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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bauls were most respected in the highest circles.... Indira Gandhi respected Purna Das Baul as he was the son of Nabani Das Baul her Baul teacher @ Vishwa Bharti University in Shantiniketan (Rabindranath Tagore's University) Indira was a close personal friend of Babukishan's mother Manju Das Baul

Nabani Das Baul was a friend of Indira Gandhi's father Jawaharlal Nehru. 

On Nehru's invitation Nabani Das Baul sang all over India in front of millions of people when India became a republic. 

Nabani Das Baul was considered the top state artist (singer) for Bengal and after him his son Purna Das Baul was the state artist of Bengal and Babu Kishan traveling all over India on all stages before Indira Gandhi would speak, then for Rajiv Gandhi.

They are what you would call Pied Pipers of attracting people to the political speeches.

Baul should be GENIUS Vaishnava Tantric Yogi's produced a large body of creative work including poetry that was set to a tune and sang in vernacular Birbhum Bengali. Baul Guru's always knew who the poets were, they are non stealing and always gave credit where credit was due. 

Bauls were intellectual from a the oral Sanskrit tradition of hearing and remembering.

Baul knew their songs and the discourses that went with the songs they were Guru's and Sanskrit speaking. Not illiterate!