Baul once? Osho had written the books on Baul before he met Babu and passed away before he could fulfill his promise to Babu Kishan to change the books.

There is one new Baul who has gone to Delhi representing the Baul connection with Osho, but he is singing Babu Kishan's Baul poetry LOL.... Nobody knows the truth, people who follow Baul need to start to be honest and saying whose songs they are singing, who the poets are instead of using and pretending they are lineage Baul. I mean this guy too says he is from a lineage but singing Babu Kishan's songs, he has a good voice but really?? There is only ONE lineage of Baul.

Worldwide Copyright all rights reserved 2012 - 2040 as this is all being written about and will be in our book "Baul Unplugged. This book is late but better late than never.

The true story of The Bauls of Bengal written by a living lineage holder. by Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul


"To be a Baul nothing is needed. In fact, the moment you need nothing, you become a Baul. The moment you are unburdened and you don't possess anything, any past, you are a Baul. No, things like that are never originated. Nobody creates them; they happen. They are part of nature. 

Source - Osho Book "The Beloved, Vol 1" .

This quote from Osho's book is wrong in many ways, but right in many ways, Baul is a paradox. There is a very long discourse that goes with Osho is trying to say and may be misinterpreted in many ways. It is NOT so easy to be a Baul but many want it to be so, so that they can easily grow dread locks and dress up, making up lineages and follow Baul. Not so easy!!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Preserving Baul in a new world of Internet Marketing Masters!


Cultural Mis-Appropriation = Indigenous Genocide

You may ask how? By the deconstruction of Baul cultural teachings, the deconstruction of the history and her-story of the indigenous Bauls. No one in this world would know anything about Baul if not for  this one and only  lineage.  They are the pioneers of Baul. They brought Baul from the villages of Birbhum to India and then to the world. 

Deconstruction by making stories up, by making lineages up, by taking the name off of history and adding your own. 'Deconstruction of faking it til you make'. Deconstruction by using what does not belong to you?

You can not make this up, the demise of the authentic Lineage of Bauls ! The Essence the living lineage, is not in who can get the most likes on facebook. 

Nor is it in being a facebook Marketing Master? 

Baul is in the 'Essence of a living lineage' (from a line that is as old as when Krishna walked the earth some 5,000 years ago). The essence is not in Baul actors, tourist attraction jokers (the fake it til you make it ones), the exotic dress and hair, do not make a Baul! The one who says, Baul is not from Family, is 1000% wrong and trying to usurp Baul to fit their lack of respect and lack of Baul Wisdom.

Baul is not about a fake crying devotion, or a twirling jata performance. Baul is a lived tradition, from an authentic lineage, not a fake made up lineage?? A lineage that has in it a shakti so strong, a mystical lineage, not an acting lineage of one generation that never existed until Babu started talking about his lineage?

Commandeering, expropriation, seizure, takeover, usurpation, annexation, attachment, confiscation, grab, reductionism, watering down, reducing, riding on the coat tails, of the ones who created a road. This one and only pioneering lineage who did all the leg work, who wrote the books from inside the tradition way before any of todays modern drama actors were even born!! Who wrote the poetry, who started to travel all of India for decades. Baul is only from Birbhum, when Babu Kishan went to Bangladesh in the 1970's there were no Bauls in Bangladesh. 

Babu Kishan was the first to bring Bangladeshi famous singers to Calcutta and record them singing Lalon Fakir Poetry, before that no Lalon poetry was recorded in Bengal and that was in the 1970's. Lalon is a great Poet but he is NOT a Baul, he did not do Baul Sadhana or know the inner Baul, he was a poet. 

Who promoted and introduced the world to Baul? This pioneering lineage and they started in the 1950's, they were the first and only Bauls to travel and the ones that came after, went where they went, followed what they did, dressing as them and singing their poetry and meeting their friends?

Who took their names off and adding their own names as if they are were the ones? Who created a new lineage that does not exist but copies everything Babu Kishan does? I will tell you who in the new book, Babu Kishan's 4th book. 

