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Friday, August 6, 2021

From BabuKishan.org blog - Tagore and / Monohar Khyepa / Baba Pagla and my family (lineage Baul)

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I have been Composing, writing and producing all Baul Music from 1970’s, I have created a huge Baul Archive and Preserved Baul from the day I was born in 1962 !! I was awarded the youngest Music Composer in Bengal in 1970's at age 11.
I made the road for all Bauls today, I made it easier for new comers to have a platform #Bauls to the World!! In the 1970's and 1980's as I was already traveling around the world teaching Baul from a young age.
I Still remember how #ShantidevGhosh the right hand of #RabindranathTagore used to degrade 'Sanatan Das Baul' and other Bauls, he only wanted only the Lineage Bauls, because he knew #NabaniDasBaul my grandfather, and if you ever knew Nabani and this lineage and the stories you would know that everybody followed Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and the Bauls in this lineage before him.


I am the one who gave a space & chance to have a seat with #BaulSamratPurnaDasBaul on the stage at Mela's especially Pous and Joy Dev Mela, so that the struggling new Bauls (mostly refugee's from Bangladesh) can also go in a flow and have a chance, including #SanatanBaul who was just copycat of my Grandfather in dance and copycat of Purna Das in dress, no matter whatever story you make. I knew Sanatana Das Baul and his sons and brought Sanatan to 'All India Radio' and the  RadioStation and encouraged him to record, but it was not successful the record company did not like his voice, he went on my reference. He wanted my help and I tried to help him. He is Not a Baul Guru, he followed our family our songs, dance and dress. That whole group followed us and we helped them bringing many of the new Bauls on tour with us.

I supported Paban Das Baul who became a good folk singer and Paban’s brother (whatever happened to him) and others like #Subol#Gour, I have watched what is going on and now am ready to tell the truth of how all came about, and will qualify all these stories and people in my new book to be released in 2018. (book is late late, it is 2021 now and should be released soon).

I have always been the in a mainstream supporter for #Bauls, I started Baulmela called 'Gopal Nagar' a huge successful festival. I always worked behind the scenes even in Bollywood with Amitabh Bachchan. I gave the New Baul singers a platform to sing with as much respect, clothes, money for decades.

And I made a easier way to sing a song in Guru’s name, Made so many to sit in the first row and helped compose music and recorded #BhabaPagla and #ManoharKhyepa poetry, which those where their first popular songs for them. 
Bhaba Pagla was not a Baul, he was not from Baul he never called himself a Baul. He was a friend of Baul and used to visit and stay at the Purna Das Baul home in Calcutta.
Babu used to spend so much time with Monahar Khyapa, he loved Babu Kishan. He always stayed at Babu Kishan's home when he came to Calcutta. Babu always gave him a really good place to stay, he had a problem with his leg so Babu set up a place on the first floor, and he remembers always giving him extra food and milk... 

Babu introduced Carol Solomon, Usha Harding, Charles Cappwell to Monar Khepa to #BabaPagala another poet who Babu did the same for. 
Babu Kishan introduced all outsiders to Baul around the world. Baul started to look like a good business that is why others followed and cut our names off taking our stories, and making up lineages.
#MonarKhepa was a poet and part of our family, he used to be with us all the time. I knew #MonarKhepa he was part of our family and had an ashram in JoyDev and most of the Bauls worked for him to have free food. #MonarKhepa always asked me to compose music to his lyrics and get to get my #purnadasbaul to sing. #MonarKhepa was not a Baul, he was poet, I know his story more than anybody.

Babu Kishan introduced Carol Solomon to Monar Khepa, he introduced her to everyone and pictures she took and others are using on their web sites, Babu Kishan was with Carol. Babu was her translator for Bengali in India and America. Baul was too difficult for her and she changed the line and made Baul 'Bangladesh Baul' which never existed before. The real story to come in Babu’s book. 

Nitai Khepa and Sanatana Das Baul copied and followed around, 'Nabani Das Baul' or should I say tried to copy, Nabani was a Mystic Genuis you can not copy Baul essence. 
Santana Das Baul used to talk behind Babu's back because Babu used to wear jeans and when Babu confronted him he would say I am just kidding. Nabani didn't even like these followers.
Babu Kishan knows all these new Bauls from a very young age and he will tell all in his new Book. He tried to help Sanatan Das Baul so many times. 

If there is one thing Babu does not like it is dishonesty his own family could not train him to be untruthful.

When the late Carol Solomon took that picture of 'Nitai Khepa' who do you think Carol Solomon was with, she was with Babu Kishan? He introduced her to all.

Babu knew all these people personally Carol was his friend for decades, she too would stay at Babu Kishan's home and Babu would book them in the tourist lodge in Shantiniketan and when they were gone for a few days he found them in really bad shape. Too long of story to tell here but will be told in the book.

All Baul history now, real original #Bauls are gone and will go completely end after me because all the information is with Babu Kishan.

Rabindranath Tagore gave the title (Khepa) Khyapa Baul to Nabani Das Baul and used Khyapa Baul in all of his poetry and that Khepa Baul is only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

Now Bauls are only tourist attractions and just singers, at least please try to sing on a track and note rather than just screaming, dancing like plastic, we did a hard work dear, at least respect the #Pioneers.. still no #Bauls can even reach or dream as to #PurnaDasBaul or #RabindranathTagore’s inspiration #NabaniDasKhyapaBaul this all just real history.
Produced #Composed & some written the original Babu Kishan poetry on these albums by MusicLegend#BabuKishan aka #KrishnenduDas
Monohar Khepa a poet who Babu Kishan knew very well, he used to stay at their house all the time, Babu had a special place for him to stay because it was too difficult to climb the stairs. Monohar Khepa always wanted Babu to compose music for his poetry and to try to get his dad to sing the poetry. He was a poet not a Baul, he followed this lineage of Baul.

Babu's dad Purna Das Baul claims in his book that Monhar Khepa was his Guru. In many ways everybody a Baul meet can be our Guru, Babu was very fond of Monahar Khepa and knew him well and liked him well, however, he never considered him a Baul Guru in the lineage of Baul Guru's he considered him a great poet.

Bhava (Bhaba) Pagla beside Purna Das Baul, he often stayed at Babu Kishan house and never claimed to be a Baul, he was a poet and a regular BABA not a Baul, he followed Baul, who Babu Kishan composed music for.
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