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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Krishnendu Das aka Babu Kishan's family. Rare video of Grandmother Brajabala Dasi, Aunt Radharani Dasi. What authentic Baul Women look like.

 Babu Kishan says, Thank You and good job to Usha Harding of the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach, for putting this video of his family together. It is a delight for him to see his Grandmother Guru and his Aunt Radharani, they are very dear to him because he spent his first 8 years of life with them and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. Although Brajabal is his Grandmother (Guru) she was his first mother.

 In 1986 Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das invited and introduced Usha (Elizabeth Harding) to Bengal India. Journeys with her to the Joy Dev Mela in Kenduli Birbhum and the Paush Mela in Shantiniketan where was introduced to Babu Kishan's family.

Babu Kishan introduced Usha to the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta and took her inside through the back door of the Dakinishswar Temple. He was a monk in the Ramakrishna Mission for 12 years, so he had some sway and allowed Usha to take the picture of Kali Ma that is on the cover of her book Kali. I think she was the first Westerner to take a picture of Dakinishswar Kali Ma.

Babu Kishan was also instrumental in introducing her to Baul Culture and Kali ma and encouraged and supported her in creating the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach and her book.

This is some of the last video footage of the last rare authentic Baul Women and Men. Today they are all fake followers on the coat tail of this one and only lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Baul.

There is no other lineage, those who say there are are making it all up as they go, they teach wrong teachings.

Brajabala and Radharani look simple but make no mistake they were Oral Sanskrit Scholars and knew more Vaishnava Tantra that anybody could know.

Thanks again to all who produced this footage, it means a lot to Babu.

#vaishnavabaul #authenticBaul #BaulWomen #lineageBaul #theonlylineageBaul 

Thank You from Babu Kishan, he also, says he is so happy to see his young young photos of himself. 

Thank You Usha Joy Ma.