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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Babu Kishan and Nabani Das 'Khyapa Baul his Guru Grandfather' and 'Father' ! Truth Talk!

 I am so lucky and blessed by #grace of #God#Goddesses !!

I still remember my Musical ability started more in various way from 1973 onward!! 

I am so lucky to have grown up on my famous #BaulSaintNabaniDasKhyapaBaul ‘s Lap, he totally gave all his #Shakti and #mysticism to me. 

I am alive in cosmic way with different #Ayurvedic treatment by Nabani, he took me to almost every temple where I had darshan with all the Great Siddha’s, Saints, Yogi as we wandered with a big hope for my life. 

Credit goes to my sweet Grandmother Brajabala, I was born and left by my parents Purna Das Baul and Manju. A little baby  with crocked limbs and premature, left to die at birth.

 I was born Mystical with universal vast knowledge, more than anyone of my  immediate family. Everything I know or have achieved in my life I  worked out found out A to Z of life and cosmic power. 

I have  not shared my story very often, but as I get older almost 60 I am sharing more and more about my lineage and my life.

I am from the oldest #Baullineage and being the first Grandchild and oldest of my generation. I have brought Baul to the outside world. I have recored and as a  Indian Music Composer I brought Baul to all the record companies in Bombay. 

I am one of the first to categorize all of Indian Music for the biggest Music companies as a consultant, MA in Indian Music and I was certified by top Indian Music Composer as a Music Composer, I am not self titled, as in I have a huge body of award winning work in Bengal Tollywood and in Bombays Bollywood (Indian Cinema). 

Various music, variety of #modern #poetry #songs#stories, knowledge of #technology.
I was born before my parents marriage #lovechild, premature with crooked limbs I was taken to #SuriOldHospital’s where the Doctor told them, this baby would only live for couple days. 

I was not supposed to live, so they left me to die. Now that I have 2 of my own children I can not imagine leaving a tiny baby, they left me to die just like a street dog, they continued their behaviour as long as I have known them, if they could use me for themselves they did but certainly my parents never did anything for me. 

We are all born with different karma's I was born into my Guru's lap (Nabani Das Khyapa Baul) a Baul Avadhuta. I spent 8 years with him, he gave me everything as did my Grandmother. 

My parents are a different story as much as I loved them I can not say it was returned,  that is just the way it goes. It is their loss for leaving twice in my life because when they got me at 8 years of age they put me in an orphanage.
Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and his eldest Grandson, in 1962, he named Babu Kishan - Krishnendu and called him Prem. 

I was always with Nabani on his lap or close by 24/7, joined at the hip with the Guru. He had stopped his wandering Avadhut ways to be with me. He gave me so much shakti and taught me Baul things that are impossible to know by outsiders, after he and my Grandma left the earth, there are no more Bauls and it shocks me to see people lying and cheating making up lineages? Using everything of our family and out right lying and cheating people.
I was left at birth to this day not sure exactly why? 

Was it because I was born premature and with crooked limbs or was it because I was born before my parents were married? They went to Calcutta and had 2 more children, my brothers and even after Nabani passed away, they sent my brothers to school but not me. I was then sent to the Ramakrishna orphanage when a neighbour lady saw me sitting outside and went to mom and asked her what she was doing with me?

My parents  left me with my Maha Siddha Grandpa “Nabani Das Khyappa Baul' and Grandma “Brajabala Dasi' a true authentic Vaishnava Baul. Nabani and Brajabala used Ayurvedic healing to straighten my limbs and keep me alive, thank God for them.

 Nabani being a great alchemist healer and herbalist, knew the Rasa. He  gave me life, taking me to Ma Tara at Tarapith from birth and regularly, I owe Tara Ma and Kali Ma my life we have been very close since my birth in Birbhum

My life was cut out for me at birth, an inborn Tantric and a Music Composer, and of course many other things including Film.

I was returned to Purna and Manju when Nabani passed in 1969 because Brajabala wanted me to with Purna and Manju who already had 2 other sons, and to get an education outside of the village. 

When I arrived in Calcutta they put in an orphanage, far from Calcutta? 

Whatever I am now I did all by myself alone, I never took nor received any help from Purna Das Baul and Manju my parents, everything I made I gave to them, they soon learned I was good for them, as a music composer, a money maker, an organizer. 

My brothers just enjoyed and had fun, they never worked, they just used. It took me years to understand and over come the huge shadow they cast over me. To this day they never mention me, or give me credit for everything I did for them. Which I do not want, but people need to know the truth. 

Do not lump me in with my brothers, I am from Nabani and Brajabala. 

I made myself strong in every way so as to never even use them for anything. 

However, they used me emotionally, financially, musically, my whole life, which is my fault to have allowed, especially because there was no respect and where there is no respect there can be no love. Where is the LOVE?

I composed all the music, produced the music and marketed all this Music for my Dad, in the albums below and many songs were my own poetry.

 I never received anything in return, not a rupee, no royalties, not eve a thank you, not that I was looking for that but as I get older I think and think, they did not even give any respect to me, and actually worked against me. 

This is not love.

