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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hrid Majahare Rakhbo is written by Baul Saint Avadhuta Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul , it is his poetry!

Hridmajahare Rakhbo poetry of 
Nabani Das Khyapa Baul
This lineage is the Path of Radha.

The Cultural Appropriators, the people who follow Baul but are not Baul are hard at work for decades, deconstructing, watering down, reducing this lineage, busy making up new stories and lineages. Yes, it verges of a cultural genocide of this pioneering Lineage.

Purna Das Baul was the first to record this in his father's tune, Babu Kishan was the second to record in his tune composition. 

It is Nabani Das Baul's his Grandfather Guru's song but Babu Kishan being a composer changed the tune to a trance tune.

 Now there are literally hundreds of people all over India are singing this song without any idea where the song originates. Even Shah Ru Khan sang it in Bengal.
It is Nabani Das Khyapa Bauls poetry.

This Lineage is the (only) Lineage of Baul. Their is no other Lineage of Baul. This lineage is the roots of Baul, they originate in Ekkachakra Birbhum India.

The path of Radha, Kali, Tara, the path of the Feminine Divine.

This is a Nabani Das Khyappa Baul song, the below singing by his Grandson Babu Kishan in a combination of styles of his father Purna Das Baul and Grandfather Nabani Das Baul. 

Purna Das Baul first recorded this in the 1960's Hindustan Records. It has already been recorded and preserved by this family of Baul.

Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul
What Nabani Das is saying, my translation into English with the help of Babu Kishan

The song is of the silent love which is the deepest intimacy of love expression, that takes place silently between beloved Krishna, and Radha.  This profound deep love flows back and forth between Radha and Krishna. They do not want to lose eye contact.

I will keep you in my heart always and never let you go, because if the golden person of my life krishna goes I will never, ever get this person again, there is only one, there is no other for me, Krishna is my other half.

Krishna is invisible, love is invisible, everyday you have to say I love you, I love you, I love you is the mantra. 

Love is like that out of site out of mind, you must constantly remember your beloved.

Radha always keeps in her heart, the place of Braja.
Braj is where the pastime of Krishna and Radha take place the memories of her play with her love Krishna.

Nabani Das Baul and Brajabala Dasi
Purna Das Baul and Manju Dasi

When Krishna and Radha are out of sight of each other, there is a strong feeling of speration, of deep loss, so they never want to be out of sight, they want to gaze into each others eyes every moment

RADHA/KRISHNA are one, they are constantly pulling each other, constantly focused on each other. Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart,  Mind to Mind, always remembering their deep Love.

Nabani is saying, "I want to go to Braja and take the dust of Braja, spread all over my body, let it seep into my soul, I want to keep them in my heart on my body forever and never to forget, so I can feel Radha/Krishna, and their intimacy lila. I want to become Radha/Krishna in every pour of my being.

I want to be mad in the name of Radha. 
The path of Radha.

Baul Tantra:
I have added these Vaishnava Baul practices from this lineage here because it will help one understand that there is a deeper practice of Love for the Bauls in following the path of Radha. This is very simplistic and there is much more involved.

Nayika sadhana partner sadhana - where all focus goes to the soul mate, sadhana of a partner constant connection, mystical love, strong attachment, all imagination and poetic thought is directed around the partner. Concentration and focus are needed a deep yogic focus as there are so many distractions in this world today. 

The partners feel each other deeply if one is sick the other feels the connection is strong, they are joined at the heart and above the head tied together no words are needed. This is soul to soul and has very little to do with the body. These practices take a lifetime, they are not meant to be shared with just anybody. You must both be an accomplished Yogi before even grasping. It take great wisdom. Baul is not a beginners path and from what I understand there are very few if any left that can teach this appropriately. Most people just suck the unsuspecting Yoga or Tantric tourists in and it can be very dangerous.

Rati car-dande sadhana, Kama and Kamini sutra, desire, again a mystical yoga not regular unconsious sex. Bauls use the word Rati Sangam for mystical union between soul mates or Monar Manush, a women Baul is called a Baulini. 

This sadhana is a higher level advanced mystical practice not for regular people. In most traditions we are taught to give up attachment but without attachments there is no deep love, this goes against the grain of what many are teaching. This again, take a lifetime to master. Just as if one is a wise old kung fu master, you do not automatically arrive here. It take great wisdom.

Love a love that is ecstatic, crazy, wild, love and a love in all the hearts bhava's (moods), then comes years and years of being a mystic, sadhana and meditation as a couple. To do the Rati practices you must be awakened and have all your energy channels open. Baul Kundalini Yoga is flowing waves of bliss 
(Ananda Larhari). 
Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul gave the name Ananda Lahari to the Baul Mystic drum called the Gugubi or Khamak.
(Udasi Bauls do not even need a partners they can easily reach to that level through their mystical sadhana of creating all inside their factory including their ideal women).

Vaishanava Baul brings the male and female into one body. Radha, and Krishna live in their hearts, they view Radha as superior because she has the power to pull Krishna. You will not a Baul never shaves their heads, the reason for this is Krishna has hair, and remember half of them is feminine so they like to wear ear rings also.. They want to emulate Radha too. This is their Lila.

I only want to be in a deep bhava crazy for Radha God intoxicated for Radha, mad in Radha's name in oneness with Radha..and Krishna

When Kirhsna smiles all the birds fly, deers play, flowers sing, everything becomes alive in Beauty, Colors become brighter.. It is Radha who makes Krishna smile.

Krishna was ugly so black, but his smile made him beautiful, Radha made Krishna smile, she made him beautiful, all the gopis became alive, everybody woke up, everything was God intoxicated, alive, happy, vivid, bright, awake, ecstatic. This is exactly how a Baul should make you feel. A Baul activates Shakti. Baul is the path of Radha.

When Radha and Krishna have eye contact, "which they do not do in Indian culture with anybody, you only have eye contact with your beloved, only your beloved can look into your soul." 

They would feel I want to be in eye contact, and I will gaze and go inside feel love..soul mate love. The love is in the eyes, the gaze of deep soul love.

How many millions of years I have been traveling one life, to one, to just get this human body so I can feel Radha/Krishna together in my soul.  If I sing beautiful Krishna, the king of the flute will be kind to me, and come to me  and then I will never let go Radha is saying. Krishna is Peace, Krishna say Radha is peace, they are soul mates, there is a constant flow back and forth. You are great, no you are greater, you are greater, no you are the greatest, no you are the greatest, no you are the super duper greatest back and forth, higher and higher.

Babu Kishan thinks western culture will not understand the depth. I will try to get more later and try to do a better interpretation, but it is really hard, because these songs are just seeds of higher philosophy.

Babu Kishan recorded this song in Woodstock New York at the Bearsville Studio of  Albert B Grossman's studio where Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix the same studio his father recorded here back in 1967, 50 years ago at Woodstock.

 Babu recorded in 2004 with Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Al Aronowitz, Patty Smith, and Robert Thurman, Dave Mathews present they danced, and danced while Babu was recording.

 Thanks to his long time friend Sally Grossman,  Dave Mathews, said he had never heard anything like it, Babu did not have a clue who Dave Mathew was? Babu said it was lots of fun to make them dance, as they all really enjoyed.

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