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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Before you tell stories, name drop, or randomly say, "Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, The Rolling Stones ect..." 

No Random Bauls are, stop cutting the names of the Bauls who lived these stories, and if you do not know the story exactly do not go around including yourself as a random Baul by association?

These human's have names, the poets have names? Theres stories have lives behind them and it is not your story to tell because there is no association between these people (Bauls) and you.

It is as bad as saying, "Bauls do not care who wrote the poetry".  The audacity the nerves to randomize Baul so you can lay claim to the poetry? If you don't know great, say I do not know, but to put a random person's name on a poem that is clearly 100% a Nabani Das Khyapa Baul poem. Why would you name a poem you wrote, or a poem of Tangore's or Kabir but not an already recorded famous poetry from this lineage and they say Bauls do not care who the poets are?

You do not care because you do not know, you have never been trained, you have made up your lineage, therefore, only someone who is NOT a Baul would make up stories as they go?

All authentic Bauls are taught who wrote the poetry!


Purna Das Baul with Salman Rushdie, his wife at the time Padma Laxshmi in USA. Purna Das Baul is 90 years of age now.

erybody, knows their life stories, stop taking this lineages stories and including all Bauls. 

These stories are not your story to tell, you are not the ones who lived their lives but the ones who follow this lineage around, dressing as they do, dancing Nabani Das Baul styles Ektara Baya ( drum at waist and Nupoor bells on feet, and sing their songs?

Everything comes from some where, stop making Baul generic and random Baul, watering down reducing this lineages stories and then name dropping as if you lived their life, as if you knew?