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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Durga Puja - presenting Babu Kishan in LA California Ocober 9, 2021

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Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das has been coming to LA California since 1980 or earlier. 

Traveling the world teaching Indian Philosophy and of course BAUL, he is the first to ever teach at Ashrams, temples, Universities around the world. 

All Bauls follow his lineage, and him as a fundraiser for the Societies and Temples not as a fundraiser for himself.

All Bauls follow Babu Kishan, although many cheats have come forward over the past few decades, making up lineages and using his stories, his songs, his tunes, his family lineage Songs, but cutting his name off and their names and making up new names, or pretending they are the ones, using 'random generic Baul Masters' because they do not know? 

Saying Bauls do not care about who wrote the poetry or Baul does not come from family, or Baul comes from places it does not come from?? Or the video I saw posted on 'Archive.org' for a long time where a Baul Women is teaching, there are 4 types of Baul, the video has been removed since. I have been writing about these wrong teaching, oh but hey they look exotic. 

LOL I have documented all the false teachings and who made them for the past 15 years, I may not be a Baul but I am Babu's wife and I am a researcher. I even saw someone advertising they are teaching Baul and then listing all the chapters in Baul Samarat Purna Das Bauls book??

In the past people were honest, today they are not.  

Yes, Baul cares, a Baul should know what and who Baul is and the history of Baul. Baul is extinct and more than ever truth is a must to preserve what belongs to this lineage. A Baul should know Baul Philosophy and not go around saying Baul Sahaja comes from Buddhism it does not, it comes from Krishna. Anyone making claims should know not from copy and paste, but by initiation and not by initiation by a fake made up Shri Shri Baul Guru but initiation from a Baul Guru and if you do not have that, do not represent Baul for donations, being a virtue signaller.

But how would you know, you wouldn't, so stop saying someone is authentic just because they look exotic.

Cultural Misappropriation does not just happen only from other cultures (white people), it happens with (brown people) who come from India, oh shocker. 

Many marketing techniques are used to dupe people. 

Exotic dress is one technique, just because a person says, I am a Baul does not mean they are? They follow Baul and if they dance with Ektara, Baya at hip and Nupoor bells on the ankle and do not mention Nabani because it is his style, they are #1 cheats.
Just as because a person says they are a Music Composer, producer does not mean they are. During Babu's time in Indian Cinema aka Bollywood one had to go through huge loops to be a Music Composer, exams, recommendations from other well known Music Composers and one should have produced a huge body of work to call oneself an 'Indian Music Composer', to call oneself a Music Composer is the PHD of Music world wide. 

Today anything goes, but that does not mean a person knows music, that is the same with Baul, many false teachings are being spread, these made up teachings are reducing, watering down and destroying Baul.

Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj 98 years of age, 

President of the Bharat Seva Ashram. 

He knew Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and Purna Das Baul, Babu Kishan's Grandfather and Father, 3 generations of Bauls from Birbhum Bengal India.

 He is from where Babu is from in Birbhum, he has a great love for them all.