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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Some Babu Kishan Music - he has over 60 of his own personal albums

Babu Kishan is not a regular Baul his Musical talent is extraordinary as a Music Composer since he was 9 years old. 

When he was 11 he was awarded the Youngest Music Composer of Bengal. 

He never talked about himself though, and that has been a problem because not only have people stolen his music and his intellectual property. One by one it will be presented. Yes, Baul is loving, and many people fake it, fake smiles acting all innocent, Come and join us, donate to us so we can preserve Baul, garbage, Baul has already been preserved by Babu Kishan decades ago?

 They have stolen his pioneering work on Baul taken his name off and use his stories about Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg in book after book. 

Making random associations about Baul is associated with Bob Dylan and Ginsberg when it was only Babu Kishan after a picture of his father and Uncle Laxshman was taken in 1967.

 It was only Babu Kishan who had a many decades friendship with both of them and many others including George Harrison. 

Not any other random Bauls. But yet you will see books and newspaper articles even new Baul recruiters not even from Bengal will name drop Babu Kishan's stories but take his name off?? 

So tell me why in a book by a western Baul did she write that Baul is associated with Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg ect, but right on the next page a picture of a Baul who is not associated with the story. 
Babu Kishan and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys 

I have documented all for our book. This has to stop the stealing, cherry picking and lies that new age Bauls who are collecting people, they are using Baul to beome Maa..

Babu Kishan's Hanuman Chalisa that he composed and recorded, the first Hanuman Chalisa ever recorded, is the most listened to Devotional Song ever with 2 billion listens. Another record company now has the song with 15 million hits?
Yet, Babu Kishan's name is not there??

Gushan Kumar is not a singer, he is lip syncing, he is acting. 
This is Babu Kishan's Music the most ever listened to in Indian History. The really stupid thing here is that T-Series lists HariHaran as the singer, his NOT. This is 100% Hari Om Sharan??

Yes, true the 2 Billion but this is Babu Kishan music, he composed and recorded this not GuSHAN Kumar?? 
2 Billion times, and 15 million sold to another company.
Interesting, no one knows the real story behind that Hanuman Chalisa, it was Produced, Music Composed by Babu Kishan, it has nothing to do with T-Series founder, the music was stolen out of Babu Kishan studio in Juhu and sold to T-Series and then they sold it the company that has it now.
Hari Om Sharam was Babu's friend so was Gushan Kumar as a matter of fact Babu is one of the people who identified his body when he was murdered at the Laxshmi temple in Bombay, he worked for T-Series and directed with Gushan Kumar as a composer advisor at that time.

To make matters even worse, LOL
They lied about who the singer is, it is Hari Om Sharam it is not Gulsan Kumar or HariHaran it is not Hari Haran. This is Hari Om Sharan... produced, recorded, composed by Babu Kishan. 

In Baul music this has happened for decades, stealing of this lineages songs and then either adding another name, or saying Baul does not care who wrote, composed, made the tune? They do not who recorded it first because, the new Baul singers want to take credit. It took a lot of work to create this music, time, money and talent to record it in the first place, yet they copy, which is not a problem but not to give credit, it intellectual property theft.
This is Babu Kishan Music, he composed, paid for, arranged, recorded with his own money. He recorded it in the 1980's, he could not sell it to any of the record companies back then, it was stolen, now look at what a success. Court case pending because his name was taken off and he has never received a penny or rupee for his own Music, the first ever Hanuman Chalisa recorded and Hari Om Sharam died without any compensation either?

 Baul Fusion with great pictures of Birbhum Bengal and Baul.

By Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul - he does not like to call himself Baul anymore because what is acting as Baul is not the Baul he knows. Too many actors. Don't get me wrong Babu helped all Bauls for decades, creating Baul Mela's and bringing them on the stage at the Mela's, where as before they were not included. He gave up 3 decades of his life supporting all Bauls.

This is Baul Samrat Purna Das Baul now 89 years of age is the greatest singer of the Bauls ever, no one can compare to the Legendary life and Award winner of singing by many Presidents of India. This is Babu's father.

Baul Kirtan by Babu Kishan - Narottama Das poetry Kirtan. Babu's Grandmother Brajabala Dasi was from the Narottama Das family lineage. Babu is from the family and Lineage of Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum Bengal, he is their direct ancestor. Nitia was a Vaishnava Baul Avadhut. Kirtan was not just chanting it was the telling of the stories of Radha and Krishna and they went on for 8 days, no sleeping or lying down in those kirtans.

A raw sample of Baul Kirtan by Babu Kishan. This is from his family and Lineage.

Raw recording, this song, is his Grandfathers poetry, this is their lineage song.

My all time favourite, Baul Fusion. Babu says this song is for me.
There is a long story behind this Baul song.

Here is the link to only some of the Bauls songs he recorded way back, he was the first Baul to place his songs on youtube back in 2007, now everybody does. These are all Babu's personal Photo's.

All released on Spotify he has something like over 60 albums, I have no clue, everyday some more of his music comes forward, music he forgot about. Babu is a Baul and very unattached.

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