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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vaishnava Baul Oral Lineage (oral in Sanskrit and they sang in vernacular Birbhum Bengali to the Villagers). Lineage of Baul song and Baul Kirtan, Nada Yoga Nada Bramha) Tantra, Bhakti but so much more.

Lineage of Radha and the MahaVidya's.
Prakriti Sadhana, Vayu Dharma and many other Tantric Practices. The picture of Nabani Das Baul is why Tagore gave him the name Khyapa (Khepa) he was a Mystic, Siddha and one of his initiations and blessings was by Bama Khepa of Tarapith. He was the last of the authentic Baul Avadhuta a Baul Guru to many including Allen Ginsberg and Rabindranath Tagore. 
Photo of Nabani by Rabindranath Tagore. 
The path of Radha - The Vaishnava Bauls of Birbhum Bengal. Believe it or not there is only ONE Lineage of Baul and this can be proved and will unfold in Babu Kishan's 4th book on his lineage. 

All Bauls follow this Lineage, they sing their songs, they dress as they dress and they follow where ever they go right to a tee!

Baul is Extinct, Baul History and Her-story was complete decades ago. Baul has been PRESERVED & ARCHIVED decades ago!! It has been done all of it. 

Baul has been preserved and archived decades ago by 'Babu Kishan' and his family long ago. There is no need for any outsider to archive Baul we have seen this be done by outsiders and they have made a huge mess, interviewing people who are not even Baul? What Baul needs are translators from Bengali to English of the material already archived. We have seen the songs of this lineage stolen and other poets names put on, this proves one is not a Baul and only trying to copy Baul when one does this. It can be proved and that is the sad part of this and because of this all the stories will come out (period). Babu has been the biggest supporter of New Baul singers but now that Baul is extinct, the truth must come out.

What people are doing today is a cultural mis-appropriation. There is only One lineage of Baul the (Das Baul and Dasi Lineage) and that is this lineage. 

All Bauls follow this lineage from Ekachakra Birbhum W Bengal. They sing the songs of this lineage, they dress like this lineage, they go where they go and follow them now around the world to exactly the same places they have gone in the past??

The official Largest ever Baul Archive and preservation of Baul was complete decades ago, and it has already been preserved by Nabani Das Bauls Grandson 'Babu Kishan' as per Nabani and Brajabala wishes when Babu was very young. He has worked with a dogged determination and with a strong intent to do as his Baul Guru's from Birth have directed him to do. While he archived Baul and because of his musical Genius as an accomplished Music Composer he has also, categorized the Folk Music of India for all the biggest Record Companies in Bombay back in the 1980's.'  

http://BabuKishan.org '. 

Babu Kishan was one of first people who as an expert consultant to all the all India's Top Music companies in Bombay who categorized all of 'India's Folk Music' and much more in the history of Indian music in India.  He has a Masters Degree in Indian Folk Music from Calcutta University and has been an Award Winning Music Composer since he was 11 years old in Bengal, awarded the youngest Music Composer in the 1970's in India. 


Babu Kishan's life journey was to Archive and Preserve Baul, this was a mission that was given to him at a very young age by Nabani Das Baul and Brajabala Dasi. 

Get ready here comes Babu Kishan with his 4th book on his ONE and ONLY LINEAGE Of Baul and it is a tell all, right down to the nitty gritty to be released in 2018/early 2019. 

Nabani Das Khyapa (Khepa) Baul,  never liked to called 'Sri Sree Maharaja or Gosai' any kind of designation that would make one bow down to him , he took the Gosai part off of their name because they are Gosai and they do have a Brahmin Gotra. 

However Nabani rejected this and said, touch you own feet, bow down to yourself, he liked honesty to a tee and never  could be near liars or cheaters, he could see right through a person with laser insight, he felt it was better to be with nature, he was an Avadhuta and completely unattached. I think Babu Kishan has inherited his traits, he can see right through people with laser vision.. 

(Gosai, Gosain, Goswami and the numerous other ways it can be spelled is all the same) different strokes of the pen for different folks.