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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Baul Mantra Tantra Gopi Yantra - Authentic Oldest One and Only Lineage of Vaishnava Tantric Bauls of Birbhum Jai Nitai -The systematic Cultural Appropriation of Baul-Baul was archived and preserved decades ago by Babu Kishan

All Bauls follow this Lineage! 

It is great to be inspired but when you change the story of the History of Baul it is not following anymore it is appropriating.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, what I am trying to do here is show the real authentic Vaishnava Tantric Baul of Birbhum. Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was the last real Baul he left the planet in 1969, Brajabala his wife and the last authentic Baul women left in the 1990's and her daughter left way too young also. The narrative has been changed over and over and is stil being appropriated and changed. Others have written about Babu's family and they are completely wrong and this will qualified in Babu Kishan 4th book on Baul. 

Baul is extinct, it has been archived and preserved by Babu Kishan already, decades ago because he could see the writing on the wall, others riding on the coat tails of his lineage and family. Nothing wrong with following Baul but changing the narrative to fit the cultural appropriation of this One and Only lineage is a travesty.  

Baul is 'NOT' from Buddhism, Persian, Turkey, Uzbekistan or anywhere else including Bangladesh, this is the biggest cultural appropriation and identity theft and the truth will come out in the new book "historical Baul". Baul originates in Birbhum the Roots of Baul come from Vaishnava Baul which is a Tantric Bhakti tradition, others followed Baul from here. Baul is based on Sanatan Dharma dual and non dual, it is a huge story.

Baul is a Sanskrit word a combination of 2 words if you know anything about Bengali B and V are interchangeable Vayu and Tula = Batula and there is a huge discourse and practices of why if I give it to you then I know someone will copy and teach it because no one has ever described it correctly (no writer)? A major Baul practice is Vayu Dharma.

B and V are interchangeable in the Bengali language, many old books on Baul spell Baul - Batula or Baula, but yet the narrative continues, Baul means mad and afflicted by the wind from a Western Scholar, why is a western scholar controlling the narrative of Baul?? This Does not sense, yet you will hear every NEW baul singer say this, every writer on Baul?

If you have written otherwise you are not a Baul, you follow Baul and have not been correctly educated and yet you want to preserve Baul???? 

Something for all Bengali's to think about why would an outsider or one who says Baul is from Turkey or Uzbekistan be representing and preserving Baul, saying they are from a made up lineage? 

Baul Culture is being appropriated by outsiders who are watering down, reducing, and destroying this beautiful one and only Lineage. Many now are riding on the coat tails of this lineage, changing the narrative, deleting this pioneering lineage from the narrative of Baul of this historical Baul family who are descendants of Sri Nitai (Nityananda) of Ekachakra Birbhum India. Baul spread outward from there it never originated anywhere else.

Baul is a lineage of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga but it goes way further than that it encompasses all of Indian philosophy, Baul Tantra Mantra Gopi Yantra. There is Baul Kirtan but Kirtan alone does not make a Baul. If someone is from a lineage of Kirtan it does not make one a Baul. They are minstrels but not only minstrels, there was an album saying Bauls are street singers but they are not street singers. So many marketing techniques have been used to describe Baul.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul born to preserve and archive Baul, researched, preserved and archived all of his life. Described by others a Mystical and Musical Genuis always Energetic.

To the ones who now say they are preserving Baul, it has been preserved, whose songs do you think you are singing?? They have all been previously recorded. You are singing Nabani Das Khyapa Baul songs without any awareness respect or gratitude? Yet fundraising to preserve a tradition that does not even belong to you? You are singing the songs of this lineage from way back.

The one and only Lineage of Baul, Das Baul and Dasi from Birbhum W Bengal India was an oral Sanskrit tradition, their ancestors were Nityananda of Ekachakra Birbhum and way before him, he was a Baul Avadhuta and so way Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. All Bauls follow this Lineage, they dress like this lineage, they do and go where they go, right down to meeting all their friends, and trying to be Nabani, Purna Das Baul or Babu Kishan?

Nabani Das Khyapa Baul is the only Baul who initiated Rabindranath Tagore into Baul giving him the name Robi (Ravi) Baul and Tagore gave Nabani the name "Mirror of the Sky' and Khyapa Baul. Tagore was attached to Nabani in so many ways, all will be explained in Babu Kishan's new Book to be released, in month. Historical Baul 'The Rasa Lila Mystics" as told by Babu Kishan who was raised by Nabani and Brajabala Dasi then by his birth father Pruna Das Baul and Manju Dasi. Long story.

Although Baul is ARCHIVED and Preserved we never like to give out too much information, exactly for the reason of Cultural Appropriation and the 'Riding on the Coat Tails of this Lineage' Baul is a secret esoteric tradition. Babu Kishan will do something and the followers do not just follow, they take and then say it is about them.

