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Monday, June 27, 2011

Das Baul & Dasi ! The One and Only Baul Linage! The Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum!

"Mirror of the Sky" the book Mirror of the Sky by Deben Bhattacharya. "Mirror of the Sky" is the name Rabindranath Tagore gave Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

Sri Nabani Das Baul is the first Baul to popularize Baul in the modern world, he introduced Bauls to the world this is the lineage of Das and Dasi Baul. If you see a Baul calling themselves Das Baul or Dasi or wearing the Patchwork quilt they follow this lineage even if they say they do not. Or if you see someone whose Guru wears the patch-work dress (guduri) they follow Babu Kishan because he designed it, that is the design he made for his father performances in the 1970's.

Nabani was an 'Avadhuta Tantric Baul' he was an accomplished adept, not what you see today.  Nabani was born in Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal in the last 1800's and (he passed away) his Samadhi was in 1969. Bauls do not cremate they are Vaishnava and they bury their dead and for adepts they are buried in Padmasana in a yogic pose sitting up.

Today you will see every self appointed Baul calling himself Khyapa (Khepa Baul) there is only one Khepa Baul. Nabani was the only Khepa Baul as he was initiated by Bama Khepa from Tarapith and Rabindranath Tagore gave him that name. 

Tagore also, gave Nabani 2 names 'The Mirror of the Sky' and Khepa Baul. In the villages of Bengal Nabani was known as 'Khepa Baul' and they will say Khepa Baul no more.

Nabani is the only Baul who initiated Tagore into Baul and gave him the name Ravi (Robi) Baul.

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