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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Early Life of Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das - Untold Story

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All rights reserved by Babu Kishan
Do not copy and take the names off, no poaching !

Copy right, all rights reserved, I don't understand what part of that is not understood? Do not copy or use names from Babu's life, his stories, with his name taken off, or his families names, their stories are being used but no names mentioned, just generalizations and name dropping??
Babu Kishan is the eldest Grandson of Brajabala and Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, he grew up on the soil of Birbhum Bengal with all the Bauls of the 1960's, who were from an earlier time, some were born in the 1800's he is the only 'lineage holder 'of his one and only Lineage. He is the unknown behind the scene eldest son of Purna Das Baul and Manju Dasi. 

You may not know Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul because he is way older than any of the people speaking about Baul today. These new Baul fundraising people, cherry pick stories, stories from Babu's life. 

They like to generalize and use his stories but always take his name off? The songs they sing are from his lineage. Krishnendu Das has also, written thousands of Baul poetry, they sing without even knowing who wrote the poetry? It is not about us and them, it is about integrity and honesty.

The general response is, Baul does not care who wrote the poetry, which is not true. A Baul always knows where the songs and poetry come from. A new Baul fundraiser would of course say Baul does not care, because they are not from Baul nor is their Baul Guru a Baul Guru, but they sure know how to market themselves, how to change the narrative.

Please do not mention Bob Dylan it is not your story to tell, stop cherry picking Nabani's name, when his name has been taken off all the songs you sing, and his style Ektara (Gopi Yantra) Baya (drum attached to his waist, Nupoor (ankle bells) is copied but yet, a new lineage made up??? Better, yet stop copying everything and labeling it as if you are the first?

Do not mix anything about this lineage with your fake made up lineage, stop it. If you do not know Babu Kishan and have never talked to him, please do not copy and paste anything without his permission. 

I know it sounds crazy but what is going on today is crazier.

Bob Dylan is Babu Kishan's story to tell as he lived it, you do not know what you are talking about or even alluding to and it is all speculation. 

Again, cherry picking name dropping to make a made up lineage? Making it look like they are part of this lineages stories, for what fundraising for a singing career, maybe a famous Baba or Maa? 

I suggest you preserve your own families stories.

Same with Nabani, Babu Kishan's aka Krishnendu Das's Grandfather and 'Guru' as he has direct initiation by 'Nabani Khyapa Baul'. Babu Kishan is the one who talked about Naboni in his family, he is the only one who preserved all. 

There are no other lineage holders within Baul! 

There are no other lineages, there are only others who followed this lineage, their songs, their dance, and followed them around the world. When you follow a lineage and take the names of the lineage off and try to reconstruct a lineage based on fundraising to preserve Baul it is dishonest. 

Babu knew every Baul since the 1960's, who is who and he obviously is being pushed to speak the truth on who is who. 

How would you feel if we took your family stories and made them as our own? There is so much generalization, speculation and out and out changing of the Baul cultural narrative. 

Yes, it is cultural theft. Not preserving because you would know the names of the poets, and at least not change your narrative as to what Babu Kishan says or does?

Babu has said, over and over, stop using his stories or allude to them and making vague connections that never existed, that is cheating and then telling people to come and join you? Join, what and donate for what so that we have another fake Baba and Maa?

Babu Kishan preserved Baul decades ago, it is safe with him, Baul does not need another saviour outsider, to preserve what has already been done?

"We are living in a time when people have a short attention span. I think we are down to 1 or 3 minutes attention spans at the most. 

The people talking about Baul have a very shallow understanding of Baul, watering down and reducing the essence of Baul because they never had it. Cherry picking names like Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Rolling Stone AND Naboni they allude, copy and paste as if they know as if they are the ones, that is intellectual property theft. Even Rabindranath Tagore a name only associated with Nabani Das Khyapa Baul?

They use of Nabani's name as if they know, how can they? Nabani was a professor at Vishva Bharti, the only person that has ever said that, is Babu Kishan, yes that is cherry picking, name dropping, using what is copyright!

Jumping to conclusions fast, and they focus on drama acting and appearance rather than truth and facts regarding Baul because they do not know, so they name drop. 

They make it up as they go, smiling sweet smiles when honestly they are like new western fitness Yogi cherry picking with no depth, just fundraising. They use names like legendary, pioneering when it is not theirs to claim, they follow Babu around the world, meet his friends. Babu Kishan is the only pioneer of teaching Baul at Universities, now that is what they follow even though they are not qualified.

Fake researcher with BIG 'youtube marketing skills', peddling nonsensical theories, name dropping that which has nothing to do with your fake lineage. Look out Babu Kishan is just getting started he will write more, speak more on all the old Baul followers who followed this lineage, he has watched and seen how all the people who are trying to follow Baul who have made up stories for decades, this is nothing new.

Yes, this eldest son almost 60 years old, son of a famous Baul Purna Das Baul but more importantly the last lineage holder of his lineage that has been nurtured protected for thousands of years and the his Guru who is Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

Babu Kishan is way more than a Baul though he is a Master of India Music and Music Composer a Vaishnava Baul Tantric, an oral Sanskritist, Classical Sanskritist and so much more. He truly is in the world but not of the world.

#Indian & #WestBengal’s most oldest #Lineage !!
When #SanatanDharma introduced in #Earth, #BaulLineage started along with, but from #ShriChsiranyaMahaprabhu biggest Vashnava philodopher started to promote # Vaishnavism, which was so tough to debate with other Panditya. Chaitanya found a great Baul friend with him and made easier way to promote with Harinaam Sankirtan who is our ancestor Nitai (Nityananda). 

When Chaitanyadev had problem to gathering millions of people with his knowledge and scholarship, the older Nitai a Baul Avadhut who is an ancestor of this Baul lineage, helped him with Vaishnava Baul Hari Nam Baul singing (kirtan) and dancing or #VaishnavaSahajaya way to reach everyone’s heart.

I am the #9th Generations of #Nityananda Mahaprabhu ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป JoyGuru JaishriNitai

Today real and original Baul Lineage or Tradition almost extinct from Earth. Oh yes after a huge promoting Bauls in the World through our family, when Real Baul was limited and rapidly disappearing as like other historical value.

#Birbhum only was the Pithostan of Bauls of Bengal, and some academic people mixed up with everything for their thesis to get easily doctorate on Baul subject from collecting from others, now some only sing Baul Songs but mostly folk songs, and more people becoming with Baul dressing up, some are trying to re introduce Baul making up new lineages that never ever were before.

Don’t know why when my family already promoted and introduced and that is the only reason some are trying to change the narrative? 

Through our dancing and talking teaching we created a template with the strongest concrete platform which was made byus, and all due to us, was not easy but hardworking with a mission, which made much easier for others and new comers or next generations.
Not all but some singing good too, everything is practice if they like to have good voice.

When come to the Baul who will know more & better than me ??
Remember no matter what way now go or collecting, fundraising with dramas, cannot change or delete the original History the Baulhistory at all !!
Don’t know who’s writing about Baul on Wikipedia total wrong ✍️๐Ÿ˜‘
Who’s writing ✍️ on Wikipedia total wrong.

Academic are only concerned about their thesis so they can get a recognition as Doctorate to have a fair life with standard, when they don’t know anything than a false education. I even watched Edward Dimock to now all just copy & paste culture, they have very limited knowledge about Baul and their already missed the real essence of original Bauls.

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