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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul, Eldest Grandson Babu Kishan and MahaVidya Tara Ma!

Krishnendu Das aka Babu Kishan Tantric Ishta Devata since birth 1962, is Tara Ma (MahaVidya Tara) initiated by his Grandfather 'Guru' Nabani Das Khyapa Baul who was initiated by Bhama Khepa and many others, into the MahaVidya Tara Tantric cremation burning ground Tantric Sadhana. Tarapith Birbhum Bengal India it has become the thing to go to Tarapith and take pictures of oneself, Babu Kishan laughs things are not the same as they were way back, before there was no one there. Spiritual tourist are the norm now? 

Everybody is taking pictures of themselves at Taraptih. Babu Kishan talks about Tarapith and both his brothers go there and take pictures. Next to none have ever had any association with Tara Ma? Today we have facebook social media famous, thousands of likes for one picture, what a joke, tours trips to all these places?

Babu was initiated into this Tantric Sadhana and Kali Sadhana from the soul and soil of Birbhum Bengal India going back to 1962. His Sat Guru Nabani Das Khyapa Baul first initiated him at his birth and through 9 years with him. Through Nabani and Brajabala Dasi he was exposed to hight lever Gosai (Goswami, Gosain) adept Tantrics never known to this world or the west. He was exposed to many others too, including 12 years in the Ramakrishna Mission, Ramkrishna is the starting point in todays age the Vedas and Tantra. Yet Babu Kishan does not have any pictures at Tarapith nor does Nabani Das Khyapa Baul because it is secret sadhana (practice). Babu took all the pictures for his family. It very rare to see a picture of Krishnendu aka Babu Kishanfrom his early years.

Krishnendu learned to keep his Baul sadhana secret there are still things he will not tell me, He remained secret until he started his first Website on Baul in the 1990's that all Bauls copied including his family in Calcutta. Krishnendu knows that copy and paste is the way today, and lies lies lies so many lies and fake people out there now.

Long stories and very hilarious, his brothers did not even read what they had copied from Babu Kishan's website including Babu's whole story, just copy and paste saying they were music composers and they are NOT. Other people copied and do not even know the history of the things they copied.

After starting this blog 'Lineagebaul' in 2009 others started throw around Lineage and many are duped by people who use Lineage Baul as a way to collect devottee's, a Baul lineage is not one or 2 generations it is many many over hundreds of years. 

No one ever talked about Lineage before Babu Kishan, it was a private thing, now all the fools come out of the woodwork wanting to be famous making websites, making up fake lineages, following everything Babu Kishan does, including coping Nabani's songs from Babu's youtube channel, listening over and over, only to see you have stolen his grandfathers song and made yourself FB youtube famous but posted another persons name as poet?.

Babu Kishan taught at Universities and then this was copied too, however, the teaching were wrong teachings. The truth will be exposed, all of it. Stop using Baul, reducing Baul, stop appropriating Nabani Das Baul poetry, style and his songs.

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was the only Avadhut Baul of recent times and the last authentic Baul from lineage Baul who is from Ekachakra Birbhum. Nityananda aka Nitai who was a Vaishnava Baul an dancestor of this lineage and family was an Avadhut Baul.

When I would hear Babu talk on the telephone to his Uncle Laxshman Das Baul before he passed away, the only thing I could understand was Jai Nitai Jai Nitai and Jai Guru Jai Guru.
He would say to Babu you are the only one left that knows the stories, you know and then he would cry. 

Laxshman was his fathers younger brother but also, a brother to Babu because he was there when Babu (Krishnendu) was born and left for dead by Purna Das Baul because he was premature. Laxshman Das Baul spent more of his life in close contact to Babu in his first 9 years that his own father did, he was a beloved of Babu Kishan's.

Laxshman Das Baul was his uncle but a brother to his little Krishnendu.