Singing this lineages songs but saying they are your own or just randomizing the songs saying Baul does not care because you do not know or are just stealing the songs because you created a lineage that does not exist, name the Baul Masters, saying Baul Masters for everything is making Baul Generic and random, which is wrong? Baul has been archived and the real Bauls are gone, with only a few who know the true Baul, there are not even hundreds or thousands that is complete lie. 

 Not properly educating what exactly Baul is, teaching wrong teachings, as I said they make it up as they go, there are not 4 or 5 types of Baul and common sense will tell anybody that Baul is NOT Sai Dervish Fakir, those are Muslim and Baul is not Muslim it is Tantric Vaishnava the path of the Avadhut, oral Sanskrit not Urdu?? 

Baul is from family and they adopted others and it is not from any belt in India, Baul is from Birbhum Bengal and they have a specific dialect of Bengali. I am happy to report because Babu Kishan was raised hearing and remebering oral Sanskrit he has an ear for music and languages and has composed music in many Indian languages, he can tell who is from where.

Not all do this but some do, bragging they are pioneers and the only Baul Women to do this and that. How could Manju Das be overlooked, how could this lineage be over looked. No more truth will be told.

Intellectual Property Theft (Songs from this Lineage, used without giving credit, songs cut down and the singing style changed, singing and dancing Ektara, Baya, and Nupoor - Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style without any understanding that they are copying his style. Nabani created and danced a certain way, all Bauls follow Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and make like it has come from another made up lineage. This is hurtful and it is cultural appropriation. Baul is extinct and this has to stop, please be respectful.

Adopting a elements of a minority culture for fame, gain,  using trickery, creating harmful stereotypes that dilute the truth of who the Bauls are, this destroys the Essence of Baul. Cultural Appropriation by fetishizing Baul Culture, making it about a bunch of fools singing and acting foolishly, making Baul an over sexualized community, a bunch of fake tantric teachers, this has reduced and watered down the true meaning of Baul.

By others attaching themselves to Baul such and the so called Bauls of Bangladesh, there is a long story how this happened, they do not exist, but yet all the fake bauls perpetuate this because they do not have any other stories. They do not know.

The dilution and erasure of these indigenous practices, all because of poverty and a need to ride on the coat tail of this lineage, while diluting the songs and the spiritual practices of the Bauls of Bengal.

​The diluting of a small group of people from Birbhum, the appropriation by from Bangladesh and outsiders who erase names and stories, claiming them as their own, repeating wrong things scholars have written about Baul and singing folk songs calling them Baul songs.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das @ 22 - he is almost 60 years of age. 
At 22 he already had preserved most of Baul.
There is not need for others to fundraise in the name of Baul, especially when they are NOT Bauls and their Guru is Not a Baul Guru!! In today's internet world you can dupe many outside the tradition and collect people because nothing they say is qualified, they make it up as they go, the fake it til you make it actor Bauls.

At age 13 Krishnendu was awarded the youngest successful Music Composer of his time in the early 1970's, from that time he composed all of his fathers music. He was born into his Grandfather and Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Bauls lap and lived with him for 8 years in Birbhum before living with his father Purna Das Baul, he is the eldest Grandchild and eldest son of Nabani. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Durga Puja - presenting Babu Kishan in LA California Ocober 9, 2021

#Folk Music #Bengalifolkmusic #LosAngeles #California #BhartSeva #DurgaPuja 

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das has been coming to LA California since 1980 or earlier. 

Traveling the world teaching Indian Philosophy and of course BAUL, he is the first to ever teach at Ashrams, temples, Universities around the world. 

All Bauls follow his lineage, and him as a fundraiser for the Societies and Temples not as a fundraiser for himself.

All Bauls follow Babu Kishan, although many cheats have come forward over the past few decades, making up lineages and using his stories, his songs, his tunes, his family lineage Songs, but cutting his name off and their names and making up new names, or pretending they are the ones, using 'random generic Baul Masters' because they do not know? 

Saying Bauls do not care about who wrote the poetry or Baul does not come from family, or Baul comes from places it does not come from?? Or the video I saw posted on 'Archive.org' for a long time where a Baul Women is teaching, there are 4 types of Baul, the video has been removed since. I have been writing about these wrong teaching, oh but hey they look exotic. 

