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Friday, August 6, 2021

Bhaba Pagla was NOT a Baul and Baul never followed him, he followed us, he was a friend of this Lineage.

Bhava (Bhaba) Pagla beside Purna Das Baul, he often stayed at Babu Kishan house. 
He NEVER claimed to be a Baul, he said he wished he was a Baul, he was a Baul well wisher. 
Pagla was a poet and a regular BABA not a Baul. 
He followed Baul, I have seen a Scholar write that 'Baul even followed Baba Pagla', this 100%  wrong. 
He was a guest at our home and used to baby sit for Purna Das Baul and Manju Das.
 Babu Kishan composed music for many folk singers on their request. He composed music for Bhaba Pagla on his request. 
Pagla was a Baba Folk Singer who loved this lineage and family of Baul but he was not a Baul. I can't say it enough and over and over.
If you want to know about Baba Pagla, Babu Kishan knew him well, he has many stories to tell. Baba Pagla always asked Babu please please put music to my poetry.
My question is why all the made up stories??

Baba Pagla following Purna Das Baul, he searched us out, we didn't search him out, our house was a Cultural Hub where everybody used to visit. Politician and you may ask why Politicians, because Nabani was a state singer for Nehru, my Dad/ Mom and myself performed for Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi before they did their speeches all over India. All Indian Cinema stars because I was involved in that and everybody knew our family. This was way before any of the people today were even born.