Yes of course Radha and Krishna are the eternal Ishta Devata of the Vaishnava Sahaja Tantric Bauls of Birbhum which is only this lineage of Jai Nitai. The original Bauls are Vaishnava they are Tantric both Vaishnava and Shaivite as in Kali Shiva, Mahavidyas especially Tara and Sri Vidya, Shakti Sadhana..
The burning grounds (cremation grounds) Samshan and the temple of Tarapith have changed so much, a whole city has grown up around the place since then. He has stories and experiences of Kali Sadhana that most people never get to experience, yet they talk and talk. These places have seen tremedous change. Now many go to take a picture and pose that they are the first to take the pictures there?
Usha Elizabeth Hardings Kali Picture on her book Kali related to the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach. She would not have that picture if Krishnendu aka Babu Kishan had not taken her through the back book of Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Calcutta. Babu Kishan introduced Usha to Calcutta, to Kali and encouraged her to start the Laguna Beach Kali Temple, he helped introduce her to the India people of California. Most people do not know this and of course Babu Kishan would never say, but you should know without Babu Kishan there would be no Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach California.

After all Babu Kishan was a monk in the Ramakrishna order for 12 years and lived it, he didn't just read about it, he learned from the top and the ones who knew Ramakrishna, Sharada Ma and Vivekananda.
He has done Kali (MahaVidya) Sadhana all around India including Bombay where he lived for 35 years and has taken me some temples that are unbelievable, temples that I have never heard any mention or write about, secret places. 

I have traveled all over India with Babu, back in 2007 and 2008 and have experienced some of these place directly, places I have never heard anybody even talk about or write about, and expeienced that these places and people actually know who Babu is. Yet, here in the west we have people talking, that do not have experience?? There are places of such great power, however, you have to spend decades preparing to receive such a power, it is not easy.

And he still has not written a book about Kali or the MahaVidya's. He has traveled around India hundreds of times for pilgrimage and Work and has so many stories to tell, but he has not, one day I pray he will talk. Yet, others talk who have only been to India a few times for short periods of times.

Tantra needs teachers who have 'been there done that' from the soul and soil of India and including Nepal! Not from people who are collecting people or who just read books? 

Babu aka Krishnendu Das Baul has no interest in collecting people." if anything he pushes people away. The so called Guru's who collect people are not Guru's they are making people stupid. It is a business today and just because someone asks for a donation instead of a fee does not make them authentic, that has become a game to. Most real authentic Guru's do not want you because you have not even attempted years of study and sadhana. A touch or a hug will not enlighten you, go and follow the sheep and see how far you get, but I bet your Guru will get rich be flying around, dancing around and living a luxury lifestyle of of their devotee? There are all sorts of tricks of the Guru trade. Guru is usually unassuming.

Baul is not a singing career, a traveling career, or a Baba and Ma career, that is separate. 

Babu Kishan's work is separate, in the world but not of the world, his career is a Music Composer/Film-maker, his education in Indian Cinema spans over 30 years. 'Babu Kishan' is his Indian Cinema film and music career name given to him by a famed Bollywood writer and Bollywood producer. 

He was educated in the oral and classical traditions of Sanskrit, Tantra and Baul from birth, that is his inner life, his secret life, not for sale. He stopped talking about Baul because of how embarrassing Baul has become, just utter stupidity.

There is a reason most people only know him as Krishnendu Das in Bengal, when he went to Bombay's Bollywood he changed his name to 'Babu Kishan' so that not ride on the coat tails of his famed father Purna Das Baul, which is completely opposite of what others would do. 

He was very well known in Bengal based on his own merit as Krishnendu Das as a poet and as a Music Composer separate from his father name, whom he managed for decades and produced over 80% of Purna Das Bauls music, he composed the music, recorded and promoted all of his fathers music, he even paid for everything never receiving even a thank you or a rupee, Babu Kishan gave he did not receive.
We are not looking for devotee's, only truth. 
Don't follow us, but learn the truth. The first tenant of Baul is tell the truth, so those that use and abuse Baul to collect people are fake.

Do not join us, join your own soul, we are here to enlighten to authentic Baul." Since he has already preserved all of Baul, wake up people, anybody asking for donations to preserve Baul, it has already been done back in the 1980's.