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Monday, June 20, 2011

Krishnendu Das Baul aka Babukishan

Already Famous as "Krishnendu Das Baul in Bengal" as a composer, poet, film maker, promoter, personal composer and organizer for his father "Purna Das Baul's" career.. Although Krishnendu had already been working for years in Bombay in Bollywood (Indian Cinema) he was still living in Kolkata and traveling back and forth. He left Kolkata in 1989 and changed his name to Babu Kishan so that he could start new and that he did. 

He was R D Burman's assistant for 13 years up until R D Burmans death and while in Mumbai he composed 150 musical scores for Indian Cinema and 44 albums for top musicians and singers in Bollywood.

Some people in Bengal are now just realizing Krishnendu Das is Babukishan. If you have been wondering where Krishnendu Das Baul went and have tried to contact him over the years but were told by his Kolkata family "that they did not know where he is??? or that he was too busy??? or we do not have his telephone number??" please feel free to contact him at  babukishan@yahoo.com

The complete story will come in his upcoming book.. The Life of Babukishan...Baul unplugged..
Babukishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is currently living in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Cananda... but will be back to India soon....