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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Baul History and Herstory! Baul is preserved and it was Archived decades ago!

The First Baul's voice and Baul lifestyle was that of Nabani Das Khyapa Baul and the first Baul Women Brjobala Dasi from Birbhum they were recognized as authentic by the 'World ethnomusicology', by 'British  Museum in London' and Rabindranath Tagore, Allen Ginsberg, and Professor Edward Dimock. They touched with their heart and pen the World of Baul, Vaishnava Baul and Sahaja of this One and Only Lineage of Baul from Birbhum Bengal India.

#Lalonfakir was a #Hindu Poet but Muslims from Bangladesh twisted his story to become #muslim aka Fakir or Shah, converted people gave another #Title from Hindu Poet to #Fakir. The #real #Bauls never believes in any religion, why did they change from 'Hindu Poet to Fakir'and then call him a Baul, the narrative has changed?? When Bangladesh separated from India, Bangladesh claimed 'Lalon Fakir' as their own and made him a Fakir and Shah but called him a Baul thus appropriating Baul and making up stories that Muslim Baul existed when it never ever did. 

There is no such thing as 'Muslim Bauls' again the narrative changed and people who are not even Bauls are driving the narrative. Baul is a Sanskrit Yogic word based on Vayu and Tula. Baul has always been Yogic and Tantric and universal of #mankind and #womankind #humanity believer, Vasudhaiva kuTumbakam' ''Sanatan Dharma' for -We are all one. 

Islam and Muslim is never Universal try to tell them they have the same God as a Hindu or Christian God? Lalon was great Hindu poet but all fine and dandy! 

He did not have the Baul tune nor did he do Baul Sadhana. There are many types of Sufi, Baul is based on 'Hindu Sufi' not Muslim Sufi and the thing about Baul being Buddhism is that they are not Buddhists as many would say, however, when Buddhists were in trouble they always accepted them into their fold, they already had all the practices from Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) which is before Buddhism.

Knowledge and history is to let one know who is who, without the memory of history all traditions get watered down and reduced and everything becomes speculation in a book of an outsiders mind and speculation, if you want to know about Baul go to an authentic Baul with a real History, not a made up History.  Baul is an oral Sanskrit tradition, there is no guess work or speculation, only an outsider would say or speculate Baul comes from Turkey? 

Only an outsider would speculate that Baul comes from Uzbekistan or Persia? Did I even read Baul came from Pakistan. I mean really, it is just crazy out there today? 

 The first voice of Baul was recorded was 'Nabani Das Khyapa Baul' the real Baul legend and iconic well known recognized Baul, really you have to do some deep research.  

Authentic diplomatic people watched him and all commented on the genius he was as most mystic baul they ever seen before... including, Kritimohan Sen, Shantidev Ghosh Nehru, Netaji, Najrul Islam, Annada Shankar Roy and Lila Roy.
Babu Kishan & Lila Roy

 American translator 'Lila Roy' who was the first Rabindranath Tagore’s English translator from Bengali, she was a Master of the Bengali language before  any other American, she was the first. 

She married a Bengali and was the wife of famed poet Ananda Shakar Roy. Lily Roy was the first American to be a Scholar on Bengali, she loved Babu Kishan and spent much time with him.


Nabani Das Khyapa Baul was also, the first Baul to come from village to #metrocity. From Metro city Calcutta to the world to created a world’s platform all created by his sons Purna Das Baul Samrat and Laxman Das Baul, and their group cousin Sudhananda Das Baul friend figure and brother figure musicians HareKrishna Das Baul, Jibon Mondol, they toured America 1967. 

Lila Roy was the wife Annda Shankar Roy and the First English translator for Rabindranath Tagore. (She was the only foreigner who spoke perfect Bengali. She was from Texas.

But way before Purna Das Baul toured with Indian Artists in Mosow Youth Festival where he received #Bauls first #Goldmedal 1962, this completely change Baul and then the traveling outside of India began only by Purna Das Baul, when his eldest (Babu Kishan) joined, then it all exploded and more hookeup with world’s Universities, music festivals, cinemas, biggest world’s musiclebels, and media made Baul so famous polpular. 

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul's name was press conference he was interviewed around the world back then on BBC and all big networks and newspapers. He wrote 3 books on Baul. They brought many new Baul singers with them, and then others tried to be them and follow them, which Babu Kishan always encouraged other New Baul singers. 

Babu Kishan designed the patchwork (Guduri) dress that now most Bauls wear today for performances,  this is 'Baul History' if you wear or wore this dress or your GURU wore this dress, you follow this lineage.

If you sing the songs of this lineage you follow this lineage, if you dress as the women Baul from the film Tagori, Babu Kishan designed that style and dress too, it is the film about his aunt Radharani Dasi.

If you use Ektara Baya and Nagpur around your feet you are following Nabani Das Khyapa Baul (Period).

If you call yourself Das Baul or Dasi you are definitely following this lineage.

​If you go where this lineage goes, logic you are following everything this lineage does but the sad part again is you are cutting the history of Baul off and replacing it with your own name?

Babu Kishan is happy for all new Bauls singers and wishes them well, just don't change the story and mess up his lineage, do not erase history or her-story there is no competition or race or acting.

Babu Kishan created a smooth platform for new generations and new Bauls to the #world as #Internationally.