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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

How to become a fake Baba or Maa aka Cult leader (lol)

Saturday, May 27, 2023

How to become a fake Baba or Maa or Cult leader. LOL

"Below are the requirements for becoming Baba or Maa for the fakes who want to collect people, who want to make people stupid in their drama, this is what they do? Be aware!

Funny but in some way not so funny because people everyday get caught by fakes.

Do your homework, study first so that you know what questions to ask, ask the questions, document the answers then talk to some other people and see if the answers were correct or inline with what the tradition is saying.

Develop your intuition, develop good judgement, and discernment. Do not believe anything you are told. Qualify everything, ask someone else, research on the internet, trust yourself, ask others the same questions. Do not trust anybody but yourself.

How to become a Guru or an authority on Indigenous wisdom?
This is the world today and it is a joke but not really.

How to be a cult leader:

1) one should be expert in lying.
2) expert in art of manipulation.
3) should be expert in story telling.

4) should be an expert in dressing, with lots of stones, beads etc etc. Know how to copy a dress and act in the style of some other Guru's, know how to be a copycat.

5) should b expert in sugar coated words, acting over sweet and speaking with a hypnotic voice to hypnotize the crowd to love you, to follow you.

6) should have lots of gold medals, degrees, mostly made up and copied, try for awards because someone in the past had them?

7) little bit knowledge of jyotish, scriptures, and acting like they know what they are talking about, acting like an expert so that they can collect people.

😎 after completion of baba giri one would get certificate of "facebook certified Baba ". Fake fb fame.

9) expert in cheating and money laundering is must or collecting donations for their emotions cause, they are going to feed and educate children when they have none of their own and never have had children?

10 ) you must Grow a long Beard or have long jata (dread locks) that will make you look exotic and authentic? What ever grabs peoples attention they will do.

11) long hairs is must.

12) typical saffron or white baba attire is must or Maa attire acting like they are authentic through acting by wearing a Baba or Maa dress.

13) Put some chandan tilak (some saffron powder)on forehead. When they didn't wear it previously but all of sudden they realized Baul is Vaishanva, so now lets play that to the hilt?

14) Wear some malas Vaishnava and Shiva, and other signs you are a very spiritual person.

15) Wear a pair of khadau ( typically a footwear) or copy someone else and what they wear, how they dress, copying the others style?

16) Learn some mantras, you can easily chant! Also, display yourself doing asana postures just so people know you can do that too.

17) Buy a woven handmade bag ,put some spiritual book in them!