People are now using Baul, making up lineages, watering down, dumbing down, and systematically destroying the "Essence of Baul" the origins in Baul. Babu Kishan is one of the main figures who Brought Baul out of India, he has always encouraged, NEW BAUL SINGERS, little did he know that they would turn around and take their names off of history or her-story and put their own, making up lineages that never existed. This is a huge issue in todays world and people outside of Baul do not have a clue.

They are the 'fake it til you make it Bauls' and some are aggressive in their appropriation, using theatrical techniques.

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg are only associated with this lineage and family. Yet others are making claims, they have not even met them. They say Baul received Padma Shree as if they are claiming it for themselves, no Baul did not reicieve a Padma Shree only Purna Das Baul did, respect would dictate that the name of the person who received the award was mentioned. When you sing Nabani's song but put another poets name on it is cheating and when you do not have the guts to correct it that is even worse.

Don't make claims unless you use the names of the Bauls, don't use their story to bolster yourself, this is erasing history and 'riding on the coat tails of others'. Don't change the narrative to fit your story?


All the below Albums - are some of the Baul albums Music Composed, Recorded, Arranged, and Promoted by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul - decades ago. Babu Kishan did this, this was his work, he is a born producer, composer.
All Albums Music Composed, Produced, Arranged and some Poetry by Babu Kishan

He promoted all these albums and worked relentlessly.
All above albums Music Composed, Produced, Arranged and Promoted by Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul.
Shantidev Ghosh knew the whole story and who was who and he could see the path that Baul was being degraded. I (Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das) used to argue with him for the other Bauls to be able to be on the stage with my father Purna Das Baul. I was a warrior Baul for all the new Baul singers and helped all of them.  

My father was always the main attraction the chief guest at the Pous Mela, Joy Dev Mela and his father before him Nabani Das Baul. Purna Das Baul was very famous a super duper hit back then and many new Bauls singers were super duper jealous too.  Purna Das attracted such a huge crowd that he even needed government security, he was famous from an early age because his Baul singing was superb to this day no Baul has ever been able to even come close, he is 86 years old, and still singing although those days have long disappeared and when he stopped going to the Mela's the Melas lost their true essence. For a very long time they are not what they used to be. He was # one and the main attraction at Pous and Joy Dev Mela's for over 50 years and first brought Baul outside of India back in the 1950, it was not til 1967 that he arrived in America and you can see him on Bob Dylans album John Wesley Harding with his brother Luxman Das Baul.
I am the one who gave a space for the New Baul singers to have a chance to have a seat with on the stage #BaulSamratPurnaDasBaul. I had to fight for this, so they could also go in a flow, so that the new Baul singers at least got a chance, at least they followed us and wanted to be Bauls and it was my pleasure and dharma to spread Baul around the world, to educate anybody that was interested.

 I remember #SanatanDasBaul  who used to watch my Grandfather he used to be a copycat of my Grandfather in his dance and he copied my dad in his dress, the patchwork dress that I designed for my father. He also, copied our name 'Das Baul', Das Baul only comes from our 'lineage' how can you make up a lineage there is not other lineage, no matter whatever story anybody makes up. I knew Sanatan Das Baul and his sons and I was the one who brought Sanatan to All India Radio #RadioStation and encouraged him to record, but it was not successful the record company did not like his voice, he went on 'my reference' because I was the one who promoted and helped everybody who was interested in Baul. There are way more stories to tell and I will tell all and the truth in my book, there is a limit for to everything. How I fought for these new Bauls singers to have a chance back in the day, when I see made up stories I will fight the same way for truth.

I supported #Pabandasbaul a good folk singer and Paban’s brother whom I often wonder where he went, and I supported others like #Subol Das Baul and  #Gour Khyepa whom I have many stories to tell, I knew who they were before they became new Bauls. I now see someone is making up stories trying to do a documentary on Gour Khepa trying to tie him in with Bob Dylan who never ever knew nor had any association with Gour Kehepa, however, I know a few women that did associate with him and they suffered greatly, I was the one who saved them and that will be written about too. I have watched what is going on and now am ready to tell the truth of how all came about, and will qualify all these stories and people in my new book to be released in 2018 or 2019 the more I see the more my memory comes back to me, so thank you for that. 

Poisoning at the JOYDEV Mela In Kenduli !

Oh my Goodness, as I learn more and more stories from Babu Kishan. He told me the story when some jealous Bauls tried to kill him by poisoning his dad Purna Das Baul at Monohar Khepa's ashram at the JoyDev Mela in the 1970's. Babu was there, I am not going to mention the names of the group of Bauls that tried to kill him because it will be in the New Book.

Purna Das Baul was so popular he was a Super Star because of his singing, one year as the main attraction at Joy Dev Mela at Monohar's Ashram someone gave him some milk it was laced with poison purposely because a group of jealous Baul figured it they killed him, then they would be the main attraction. Monohar Khepa was put in jail but Purna Das Baul  knew there was no way he would have done that and  had him released from Jail. It was a group of Bauls that hung out and worked at his ashram for food. As I said I have names and I will write about them in Babu Kishans new Book and many will be shocked but these stories must be told because of the making up of lineages and the cultural appropriation of Baul. These New Baul singers have always been jealous of Purna Das Baul and Nabani Das Baul. This will be in Babu Kishan's book and all names named. 

