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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Cultural Mis-Appropriation = Indigenous Genocide


Cultural Mis-Appropriation = Indigenous Genocide





 Commandeering, expropriation, seizure, takeover, usurpation, annexation,  attachment, confiscation, grab, reductionism, watering down, reducing, riding on the coat tails of the ones who created a road, who did all the leg work, who wrote the books from inside the tradition, who promoted and introduced the world to Baul, then taking their names off and adding their own names. Singing their songs but saying they are your own, not properly educating what exactly Baul is.

Intellectual Property Theft (Songs from this Lineage) already preserved and recorded, used without giving credit? Songs cut down and the singing style changed! 

Singing and dancing Ektara, Baya, and Nupoor - Nabani Das Khyapa Baul style without any understanding that they are copying his style. 

Nabani created and danced a certain way, all Bauls follow Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and make like it has come from another made up lineage. 

This is cultural appropriation. Baul is extinct and this has to stop, please be respectful, it is not your ancestors, stop making up stories and cheating people.

Adopting a elements of a minority culture for fame, gain,  using trickery, creating harmful stereotypes that dilute the truth of who the Bauls are, this destroys the Essence of Baul. Cultural Appropriation by fetishizing Baul Culture, making it about a bunch of fools singing and acting foolishly, making Baul an over sexualized community, a bunch of fake tantric teachers, this has reduced and watered down the true meaning of Baul.

By others attaching themselves to Baul such and the so called Bauls of Bangladesh, there is a long story how this happened, they do not exist, but yet all the fake bauls perpetuate this because they do not have any other stories. They do not know.

The dilution and erasure of these indigenous practices, all because of poverty and a need to ride on the coat tail of this lineage, while diluting the songs and the spiritual practices of the Bauls of Bengal.

​The diluting of a small group of people from Birbhum, the appropriation by from Bangladesh and outsiders who erase names and stories, claiming them as their own, repeating wrong things scholars have written about Baul and singing folk songs calling them Baul songs.


Cultural Appreciation  and Preservation in context of Lineage. 

Not a made up lineage, they saying what you see written, teaching Baul from what others write.

No one ever said, Baul was from a Lineage except Babu Kishan, now the riders on the coat tails have come out of the wood work and lineage, lineage, lineage. Dig deep, not all as it appears.

There is only one Lineage Baul and that is the Lineage of Jai Nitai, Tantric Vaishnava Baul Birbhum Bengal India.