LOL I have documented all the false teachings and who made them for the past 15 years, I may not be a Baul but I am Babu's wife and I am a researcher. I even saw someone advertising they are teaching Baul and then listing all the chapters in Baul Samarat Purna Das Bauls book??

In the past people were honest, today they are not.  

Yes, Baul cares, a Baul should know what and who Baul is and the history of Baul. Baul is extinct and more than ever truth is a must to preserve what belongs to this lineage. A Baul should know Baul Philosophy and not go around saying Baul Sahaja comes from Buddhism it does not, it comes from Krishna. Anyone making claims should know not from copy and paste, but by initiation and not by initiation by a fake made up Shri Shri Baul Guru but initiation from a Baul Guru and if you do not have that, do not represent Baul for donations, being a virtue signaller.

But how would you know, you wouldn't, so stop saying someone is authentic just because they look exotic.

Cultural Misappropriation does not just happen only from other cultures (white people), it happens with (brown people) who come from India, oh shocker. 

Many marketing techniques are used to dupe people. 

Exotic dress is one technique, just because a person says, I am a Baul does not mean they are? They follow Baul and if they dance with Ektara, Baya at hip and Nupoor bells on the ankle and do not mention Nabani because it is his style, they are #1 cheats.

Just as because a person says they are a Music Composer, producer does not mean they are. During Babu's time in Indian Cinema aka Bollywood one had to go through huge loops to be a Music Composer, exams, recommendations from other well known Music Composers and one should have produced a huge body of work to call oneself an 'Indian Music Composer', to call oneself a Music Composer is the PHD of Music world wide. 

Today anything goes, but that does not mean a person knows music, that is the same with Baul, many false teachings are being spread, these made up teachings are reducing, watering down and destroying Baul.

Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj 98 years of age, 
President of the Bharat Seva Ashram. 
He knew Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Purna Das Baul, Babu Kishan's Grandfather and Father.
He is from where Babu is from in Birbhum, he has a great love for them all.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Baul History by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das

 Truth Talk: from Babu Kishan

My friend Al Aronowitz whom I called Alfred, was feeling broken mentally, health wise, above financially, when he sent me an email, "Babu I want you there on stage when my book on #BobDylan #TheBeatles is going to release, come to NY from India".

He said many friends are helping with fundraising including BobDylan Society, BeatlesOrg, AllenGinsbergOrg, Springsteen, Yoko Ono, NY Times, The Bowery Poetry Club and many more.

Al Aronowitz was the 'God Father of Rock Journalism a record producer," for George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Allen Ginsberg's talks and poetry, Bengali Baul at the Big Pink in 1967 which was my Dad and his troupe, cover photo of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul given by Allen Ginsberg. 

Allen Ginsberg had met Nabani Das Khyappa Baul in Suri Birbhum 1962 when Babu Kishan was just a baby on Nabani's lap. Ginsberg will talk about this for decades when Babu Kishan met him in New York over the decades, he always talked about Nabani and brought this picture back with him from his legendary trip to India in 1962.
Al Aronowitz wrote for the NY Times to Billbboard, and became #FatherofRockStars he is the one who introduced Bob Dylan to Beatles and he was the one who introduced Allen Ginsberg to Bob Dylan.

Al Aronowitz knew Bob Dylan and wrote about him, he was a friends with Dylan and a well wisher when Bob Dylan was just a new comer.

Al Aronowitz helped me a lot too as we became close friends. He brought all the 1967’s memories alive from the time my father and his group the Bauls of Bengal were in the USA in 1967. 

On my own initiative I reconnected all in the 1980’s after 18 to 20 years. This was not easy. I worked day and night, writing letters and making connections without today's internet. Then I did research and that included going to libraries, trunk calls and sending letters after letters some were registered, all through my own time and money.

That is how my Dad reconnected with Bob Dylan, he didn't even remember too much of his 1967 tour of USA. I was the one who showed them that his and my uncle Laxshman's picture was on the cover of John Westley Hardings (Bob Dylan's Album). 