Millions of people flocked to see Purna Das Baul after this event he stopped going to the Joy Dev Mela and when finally go back because there was a huge demand and the festival was not as popular when he was not there, the only way he could go was under heavy security.

These Bauls followed Baul and our lineage, they followed my family, they are not from Baul or from any lineage of Baul. They may be from some other lineage in their family history but it is not a Baul Lineage. These are stories of the “fake it til you make it crowd. 

I remember what my Grandparents told me, I remember my oral Sanskrit teachings as a child and Hari Das I remember what my Grandfather (Boro Baba) and Brajabala taught me her family were great Vaishnava Sanskrit Pandits she was from Norottama Das's family.

 I remember everything my Dad told me and all the intellectuals I have met through my family and on my own, I didn't just arrive yesterday, I may have been silent but this is my job to speak out. I will tell all in my book, although many are not on the planet anymore, the ones that are know who I am and what I did for them and that I tell the truth, I am a truth talker. This is my Lineage we existed for thousands of years before and I am tired of all the made up stories.

I have always been the only mainstream supporter for Bauls. I started #Baulmela called #GopalNagar a huge festival I always worked behind the scenes even in Bollywood with Amitabh Bachchan I worked with him and all Indian Cinema behind the scenes. I gave all these new Baul singers a platform to sing on, they did not have one before and most were very poor refugee’s from Bangladesh who followed Baul, I gave them as much you can with respect, clothes, money. I never wanted anybody to work for free, and tried to make it so they could make a living off of their singing.

To make it an easier way to sing a Baul song in the #Guru’s name. I wanted Baul to have the respect it deserved as my Lineage had given Baul much respect. 

Baba Pagla, Monohar Khepa, Lalon Fakir
All Maha Great poets who Babu Kishan composed music for their poetry. They are poets not Bauls. 

I made so many in first row and helped composing and recorded #BhavaPagla or #ManoharKhepa songs those where first popular songs for them. I used to Compose Music usually Baul tunes to his Lyrics because he was a poet. I know his story more than anyone. I introduced Carol Solomon to Monor Khepa, I introduced her to Nitai Khyepa too, I was standing with her when she took pictures of Nitai Khepa. How do you think Carol knew anything about Baul? 
Bhava (Baba) Pagla & Purna Das Baul
 How do you think Charles Chapwell knew anything about Baul, oh my what a story to tell and I have to tell it otherwise, my lineage will be a lie and so changed from the authentic original. So many have made a mess in the name of Baul.

 I knew Carol for decades she stayed at our house and I was her Bengali translator teacher as much as I could, I used to teach at the University of Washington where Carol was a professor. I saw her the last time in 2008 at her home in Seattle, she had previously had me to sign all sorts of papers for grants and help her develop a thesis for this grant, for the study of Baul which everything she knew she got from me, then she changed it to the Bauls of Bangladesh and gave a different story. 

The Bauls of Bangladesh is a story only since the 1970’s there were no Bauls in Bangladesh back then. Lalon Fakir was not a Baul, he was a great Poet, I know I brought many Bangladeshi’s from there int he 1970’s and put music to Lalon poetry, I was one of the first to record Lalon songs, somehow I created a confusion and the story continues that Lalon Fakir was a Baul?

 Lalon Fakir was a Poet he did not practice Baul sadhana, Rabindranath Tagore was inspired by his Lalon Fakir poetry but he was initiated into Baul and attached to only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. 

 Allen Ginsberg who was my dear friend over many decades used Lalon Fakir's name as a title for a song, it has nothing to do with Lalon Fakir if you read the song. Allen Ginsberg only concentrated on Nabani das Baul and I was his friend, he met Nabani in 1962 in Birbhum India. 

#BabaPagla name was Bhava Pagla and many say he was a Baul, he was not, he was a poet. I knew him, he stayed at our house all the time. He followed my Dad and I composed music for him, he used to hang around our house all the time and even babysit me and younger brothers, if anybody would know I would know..

All Baul history now, real original #Bauls are gone and will go completely end after me because all the information is with Babu Kishan.

Rabindranath Tagore gave the title Khapa Baul to Nabani Das Baul and used Khyapa Baul in all of his poetry and that Khepa Baul is only Nabani Das Khyapa Baul.

 Now Bauls are only tourist attractions and just singers, at least please try to sing on a track and note rather than just screaming, dancing like plastic, we did a hard work dear, at least respect the #Pioneers.. still no #Bauls can even #reach or #dream as to #PurnaDasBaul or #RabindranathTagore’s inspiration #NabaniDasKhyapaBaul this all just real history.
#Produced #Composed & some written the original Babu Kishan poetry on these albums by #MusicLegend#BabuKishan aka #KrishnenduDas