Now with a fresh mind and through time I can see, my parents abused me, even though I am the one who made them famous with my life work, all the music I composed, arranged, promoted, all my time and devotion taking them around the world before there was internet and the modern technology of today. 

My life devoted to them, all my money and talent given to them, other arrangement management organized with strong ability always make you a complete and strong platform. 

Which I did without any of my benefit to myself and now I see in someway I made my life complicated and allowed so much of my own suffering. Beyond that I have suffered from war, death, many many terror attacks, the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia was the worst burial ground of death I have ever seen, even though I grew up in the burning grounds at Tarapith and all over India. People talk about going to the burning grounds and doing Tantric practice, they have no idea, try burning thousands of bodies?

I should have stood up long ago, I should not have ignored all the nasty things you said behind my back to everybody.

 I would bring a Bollywood star to your home and after leaving they would always say, who is your family, they do not have anything nice to say about you? My own friends would say this  and I got angry with my friends for telling me the truth?

I am sorry. 

My family mostly my youngest brother, would steal from me, he would talk about me behind my back and worse he forged my power of Attorney and looted me? Everybody, I brought to the house in Calcutta he would take a picture of himself with that person and to this day is acting like he worked with these people of Indian Cinema and Indian Music, he did not.

This is why I am standing up for Baul, I never said anything before, but now is the time, to tell people to stop using Baul, of course learn Baul, but be humble. I know the truth, I know all the Guru's and there are women and men now using Baul, lying making up lineages, when none existed. I know all the Guru's including the ones you call Baul Guru's they are NOT. 

You follow us around, stealing our songs. Dear, I have seen way too much, you are cheating, watering down, reducing and teaching wrong teachings, taking our names off, yes is cheating.

I was born a Mystical Music Composer with the ability to organize, arrange, manage, academic in so many different ways from music to programs, I am the person who gave Baul’s a platform to stand on, a template and many have followed in my footsteps around the World and with Baul and Baul fusion Music. 

Now looking back on it it, I born with special mind probably because I learned oral Sanskrit and have a photogenic memory. 

I was born with a Tantric mind inherited from my Grandpa who was a genius who all genius people like to be around, he was the Baul who initiated Rabindranath Tagore into Baul. Yet, I have never said I am Baul, I have never said I am Tantric, so many have made such a mess, it is almost embarrassing, I do not want association with liars and cheaters, fakers. I have helped so many, including all the Bauls singers, not Bauls but followers of Baul, and that does not make one a Baul Guru. 

There is no such thing as a Baul Master, people who use generic terms for Baul are 100% NOT Baul, they are using Baul? 

All poets, artists, musicians and even political leaders like Nehru wanted to be associated with, most of Nabani’s history has gone to the way side because he never wanted to be known but his son my father Purna Das Baul had the desire to be seen and known by all. He did become famous for his Baul singing. I composed all of his music, no credit ever given?

I was the only one who talked and kept my Grandfathers memory alive, holding a Baul Mela in Calcutta every year to honour him with my energy, my money, my time, my family just showed up.

What today the Baul artist are experiencing is due to my hard work, I made what is tough much easier.

Once I was alone and with the sky full of stars, it was summer holidays Durga Puja time and all the children at the Ramakrishna Misson had gone home, however, nobody came to pick me up to take me home. This was regular my Calcutta family never came for me on holidays, it was me and Swamji.

 I was only 8 years old and still adjusting to the fact that I was essentially an orphan in a different place now. 

One midnight I woke up with a magical lights everywhere, even thought there was nobody there. I kept hearing the sound like 'I am with everyone’ I felt my Grandpa always my ideal my first Guru, my inner lights to esoteric goal. 

I am born Mystic as I felt day by day trying to understand why I was so different from other people. Most do not know me, I have heard of people saying they know who I am, they do not, because I never ever hung out with regular people, I was far and always kept myself behind the scenes.

I never said anything to any one, I have kept all my magical mystical experiences to myself. 

A friend once told the baby cry’s most get milk, anyhow I never cried but got everything travelling to more than 170 Countries, living half the year in the USA for decades and so many connections without anyone’s support except my Guru. 

After moving to Bombay, my first Daughter was to born and I didn’t have a rupee in my pocket but doctor gave full of list with so many medications, magically I received a call from #UshaMangeshkar #PankajUdgas #RVPandit who gave me wonderful wishes.

I was so absent minded couldn’t say anything only Ha Hu but never told anyone I needed money, I didn’t know what gonna I was going to do? 

I took a bus sat just front seat bus back n forth from King Circle to Tardeo area .

 I looked and saw wonderful lights going one step before and stopped Worli. I got down at #Hajiali and keep walking following that light and ended up to #HajiAliBaba, it was a mystical experience and I spent some time beyond beyond. Then I went back home and the next morning I had to go to hospital, still with no money to pick up things a baby needs.

 I received a call from a Parsi Lady who was working for #BombayCancerSociety, whom I met months ago, we supposed to make a unique #Audiobook but somehow  it didn’t happened she needed permission from other board member. 

Miraculously, she told me all had been approved and that it was time to start and that she would pay me an advance, ti come to meet her this morning, I received 40’000 rupee's  cash without saying anything and 60’000 later. 