When I arrived at the NY airport to meet Aronowitz for the launch of his book Bob Dylan and the Beatles I bought couple silk Kurtas (Indian tops) for Aronowitz, AllenGinsberg, Sally Grossman, Levon Helm and John Rockwell the top Journalist from NY Times at that time.

My friend Al Aronowitz surprised me at the NY Airport he was a well dressed dressed man with my name on board sign, and drove me all the way to NewJersey than Manhattan in a limousine. 

My Mother always poked me for not having any young friends my own age. I spent my life with much older people. I am always attracted to talent and intellect as most people find it hard to be around me and can not handle me, I am just different.

This is my Charecter: If I like Someone, I keep them all my life, if not: no matter who’s who I never even allowed to cross the line. Some call it stubborn, I call it selective and discerning. I can read people like a book, it is not easy to be this way.

I really enjoyed Alfred’s (Aronowitz's) Invitation as much as he did for me all the way to New York to California and were close friends for a very long time, opposites but good friends.

My parents never had a clue of how I spent my time, or who I knew, even my decades in Bollywood my siblings have no clue who I am or what I have done, just as long as my financial support was there? They are still making up stories, taking pictures with my people, which has nothing to do with any reality, all fake and false stories saying to people as lies.

Others even journalists, story writers, scholars are still making up stories, using my inner stories and connections taking my name off and making the stories making Baul generic ?? As an example, "BAUL even associated with Bob Dylan".  

When ever you see Baul did this or that, you can be sure, they are a cherry picker and have taken the names off the stories, or a new Baul singer will use generic Baul or use Baul Master because they have not got a clue.

When you see anybody, who writes or is collecting donation regarding Baul and when they make it generic Baul, they have no clue and are using Baul.

Generic Baul or random Baul did not have anything to do with Bob Dylan, yes my father met Bob Dylan but it was Laxshman Das Baul whom Dylan asked me about all the time. I am not a random Baul and I am a Baul and my name is Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das. 

All the stories are with me, not my Dad nor my brothers who only knew these stories because of me. My Calcutta family are the biggest ones who steal my stories, contacts and pretend they are the ones?? Most people do not even know that I exist as Nabani Das Baul's eldest grandson whom he raised from birth, or Purna Das Baul eldest son. I have always lived separate and my brothers never mention me, they only use what they can and copy everything I do.

They never preserved Baul I did. 

Most making up fake and false stories saying to people as lies and Bob Dylan never attended my youngest brothers wedding, that is the biggest lie of all times, he never met Bob Dylan.

Most never did anything nor were they part of the story, just enjoying on my platform which I the one made for my Parents and for whole next generations, but the platform I created has been abused in the name of this one and only Lineage of Baul..

Monday, August 16, 2021

Truth Talk: by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

 Truth Talk: 

Copyright, all rights reserved, what does that mean? 

Do not tell Babu's stories, take the names off and say you are the one.

by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul

Baul Poet and Music Composer since he was a child, awarded Youngest Music Composer in the 1970's.

I have been Composing, writing and producing all Baul Music from 1970’s, and have created a huge Baul Archive and Preserved Baul from the day I was born in early 1960's !!

I made the road for all Bauls today, I made it easier for new comers to have a platform #Bauls to the #World!!
Still remember how #ShantidevGhosh the right hand of #RabindranathTagore used to degrade Sanatan Das Baul and other followers of Baul, he only wanted my lineage because he knew #NabaniDasBaul was my grandfather. Sanatan Das followed everything we did, even wearing the gurduri (Baul dress I designed for my father Purna Das Bau).

I am the one who gave a space & chance to have a seat with #BaulSamratPurnaDasBaul on the stage, so they can also go in a flow, including #SanatanBaul who was just copycat of my Grandfather, a follower of Baul but not a lineage Baul nor a Baul Guru, all this nonsense I am seeing is really insane, making up stories and changing the narrative to promote oneself? 

No matter whatever story you make up, I know the truth because I knew all before any of the young people today following Baul were even born. I knew Sanatana Das Baul, his sons and brought Sanatan to the #RadioStation and encouraged him to record, but it was not successful the record company did not like his voice, he went only on my reference.

