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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Baul Sahaja, Vaishnava Tantric Baul Lineage, only one lineage, is NOT the same as Buddhist Sahaja, it is Krishna Sahaja! (C) Copyright, do not copy or poach!

Re Post: from May 12, 2012
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Do not copy and take the names off, no poaching !

It is said that one would only comprehend the Avadhuta Gita after understanding the word ‘samsara’. It is also found in the Upanishads and Tantra scriptures where the sages used the word to mean ‘higher truths’. 

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul - whom all Bauls followed. 

Nabani was the last authentic, Krishna Sahaja the Sahaja of Dattatreya, the path of the Avadhut. 

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was a Vaishnava Baul Avadhut, he is the last Baul Avadhut.

Baul is Krishna (Dattatreya) Sahaja NOT Buddhist Sahaja as told by outsiders who do not even know, but use Nabani's name, his style of dance, Nupoor, Baya and Ektara and sing the songs of this lineage. They do this by taking the names off and adding new names or making Baul generic by using the term the 'Baul Masters" and saying Baul does not care? 

Baul does care who the poets are, this is how they give respect to the poets of this lineage. Only a person using Baul would say otherwise, it is because they are appropriating Baul and do not know the names of the poets, to look woke they make Baul generic or make it up as they go? 

To say 'Baul does not care who the poets are,' is absolute 100% ignorance! Baul always gives respect to the human being and the individual and who wrote the poetry. 

History: authentic Lineage Baul always knew who the poets were and where the poetry originated, they never used 'Baul Masters'??
Babu Kishan absolutely knows who the poets are!

Update, Jan 2021

"Baul is Sahaja, Vaishnava Sahaja (Krishna Sahaja) and the Sahaja of Lord Dattatreya (Avadhut Gita). Vaishnava Baul Kirtan and songs always paid respect to all the great Vaishnava poets including Jaya Dev, Narottama Das and Vaishnava Agama, Baul is dual and non dual.

There are many new age Vaishnava who display out right hatred towards Bauls and Vaishnava Sahajiya. these are Orthodox Vaishnava they hate and slander Sahaja in Bengal. However, Sahaja is higher and not lower, as lewd, crude and wild sex, that type of Sahaja was created and expanded upon in later times and condemned by New Age Orthodox Vaishnava reformers. 

 This is not the authentic Sahaja of the Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum. More on their Krishna Sahajaya below.

“The person who has conquered the baser self and has reached to the level of self mastery: he is at peace, whether it be in cold or hot, pleasure or pain, honoured or dishonoured" 

– Bhagavad Gita.

'Baul SAHJA is NOT Buddhist Sahaja. Baul Sahaja is NOT from Buddhist teachings. 

Baul Shaja is from KRISHNA whom the Vaishnava Bauls consider the highest sahaja'. 

Krishna Sahaja is much much older, in fact 3000 years older, Baul Sahaja is from the greatest Sahaja of all time 'Krishna'. Baul Sahaja is the 'Sahaja of Krishna' who lived during the time of the Mahabharat War which was over 5,000 years ago. 

Dattatreya is much older.

(C) copyright by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul aka Baul Guru

SAHJA is a Sanskrit word!

Which came way before Buddhism.

Baul is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words, Batula, Vayu V is B is Bengali VAYU = Bayu(Tula) Batula = Baul  

Baul in earlier times was called Batula, then shortened to Baul. Bauls are wind catchers.

Bauls are experts at balancing the vital airs through (pranayam). Thus Bauls practice what they call Vayu Dharma, they have their own techniques along with tradition Pranayam techniques. 

(c) Copyright

As told by Babu Kishan

If you read this it came from Babu Kishan, some may re-word it, and claim they said it or that it comes from their fake lineage, seriously this happens and it is annoying and disrespectful to take and pretend it came from you?

If you were not born into Baul or are a close disciple of a Baul Guru, from this lineage, you would be a Sanskrit Scholar of the oral tradition? 

If you are NOT chances are, the person speaking or preaching or collecting donations is NOT a Baul and has no Baul Guru, they just made it up, a lineage and a Guru, to collect donations of all things to preserve Baul?

Recent 'outsiders' who are preaching. Baul is from Buddhism, are fools? These outsiders trying to represent the Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum but actually feeding into and helping what is already a cultural genocide of a rare indigenous peoples, for what, only for selfish reasons. 

