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Thursday, July 28, 2022

"Kichhu Din Mone Mone" by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, appropriated by a New Baul singer! With no mention of Nabani but a random poet?

A message from Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das to New Baul Singers and those that Follow this lineage of Baul:

Repost from 2017


​Today 2022 
people love Baul song due to my family and our dedicated lifetime work of pioneering Baul in India and around the world for over 100 years before there was Facebook, can you even imagine how difficult it was?

Before my family nobody knew who and what Baul was, we are the only lineage of Baul going back thousands of years. We have always been around and in the villages of Birbhum W Bengal as Guru's and teachers the spiritual newspaper before the newspaper, called Baul Guru's. 

The original 'Das Baul and Dasi Hare Krishna' singers and dancer. When you see Das Baul or Dasi in regards to Baul that is our lineage, many have followed us, singing our songs, dressing as us Babu Kishan designed path work dress and playing Ektara Baya at the hip and nupoor (ankle bells) created by Nabani, it is his style. as this style!

 Nabani Das Khyapa Baul (my Guru whom, I called Boro Baba, my Grandfather) as the eldest Grandson of my generation and the only one who spent extended time with Nabani as he acted as my father for 8 years.

My Grandfather and Guru Nabani Das Khyappa Baul was part of the Freedom Movement in India singing before Nehru gave his speeches. This Baul lineage has always been known as the biggest attention intoxicating through the honey of their song.  

​Nabani Das Khyapa Baul sang for Nehru before all his talk all over India. Then my parents (Purna Das Baul and Manju Dasi) and myself (Krishnendu Das  aka Babu Kishan) did the same for Indira Gandhi and her son's Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi, we were very close to Indira Gandhi.

We sang on millions on the largest stages all around India hundreds of times.

My parents and the women in my lineage were legendary, they are the first and we are the only Lineage of Baul. My was the first and only Baul from lineage Baul to ever travel the world. The story ends there, there are now some followers of Baul Women who travel but her-story has been made and these are mere performers. I will qualify more later and it will be very public.


Nobody in Baul ever said, Lineage except me and now there are others making up stories that are not true. As you can see this blog is called Lineage Baul and it was created in 2010?

"So please go in a smooth flow like a trance of river and sing for Moner Manush, just saying because I am watching someone's youtube who is singing my Grandfather poetry but naming a different poet? On a Kabir site? Don't be fake, we know you are, don't make people stupid or saying you and setting up for preservation, collecting donations, trying to collect devotee's, Baul never says, come join us? Baul is already preserved my dear, that is why you are singing the songs from my Lineage and Nabani's song Kichhu Din Mone Mone? "

Even though people are liking, but they mostly do not have any training in 'Baul music or musical ability' to know what is Baul and what is not, of course you are screwing this wonderful lineage of Baul and the making up of new Lineages? What is up with that, yet you sing our songs, dance our dance Nabani Style Ektara Baya Nupoor, and your so called Guru wears my designed Patch work Gurduri? 

We didn’t have internet back then and it was so difficult to communicate and travel around the world. The hard time we had to make a road very easier for new comers! I always encouraged every new Baul singer and they all followed my template and traveled to the places we went and met my friends but somehow the story has changed and you created a lineage, do you know that I knew you Guru before you were ever born, do you know that I helped him a lot? We brought many new Baul singers who follow our lineage along with us on our journey's of which I arranged.

 Yes, other followed and they went to our friends, they did make contact, they were our contacts? Now a new lineage?

From what I hear they (the new Baul singers) are not Baul Masters, we never used the term Baul Masters ever and need voice lessons, beyond voice lessons, development of voice quality, you cannot even sing in a cord or track!! 

No such thing as a Baul Master, there is only Baul Guru?

Just singing Sakhi re…… then what, or trying be more tourist attractions spinning hair around and theatrical
Bauls then Sadhana, oh yes you are showing you do sadhana, your Guru did not know Baul sadhana, he only followed our lineage Baul dance, which it seems you show as if you invented it? 

Ektara Baya (the left hand drum of tabla) or sometimes called a Duggi (Nupoor style was only created by Nabani? However, if you copy this style acting like you or your Guru invented it, wrong because it is only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style.

They need more and more practise, all my life I composed music for World's top musicians and recorded singer like Lata Mangaskar and Asha Bhosle and many other. You can call me egotistical, but it is my one and only lineage I am an award winning music composer that is through the grace of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

I know tone and pitch and you are way, way out of tune and tone.  

Be a Baul do great work, help people and inspire people but don’t make up 4 generations and sing the songs from my lineage giving other poets names it has already been recorded and documented before you were born. 

If someone gave you the wrong information that is not my problem it is yours. When learning Baul was always from a family, a Baul is always taught who the poets are, why on earth would you say Baul does not care who the poets are. My only guess is that you do not know, writing wrong poet names on Nabani's songs is to mis-appropriate the songs and use Baul making up stories to have people touch your feet?

Please do the practise and don't makeup stories and drama, just try to be a true Baul!! 

Love u all, my blessing with all my brothers and sisters, don't try to be Nabani Das Khyapa Baul or Baul Samrat Purna Das, just salute them have a great respect for them they are the one who gave you a chance to be Baul!! 

Joy Guru!! 

Don't even try to be them, you cannot even dream!! 

You don't even know how was hard to making this Baul from a village to International platform!! 

Not easy, and ofcourse only are one which is the last oldest Baul Lineage in Bengal and World!!

Don't make stories, first learn how to sing and do Sadhna of Baul and hire a marketing advertising bot buying, name dropping person who has no clue and is just name dropping, further watering down, reducing what does not belong to you. 

Just keep focus on what you are doing!! 

Who can sing like Purna Das Baul, Manju Dasi, Radharani Dasi, Brajabala Dasi or any of my lineage? 

We are the only lineage, I can tell you who everybody is and where they came from except for the new Bauls who are young and now I am seeing these bizarre stories.

I have 60 years experience in Lineage Baul, I know who is who. Baul is extinct, there are not 20,000 Bauls in Birbhum, what are you doing trying to collect donations? For What? If you want to do social work and adopt children, then do that and stop all this making up and using.

"Kichhu Din Mone Mone" 

Kichchu Din Mone Mone  was written by the one and only
Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

Nabani was Rabindranath Tagore's friend and the only Baul to initiate Tagore into this Baul lineage, he gave Tagore the Baul name Ravi (Robi) Das Baul.

One of the best Baul kirtan written and tuned by my Grandfather and Guru Nabani Das khyapa Baul. It was officially recorded by my father Purna Das Baul  in the 1960's at India's First Record company, Hindustan Records.

Kicchu Din Mone Mone was written by Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and it is part of this lineage Baul. Poetry stolen and posted on a Kabir site attributed to another poet? Shame! Singing and tune copied from my Youtube, how would I know, youtube stats show you viewing over and over?

​Lineage Baul Parampara Sampradaya the only Baul lineage. 

This is a very simple recording of my Grandfather Nabani Das Khyappa Baul song, singing by me his grandson Babukishan, aka Krishnendu Das Baul.  The sound is not great but it was recorded in 2002 in California on a simple recorder.

This song belongs to this lineage and credit to Baul Saint Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. No one would even know about this song if it were not for my family rather than making up new lineages, tell the truth, know the truth.

New Baul singers are making up stories and new lineage that never existed before and leaving out where the songs originated from or putting in different poets names.  

 Please have respect for our Baul songs if you sing or record songs from this lineage please say who the Baul poet is and if you do not know, do not make it up.

Love song of Radha Krishna