My first Daughter born with 40,000rupee's  cash like a miracle, a mystical desire of need at that time. In time of need my Guru has never failed me. 

I still talk with my Grandpa Guru to this day, he left the planet in 1969 and is forever, with me. He is my Father, Grandfather and Sat Guru all in one. Most people in the west do not understand what a Guru is! Nabani was the last Baul Guru, the authentic Guru, all Bauls followed him

When I first came to Bombay, another mystical happened to me,I have lived a life of Mysticism.  The hotel we stayed in Dadar east, my parents were visiting with two other guys present. I had arranged a singing program for my parents but it was to be in 3 day. 

I went to front desk and asked if we can go on a city tour. 

When I was talking to this Maharastra guy, I became absent mind and again my felt Grandpa around me which took my mind to a photo. 

I was little surprised to see the photo with full of energy and smiling at me and suddenly I asked the boy who that photo about?
He said it is Sai Baba Shirdi Ke SaiBaba, from that day on I always found my Grandpa in SaiBaba.

From that day my life  was made  easier through #ShirdiSaiBaba.

 I am alive due to my Grandparents and all their hard work and their mystical connection to me, they are my Guru's. Which I felt the day my Grandfather died like an electrical came to my body where I ended up in samadhi for 8 days or more. The picture of my Grandfather's samadhi which someone took, you will note I am not in that picture, I am in samadhi at 9 years old, it was so deep, they didn't think I would come out.

I still can not even think he is no more because I feel him always. I had a connection to him that my dad never had, nor any of his other children, his wife Brajabala had that connection too. My brothers never had an interest in music or in their grandparents but today they post his picture? They never had an interest in Indian Music now today, they say composer, lyrics ect...

 LOL but have no body of work and have not produced anything. My middle brother is recording music now, youngest one nothing but saying I am this, I am that and posting pictures of the people I worked with because I gave him a chance to take a picture with people?

Nabani is always with me with his mystical smile, he gave my nick-name #Prem and named me Krishnendu which is my legal name! I was not named by my birth parents, Nabani gave me my birth name.

The Suri Doctor Kali Goti used to call me Babu and he would call my Grandpa Baba Nabani you and your Prem feel like the real honey connection.

 Kali Goti an Ayurvedic doctor, supported me through Ayurvedic Healing, he was a close friend of my Grandfather. They were all into Ayurvedic herbs and alchemy and compared notes, much of this has been passed onto me! 

Anyhow, my parents were so busy for their own life and my grandparents gave me all their focus, it was a time when Nabani had quite his wandering traveling ways and was staying with me all the time. 

Kaligoti had told Nabani that I was not a regular baby, something was different from the other babies, my Grandpa answered, obviously he is my #Madhu my Love my Prem has to be extraordinary and I have always been so different, my mind is completely different from from regular people and any of the children born in my #Baulfamily. 

A story below just one example of Babu Kishan's Calcutta family used to emotionally bLackmail him, and how they used and brain washed him. Babu Kishan is a  natural Krishna Sahaja from birth.  Early 1980's, it was difficult for Babu Kishan because he never really felt he belonged to his Calcutta family, they argued all the time, brother fighting brother, parents fighting brother? He did everything to  please them and gave everything he gave all to them, including credit for his work?? 

But, it was never enough, even when he had a family of 2 daughters in Bombay, they wanted everything, money all the time, this is called toxic jealousy. Many times because of this emotional blackmail, he would sell his car, sell his jewellery, every day they called him day and night with harassments, brother is fighting, this and that and get him to fly to Calcutta, he would arrive and they would take what they could from him right down to the clothing he was wearing. They were not kind, they were a bottomless pit.

These have been huge lessons in Babu Kishan's life. His Grandmother always taught him, let it go, leave it, just let it be? And this unfortunately is what he has done, it is good to be this way, but there are boundaries in this modern world. We live in a different time and Babu Kishan being out in the world, this new world has had all his music stollen because he is a real Baul and that does not mix with the modern world. It is great to say in the world not of the world but what world. Babu's world view is different, so is real Bhakti Yoga different that western sing song.

I have taught him no way, armed with Yoga stand and fight! Well he already knew that.

Babu Kishan as Krishnendu Das was the Music Director, Composer, Principle Music, Background Music and Film Design of this movie,  he won the Best Music in Russian Film Festival and Best Music Indian National Award and Best Film 1981 the film was released in 1983.

Long story, long story behind this film and the truth will be told.

Purna Das Baul was NOT the music director, it is all about family emotional blackmail.

 Babu put his fathers name there because this is what his Mom wanted, hard to believe but Babu would do whatever his parents wanted. Even the director of Arohan was shocked, that this happened.

Purna Das Baul is not a Music Composer or Music Director, he is only a singer and had to be taught to sing in Hindi because he did not speak Hindi, he has never ever composed any music (period).

Babu Kishan name listed as Krishnendu Das, is listed on the original movie and music. 

It was later mysterious changed to his father Purna Das Baul and his Mom said, no leave it. His mother did that, the only thing she loved was her husband.