The outsiders are using Baul watering it down, reducing Baul to fake Baul Sadhana and giving wrong teachings is part of the destruction of the original mudding the stories, taking names off or saying Baul does not care, using Baul busy building a platform that has no foundation?   

If you hear Baul Sahaja, comes from Krishna you can know it was copied from Babu Kishan) and only told by Babu Kishan the eldest Grandchild of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and eldest son of Purna Das Baul. 

Babu's main 'Sat Guru' is Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he is the only one out of all of Nabani's sons who has preserved and stated that Nabani is his Guru.

 Not even his father or uncles have stated Nabani is their Guru, they have said that others are, but still Nabani is their father of course he is their Guru so is Brajabala.

 Nabani being Babu's Guru is a rare thing and that is another story. Babu spent over 8 years with Nabani in his lap with him 24/7, Nabani's children did not even get what Babu got from Nabani because he was always traveling.

 Purna and Laxshman never called their father Nabani their Guru, which is hard to understand but there is way more to the story than meets the eye. Long story.

Copyright, no poaching from this blog. 

True Baul is non-stealing. I do not like to keep repeating it over and over but what is going on is wrong and has been for a very long time, people speaking about who the Bauls are with wrong information that has led to a Cultural Genocide of a whole sect from people who are not even from Birbhum.

Keep your self created narrative, the truth will be revealed. I have been reading and view on video's wrong teachings about the Sahaja of the Bauls being Buddhist yet these people are fundraising to preserve Baul? 

Please think again before you donate to anybody who is fundraising to preserve Baul?  Baul has already has been preserved decades ago?

New groups even scholars landing our ancestral home in Birbhum, probably only giving my cousins a few repuees to take advantage and be the saviours of saving our Baul lineage?? Baba Pagla everywhere, he was not a Baul, he had his own following, he was a poet who followed Baul and had me many times compose music for his poetry. We knew him well, we did not follow him, he stayed at our house and followed my dad??

Babu Kishan

Baul is and always has been Sahajaya for thousands of years.

 The term Sahajaya has been totally misused by modern day orthodox Vaishnava reformers from Bengal and fake Bauls.

"Sahaja simply means natural. It not only implies natural on physical and spiritual levels, but on the mystic level of the miraculous. Sahaja is the look of wonder in a babies eyes.

It means that easy or natural state of living without planning, design, contriving, seeking, wanting, striving or intention. It is that nature which, when once established, brings the state of absolute freedom and peace. 

Sahaja is a natural state which balances reality between the pairs of opposites and maintains harmony of the Cosmos. 

Thus ‘sahaja’ expresses one who has reverted to his natural state, free from conditioning. 

It typifies the outlook which belongs to the natural, spontaneous and uninhibited man, free from innate or inherited defects. As such even nakedness of the sadhus is considered to be ‘sahaja’. 

By his own demeanor Dattatreya shows man’s instinct for naturalness and primordial perfection not only of the physical and spiritual level but at the mystical level. 

A parallel is made to plants and trees which do not grow according ‘svadharma’ or rules and obligations incurred at birth. Nature only has ‘svabhava’ meaning its own inborn self or essence as its guidance. In other words ‘what is to come must come of itself’ to manifest in a state of absolute freedom. 

Taoism speaks of ‘sahaja’ as a highest virtue – the loss of the peculiar naturalness or unselfconsciousness. One finds this state in an innocent child which is always in its ‘sahaja’ state unless interfered to by society. 

In his semi-naked state Dattatreya was just as unconscious of others nakedness as he was of his own. 

“The person who has conquered the baser self and has reached to the level of self mastery: he is at peace, whether it be in cold or hot, pleasure or pain, honoured or dishonoured" – Bhagavad Gita.

It is said that one would only comprehend the Avadhuta Gita after understanding the word ‘samsara’. It is also found in the Upanishads and Tantra scriptures where the sages used the word to mean ‘higher truths’. 

What is ‘higher truth?’ 

It means the essential unity of all things -- of all existence, the equipoise of equanimity, the supreme bliss of harmony, that which is aesthetically balanced, undifferentiated unity, absolute assimilation, the most perfect unification and the highest consummation of Oneness. "