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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Babu Kishan & Allen Ginsberg



No other Baul had anything to do with Allen Ginsberg, his father met him through Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul. Babu Kishan was a baby when Allen Ginsberg met Nabani Das Khyapa Baul in Birbhum, Allen asked, who is this little guy following you everywhere, always next to you?? 

Starting in the 1980's Babu would visit Ginsberg almost every year in New York until Ginsberg passed in April of 1997.

This is Babu Kishan's very personal story, do not steal his story to sell your book or generalize, please ask Babu Kishan for permission to use any of his story

Yet, you will see many writers, make false associations in their books with other people who follow Baul. I will point all this out clearly in my book and at press releases. Doing this is a cultural misappropriation, using Babu Kishans life stories, taking his name off and adding other names is a intellectual property theft and it dilutes the history of Baul.

 I have even seen a Western Baul say Baul was associated with Allen Ginsberg? No the only Baul associated with Ginsberg is Babu Kishan.

 Please use the Baul's name, his name is Babu Kishan or Krishnendu Das Baul, do not use his story and then write a book with a picture of another Baul beside his story. 

Enough tell the truth and if you do not know it, do not misappropriate Babu's story.

Trishula Das

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