I supported #Pabandasbaul a good folk singer and Paban’s brother & others like #Subol, #Gour, I have watched what is going on and now am ready to tell the truth of how all came about, and will qualify all these stories and people in my new book to be released in 2022, which is taking way longer than expected but you can be sure it will be include the history of all, who is who.

I have always been the in a mainstream supporter for #Bauls (people who follow Baul). I started #Baulmela called #GopalNagar a huge festival I always worked behind the scenes even in Bollywood with Amitabh Bachchan.

I gave the Baul followers a platform to sing as much you can with respect, clothes, money for a very long time and before any of the Bauls selling fake lineages and collecting people.

And made I made it easier way to sing a song #Guru’s name. Made so many in first row and helped composed and recorded #BhavaPagla or #ManoharKhyapa songs those where first popular songs for them and then more. 

#MonarKhepa was a poet and part of our family, he used to be with us all the time. 

I knew #ManoharKHYAPA he was part of our family and had an ashram in JoyDev and most of the Bauls worked for him to have free food. #MonarKhepa always asked me to compose music to his lyrics and get to get my father #purnadasbaul to sing.

#MonoharKhepa was not a Baul, he was poet. I know his story more than anybody. 

I introduced Carol Solomon to Monar Khepa, I introduced her to everyone including Nitai Khepa who followed my grandpa Nabani Das Khapa Baul who all the villagers called 'Khyapa Baba' hard to believe anybody would have the audacity to call themselves Khyapa Baba?

Carol Solomon used me as her translator for Bengali. I knew Carol for decades long before she brought any Bauls for free to Seattle. I would do Master classes at Washington State University. May she rest in peace, the last time I saw her was at her house for dinner in 2008. 

When Carol Solomon took that picture of Monar Khepa and Nitai Khepa, who do you think she was with? She was with me, same when she took the picture of Nita Khepa? There are so many new followers of Baul making it up as they go making up stories, I have no clue who they are, I only knew the original Bauls.

Baul was too difficult for Carol Solomon, so she changed the line and made Baul 'Bangladesh Baul'. Even after Carol got me to help her get grant money for her last project, having me sign my names with promises of really doing a solid research on Baul? Rip in Carol but really, this is what scholars do?

The real story will be told in my new book. 

Nitai Khepa and Sanatana Das Baul copied #NabaniDaBaul or should I say tried to, Nabani was a #MysticGenius you can not copy Baul essence. 

Santan Das Baul used to try to lecture me about wearing jeans? Yet, he was a jealous man and mostly jealous of my dad, he tried to follow us around and even followe d to the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach. You should know, I help to start the Mandir with Usha as a Baul institute.

I was at the Kali Mandir before anybody. I was the one who introduced Usha Elizabeth Harding to Kali Ma in Calcutta, she never would have been able to take the picture of Kali from Dakinishswar Mandir if I had not taken her through the back door and allowed her too, I was a monk for 12 years in the Ramakrishna Order.
#AllenGinsberh called me, the #Masterpiece #Milestone of #Baul! He knew my Grandpa and met him in 1962 when I was a baby on Nabani's lap.
All Baul history now, real original #Bauls are gone and will go completely end after me because all the information is with me, the real Baul Archive is in me and with me.

Rabindranath Tagore gave the title Khyapa Baul to Nabani Das Baul and used Khyapa Baul in all of his poetry and that Khepa Baul is only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and villagers called my Guru Grandpa Khyapa Baba, the one and only.

Now Bauls are only tourist attractions and singers, at least please try to sing on a track and note rather than just screaming, dancing like plastic, we did hard work dear, at least respect the #Pioneers.. still no #Bauls can even #reach or #dream as to #PurnaDasBaul or #RabindranathTagore’s inspiration #NabaniDasKhyapaBaul this all just real history. Stop your acting and tell the truth.

#Produced #Composed & some written the original poetries by #MusicLegend: #BabuKishan aka #KrishnenduDas
#Produced #Composed & some written the original poetries by #MusicLegend: #BabuKishan aka #KrishnenduDas

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